Sunday, July 30, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 7/30

 Happy last Sunday of July.  Goodness golly time is flying by.  It has been a hot one around here and most everywhere this past week.  We have a much-needed break coming up for this coming week - low humidity and a bit lower temps!  Had quite a little storm come through very early Saturday morning.  It must have had rotating winds.  Storm was from the west - yet things blew from east to west!  Next door had the inflatable pool from their neighbor on the east of them, in their yard!  Over the fence and across the yard and up against my fence!!!!! (it is a decent size pool - though empty)

We had a few little showers this week and it kept me from having to water the main garden.  The pots did get watered.
I have a baby racoon suddenly in my trees!  Oh my.  It is alone - no mamma.  It must have got left behind or lost.  So stinking cute and little (about the size of a little puppy).  Squirrels and Blackie aren't sure about it.  It goes from tree to tree.  I will have to live trap this week.  Been waiting to see if it was going to be rescued by its mom.

I had a decent week - though quiet for the most part.
  • Cleaned and refilled hummingbird feeders and made more nectar.  They sure are drinking a lot - maybe the heat.  I have one that goes from port to port trying each out.  Different flavors I guess!!!  LOL
  • Continued to work on pantry some more - so much in that room that isn't pantry - a lot of work
  • Call me trapper Cheryl!!!!  I live trapped 2 groundhogs this week in my yard.  Saw them - put out trap - within 30 minutes had each - different days).  My neighbor across the street took them to White River for me - I paid him for his gas and efforts
  • Watered pots with rainwater
  • OK - I did go to Kroger.  I really wanted lettuce and wanted some burger buns - I also needed a birthday gift for an event this coming weekend (for 1 year old).  I went to the super Kroger.  I got a deal and a half.  I walked to clearance and looky what I got!!!!!

A dozen jars with rings and lids for 3.06!!!!!!!  One end had the plastic open - only thing wrong.  No broken.  What a deal!!!!!!
  • I cut my hair and did a root job - both myself at home
  • I am getting lots of harvest - cukes, zucchini and YAY tomatoes!!!!  Peppers about ready. Eating fresh every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I made 3 quarts of refrigerator dill pickles - using both zucchini and cucumbers
  • Used the G Foreman grill and air fryer several times this week - instead of oven
  • The neighbor who took off the groundhogs made me a very simple rustic bench for my yard.  Neat thing - last year he got most of the good wood left from Glen's ramp.  He has used for a lot of things and this is made from that!!!!  How cool - still have a bit of that ramp now.
  • I cleaned and organized the frig freezer this week.  Found some forgotten items - will be using them soon.  It looks so nice now!
  • The same guy (bench) wife brought me a jar of sliced cukes in vinegar/sugar - she made a bunch and only she eats them - so she brought me a quart jar!  YUM - a favorite summer bite
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do
Meals this past week:
Dirty rice and zucchini fries
Leftover rice with meatballs and salad
Tuna salad (with egg added) served with crackers and tomatoes and cukes
Grilled zucchini and green beans/pepper/onion sauteed
Fish sandwich - cukes/tomatoes
Spicey mac n cheese and sauteed zucchini - sliced tomato
Burger w/lettuce/onion/tomato and cuke/onion salad

A nice week - all said and done.  How was your week?  How are those gardens doing?  Are you canning or freezing items yet?  Any good deals?
Are you finding ways to stay cool?  I sure do feel for so many who have the extreme heat - it was bad enough here - I just can't imagine what some are dealing with.

I wish you all a lovely week and pray that you stay safe, cool, and healthy.
Blessings to you and yours from me at my humble little home.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; great is thy faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23

Lord, help us even in our dark hours and down moments to know - You will always be there for us.  When life is bleak, help remind us, that this will pass.  Someday we will be in Your presence in Heaven and until then, You are forever with us on earth.  Thank You for being our rock.  Amen

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Weekend Ready??

 Is everyone getting ready for the weekend?  I know some of you work - so the weekend has more meaning.  For us retired gals - well, it is another day or two.  They all seem the same and kind of run together.  Shoot, many times I am not sure what day it really is!

I do basically the same things in the same order - 7 days a week.  Throw a holiday in there - when the rest of the world has plans, or they are off work - and it messes me all up!!!!  LOL

It is going to be HOT!  The humidity is stupid!!!!!  We have an air quality alert until Saturday evening due to the smoke from Canada.  We have a heat advisory until Sat. evening as well.  Today will be the hottest day of 2023 here, and tomorrow is promised to beat that.  Well, aint that just grand?  NOT

Sounds like a plan to me!!!!!!!  I do plan on being inside a lot - so maybe some reading, a spa evening, and for sure a nap!!!  YEP

I go out early to feed the critters and Blackie - then check the garden and pick what is ready.  I do go out from time to time and feed and water animals and then water the pots.  So far the main garden is doing fine without watering from soaker hose.  We keep getting nice afternoon showers about every other day.

