Sunday, December 31, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 12/31

Well gang, we made it!  Here we are on New Year's Eve, the last day of 2023.  It sure did fly by.
I hope you are well and safe and healthy as you read this.  Onward and forward from here.  New year, new plans, new start - here we go!
Hope everyone will let go of the drama and the pain they have in life and embrace joy and happiness instead.  Keep steadfast in faith and look for miracles every day!

I made it through this December with no measurable snowfall.  Very odd occurrence for my area.  We had a very mild December.  Looks like the new year will start much the same.
I saw robins in the yard again toward the end of the week!  It is amazing to me.  I never have robins this late in the year.  
The daylight hours are very slowly starting to increase again - yay!

Last Wednesday was just 3 weeks since the kitties came inside to live.  Two weeks this past Thursday was when Blackie had surgery.  He did a major turnaround on Wednesday!  They said a good 2 weeks for recovery.  He finally decided to come out of his hidey hole (other than when eating & potty).  He has been playing with Lil Bit.  They have really progressed in such a short time.  Bit is growing like a weed. I am so grateful they are inside, and I don't have to worry about their safety and warmth outside!

This past week:
  • Monday was brothers for Christmas and family
  • Got a lot of foodie gifts and useful gifts and another GC
  • Paid everything I had in the house
  • Caught up on laundry
  • Made grape jelly from my grapes I froze this summer.  4 pints (gifting next weekend) and a bit for me.  (Have enough to make another batch)
  • Flea meds on kitties
  • Went out to Kroger to get cabbage this week.  .49/lb.  I got a loaf of wheat bread, and a pack of buns on clearance for $1 ea.  Got my rye bread for this coming week (Rueban).  I found a pack of 10 center cut chops on clearance for 5.50 and a doz. donuts for $2.
I froze for now.  These along with a small pork loin will become shredded/pulled pork next weekend when the kids come up.
Did I need?  NO I did not!  But from 6.99 (original price on far right) to 2.00 what a wonderful treat!!  So stinking yummy.  Get the bad habits done before year end - right?  LOL
  • Cut my hair - dang it grows fast
  • Cut up a big packet of chicken and cooked it all and then froze for future quick protein
  • I have my new calendar sitting here by me - need to mark up today with special dates!
  • Filled gas tank when out for groceries.  Saved .60/gal. and paid 2.29/gal.
Meals this past week:
Chicken & dumplings (Sweet Sue) and salad
Dinner at brother's house
Homemade pizza
Breaded chicken fillets, seared cauliflower
Small batch of chicken noodle soup - 2X
Hot dogs and fries

How was your Christmas week?  Are you done celebrating?  Or are you like me, and have another celebration coming up?  Any grand plans for NYE tonight?  Me - staying home and will probably be asleep before midnight (as a friend posted yesterday on FB - it will already be NY somewhere!!!!).
Did you do any after Christmas shopping?  I did NONE!
Happy anniversary Cookie.

Whatever you do - please be safe.  People can be crazy out there.  Be responsible and stay cozy and safe.  People (and pets) love you and depend on you.
I hope the celebrations around the world are safe tonight.  I do not have great expectations of that with all the garbage that is going on everywhere - but I pray it stays safe.

I hope you have a glorious start to the year, and a safe and healthy week ahead.  
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands!  Serve the Lord with gladness!  Come into his presence with singing!
Know that the Lord is God!  It is he that made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!  Give thanks to him, bless his name!
Psalms 100:1-4

Lord, we thank you for allowing us to get through this past year.  Please be with each of us as we start this new year and journey on this earth.  Guide us and hold us tight in your loving arms.  Help us to be our best person and help others who are in need.  Prayers for peace for the world.  AMEN

Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Countdown Begins

 Happy Thursday to all.  Well, the countdown to NYE is here.  We are just a few days away from a new year.  January is generally a dark, cloudy and cold month - who knows this year!  Whatever the weather, I hope we all make it a fresh new start.  This has been a year of sadness, illness, change and inflation.  Here we are - we all made it - though many are different for it all.

I hope all have a new year of joy, love, respect, kindness, growth and financial freedoms.
It is a time to start anew and go forward with a whole new attitude and to dream new dreams.  
I do not do resolutions - I just try to change a few things in my life (an ongoing thing).  
This past year, I finally grew a little and got out more and socialized.  It took me a long time to get to that point.  I am proud of that and have enjoyed it as well.  I have made a lot of connections with people from my past and it was a blast to reconnect.  Decluttering has been a thing, and that continues - it seems it is never ending.

I love the meme above - it says it all.
The new year on the blog will be going back to what my original goal of the blog was.  I want to share creative ideas, recipes, tips and hints and new items that help with life. 

I will be here on NYE with wrap-up (Sunday), but just wanted to say - please have a safe weekend.  I hope you all spend your weekend with those you love and have a quiet and lovely end to this year and a quiet start to the new one.
Spend the next few days reflecting and planning.  You have another chance to do and accomplish your wish list and goals.

THANK YOU all for being here in 2023 and before.  I look forward to the new year.
Take care and have a great day!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Mid-week -- Wednesday

 Happy hump day all.  This week seems all messed up - holidays do that to me.  Oh well, it is what it is!  Have you all calmed down and cleaned up after the holiday crowd left?  I had no mess (not for now), that will come later for me.  I ate somewhere else, so no big cooking mess here either.
I think many will be eating leftovers for a few days - then comes the big cook for New Years.  I plan on making the family (my family) traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage and black eye peas.  I love it and look forward to having a Rueban sandwich the day after!

