Sunday, October 2, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/2

 Howdy doody my friends!  Can you believe we are now in October?  Crazy how fast this summer has gone by.  We have been having very chilly mornings - still no frost here yet.  Days have been in the 60's this week and we are to get some 70's during the day this coming week.  Bright days, blue skies and breezy.  Love it!

I hope you are all well and safe.  I know we have gals who live in Florida, and probably others from the East coast.  I have been praying for your safety and those of your families.  Please check in when you can and let us know you are OK.

It is October, yet I still have some flowers of color out in the yard.  Phlox is still going, geraniums and roses, and the New England asters have started blooming.  The butterflies sure do love those.

We have had a neighbor down the street (about 4 houses down) that has their kid out on a 4-wheeler every evening and all weekend.  This has been going on for ages.  No muffler and flying up and down the street.  Others from the house have jumped on board recently, so several of them out.  The noise is stupid, and the risks are nuts.  Not legal on streets - no helmets - going too fast.......  Everyone has called non-emergency police number over and over.  Yesterday it started real early and was crazy.  4 people called non-emergency, and nothing has ever happened.  This 'momma' got nuts and call 911 and played every card in my deck!  Widow, children in danger, noise ordinance, scared, etc.  I stood on the porch talking to dispatcher and she heard them going by.  As I was standing there one almost wrecked and came close to hitting a car - told her.  Within 30 minutes police came out and it all stopped!!!  WOOHOO!
I have been meeting neighbors that I have not talked with before, and we have all decided to be on the same page.  We are taking out neighborhood back from this family!!!!!  Sometimes we just have to get our 'drama' on. I have always left my neighbors alone to do their thing, but this was just getting crazy.

The remainder of the day was so quiet and nice, and kids were out riding bikes and using their scooters (foot powered), and people were on their porches.  Hasn't happened much on the weekends lately.
The ice cream truck has been coming by in the early evenings as well.  Funny, how that is just happening now that it is fall!

The family behind me had a big party for their young daughter's birthday Saturday as well.  They asked about a month ago, if they could use the back 40 for parking.  Sure - no problem.  They had lots of people and many from out of town.  They had a tent for dining and music and a bounce house for the kids.  They had a live Mariachi band much of the evening - that was really neat and enjoyable to listen to.  What a birthday party to remember!

The week was not super busy here.
  • Picked the balance of regular tomatoes from the vines.  Still have lots of cherry tomatoes growing and ripening and okra
  • Aired the house a lot
  • Canned 2 batches of salsa
  • Made an appointment for an eye exam for this coming Tuesday.  I am wearing very old glasses, as the most recent broke beyond wearing a long while back.  Just want a good prescription and glasses that fit well for now.  Cataracts at another time
  • Paid everything I had here
  • Put out some misc. table coverings that were fall looking
  • Did some cleaning of flower beds and misc. yard work
  • Changed out handbags
  • Neighbor called and said house a few doors down, had people moving.  They had stuff in drive for the taking - did I want to see if anything I wanted.  I walked down there and only found one thing.
                                                                This is what I got
  • Mowed the yard
  • Just doing all the normal stuff.
  • No groceries
Meals this past week:
Mex. chicken (freezer) over rice
Beef and cheese nachos topped with lots of veggies
Fried green tomatoes and tuna patty
Smoked sausage and spaghetti with butter and parm
Grilled beef and cheese sandwich and side salad
Rice with broccoli and cheese and chicken bites
Soft tacos
SNACKS - fruit and cheese/crackers

Not a lot of exciting stuff happening.  Just piddling around and doing odds and ends.

My Coogy is getting to the twilight of his life, I sadly have to admit.  We have good days and not so good days.  I go above and beyond to feed him whatever he may want.  We sit and cuddle a lot.  He has lost a lot of weight over the year - so slowly I didn't notice until I did!  We just enjoy those good days and he is the sweetest.  I love each moment for now.

How has your week been?  Any deals or bargains?  Canning or freezing?  How is your weather?  Give us a shout out - love hearing from you all.