Blackie is being a stinker - he knows when females are in heat and other males are around.  He "thinks" he has to roam around like the 'other' boys!!!  LOL (much to do about nothing)
It usually happens on the coldest days, the rainiest/stormiest days, and now the hottest ones.  Crazy cat!
I did see him this morning over at the empty property across the alley - he just hasn't come for breakfast yet.  He'll get hungry and thirsty and show up soon.  He loves to worry his momma!  Stinker!

Hope you all get some goodies from the gardens or maybe go to a farm market this weekend.  Stay cool and hydrated.  Make sure you all leave plenty of water out for any pets or for nature.  The birds and squirrels need water too - and it tends to keep them away from the tomato plants!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you all get a nap in!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Conscientious Consuming

 Well, I looked at the Kroger ad for this week and all I can say is - "yippee, I need nothing".  Nope not a thing.  As we spoke about last week, I am trying to be a better shopper and not just go out and grocery shop to grocery shop.
I did see a couple thigs (only) in the ad that was good pricing.  There was bacon - 2.99/lb.  Super price!  I have pounds of it in my big freezer.  There was boneless skinless chicken breast for 1.47/lb.  Good deal.  Nope need none of that either.

I cleaned out and organized the frig freezer the other day - it is amazing what all that holds!!  I found a few forgotten things - nice.  They will be used shortly.  I did get rid of a couple items, just wasn't sure what it was.  I BAD!  I didn't mark them for some strange reason.  Really not like me.

I can walk out and get tomatoes now (yay), cukes, zucchini, and peppers any time I want.  I have carrots and radishes in the crisper.  I have onions and potatoes.  Lots of canned/frozen veggies that can be served alone or with rice or pasta and any type of seasoning or sauce that I may feel like that day.  I have meat, lots of meat.  I still have eggs, butter, milk and cheese in the frig.  WHY go out?
I am good.  I am blessed.

I did notice they had 'lunchables' in the ad this week.  School is starting, so they are back on the kid focused stuff.
I really had to laugh.  My goodness, these things are nothing new.  I remember mom cutting up some lunchmeat and cheese and handing me some crackers, all for a snack.  Yep - we had the original lunchables!!!!!!!
If you look at the ones they sell today - there is basically NOT even a total slice of lunchmeat or cheese in them!  Talk about a money maker.  People can't just think and make their own versions!!!!  That isn't as easy!  They could sure be put together cheaper and a lot healthier if made at home.

Summer is my time to eat veggies and fruit.  I love them.  I love walking out to my backyard and picking wonderful produce.  Like I said in a comment yesterday - it is like Christmas, just hot!  You get surprises every day.

So for now, I am trying to be very conscientious about grocery shopping.  I am blessed to have much to choose from and I can make about anything I want.  Lately I have been eating less meat and more veggies.  I do that in summer.  With working in the yard, sweating and eating better, I get off those winter pounds.  I feel better.
I am full and feel better - that is what it is all about.  

Are you watching your shopping?  Indulging in more fresh?  Saving a buck or two?
We got this - enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.

**PS - remember how people used to dress back in the day for going out (above pic)?  I love it.  No house slippers or jammies or half naked bodies in public then!!!!  Class!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

A Little of This and a Little of That

 Happy Tuesday all.  Here we go into the last week of July - and what looks to be a hot one most places.  Time flies when you are having fun!  LOL
Gardens are really starting to take off - so everyone is looking for ways to preserve and use things.  I love that, for all those who have 'grow'ceries in their yards!!!  Use all those fresh goods up and ENJOY them to the fullest.  We have such a short window of time it seems to get all the fresh goodies.
Today a few things to eat and drink.  Maybe it will keep you cool OR maybe it will help you preserve.
One recipe was a favorite of my Glen.  I will share with you all.  He loved it, I thought it sounded ick - then I tried it and loved it too!

A refreshing cold drink that takes me back a bit.  To those days of walking the shopping malls with friends and a delish cold Julius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on pic to enlarge for easier reading.
Yes, those who love fried green tomatoes can have them all year long!  I have done this many times and they are just as yummy in the dead of winter as they are in the summer.
Can some of those extra green tomatoes.
Great for making relish as well.  This is a great way to preserve them at the end of the season - when that big frost is coming, and they are still on the vine!!!!!

Glen's favorite red bean salad.  It truly is tasty.
Click on recipe to enlarge.

For those who may not can or want to can - you can make quick and easy pickles and store in the frig.  I am doing this TODAY!  I don't have enough of cukes or zucchini (yes I make pickles with it) to do a whole canner of processed pickles - so I am making frig pickles.  I will enjoy just as much.  I am kind of a pickle nut!!!
I love dill pickles.  I do enjoy my Bread & Butter pickles as well - but dill it a fav.

This is a simple to use recipe.  Small batch.  I generally heat this up a bit - just to dissolve the sugar, and I feel it gets into the veggies quicker.  Cool after jarring and keep refrigerated.  They are usually pretty good after 2-3 weeks of sitting and soaking!!!!
Now I do mine a tad bit different sometimes.
I have several Mrs. Wages pickle mixes on hand always.  Instead of using fresh dill heads I add 2-3 tablespoons of this mix to the liquid.  It gives a great taste and pretty color.  There are lots of herbs and spices in the mix.  (you can use any flavor or type you may have of mix).  I sometimes leave out the garlic as well - or just add a bit of dehydrated that I have.  Since it all is about your taste buds - you can play with it a bit.
See that zucchini above?  That was one of those big mamma jammers that get lost in the greenery!  Oh my.  It will become pickle spears or chunks today!!!!!  I will do some cukes as well.