Are you still eating the cookies, candy and all the goodies at your house?  I still have some, just trying to spread them out!

Today I am going to make up a bunch of chicken breasts.  They are out and thawed, and I am going to cook them for different applications.  So many ways to use chicken in a meal.  As is, nuggets, strips, soup, casseroles, enchiladas, shredded and BBQ'd, etc.
I think I may get out grapes from the freezer as well this week and make jelly!

I am now in the mode to try to get back to somewhat normal - whatever that is!  I can start now and slowly get into the hang of it for the new year!
January seems to be the month that we all slow down a bit and BREATHE after a hectic holiday season.
It is usually cold and gloomy (who knows this year), and we all tend to hole up for a long winter's nap!
The books, throws and hot chocolate all seem to come out.  Aaahhhhhhhh

Whatever you do today - do it well and happily.  Smile, laugh and just enjoy this day you have been given.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

So the Story Slowly Ends

 Happy Tuesday all.  My days are already mixed up!  I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday!
I hope this finds you well and safe.  I sure hope you all enjoyed your Christmas - however you observed the day.

Many have yet to have their celebrations - but for many, they are done and all that is left is the mess to clean up!  Isn't that picture cute of the pups in the paper?  (not my pic)

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my brother's house with his little family.  Oh the kiddos!!!!!  So much noise, action and chaos!!!!!!  They just had a ball.
Looked over at little Miles - he had just ripped open a present, mommy took it out of the box - and Miles got in the box and played with a bow!!!!!!  It was hilarious and just goes to show - the littles are happy with about anything.
Layla (who is very shy with others) - grabbed my hand and grammies hand and wanted to play ring around the rosie!  That was her big time!
A good time was had by all and lots of good eats!

I got some very lovely gifts from my niece and nephew.  It warms my heart that they try to find that 'just right' thing for their Auntie!

This week things will be light here. 
I hope you had a great weekend and a lovely time with family.  It looks like there is some nasty weather coming into the area west of here.  Stay safe.  We will be gloomy and chilly this week.  Nothing crazy.
Safe travels to all traveling this week.  Soak up all the holiday time you can and just enjoy the week.

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 12/24

 Happy Christmas Eve to all!  In just a few hours from now most of the festivities will be a memory.  Some will be celebrating off and all week.  I have my last event of the season on Jan. 7.  It will not be a white Christmas at all here.  It will be a rainy one.  
This morning is damp and very foggy.  It is currently 50*.
I hope you are all well and safe on this holiday weekend.

I have had very few birds in the last couple weeks.  Every now and then there will be a day when they all flock to the feeders, and then days with hardly none.  I do believe there must be a hawk in the area.
The squirrels are all visiting.  

The kitties are doing well.  Blackie is still healing.  After the effects of the anesthesia and the topical pain meds all wore off - he has been rather reclusive and sleeping a lot.  He eats well.  Last night he and I sat for a while together.  He curled up in my lap and we just chilled together!  Bits is a fun and active furball!  Visits to my bed in the evening and early morning are happening now!

This week:
  • I delivered some gifts for early celebrations to some family that are spending the holidays out of town
  • Paid everything I hand on hand
  • Had lunch with many school friends
  • Did a lot of gift wrapping
  • Ran to the bank and cashed a check I received a couple months back and got my 'allowance' for the next couple months
  • I did stop at Kroger for a couple gift cards I still needed.  I found a dinner plate size head of cauliflower for 2.29!  It is lovely.  I ran in there very early on Thursday morning and it was already nuts! 
  • I did run up the road from grocery to Shoe Carnaval for a gift card (it was wished for!).  While there, I bought myself 2 gifts!!!!!!  I never buy myself stuff.  I got a replacement for my dressy casual shoes I wear (exact same ones).  I have had mine for many years and they are literally falling apart.  I also got myself a pair of pre-laced no tie tennis shoes that will be for good (not yard).
  • I went to a funeral yesterday for an old friend.  He had been sick for a long time and is now at peace.  
  • Just doing all the normal stuff

Meals this past week:
Stir fry veggies/chicken over rice
Lunch out - best catfish I have ever had, mac n cheese, fried cauliflower
Scrambled eggs, sausage and toast   - (Lil one loved eggs and big boy loved sausage) 😍
Baked potato topped with cheese and bacon, side salad
Tostada and tacos
Big salad and a sausage sandwich
Potato soup (freezer) and salad

I haven't done a lot of baking yet - I will do more closer to when company will be visiting.  
What fun ways did you spend your week?  Baking?  Visiting?  Relaxing?  Shopping?  Movies?
I know many are already celebrating - so if you are reading - know that I wish you all the best weekend ever.  Love and hold your friends and family close.  Share memories of those not here - it keeps them alive in your heart and memory.

Have a healthy, safe, fun filled week ahead.  Blessings to you and yours from myself and my kitties from our humble little home!