I pray for the safety of you all.  Prayers for good health.  May God help those who are sad and broken at the moment.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Dear Lord, we ask Your blessings upon each of us.  Please help us each conquer or fears and the sadness that comes into our lives.  Help us to know that there is a reason for all things - great and small.  May You continue to keep us each in Your loving and protective arms.  May we continue to honor You in all that we do.  Amen

Thursday, September 29, 2022

There is a Reason

 I just want to say I do believe that things happen for a reason.  Don't always know what that reason is.   I know not everyone believes this way.  I just can't make myself believe that things are just bad luck or a fluke.  The Bible even tells how everything has a time, a season, a reason and we should know it is God.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1   
Please read verses 1 - 9

So many things happen in our lives - both good and bad - and yet we manage to keep putting our feet one in front of the other.  We don't know how we accomplish that on some days - but it happens.
We each have a purpose in this big old universe.  

I know that I have not met you all in person, yet I feel I know you.  I feel that you are a part of my family - more so than some who are.  I am a firm believer that blood does not necessarily make you family - it just makes you related.  Family comes with love, joy, sorrow, helping, loving, caring and being there for one another.

I cherish the wonderful relationships I have made here.  You are all amazing.  You have NO idea how many times you have all gotten me through a day.

We laugh together.  We pray for each other.  We cry together.  We support each other.  I LOVE IT!
I do believe that each of you have found your way here for a reason - maybe for you, maybe for me, maybe for someone else.
You may not even comment - just read - but you are here for a reason.

Today, I just want to say thank you and bless you.  I love you all, you are just so special to me and a huge part of my life.  This blog is one of the things in life that now give me purpose.

I love how we support each other and hold each other up in all things.  That is what makes you all special.
Thank you for being here.  May you have the best week and prayers you are all safe and healthy.
HUGE prayers being said for those in the path of this storm.
Thank you all for being 'family'.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Homemade Wednesday Part 2 - Check it out!

 As promised more homemade goodies today.  I was surprised last week that there not many comments.  I think I will show you some things I have probably shown before - we all need a refresher now and then. 
I know one is an old post - so I will link where to find it. (Oct. 2016)
You really need to check it out!!!  It is so stinking good and easy.  Even with today's prices of meat - this would still be cheaper than buying preservative loaded product from the shelf!!


We both absolutely loved this.  Glen was a real lover of jerky - all flavors and types.  He even said this was some of the best we had ever had.
Uses ground beef.  I bet you could use ground turkey, venison, pork or chicken as well.  Use what you have. Most sporting good stores sell the seasoning - I got mine at Rural King.  They also have different flavors.

1 C powdered milk
1/3 C hot water
2/3 C sugar
3 Tbsp. soft butter
Put this all in the blender and blend until the sugar is all dissolved!  Yep, that easy - keep for your holiday needs!!!!

1 C cocoa powder (unsweetened)
2 C sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 C cold water
1 Tbsp. vanilla
Combine cocoa, sugar and blend until all lumps are gone.  Add water and salt - mix well.  Cook over medium heat, bringing it to a boil.  Remove from heat once it boils.  When cool, add the vanilla.

2/3 C ketchup
1/4 C oil
1/4 C vinegar
1/4 C sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. wet mustard
1 tsp. onion powder.
Blend this together thoroughly.  I usually use my stick blender.

1 pkg. unsweetened Kool-Aid (flavor of choice)
1/2 C sugar or sweetener
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 C orange juice (you can use lemon or lime juice instead)
2 quarts water
Mix and chill.  It sures saves a lot of money - and you don't need to make a special trip to the grocery, when it is needed.  **I always keep Kool-Aid on hand!!!!!!!