So there you have my this and that for today.  I hope this gives some of you a few ideas of things to make for now and to enjoy later.
I will keep giving ideas of garden crops as we go along - tis the season!!!!!!!

Have a blessed day and live it well - you just never know what tomorrow may bring!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 7/23

 Happy Sunday my friends.  Glad to have you here.  I hope you have had a nice week and stayed healthy.  I know there were some sad times for a couple of you, and I am so sorry and have lifted you in prayer.
It has been a warm week - with the past couple days being quite nice and refreshing.  We did get a nice little rain on Thursday evening.
It looks as if the coming week will be a HOT one.  It is predicted to be 90 or above move of the week and it looks like no rain is in sight.  UGH!  I guess July decided to go out with a bang around here and much of the country.
The phlox is blooming profusely, and it smells so divine.  It must taste pretty good too, as the hummingbirds and bees sure do love it.

Glad to see so many here this week.  It seems there was quite a good conversation going on.  I love it to see everyone share ideas and help each other along the path.

My week:
  • I did go out last Sunday and mow the front yard - as I knew it was going to get hot and maybe rain.  I wanted the front to look decent!
  • I have been picking a lot of garden.  Zucchinis galore, cucumbers - more than any recent years, starting to get handfuls of cherry tomatoes.  I have a couple of regular tomatoes getting pink!!!  There are tons of peppers about ready to harvest.
  • My neighbor brought me 3 cucumbers - they look like store bought almost - much bigger than what I pick here.  She also brought me a couple of tomatoes!
How I pick mine - crisp and sweet.  Much smaller than hers.  Mine are just great for snacking.
They cukes I was gifted.  I didn't get a pic of the tomatoes - ate them!!!  These were great for cucumber and onion salad.
  • I did run out on Monday to Kroger.  Cantaloupe were 1.99 ea. and I had .60 off coupons - not the sweetest but not bad.  They were refreshing.  Campbells soup was .99/can limit 5.  I got some tomato and a couple veg. beef.  Cat treats.  I was a good girl!!!!
  • Made a gallon of tea
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Worked on the pantry stuff - NOT done!
  • Used rain water to water plants
  • Neighbor brought me some zucchini bread she made - YUM.  She was the one I gave zucchini to
  • Tons of yard work.  I got all the hundreds of stems down from the tiger lilies (oh my).  Pulled out wild vines and many, many weeds.  Lots of poison - I just can't get rid of it.  Our area is prone - and without killing flowers I just have to keep pulling.  It has been so humid, that things have gotten out of hand - took advantage while cooler!
  • I mowed and trimmed front to back at the end of week
  • Ate very little meat this week.  Concentrated on eating veggies
  • Using what I have on hand and eating from home
  • Dehumidifier water in laundry
  • Just doing all the normal stuff
Meals this past week:
Egg sandwich and salad
BLT 💖💖
Jalapeno/cheese zucchini boats
Veggie fried rice
Eggrolls - using leftover veg. rice, salad
Toasted bagel sandwich with cream cheese, tomato, onion, cukes and boiled egg
Taco salad - topped with a ton of fresh veggies (no lettuce)
Jalapeno/cheese zucchini boats made in air fryer.  Sooooo yummy!

How was your week?  Did you get any great deals?  OR are you now trying to use what you have on hand and just get fresh?  How are the gardens going?
I look forward to hearing from each of you.
I hope you each have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe and healthy and COOL!!!!!

Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.  She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
Proverbs 31:25-26

Lord, we take a moment to thank You for the minds You gave us and the ability to reason and for the ability to be sensitive to others and things. Help us to continue to learn Your ways as we walk through life, and to be open to teaching those things to others.  Guide us each day and let us follow and do Thy will.  Amen

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Enough is Enough

 Good day to all.  I know we all get this feeling about a LOT of things and situations.  Oh my!!!!  So many things I can scream at - enough is enough.
Today it is about the PANTRY!
It is going to be a hot, humid and somewhat stormy day - so this gal is going to work on the pantry.  I have my nice big pantry for daily use, and I have a lot of extra - back storage in the second bedroom and even some still in the basement.

I try to keep things organized - but you all know how that goes.  Come home from the store and you are in a hurry - so things go here and there.
I plan on organizing better, and really work on inventory.

I KNOW, I need to stop going to the store for quite a while!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I need to stay home.  IF I go to the grocery, I buy.  I see clearance and sales and those "oh - looky" items!  Well, enough is enough!
I need to get better organized and use up some of what I have.  
I notoriously buy new things, then use them - forgetting about the older items.  Got to stop that!!!!!
I have more than enough food to take care of me (and others) for a long, long, long time.