And the angel said to them, "Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Dear Lord, we thank You for the greatest gift and blessing ever given.  May we hold all goodness and kindness in our hearts and live our lives to represent the life of Jesus.  Prayers for peace on this planet for all people.  May love and joy be spread by everyone.  Amen

Thursday, December 21, 2023

A Holiday Message

 Good morning to all and happy Thursday - it is 'officially' winter today!  The shortest daylight day of the year.  YAY - after today they start getting longer!!  I am ready for sure.  A few short days and it is Christmas.  Christmas can bring out the best and the worst in all of us.  Happiness and sadness.
That is something we all need to remember as we interact with people through the new year.  Not everyone is happy, joyful and celebrating.

Sometimes the magic just isn't there and that is OK.  Each person must find their own way to travel through the holidays and make the adjustments necessary.

Just take time to listen if necessary, take time to give a hug, take time to smile and be kind.  It means a lot to so many.  It will cost you nothing and mean the most!
I know many here are having a 'first' Christmas in a new and different kind of life.  I am so sorry - just know, you will make it.  Next year, there will be others having that 'first'.  We only have 2 choices - go forward and make it through the best we can - or don't.  We want no one to not!!!!!!
Do whatever you need to make it bearable.  Always know there are people who love and care.

The "Christmas Magic" is watching the littles get so excited.  To see their eyes get big and wide looking at the presents under the tree.  To hear their squeals of joy opening that 'best' present ever!  Listening to them tell about seeing Santa.  Children are the Christmas magic to me.  They make my heart happy and young again!
So if you are down and feeling blue - watch or listen to a child or go to a long-term facility and visit some elderly people (who may have no one) and watch their eyes brighten with joy!  Listen to their stories.  Hold their hand.

It is the little things that are big things.  Put a little joy in your life and into someone else's life.
Know you are loved and thought of - and know you too will get through this.

I WILL be doing my wrap-up on Sunday as normal.  I realize that many may not be reading, but celebrating with family.  IF you have a weekend of festivities planned - may they all, be blessed and wonderful.
If you will not be here until after Christmas - have a merry, merry day!

ENJOY the rest of the week!  

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

A Few Fun Facts!

 Happy Wednesday - midweek!  I hope you are enjoying your week and that your Christmas preps are winding down.
Today - just a fun fact to know and tell!

The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the busiest shopping days of the year - not black Friday - but the weekend before Christmas!

Jingle Bells was originally written in 1857 as a Thanksgiving tune.  It was later deemed more appropriate for Christmas.

Starting in the 1970's - the traditional holiday meal celebration in JAPAN became Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!  It is often ordered quite a while in advance - so they can be guaranteed to have it.

Natalie Wood still believed in Santa when she filmed and starred in Miracle on 34th Street. She was just 8 years old.

The abbreviation Xmas isn't anything new - it actually came from the 1500's.  The Greek letter X was the first letter in the Greek word for Christ.

It's A Wonderful Life was a box office flop when it first came out.  The copyright came to an end, and it was televised in 1974.  The rest is history, and it became a holiday classic enjoyed by millions each year.

ENJOY your day and all the festivities leading to Christmas!
Smile and laugh a little today!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Old Friends and Fun

 Happy Tuesday all.  Yesterday I had my get together with grade school friends - and to celebrate the holidays.  Such fun was had.
I told the gals - we are officially senior citizens, like it or not - we had our luncheon at MCL Cafeteria!  LOL
Many of us have known each other for 62 years.  There were other gals from different grades, that went to the same school.  Even a teacher!  We have such a good time reminiscing and catching up.
Just a few of us.  There were about 25 that showed up.  At the right of the picture, the lady sitting at the head of the table with a dark top on, was our music teacher all through grade school.  We actually got to talk a while yesterday and she is one sharp lady.  She has done a lot of neat stuff in her life.
FUN thing happened.  We all played flutophones (recorder) in grade school.  Many brought theirs yesterday and played Jingle Bells!!!!  Directed by Mrs. Meyer, the music teacher!!  
There were patrons in the restaurant recording it as well as well as some of our friends!  It was a hoot.
(I observed and didn't play!)

We had a gift exchange of $5 gifts or homemade.  You all wondered what there might be.  
It was pretty neat.  There was candy of course, home baked bread (yeast), homemade banana bread and buckeyes, kitchen towels, jar candles, amaryllis bulbs, fancy little snow globes, bath items, homemade decorations (some very lovely ones), fancy Christmas bulbs, just so many neat things.  People got very creative.  It was really a fun event.
                                                        Pretty towels I received - nice and thick

We had a classmate drive 2 hours to get there and had one from another state (was here for the weekend).  It is such a joy to keep friends from years back and to reacquaint ourselves, and to meet new people.  It keeps us young.

Life is short.  We all need some laughter in our lives.  I so enjoyed this - laughs, smiles and a bond that has never broken.
Just a little fun on a VERY cold and windy day.  It snowed like crazy yesterday while we were there - we were surrounded by windows and could see.  Gladly, it didn't stick - so drives home were safe.  But it did add to the atmosphere!

So another Christmas adventure down, and a couple more to go.
May you all have a lovely day and a share a smile and a laugh!

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 12/17

 Happy Sunday.  One week until Christmas Eve!  This year is drawing to a close in quick fashion.
I hope this finds you all well and safe.
It is a wet, wet morning here.  Gloomy and dark.  Starting tomorrow, it will get pretty darn chilly for much of the week - warming by the weekend again.  I would say a white Christmas will not be a thing here.  I have no problem with that, but I know many love snow for Christmas.