There you go - a few more homemade goodies for the recipe file!!!  Maybe these will help someone in a bind.
I just love knowing that I can make so much here at home.  No more emergency runs to the grocery - saving both time and money.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tis the Season - Fall

 Time for the changes of fall.  Time to clean, remove, sort, make, and button up.  The seasonal change also affects many a mood.  For some folks it is a time of renewal and rejoicing the cooler weather and all the beauty.  For others, it brings sadness and depression, as the weather is about to change to cold and be bleak. 
Take time not just to enjoy the beauty, but to renew and refresh yourself as well.  Take time to actually enjoy the beauty of fall and all the little awesome things it brings.  If you concentrate of the wonders, it removes you from your own sadness for a while.
It is necessary to go through fall and then winter for all things to thrive and grow again.  The same with us.  We need to go through so many seasons in life to get to the beauty it has to offer.  Some are not so pretty - but necessary.  Each day is a new opportunity to experience something new and different - good and bad - sweet and sad.  We are not promised happy days all the days of our lives.  We have to make each day something special.  DO NOT waste these days.

Now, for the foody part of my post!!!!  Tis the season for all kinds of tasty fresh goodies, that are so much cheaper at this time.
In the fall I think about all kinds of yummies.  Apples, winter squash, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, pears, pumpkins, carrots, turnips, greens, potatoes, cabbage.

Tis the season!!!  Whether you grow your own or buy from farm stands - you can get so many fall food supplies at cheaper prices now.  Check your local orchards.  Even check those special groceries, like Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, etc.
Take your time and search around.  If you find great deals - stock up for the winter months.  You can freeze or can items.  Many things like squash and pumpkins can last months just left in a cool dark space.
SERIOUSLY keep your eyes open.  Kroger had an unlisted sale on potatoes for several days - 5lb. bags for .99!  This was in several states!
As we near various holidays - some items get cheaper.  Pay attention folks!  Add to your larder in any way you can.  Fresh goods are just so wonderful.  I love almost all fall crops!

The fall foods listed above just say comfort to me.  I love roasted veggies of all sorts!  Warm fruits and compotes and cobblers.   Mmmmmmm
Soups, stew and casseroles also say comfort to me.  Hot, filling and yummy dishes that warm the belly and feed the body.
Chili, stew, creamy soups, crockpot dinners, biscuits and gravy, apple butter and hot biscuits, spaghetti, lasagna, meatloaf - oh my!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss these items all summer.  I tend to eat none of these during the summer.  Just me.  There is so much fresh and light to eat during the summer - so I eat with the seasons for sure.
I am now ready for these hearty and comforting fall/winter dishes.

We are cleaning out our gardens of the last harvests.  We are cleaning up our yards.  We tend to do fall cleaning inside the house.  We get out our sweatshirts and socks.  We make sure we are prepared in so many ways for winter.  Our furnaces, cars, homes, equipment, etc.  We are finishing up much of our canning.  We are starting or working on our crafting projects for the holidays.   Tis the season.

I hope everyone tends to take time to enjoy the beauty of the fall colors.  The smell of the air.  Some days are fresh clean air, others are campfire and burning leaf smells (I love those too).  Enjoy a brisk day and take a walk or get out in the yard and do some work.  Go enjoy nature - whether at a park nearby or out to the country.  Watch the critters all collect and prepare for winter as well.
Watch the beautiful skies and the clouds.  Open a window to air the house.
Just take some time to ENJOY all this season has to offer.

Prepare and stock.  Enjoy and watch and listen.  Breath it all in my friends.
This season will soon pass, and winter will be upon us.  That is another chapter in life.
Have a blessed fall day!

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/25

 Happy Sunday all!  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
Fall arrived right on time in my area.  We went from 94* on Wednesday to the 60's on Thursday!  We are staying in the 60's and 70's - and that is just fine with me.  I love this kind of weather.  It could stay like this all year long in my opinion.

I got a couple sweatshirts out this week!  I even got my slippers out!
Amazingly, I saw a robin at the birdbath the other day.  That is the first I have seen in about a month.  They usually aren't around in the fall and winter.  The gold finches are just glorious to watch.  Blue jays and cardinals galore.

                            Pretty!  A fall larder is always lovely to see.  Not mine - I wish!

I went to the fall cookout at my brother's yesterday.  His entire family was there, and it was so nice to see everyone.  Those kiddos are growing like weeds!  Just so sweet.
Adi and Remi are thriving!!  Yes, they both still have many medical issues - but to see them, they are just 2 rambunctious little girls who love life.  Adi has to do everything big sissy does!  Layla is now one and she is taller and heavier than both Remi and Adi (3 & 2).  Miles is growing quickly - he is a month now and really filling out. (He was so tiny).  Aden is growing into a sweet little man (7) - he is learning so much and gives great hugs!