Overwhelmed is how I feel some days.  I am so blessed to have what I have - yet I go and buy more.  I truly think it is some sort of addiction!!!!!!  I really do.  That is something I love to do (grocery shop) and it is about the only thing I spend money on.  So - I justify!

The garden is coming on - so fresh will be had.  I have cukes, zucchini and starting to get tiny toms....more to come.  The tomato plants are absolutely loaded with green tomatoes and there are tons of peppers out there.  I have grapes out there, rhubarb - yes, I use all summer.
**By the way - I saw zucchini in the store ads this week - .99/lb.  I am growing money!!!!!!

I have a freezer full of meat and frozen veggies - mainly meat.  It is time to use it!!!!!  Stop buying more Cheryl!!!!!
I hate to miss a deal - but I realize it isn't a deal, if I don't use it.

I will be utilizing the farm market for fresh goods I might need.  There is a 7 day a week market close by, and they sell all sorts of fresh veggies and fruit.  I can get what I need there.  It is family owned; I like that.  Once in a while I will need milk or eggs or cat food.  No problem I will go to the store for that, and just make myself behave.
I have enough milk and eggs now for a good two weeks or more (more on eggs), and I am pretty set on cat food.  I can also order that if I chose from Chewy.  I can make things I may run out of here and there.  I just need to get a grip on this and USE the blessings I have on hand.

Do you ever catch yourself shopping too often?  Plenty in the house, yet you go get more?
Well, I am sure going to try and stop for a while.  I need to get more creative and use it up.  I have fresh coming on and that is wonderful.  
I am at the point that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So, I am off to organize and clean and re-arrange.  I am anxious and excited about it.  It is a lot of work - but much needed work and it will be money saving work.  I hate waste and this girl needs to use the pantry goods.

Have a good day - stay cool and safe.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023


 Sometimes I sit and just watch people and nature.  One of my favorite past times.  I think I get that from my daddy - he was a people watcher.  He always said you can learn so much about human behavior, just pay attention and watch!  It is true.  The same goes for nature.

I wish I had pictures of the birds I have been watching.  They are just so neat.
I sat and watched a black bird with a kernel of corn.  It was at the birdbath.   It dropped the corn in the water, stood there drinking, then picked up the corn.  It dropped it again, stood there, and picked it up ........over and over until it finally gobbled it down.  I am just guessing, but the kernel was large and MAYBE too hard to swallow - this bird was figuring out how to make it manageable.  SMART!

I watched a pair of cardinals out there eating.  They were adults - no baby bird.  The male would go and get a seed and then go over and feed the female! That just seemed so sweet to me.  They look out for one another.
The blackbirds and the pesky starlings have their place in the hierarchy as well.  The squirrels eat their corn and sunflower seeds and drop the hulls - well, those pesky birds come and clean up the area.  I am glad they do - as that lowers the chances of having racoons show up at night.  They clean up and fill their bellies and that keeps other animals away.

It is amazing to me that all the animals of nature are hunters and gatherers.  I mean the squirrels bury corn and nuts and I have seen blue jays grab peanuts and take them over to an area around a plant and hide them for later!  They aren't dumb.
Even if I were not feeding them - they would find food!!!  There are berries and nut trees around.  Some birds eat bugs.  There are the little pods that fall of various trees - they find food and they survive.
They work hard to make shelter and nests.  They work continuously to feed their young.  They are smarter than many people!!!!!!!!   
Today it seems many people want someone else to do the work for them and to provide for them - and they have no idea what good old fashioned hard work to survive is!  They need to watch the animals!  Just my observation!

The other night we had a very strong and nasty storm fly through the area.  It went through quickly, but it was a bit scary.  The dusk to dawn light turned on at 6:30PM (usually at 9:20)!  It went off later - but it got dark and nasty.  I had fed Blackie a little early, as I knew it was coming.  He stayed in the greenhouse afterwards, as it had started to rain.
Well after it was over, I saw him coming down the alley from checking things out - there was a groundhog on the other side of the alley.  Blackie stopped and watched - the groundhog ran and hid!  Now mind you in years past Blackie has never been bothered by these creatures.  I think this must be a male - and we had had females around before.  Every time that thing is even remotely close to my property - Blackie knows!  He goes out and sprays around on everything leaving a scent!  
I find it kind of funny - yet I am fine with it.  Don't want it here - eating garden or trying to live here. 
This from the kitty that could care less about the birds or the squirrels - he has never once tried to chase either.
Animals sure know their property and know how to defend.

Speaking of Blackie.  The morning after the storm - I went out to feed.  Here he comes running up to me from the greenhouse.  His head and face covered in mud!!!!!!  I figured he got splashed or something - there are puddles in the alley.  Well as he was eating, I start to try and brush - not all is coming off.  So I come in and get a wet cloth to wash his head.  I start cleaning him up and it suddenly hits me - it isn't mud!!!!!!!!
Yep, my boy went out and literally got himself s**t faced the night before!!!!!  LOL
How in the world does that happen?  No where else - just the top of his head and his face!!!!!  Oh the things these babies do!
So I leave you with that vision this morning!  LOL!!  
I sit here typing, window open, listening to a multitude of birds singing and I hear the chatter of squirrels.    The pup across the street is yelping at something, and the birds out front are having a morning feast and singing 'thank you' my way!
Blackie has had his breakfast and is curled up napping in a chair by the garage in the warm sun.
All seems right in the world this morning - at least for this moment!

