Friday, April 21, 2017

We ALL Ride the Same Boat!

Yes indeed we do.  Today I am not necessarily talking about the frugal boat - but the big boat called EARTH!  We have this one boat, and we won't get a chance at another one.  We truly need to maintain and love this wonderful planet we live on.

Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day.  It is a shame that there needs to be a special day to make people remember or realize that we need to work harder to protect the planet.

There will be a lot of festivities tomorrow in many cities.  I hope some of you get to attend and perhaps learn.  It can be a nice frugal way to spend the day.

Love your piece of the world and you will be helping.  One person CAN make a difference.

  • Take a walk about in your neighborhood and pick up trash
  • Clean out your clutter and donate to bless someone else
  • PLANT trees, flowers, garden, etc.
  • Enlist your neighbors to help clean up a vacant lot
  • Check into using vacant lots as community gardens
  • Buy organic - we need to STOP using pesticides
  • Set up a rain barrel
  • Start a compost pile
  • Take a walk or hike.  Have a picnic.  Bird watch
  • UPGRADE things around the house - try to find new uses for things
  • Volunteer for an environmental cause
  • Create a habitat for wildlife.  Provide feeders, water, bird houses, bat houses, plant flowers for the hummingbirds - bees - butterflies
  • Shop small businesses and buy local
  • Turn off your lights more often.  Adjust the thermostat.  Don't waste water
  • DON'T use chemicals in your yard/garden (not only is it bad for you - but also wildlife and your pets)
  • Use re-usable cloth bags when shopping
  • Make your own cleaning products from natural items
  • Open windows and enjoy the fresh air - your lungs will thank you
  • Drive less - bike, walk, car pool, etc. (or stay home more)
  • Stop using aerosols
  • Stop smoking - AND NEVER throw a cigarette on the ground (they can kill birds)
  • Remember to help those in need - donate to feed the hungry

I know people say "I can't make any change to the scheme of things".  YES YOU CAN!  If each and every person does SOMETHING - it is making a change.  Little things add up.  Do you need to do all the things listed above?  NO - but each one you choose helps this planet!

We need to educate ourselves AND educate the younger generations coming up.  Start teaching  kids at a young age to protect and save the earth.  They need to realize their actions will affect the future.
Lead by example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CELEBRATE EARTH DAY - EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is such a pleasant post! Like you, I think it's a shame we have to designate one special day of the year to celebrate our world. On the other hand, if the celebration makes just a handful of folks pause to consider making the world a better place, I guess it's worth it.

    I just came in from working outside in the flowers and shrubs and hubby was tending the bees. Love piddling around outside, making things prettier. Brings peace to my soul ~ and I suspect you feel the same. Thanks so much for your inspiring words, Cheryl. Love your blog!! Mindy

    1. Mindy thank you so much for your kind words! What a sweety.
      I hope the celebrations help convince a few people as well.

      I absolutely love puttering around outside too. Yes mam, peace of mind and soul!!! Not to mention all that free exercise!

      Love hearing from you.
      Have a great weekend

  2. Well said Cheryl. There is hubby, myself and our University attending daughter living in our house. There is an unsaid three light rule. This is that there should be no more than three lights on at anytime. It gets hot here and we have ceiling fans in every room. These go off when you leave the room. We grow most of our veg and share the bounty. Nothing from this garden goes into the garbage. Everything is eaten or recycled through the garden in the form of compost, mulch, weed tea fertiliser, or worm food.
    I like the saying, 'Act local, think global'.

    1. Jane - good job. Thank you and your family for doing your part to help our planet.
      I think most of us that are on the blog do - but we all need reminders. Of curse each of us could do more - I try all the time.

      I love that saying - never heard it put that way before.
      Have a blessed day.

  3. Replies
    1. Nancy - baby steps!!!!!!
      Start with SOMETHING and just keep going.