My brother taking the 'littles' on "hayride" yesterday.  They thought it was grand!!!  Something they will always remember about great grandpa!  Making memories!!!!!

If you are so inclined, please say a little prayer for my brother (Dick).  He goes in Tuesday to have all his remaining teeth extracted, to get ready for false teeth.  Poor guy.

My week:
  • AC now off - and the house has been getting aired out
  • Using dehumidifier water in laundry
  • Doing general cleaning and vacuuming
  • Received all the free C19 tests that I ordered
  • I did a lot of morning porch sits this week.  It has been lovely
  • Went to the library
  • Got gas fill-up while out.  Not even a half tank needed and I only got .10/gal. off with discount - better than none!!!
  • Got out the fall scented candles and started using them
  • Reeled in the back hose than ran to soaker in the garden.  Garden is winding down and with rain and rain barrels - there is plenty of water
  • Mowed the entire yard
  • Did a lot of misc. yard work - so much to do
  • Polished the kitchen cabinets
  • Harvested tomatoes and okra
  • Threw a quilt on the bed - for just in case.  Not turning on heat for a while
  • Meals from home and scratch
  • No grocery shopping
As you can see, nothing much exciting here.  Just enjoying the weather.  Just doing all the normal stuff we all do.

Meals this past week:
Burrito supreme
Veggie fried rice
Mex. grilled cheese (used leftover burrito filling on sandwich) - YUM
Fish sandwich and potato bites 
Philly beef and cheese open face sandwich (used ground beef) and leftover rice
Pork chop and fried cabbage
Cookout - hotdogs, chili
SNACKS - fruit, salad, popcorn, cheese & crackers, ice cream 

There you have it - see, nothing exciting at all.  How was your week?  More exciting than mine??  Wouldn't take much - LOL.  
Did you get any good deals?  Still gardening?  Crafting for the holidays?
Love hearing from you all.

I pray you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy week ahead. 
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a man who is perverse in speech and is a fool.
Proverbs 19:1

Dear Lord, we stand humbly before you and ask for your many blessings.  Each day we need your guidance and love to go forth and be the kind of people we should be.  Help us to speak truth and love to all we meet.  We pray blessings on all Your people of this earth, and we pray for peace to reign over the earth.  Amen

Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Step Back in Time

 I received a copy of a local newspaper yesterday.  It is a free weekly paper that covers many stories about this side of my town.  It has been around in some form for decades.
There is a column each week called Reminiscing.  It takes a look back at events from each decade for that particular week.  It goes back 60 years.

50 years ago this week (I was a senior in high school) - there was a recollection of grocery prices listed at a local mom and pop store.  OH MY!!!!

Can of Shasta soda - 5 cents
Dozen eggs - 19 cents
Whole chickens - 29 cents a pound
Gallon of milk - 69 cents
Pound of ground beef - 79 cents
20 pounds of potatoes - 89 cents
2 lbs. Maxwell coffee - 1.48

Good golly!  Hard to believe.

Yes, I remember grocery stores looking like this.  No plastic bags - just paper.  No computers - people actually weighed things at the register and actually pushed keys to entered prices at the register.  They smiled and were friendly.  Most of them knew us personally.
Mom had a grocery budget of $15 a week - for things that we did grow and preserve.  She kept that budget for quite a long while - then she finally broke down and raised it $25.  She just thought that was horrible.  Daddy passed in '84, and she finally had to start buying more things, as she didn't have that big old garden she had before.  She sure hated handing that money over to the stores!

I could spend $2 or $3 on gas for my '64 Galaxy and drive all week.
I changed part time jobs - from working for my parents' shop to working for Topp's discount department store.  I went up to making $2.10/hour and thought I was rolling in the dough!!!!

We hung out at someone's house on the weekends or went on cheap dates.  There were no computers or laptops to distract us.  No mobile phones.  Just your friends.  We had the time of our lives.