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Zucchini Time #2

 Good day on this Tuesday to all.  If you are anything like me, you are now at the point to where you are hunting down takers for zucchini!!!!!  They are very prolific again this year - and by no means look to be stopping anytime soon.
So, more ideas are in order.  I hope these posts give someone a new idea to use or try this very versatile veggie!

Click on pic to enlarge for better reading pleasure.
Ideas - so many ideas.  I absolutely love zucchini boats (as pictured above).  You can make these with the traditional ingredients that you would use in stuffed peppers - or you can come up with any type of filling you want.
Today I am making zucchini boats with a filling of cream cheese, parm, cheddar shaved, a little sour cream and chopped jalapenos!!!!  These are just wonderful.  I am going to make them in the air fryer today for the first time, so as not to heat up the oven.
I usually cut my zucchini in half and deseed - and then I steam them for a few minutes in the microwave.  This lessens the cooking/baking time.  Such a yummy and easy dish.

1 C sugar (I use a little less)
1/4 C brown sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
pinch of salt
2 Tbsp. corn starch (or whatever you use to thicken)
4 C peeled, deseeded and slice zucchini (slice similar to apple slices)
1/4 tsp. allspice
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
I slice the zucchini in wedge shapes and place in a pan - then pour scalding water over the pieces.  Let it stand for about 5 minutes.  Drain and pat dry.  Mix all the ingredients together and place in the pie shell.  I use 2 crust method.
Bake at 400 for about 10 minutes - then 350 for 20-30 minutes, until crust is golden.
I have made this several times and it is really good.

Everyone makes sweet breads with zucchini - above is a recipe for a hearty bread that can be served with meals.  A new spin on zucchini bread.
Click on recipe to enlarge picture.

I have used zucchini in place of pasta in lasagna many times.  That is very good.  This is a little different version of lasagna 'type' meal.  Try ZUCCHINI ROLLS
Slice your zucchini thin (I use a mandolin) - let it drain on a towel to absorb some natural liquid from it.  Make your filling of whatever you wish - mixtures of cheese, or meat, jalapeno, or rice and combo of other things, etc.  Spread the mixture over the thin slices and roll up.  Place the slices in a pan that has had spaghetti sauce layered on the bottom.   Top with more sauce and additional shredded cheese.  Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes.
*If your zucchini seems too stiff to roll - place the slices in a pan with scalding water for a couple minutes to soften them.  Drain and pat dry and continue on.

Zucchini is great roasted, fried, sauteed, added to things - just so many uses.
Always make sure you shred some and freeze for later in the winter to make those breads, muffins, or biscuits with.  I slice (a little thicker than normal) and lay on a pan to flash freeze - then bag and I have zucchini I can fry in the winter. ** Hint - bread and start process of frying without thawing!  They don't get mushy!  I put bags of chunks in the freezer for adding to soups as well.

Have fun with this veggie - so many things can be done with it.  It pretty much takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with.
ENJOY the fruits (veggies) of your labors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 7/16

 Happy Sunday to all.  Here we are halfway through another month!!!!  How does this keep happening so fast?  My goodness, it will be fall before we know it.

We have had some hot days and a lot of humidity.  Yesterday we did get a nice gentle rain here for about 2 hours or so.  The kind of rains I remember back as a kid - no storms, no winds - just a nice rain!  It didn't get too hot temp wise yesterday and it was cloudy most of the day, but it was what I call muggly!!!!  Oh goodness, it was humid out.  You felt as if you were walking into a wall of water.

Things are growing - including grass and weeds.  Need to mow - it is just too stinking hot!  The cicadas are back and singing loudly!  I do like that sound.  Lightening bugs galore at night.
It is a bit hazy this morning, and they say the smoke will be back for a few days - getting worse later in the day today.

I did read yesterday that Sluggy (Don't Read This...) blog is not going to be blogging anymore.  She said good-bye yesterday.  No explanation for why - except saying it was time.  I hate to see people stop their journey.  Wishing her well on whatever she decides to do.  Hopefully Kim will be back this coming week!