This week has been a blur.  To say it wasn't a frugal week is an understatement - but this time it is OK with me!  An update:  Thursday evening Blackie came home.  He was still pretty out of it and was stumbling and weak.  BUT he ate like a starving baby! (I am sure he felt no pain). Friday not so much.  He has gone through all the symptoms they mentioned.  Dilated eyes, not so hungry, antsy, nervous and jittery, loving, etc.
Since the night he came home, nothing seems to smell or taste good to him.  Have tried everything.  He wants dry food sooooo bad, and he can't have it.  I get it soft with water - but that isn't how he wants it.  Canned chicken in tiny pieces and juice has been eaten a little (tuna didn't hit the spot), and this morning I actually gave him a little room temp milk (he loved that).  Just going along and waiting for his normal appetite to come back.
Bits just love him to pieces.  She wants to play, but he isn't into that, but tolerates it.
This is normal now!  See the white on his neck - that is a shaved spot, and he has one on his leg too.  I must say he is getting a lot more lovey.  He comes out and rolls around on the living room floor and loves on me.  Bits actually came up on the love seat with me yesterday morning and laid for a while. That was a first.

I actually watched a couple old movies yesterday.  I am not a big movie watcher.  I have seen Prancer this year, and a couple other normal Christmas shows.  Yesterday was The Shop Around the Corner - 1940.  It had Jimmy Stewert and even some of the other actors from It's a Wonderful Life.  I also watched Holiday Affair, with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh (1949).  Both were quite good.  I know the 2nd one is on You Tube, not sure about the first one.

My week:
  • Had our sibling dinner on Sunday at sis's.  That was a lot of fun - lots of laughs and many old stories shared.
  • Sis sent home a lot of yummy leftovers
  • I got home canned goods, home made yummies, cash and a gift card for Kroger
  • I saved the pretty bags and all the tissue paper to re-use
  • Vet - not frugal, but needed to be done.  He was such a good boy!
  • Been using a lot of scented holiday scent candles.  I just love all the scents of the season.
  • Did go to Kroger Friday.  Rec. 4X gas points that day.  I got myself some fresh produce and a few different flavors of cat food.  Bought one more gift card as a gift.
  • Did wrapping.  I am dropping off some gifts this afternoon at brothers - for them to take to my nieces family this week.  My niece is taking the kids to Disney for 2 weeks and won't be home for Christmas.
  • FINALLY mailed my cards!  Thank you to those who have sent me one!!!!  Much appreciated.
Meals this past week:
Luncheon at sis's
Roast, mashed pots, mac cheese/broccoli & pie (from sis)
Chicken strips, salad and leftover mac & cheese (from sis)
Taco salad
Burrito (using leftover taco meat)
Sliders and salad
Smoked sausage, steamed veggies and garlic toast

How has your week been?  Did you get any deals?  Finished shopping and wrapping?  Any events attended?  I have a luncheon tomorrow w/gals from grade school.  That will be fun.
Are you baking?
Give us a shout out and let us know what is going on in your little piece of the world.

I hope you all have a lovely, restful and beautiful pre-Christmas week.  Stay safe and healthy.  Please know, I keep each of you in my prayers.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  The tongue of the wise dispenses knowledge, but the mouths of fools pour out folly.
Proverbs 15:1-2

Dear Lord, again we thank You for this day. Please guide each of us, through the holidays and what can be hard times for many.  Let us be kind, let our words be gentle, and let out hearts be caring.  Help us each to know that goodness and kindness always rise above anger and meanness.  Thank You for all our gifts we receive each and every day.  AMEN

Thursday, December 14, 2023


 Here we are at Thursday again.  A week and a half and it is Christmas.  The sun is shining brightly here, which is not a normal in December. - it is chilly, but pretty.
I got Blackie to the vet at 7:30 this morning.  He was not a happy camper.  Poor baby - I get him home this afternoon.  Here's hoping it all goes well.

The little gnome shares an important message.  We all succeed at life when we do these things.  
Be Kind - is huge - I am not sure why so many people feel today that they have the right to be nasty and mean to others.  I guess we all live behind the anonymity of a computer screen today - so people think they can say things to other that one would never say to people's faces.   It happens daily - we all see it.
I was raised to work hard and to be nice.  I also feel that I need grace as I get older - it seems to harden a lot of people.  And just being humble - that is huge.

Life is short and fleeting.  There is much negativity in the world - we don't need to add to it.
Take time to be kind to another - in every way.  You may change their life at least for today.

May you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

A Little Tale From Back in the Day!

 Good morning all.  Today I am going to relay a little story of my Momma and her young life.  Her perspectives and how things have changed over the years.  I hope you get a smile and maybe a chuckle from this.

My mom grew up fairly poor.  The house they lived in was a clothing store before they got it and turned it into a house.  Mom and her brother and sis's slept in the upstairs attic room, that had a floor - but I never ever saw insulation up there (in my years).  The house was right next door to a church and it set on the top of a very steep hilly yard.  The back yard had been terraced to grow some garden over the years and the outhouse was at the very bottom of the steep hill!  What a walk in the cold.
This is an 'updated' look of the house - with new windows and door.  It was until recently covered in that roofing looking siding (prob. asbestos).  It wasn't big at all - grandma, grandpa and 4 kiddos lived here!  My spinster aunt and uncle lived there until they passed.  This pic looks decent - I don't remember it looking this good.