After I graduated in '73 I got my own apartment.  I just thought I had to do that to be all grown up!!! (I moved back home after 6 months!!)  All the friends from work would gather at my apartment after work, and I would fix Jiffy blueberry muffins and we would sit around talking and watching Star Trek!!!!!!
Times were so much simpler.

This was my life in the 60's for sure.  I am very thankful there was no technology then.  We had such fun using our own imaginations.  Going for walks, riding bikes, playing in the creek.  Those of us that lived this kind of life, had REAL childhoods in my opinion.  
Front porch summer lunches with friends.  Playing hopscotch and jacks.
The closest we got to technology was calling the radio station in the late 60's and early 70's and requesting a certain song!

It is fun to sit and think back.  Life was pretty darn good.
I sure miss those times and all the people.

A get together at Mom's back in the late 50's. Check out the fashions!  The old-time wooden screen door!  That knobby kneed little in blue shorts is me!  I was about 4.
(Just brother (back R) and I is all that is left from this picture) 💓💔

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Homemade Wednesday

 I promised to list a few recipes from scratch vs. prepared.  These are just things I have tried and liked - not always my original creation - but tried and tested by me.

Maybe it will help someone.  I will try to do some version of homemade 'something' for the next few Wednesdays.

                                           OK - nobody asked - BUT tis the season!!!!!!!

Click on recipe to enlarge!!!!
I love this stuff and I give it as gifts as well.  This was from the original Tightwad Gazette.  I have used with chicken bouillon, beef, onion soup mix in place of bouillon, you can use tomato/chicken bouillon
 - whatever you like.
This makes about 3 cups f mix - 1 cup is equivalent to a box of Rice A Roni.
Now the way it is listed, it is not prepared JUST like the boxed.  If you want it like the box says - you can keep your seasoning separate (mixed) and prepare your rice/pasta in the butter first. That browns the pasta a tiny bit.  Then add water and appropriate amount of seasoning (1/3).

Click on recipe to enlarge!!!!
Again, not asked for - but it sure is handy to know.

Click on recipe to enlarge!
These are very tasty and easy biscuits/scones.  This recipe makes about 30 and they do freeze nicely.  BUT the recipe is such that you could easily halve it with no problem!

1 pkg. of active dry yeast
1 C hot water
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. veggie oil (or what you use)
2 1//2 C All Purpose flour
Dissolve your yeast in the hot/warm water.  Stir in the remaining ingredients.  Beat about 20-25 good strokes, till all mixed.  Let it rest for 5 minutes.  Divide into 2 balls - roll each ball out on a lightly floured surface.  Place on a lightly greased pan - and add toppings.  Bake at 425* for about 20 minutes.  I often make the 2 - and bake the 2nd crust for about 10 minutes - cool - then freeze for next time.  Baking will not take quite as long on the 2nd pizza (unless you like it crispy).
Very easy and forgiving recipe.  

I love baked mac n cheese.  That is just the old fashioned and yummy way to make it in my opinion.  I don't always bake it - I sometimes make just a small amount on the stove.
STOVE TOP - Cook macaroni al dente - add whatever cheese you like (can mix) - some milk and seasoning.  I cook until cheese is melted and most of the milk is soaked up by mac.  It is just creamy this way.  Nothing special.
I cook the macaroni again, al dente - add equal amounts of cheese (or more) to macaroni.  So, 1 pound of mac = 1 lb. of cheese. YEP - at least.  If I am in the mood, I will add even extra cheese.  Seasonings you like.  (I like using at least 1/2 of cheese as a sharp cheddar for flavor)
I make a rue of milk and flour and pour over the cheese and mac mixture in a buttered baking dish.  You just have to use your judgement on whether it is wet enough for you.
I then bake at 350* until it is bubbly, and the top has browned a little.
Soooooo good!
**This is one of those things that I just fix as I go - no real written recipe.

So, there you have some homemade from scratch items from my kitchen.
Hope this answers a few questions.  Again, each week (for a while) I will list some good old homemade recipes.