                                             My first tomato of the season!!!!!!  LOL
My week:
  • I used the crockpot this week to make a pork loin and some veggies
  • Used that pork over a few meals
  • Cut up the leftover potatoes and carrots from the roast and froze - will use as hash or in soup at some point
  • Used rainwater for all my potted plants
  • Made a nice bowl of pasta salad with lots of veggies (including zucchini)
  • Picked 7 zucchini, 3 cucumbers and 3 cherry tomatoes! - Lettuce is done for now
  • Ordered Blackie his natural meds from Chewy and received them within 24 hours!  No shipping costs.  That is a good place to order from!!!!!!
  • Making banana peel water for fertilizing the potted garden plants
  • Cleaned the outer wood on cabinets
  • Shared zucchini with 2 neighbors
  • Laundry and used dehumidifier water
  • Pulled a few weeds (when cool) and gave the back bushes a little trim/haircut.  Just trimmed excess growth
  • NO store this week -- stayed home all week
  • Made a double batch of hummingbird nectar and cleaned the feeders well
  • Had a peach that was very ripe - so made a peach milkshake for a treat
  • Doing all the normal stuff
Meals this past week:
Pork loin, potatoes, carrots, zucchini
Pulled pork sandwich and salad
Pork soft tacos
Pasta salad loaded with veggies
Grilled cheese and pasta salad
Zucchini taco skillet - gr.beef, zucchini, corn, beans, onion, rice
Grilled wraps (used taco skillet leftovers)
                                                Pork soft tacos - topped with fresh veggies

How was your week???  Did you get any great deals this week?  How are those gardens doing and what of your 'grow'ceries are you getting to use?
Is it super hot in your area?  It seems it is about everywhere from what the news says.  This is the time I am thankful for the invention of AC!!!  I don't use it all day everyday by any means - but it sure makes like a bit more comfortable.

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.  Prayers that you all stay safe and healthy and cool.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.


That you Lord for this past week and getting us through each and every day.  We pray that you guide us through this upcoming week and help us to realize that all is in Your wonderful hands.  We humbly thank You for each and every blessing we receive.  Amen

Thursday, July 13, 2023

More Money than Sense

 Good Thursday to all.  I thought I would relay a story to you.  Sometimes there are people in this world that just make us shake our heads in disbelief!!!!  I said sometimes - BUT I do this daily!!!!!!!

I had a neighbor call me the other day.  We are friendly - but not super close or anything.   We talk garden, we talk kitties, and we talk neighborhood.  Her hubby is a handy man and is the one who painted my doors and shutters for me.
We really have NEVER talked money or frugal ways.

She called to ask me a question - she said she thought she knew my answer already!
Question - if your electricity was off for 18 hours would you keep or trash all the food in both your freezer and frig?
I chuckled and said "Of course I would keep it.  It wouldn't be thawed at all."
Her answer was "thank you"!!!!!

I guess her Mom's power had been out for 18 hours and her sister deemed it necessary to throw absolutely everything in the trash!!!!!!!
Now she and her siblings are pretty much estranged (I found this out that day).  It happened after her Mom made her POA.  She always is the one that takes mom to doctor and in for hospital tests.  The other two got ticked at her (not mom).  So, her sister called her bragging that they threw all the frig and freezer food away, and that they donated enough money to replace it all.  Trying to make her feel bad.
She had taken her mom breakfast and coffee and lunch the day of the outage - because mom couldn't cook.

Then she asked me - "do they just have more money than us - is that why they would throw everything away?"
My response was "money has nothing to do with stupidity."  She said that was the best statement she had heard in ages!!!!  LOL

You can have all the money in the world and be dumb as a box of rocks.  You can be dirt floor poor and be a wise and resourceful soul.
It just amazes me the things people do.  Definitely more money than sense!!!!!!  Or at least that is how it appears.
18 hours - not opening and closing doors of appliances - things would be fine.  In most cases things will last a few days.  Even if things (especially meat) were thawed BUT still very cold or icy - I would have cooked them and then refrozen.

The waste in our society today is just unbelievable.  People have no qualms about trashing good food or items.  There are so many who would have nothing.
I am aware not everyone will agree with my assessment of the situation - but I think most of you would.  The food was fine!!!!  I do believe this was done out of lack of knowledge or spite.

Funny, how she knew what I would think!  We may never speak of frugality to some folks - but yet they seem to know us better than we can imagine!!!!  Maybe there is a vibe given off.  
This is just one of those things that made me 'shake my head' this week!!!!!!!

What has made you shake your head this week?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

It's Zucchini Time!!!!!!!!

 I was going to say hammer time - but zucchini it is!  It is that time of the year that we all have great produce starting to come forth from the gardens.  It is so amazing to me what a simple seed can provide!!!!!  A seed - unlimited zucchini.  A seed - a plant full of tomatoes.  A seed - a tree of apples..... it goes on and on.  It is all amazing to me.

I know many of us are at that point that we have an abundance of zucchini - so today is a few ideas.  I do this every summer, and it seems to get good comments.  Zucchini is such a versatile veggie - it pretty much takes on the taste of whatever you are cooking it with - and you get great nutrition.

One day last week I did this!  Pretty much vegetarian except the cheese. I drained a can of hominy and place in a skillet, 1/2 zucchini chopped, a little onion, and bell peppers.  Sauteed it all together and topped with cheese.  My goodness that was tasty!

Click on pic to enlarge.  I love grilled zucchini steaks.  They are so delish.  They take no time to make.  I plan on doing some this week on the G. Foreman grill.  Makes for a great side dish.  Top with a little parmesan cheese and oh my!!!!!!

Click on pic to enlarge.  Here is another one for the veggie lovers.  A very healthy version of 'meat'balls.  No meat involved.  These are very good.