Grandma came from a very wealthy family in Cincinnati.  She met grandpa, they married and moved here to Indy.  They were not well to do AT ALL.  Her brother - my great Uncle Edwin - was constantly helping the family out (he seemed to be the only one that helped).  Grandpa worked hard - but never enough for grandma (that tells you something).
On a Christmas note - the Christmas tree was delivered by Santa!  That was because uncle would have one sent to the house along with extra gifts on Christmas Eve.  The tree always was set and decorated on the library table they had and set in the middle of the living room    .  I have that table now and when I DO put up a tree it sets on that table.

My uncle was a very wealthy business owner.  He and his brother had a very high-end custom jewelry store in Cincy.  They all lived grandly.
My great uncle.  He and his brother/business partner, built houses right next to each other in a very exclusive area - then and now - area of Cincy.  
Amazingly I have a couple of items that were uncles.  I have his Masonic pin, his union pin for the jeweler's guild and a small custom piece he made.  He was also an avid inventor and had many patents.

Well - I digress.  My mom got married at 16!  Needless to say, the house was not always pleasant with grandma's attitude about life.  (from what I hear).
I think mom met Lester at the park nearby and he was quite a bit older (in his 20's). (I cringe to think about this today!).  Times have changed.  Lester was my eldest sister's dad.  The marriage ended when sis was 4.  Mom didn't have her until she 21.
BUT - when he and mom married - Uncle Edwin offered to have a party for all the Cincy family to attend for the young just married couple and offered them a nice room as a honeymoon suite!  So that is what they did.
Mom always talked about the house as a mansion.  Knowing our mom, we figured it was just a smaller nice house - because mom (even until she passed) thought a lot of places were mansions that weren't.  LOL
Well, as I began doing ancestry research, I came across a cousin and we talked a lot.  (in the 90's).  She told me Edwins's old home was actually for sale at that time and I should call the realtor.  I did, and they asked if they could send me the booklet on the house!  Booklet?  I figured it must be nice - as I have never seen a 'booklet' on a house for sale.  I SAID YES!
Well, this is the house - still as it was originally.  It was built and brand new the year mom stayed there.  8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 3 floors - back in 1928!  Over an acre of large wooded land.  
OK - I think mom was right.  Definitely a mansion back in the day - and kind of today!  Today worth almost $2 mil.
This is the crest over the door that is still there to this day!  How cool is that?

So yes, momma did stay in a 'mansion' on her honeymoon!
All the extended family was there and had a mighty celebration from what she said.

NOW THIS IS THE FUNNY - as the party was winding down - her aunts pulled her to the side to have 'the talk' with her!  (yes, she was that innocent).  They told her to make sure that no matter what, that she leave her 'bloomers' on that night!!  To put on her nighty OVER her bloomers.  This makes me laugh to think about.  SHE DID what they said, much to the disdain of Lester, I am sure.
What a honeymoon he had - LOL.
Well, it took her 5 years to have my sister - so I wonder how long those bloomers stayed on!  HAHA

SO a sweet story about family helping family.  Growing up rich and then living poor.  Family getting involved to help, but also making others feel bad.  A story from both sides of the 'track'.
A tale of innocence and young love. 

I always felt sorry for grandpa - he passed when I was 2.  I wish I had known him - mom said he adored me.  When he would visit, she said he always set with me on his lap and fussed over me.  Grandma passed a couple years later, and I really don't remember her either.  From mom and what my siblings had to say - she was so NOT nice to grandpa and made her kids pretty miserable.  I guess she adored the grandkids though.  It is amazing how life goes.
I have gone to Cincy and visited all the graves and monuments of that side of the family - they were pretty impressive.  There was a lot of money there.  I wish I had known about the house when I went - that would have been neat to see.

Kind of glad that I grew up as I did.  It seems money was very important to most of that branch of the family (so many stories) - glad our life was a simple and humble one.

So I hope you smiled and maybe chuckled a little.
My sweet momma!  Oh, the stories!

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Angels - Making Them and Loving Them!

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Hope you are all well and safe and warm.  Just think - 2 weeks from today, Christmas will be history in the book of 2023!!!!!  Man, it is flying by.

Today I will show you how to make the kitchen towel angels.  Hopefully it will make since and NOT be clear as MUD!!!!!  LOL
They are very easy - and cost just a little.  I got my towels at Dollar Tree for 1.25 ea.  The potholders were 2/1.25 and the dishcloths were 2/1.25 - so for 2.50 you can make a cute little novelty gift.
I am adding one to a couple of small gifts I give, and I have one ready for my schoolmates' luncheon - for our little gift exchange (adding candy too).  We have a $5 limit for our exchange - they encouraged homemade!