Here is another one I did last week.  I browned and broke up one patty of ground sausage.  Added two eggs and started to scramble.  About halfway through, I add 1/2 of chopped zucchini.  When almost done - I topped with some chopped tomato and cheese - put the lid on it and let it melt.  My goodness that was good.

Click on pic to enlarge for easy reading.  This is so easy, and surprisingly delicious.  I have made this many times.  Homemade pineapple from zucchini - YEP.  I usually cut mine in chunks and can it, but you can shred and make crushed pineapple.

Click on pic to enlarge.  Don't forget dehydrating.  I do this each year as well.  Dehydrated zucchini is great for soups and skillet dinners in the winter months.  Takes up so little space.  Also, when thoroughly dried it can also be ground into a flour - which can be used in place of some of the flour in your dishes!

This should get everyone started.  There will be more next week!!!!  I love walking out to the garden and picking my 'grow'ceries!!!!!!!  It is phenomenal to have such a versatile veggie growing out there.
There are just hundreds of uses for this vegetable!!!!!!  Not only is it good for you - but this is a great way of stretching the food budget and the pantry!!!!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Just a Little Stroll

 Good morning to all you lovelies!  It is a glorious morning here at my home.  The sun is shining, and it is cool.  Crazy, our mornings have been very cool for a few days - yet it is to get very hot during the day.  This is supposed to happen for the next few days.  I love the cool beginnings.  The birds are singing, the squirrels frolicking, and kitty is resting after breakfast.  Windows are open for the moment!

As you saw yesterday - I did a big OOPS!!!  Geesh, I sure didn't mean to delete my blog list.  Live and learn.  Now I know.  I hope I got everyone back that was here before, and I added new ones.  All those blogs listed are from gals who comment here!!!!!!  We are family!  ENJOY!
Let me know if I missed anyone!

On a nice morning, this is a normal routine for my boy.  Eat, bathe and sun!  Please excuse the grass and weeds - this was taken before I mowed and trimmed Friday!  He sure has the life!!!!!!!  He just lounges around here all day - then goes 'visiting' at night!!!!!!
Zucchini plants in middle of garden.  Upper left are 4 cherry tomato plants - oh my, what was I thinking?????  The zucchini plants are huge.
To the right of zucchini are all the normal tomatoes (8)!  They are really hanging in there.  Click on pictures to get a better look!
                             The old-time phlox starts blooming just as the tiger lilies stop!
The mallow plants are blooming like crazy.  Every year they are in a different location!!!!  Always a surprise.
                                    Can you spy all the 'mators hanging in there?  I have many.
There are 4 pots of peppers.  Bigger ones, little ones and buds galore between all the pots!  I will have plenty for the winter!!!!  The plants aren't all that lush, but I have lots of peppers hanging out there.
There are grapes just 'hanging' out!!!!!!!  I almost thought maybe my arbor died out this year - but NO - I will have grapes!
Coreopsis - tall and lanky plants.  Not the prettiest around - but with the phlox - the yellow gives a nice pop of color.
Out front - coming along!  Can you tell I love purple?  It seems most of my flowers that come back over and over are purple, orange or yellow.  I love the brightness.

Don't mind the crooked old handrail!!!!  It is old and warped - but the animals still like it!!!  Birds and squirrels line up for drinks and the birds sure do love getting refreshing baths!  It will be replaced one of these days soon.  Blackie in the afternoon - in the shade under the chair on the deck.  See the washtub (top right) way out there - that is where the cucumbers are.

OK - just a stroll around the property.  I always give a walk about each summer - just to show what is happening here on my little homestead!  Nothing exciting - but it is mine and I like it.  It keeps me busy and amused.
I hope you enjoyed our walk.  I hope you each are having great success with your gardens, pots and flowers.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2023


 I need some of your blogger ladies help!!!!  Badly!!!!!!!!
I went to add a few new blogs to the reading blog list on the right of my page, and get rid of a couple of old ones.  BOOM - they are all gone!
Now I am slowly writing the names down of the blogs I had on there and the new ones, but I can't seem to get things to show up correctly. 
I get the blog - but you can't click on it to read.  OR I get a the site address and it won't let you click on it either.
What do I do?????  How do I get these all set back up?  It seems everything is so different from when I did this ages ago.

So you blog gals - HELP!!!!!  I need good instructions to follow!!!!!!!!

I have my list going to put back on here.
Just to make sure I miss no one - PLEASE list your blog name.  I was adding new ones to the list - so even if you weren't on the list before - give me your blog name.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!  I am so NOT computer savvy!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/9

 Happy Sunday to all.  I hope this finds everyone well and safe.
I hope you are all staying cool.  It has been a hot and humid one around here this week.  Finally, the heat and humidity took a bit of a break on Friday and that was a good day to get out and do all the necessary yard work.  Seems many around here did!  Saturday was storms and rain a big part of the morning.  We need the rain, as we are still considered in a drought.  The plants all loved it and are sure showing themselves nicely today!!!!!!!