You need one kitchen towel, one dishcloth, one potholder and some ribbon or yarn for each one.
Pick your colors or styles - that kind of coordinate.
Fold your towel lengthwise in half - then accordion each side as shown above.
Once you have folded each side, then fold over as above.  This will be the angel body.
Do the same thing with the dish cloth!  This will be arms!
Scrunch your potholder together in the middle and use ribbon or yarn and tie it to the middle of the washcloth.  The potholder will be the wings.  Make sure you leave the ribbon or yarn longer than needed at this point (it isn't done yet).
Use that same ribbon or yarn and tie the washcloth/potholder to the towel as shown above.  You now have a head, wings and the beginnings of arms.
Pull the washcloth together in front and use another piece of ribbon/yarn and tie together.  That makes the arms.  NOW you have an ANGEL!
Adjust each section to look right to you.  Super simple and cute and inexpensive.  Only takes a few minutes to put together.  A couple of snips and the recipient has a new set of kitchen accessories!!!!
I think it is a cute presentation.
Sunday, I came home from sis's, unloaded the car, changed clothes, and fed the cats.  I came in to sit down in the living room for a minute and use the computer.
I look up and this is what I see!!!  They came in to be with me!
                                                                         MY little angels!  
Since then, they have been sleeping out here a lot.  Blackie likes the dining room chairs, I have seen Lil Bit on one too - and last evening I looked out and she was curled up on the couch!  Blackie is not a fan of the 'talking box' (TV) - I guess he thinks it is someone he doesn't know!
Maybe one of these days they will sleep with me!
I sure hope his surgery Thursday, doesn't set the progress back any.  

So, there you go - todays subject - angels!
Hope you can figure out my directions above.  Let me know if you have questions.

Have a wonderful day my friends!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 12/10

 Happy Sunday to all.  I hope this finds you safe and healthy!  This week seems like a blur to me - as I am sure the next few weeks will as well.  The holidays are amongst us!!!!!

As you know the cats became house cats this week.  So far so good.  Just this morning, Blackie finally ventured out into the house and followed me to the kitchen (he was hungry!).  Then after breakfast he sat on a chair in the living room for a few.  Lil Bit wonders around the living room and dining room at night!  She sure did yell at Blackie this morning when he was on the chair - as if to say "hey, there isn't room for me - we lay together".  It was hilarious and he got down and went in to lay with her.
Each day gets better.
Not only did their lives change but mine as well.  So much peace of mind that they are safe and warm.  I don't have to go out in the dark and worry if 'someone' might be lurking around.  My whole schedule has changed for the good.
We have had decent weather.  Yesterday it was about 60* when I got up and we had thunderstorms for a while!  Today the high will be in the 30's.  So far, the weather of December has been decent.  I will not complain.

My week:
  • Well, I tried to kitty proof the house - not that it has been needed much yet!
  • I made a batch (6 doz.) Springerle cookies for family
  • I finally got through all the old picture albums and have pictures divided into piles for various family members.
  • I broke up the remains of a jar candle to use in my melt pots
  • I received my jerky and summer sausage on Tuesday (just ordered on Fri.)
  • I cleaned and polished the kitchen cabinets and all wood furniture in the house
  • Towel angels done
  • Ran to Kroger on Fri. to get some fresh veggies and fruit - that is it
  • Finally got all the 'sanding' dusting done!  I think I have touched everything in this house!
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do
Meals this past week:
Tuna patty, lima beans and sliced tomatoes
Bacon, cheeseburger and salad
Broccoli/cheese soup (freezer) and a cold turkey sandwich (freezer)
Tamales over rice
Cabbage, ham and potato skillet
Lasagna (freezer) and salad
Jalapeno burger on toast topped with mac & cheese
                       Spicy burger open face sandwich topped with white cheddar mac - yum!

A lot of my week has revolved around kitties.  I have managed to get some things wrapped and together for the holidays.  What have you all been up to this week?  Are you ready for the celebrations of the remainder of the year?  Did you get many/any deals?  
I am going to sis's today for sibling luncheon and exchange.
Look forward to hearing what everyone is up too.  PLEASE check-in so we all know you are A-OK!!!!!!

I pray you all have a safe and healthy and prosperous week ahead.  Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.  I have sworn an oath and confirmed it, to observe thy righteous ordinances.
Psalm 119:105-106

Lord, thank you for the gift of this new day.  Continue to guide me down the lighted path I have chosen to follow.  Your word guides me each and every day, and I try so hard to follow your ways.  Please forgive me when I fail and pick me up and set me back on the path.  Guide us each one through this season of hope and love.  AMEN

                                             The beauty of last evenings sunset.  Awesome

Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Little This - A Little That

 Happy Thursday to all.  It dawned on me this morning that it is Pearl Harbor Day - amazingly I have seen no one say anything about it on the local news.  Such a solemn day of remembrance.

Here is a holiday tidbit I thought was neat.

                                               Click on writing to enlarge for easier reading.

Today I WILL get the kitchen towel angels done.  They are really easy to make and will be cute.  I will post how and a picture when done.

I have a holiday luncheon on Sunday with my sis and brother and SIL.  This is our special day to just enjoy each other without kids and grands around and talk about the good old days!
These moments are special - sis in 92 (she is cooking the dinner!) and my brother and SIL are both 82.  As we get older the days seem so much more special.

Well, I have been coaxing them out to eat.  Each time I get them further away from the hidey hole!!!!  This morning they came out crying - saying feed me!  I sat down with them and petted and talked to them while having breakfast - and it was good.
Yesterday I saw Lil Bit go to the box to pee, but no one had done doody.  This morning I walked over to the box and Blackie followed - hopped in and poo'd.  Lil Bit was watching intently and then ran over and looked when he was done - BOOM - she jumped in and did her duty too!!!!
Lil Bit came out and found a toy last evening and had fun with it.  She kept acting like it should be in the potty box!  Little nut!
Blackie came out and rested under the cat tree for a long while after eating.  Slowly they are letting their guard down.
Lil Bit has come out and walked around the perimeter of the living room and dining room.  Blackie still hasn't come out of their room - even though the door is wide open.  He goes to the door and looks into hall - just not sure. It is all so new.
So things are progressing a little.  Hopefully soon, we will be one big happy family.
Poor guy - next Thursday Blackie has to have some infected teeth removed.  That isn't going to be fun.  Hopefully after that - there will be no stress situations for a long while for him.

Last night was the first night in 13 years, that I was not worried about outdoor kitties. Yep, there have been outdoor cats here that long.  I was always worried about their safety and if they were warm enough and dry.  This morning was the first morning in 13 years I didn't have to go outside to feed the cats.  I slept really good last night, and actually slept in an extra half hour this morning!  AMAZING.
Peace of mind is golden!

What are you all planning for the upcoming weekend?  When do your celebrations start?  I have 4 different get togethers that I know of this year.
It is a sunny morning and looks to warm a bit today - high low 50's.  Love that.

Hope you all have a great day and fun weekend.  Check in - love hearing your plans.
Kind of getting worried about Debby and Kim.  Guys check in!  I know I am missing some other regulars - love hearing from you all!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Middle of the Week

 Here we are mid-week again!  It has been an interesting morning here.  I am now the proud momma of 2 indoor kitties!  Oh my goodness, can we say they are NOT happy with me at the moment.  Downright pissed might sum it up!!!!!  LOL
I let them eat some breakfast outside - then nabbed each one to bring in.  That was the easy part.  Getting them in wasn't hard - but they are both in hiding now in their little room!  There is food and water in there for them and a potty box, beds and a cat tree - so we will see how the day goes.  They will come out eventually - I guess!
Scared babies!!!!!!  
Say a little prayer they come out soon - so we can love it up!!!!!

Paternal grandma, grandma's teapot she got from me as a youngster, and my birthday cup and saucer!   My sweet display!

Just a holiday thing or two.

IF you haven't sent cards yet, maybe think to add a wrapped seasonal tea bag to each card! (like Celestial or Lipton).  Or a packet of flower seeds (they can still be found at garden centers).  Just a little something special.

String some popcorn or cranberries and put them outside in the trees for the birds and squirrels.  You can also coat pinecones with peanut butter and bird seed and hang outside.  The birdies will love it!    

1 C cinnamon (buy at dollar stores in large bottles cheaply)
1 Tbsp. cloves'1 Tbsp. nutmeg
3/4 C applesauce
2 Tbsp. white glue (like Elmer's)
ribbon or jute twine
Blend together cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, stir in applesauce and glue.  Knead until smooth, about 2 minutes.  Divide the dough into 4 portions.  Roll it out to about 1/4" thick.  Cut with chosen cookie cutters.  IF you want to hang them - insert a hole in the top with a straw.  Place ornaments on racks to dry for several days.  Turn daily so they dry evenly.  Thread and hang.
They smell so good!

Styrofoam balls
Strips of various fabrics
straight pins or glue (whichever you prefer)
Just wrap those strips of fabric around the balls and either pin or glue in place.  Continue to wrap using different fabrics.  Make a little hanger if hanging or place in a bowl for a vintage look.
You can use all the same fabric or mix it up - like a Christmas quilt ball!

Well gang.  Have a wonderful day.
Wish me luck with the kitties!!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Song, a Smell, a Movie, a Dream.......I Believe

 Happy Tuesday all.  Today I am going to talk about something that I know many of you believe, and others say is crazy.  Those things that make us feel close to someone not on this earth any longer!  I truly believe we are shown, hear, smell, see things that are meant to be.  Things that help us!!!!!!
Some say coincidence, freak thing, chance, serendipity, get it.  That is OK.  Not everyone has to believe - but if it makes you feel better, then it was meant to be.

                                                            I consider the occurrences 'gifts'!

Frances mentioned the other day about she has felt especially close to her grandma lately.  Then she heard the song "Ave Maria" and she knew it was grandma letting her know she is close by.
Those good days - like Amelia mentioned yesterday with her mom.  It is just a gift!!!!!  A special gift.
Several have received better than expected health news for their loves.  
I think there are many, many gifts we get that cost ZERO and mean the world.

Saturday, I went out to shop for the littles.  I wasn't much in the mood (was having one of those days).  I went, in Ollies, I came across this older couple (won't say elderly - I am elderly!).  He was teasing her across a couple aisles - joking and giving her a 'hard' time!  That so reminded me of how Glen was - such a jokester!  She came up laughing and smiling.  The guy looked over at me and winked (he acknowledged me), and they went off together holding hands and laughing.  I had to walk off, as I was tearing up - it just reminded me of us.
Then on the way home (after I was better), a song came on the radio, and I lost it.  The song "Hungry Eyes" (Eric Carmen) - think Dirty Dancing!  It wasn't the song perse' - but the meaning behind the song that hit me.  We used to look at each other with those crazy young love eyes and had those feelings and that passion.  It took me back to our first 'date' when Glen ASKED if he could kiss me.  
Needless to say, I was a mess!  BUT I felt so close to him the rest of the day.  It was like he was with me - and I knew I was supposed to go where I went that day.
Just a little sign.

I have had dreams of G, but I have only seen his actual face in two of them.  Both were very serious dreams with important conversations (him telling me why he left - seriously).  I begged in both, and I cried in both asking him not to leave.  He told me I would be fine, that he always knew I could do this.  That he had things he had to do.  I woke up sobbing (for real) and my pillowcase was wet.  I somehow feel these were 'real' and he 'was' there - that God let him speak to me.  (this happened w/in the first year or so).
Somehow, as sad as it was, it helped me.  I knew he had faith in me - if he did, then I should.

Sometimes - do you ever smell something that takes you back in time?  
For G it was popcorn popping - it reminded him of his grandma when he smelt it.
Me - laundry off the line - I always think of mom.
Me - the bite of that first tomato - daddy (we always shared that together when I was a kid)!

Hear something?  I have one particular song that reminds me of my sis that is gone.
Words?  Silly as it is - schnitz - takes me back to a weekend with my sister and brother-in-law, when G and I went to an Amish festival with them.  Sis just thought that word was hilarious and laughed every time she heard it!!!!!  

For months I have had no animals in the house - yet many nights, I feel an animal jump up on the bed!  Sometimes I feel it cuddle next to me. 

Call me crazy - I don't care.  Maybe I am - I don't care.
I get comfort from these things.  They are gifts to me.

MANY of you know!!!!!!! 
You can call it anything you want - crazy, silly, coincidence, God, family, etc..........
Those are special moments, and they bring us back to a spot in time and we feel close to someone.  That is all that is important!

SO know - you are not alone!  
I have been enjoying the stories of joy and happiness. 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 12/3

 Happy Sunday and Happy December!!!!! How did this happen so fast?  In less than a month we will be into 2024!!!  WOW!  Meteorological winter started on December 1, in our part of the world.  Good news - it is only about 89 or 90 days until meteorological spring!!!!!  LOL
I hope this finds you all well and safe!!!

Well, earlier I told you about the lady across the alley that had her back and yard bush hogged!  I thought she must have gotten rid of the chickens.  NOPE!  There are 2 that are constantly roaming out in the alley this week.  One is black and one is black and white - they are big and pretty.  Sure isn't safe!  They don't seem to care, nor do they fix the hole in the privacy fence.  The alley is busy and at night there are racoons and opossums wondering.  Sometimes dogs.  It amazes me how little people care about their animals. Poor chicks.
We were above normal temps for part of the week.  Had rain and it looks to rain today as well.  The ground needs it!  It is being reported that our area will be above normal temps through much of December. Okey-dokey!!!!!

My week:
  • I have continued on the deep clean - just about have everything in the house dusted from the sanding mess!  What a job. Also got rid of a couple bags to trash of papers and stuff.  Still decluttering.
  • Froze balance of turkey breast for future meals
  • Got the wreaths up on doors and the Christmas flag out
  • Worked on gift baskets - checking my list!!
  • Both cats got flea meds
  • Tons of laundry!!!  Amazing how much I do for one person.  I did everything from the bed and door rugs again, plus towels and clothes
  • Paid everything and even paid ahead on a couple.  I am not sure what is going on w/electric bill.  I am on a budget (same every month).  Usually they total out in about Sept.  The past 2 months, I have been billed less than $20 per month!!!!  I continue to pay the budget amount.
  • I ordered the jerky and summer sausage from Walnut Creek Foods (all gifts for baskets)
  • Ran out to P.O. to mail bills and got Christmas stamps
  • While out - I went to Kroger, Big Lots, and Ollies.  I got gas with discount for 2.57/gal.  Needed less than $15 worth for the month!
  • I got a few more basket items at Kroger and Big Lots.  Ollies I got the last of the gifts for the littles.  All I need now are a few more gift cards and I am done.
Finally found these at Kroger this week.  Every younger person I do baskets for just LOVES these things!!  They have been impossible to find this year.  I got enough for all the kid's baskets!  Last year I found pints of ice cream flavored with the tree cakes for them on clearance (at WM)!
Found this for 2.99 at Big Lots.  Got a bag for me and one for my brother.  They had filled candies as well.  I also found the bags afterwards at Ollies for 2.79!

Meals this week:
Warm open face nacho cheese/turkey sandwich and fries
Hamburger goulash and salad
Made chili mac with leftover goulash (added chili beans)
Chicken breast, roasted potatoes w/cheese and small salad
Bacon/egg sandwich
Stir fry vegs & Spam chunks over rice
Fish sandwich and salad

What have you all been up to?  Do you have all your gifts and shopping done?  I know many of you do!  Smart ladies!  Decorations (if doing) up?
What kinds of deals did you all find this week at the grocery or anywhere for that matter?
Love hearing about your weeks!  Debby you have been quiet lately!!!!!  Hope all is OK.

I hope you all stay well and safe and healthy in this coming week.  Stay warm up north!  You gals have had some snow and cold!!!!  Travel mercies for anyone traveling.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wonderful works to the sons of men!  For he satisfies him who is thirsty, and the hungry he fills with good things.
Psalms 107:8-9

Dear Lord, we thank You for all our gifts each day.  We are so blessed in every way, and we are thankful.  Please be with those who are homeless or having troubles in this year.  Help us each to reach out in some way to help another.  May all have a warm bed, and a belly filled this week.  Amen