The garden is growing nicely, and the flowers are pretty.  I have cone flowers, phlox, tiger lilies, mallow and coreopsis all blooming along with the annuals.  I so love the shades of purple and lavender.
There are lots of green tomatoes hanging out there, a whole lot of peppers getting bigger by the day, zucchini and cukes.  Lettuce is still hanging in there.

The worst of the fireworks are over - however there are still people shooting things off each day and evening.  Geesh.  I would love to have the money that was spent just in my area on those silly things.

My week:
  • I told you about making the homemade chicken nuggets earlier.  That was fun and easy - and I will do that again.  Made for a pretty cheap meat portion
  • Picked 6 zucchini this week - more coming on!  One cucumber picked so far.  They are coming on slower - but it is better than past few years!
                               Not the biggest or the prettiest - but it is my first of the season!
  • Finally got all the limbs and debris picked up from the windstorm of last weekend.  There will be more come down next big wind.  There is a lot of deadfall I can see just hanging out up in the tree.  I had one decent size branch up on the garage, and I finally figured out how to get that down!  YAY ME
  • Using rainwater when needed to water
  • Made a gallon of fruity lemonade.  Found a couple mixes in pantry I had forgotten about - and I mixed them together - tasty and refreshing
  • Did more weeding in the mornings when it was cooler
  • Did a BIG time mow and trim on Friday - the coolest day we had.  Looks so nice when all done!
  • Made a banana milkshake with a much needed to use banana
  • Got a packet of Kroger coupons in the mail for July - hadn't gotten any for a month a two
  • When out weeding the ends of the garden (there is weed barrier under plants) - I found a rogue tomato plant growing.  It is about a foot tall - we'll see what it has to offer
  • Only time I left this week was to go to my gr. nieces on the 4th - to celebrate her mom's birthday (my niece).  Nice to see family
  • Eating from home and making all food from scratch
  • Just doing all the normal stuff
  • Turning off AC whenever possible (mainly nights and early mornings)
Meals this past week:
Chicken nuggets, broccoli/cheese/rice
Olive loaf & veggie homemade sub and chips
Smoked sausage sandwich and salad - also had taco stuff at nieces!
Egg/sausage/zucchini/cheese skillet
Fried hominy/zucchini/chicken skillet
Taco salad
Fried zucchini and tom/cuke/onion salad
Snacks - fruit, milkshake, leftover rice, crackers & beef stick

What have you all been up to this week?  Did you find any good deals?  I didn't even think about going to the store.  Back to work and normal after the long holiday?  How are those gardens and garden pots doing?  Give us a shout out and share your week!!

I pray you all have a wonderful week ahead.  Stay safe and healthy my friends.
Blessings to you and yours from me and my humble little home.

The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand.  The sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon at night.
The Lord will keep you from all evil; and he will keep your life.
Psalms 121:5-7

Dear Lord, we humbly ask You to please watch over and protect each of us.  We know that loss happens in this world - we lose people and things - but You will never leave us.  You are there to comfort us and to guide through all life throws in our direction.  We have an eternal life with You.  We thank You for all the gifts we receive each and every day - no matter how big or small they may be.  Amen

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Thinking Back on Mom's Kitchen

 I eat a lot of fruit and fresh veggies, especially in the summer.  I love them with my meal or just as a snack.  I did that a lot growing up, so I think it kind of stuck.  Yesterday I was eating an apple with a little peanut butter, and I got to thinking back to being a kid.
Back then, there was no such thing at my house as buying junk food at the store.  Nope never happened.  If we had snacks and goodies, they were either fresh or homemade.  There was ALWAYS something satisfying to eat!!

Mom always made pies, cobbler, and crisps with any fresh fruit we had.  She also made them in off months with frozen goodies.  Black raspberry was my favorite.  If there was leftover pie dough, she would add a bit of sugar and cinnamon and bake for crispy little snacks.
Mom even made donuts once in a while.

One of my favorites was peanut butter and syrup mixed together and served with either bread or crackers.  Crackers were my choice.  I still do this now and then.

Of course popcorn was always a go to for watching TV.  She also made popcorn balls!  That was usually in the fall months and even given at Halloween at times.  She made the best ones ever. 
Popcorn was cheap, and Daddy even grew it many times.  Still a snack I enjoy when watching TV.
Mom made potato chips every once in a while.  That was the best treat ever.  Those were the first chips I ever had - and I am sure the very best.  I have made them a handful of times over the years.

Even through adulthood, all the while she was able, there were homemade cookies in the cookie jar!!!!  She made all kinds during the holidays (dozens and dozens), but the big win was always large sugar cookies that she iced.  I would sure love to taste one of those now.  Nothing I have made (use her recipe) nor bought has ever compared!

Of course there were rice krispy treats once in a while.  There were no bake cookies - I usually made those.  That was the first cookie I learned to make in 4-H.
Cinnamon toast was always a treat, and still is.

A big joy of summer was just going out and picking something to eat!  Nothing like a warm tomato right off the vine.  I did that pretty much daily in the summer.  Pulling a fresh carrot and rinsing it under the hose - yum.  Fresh apples, peaches, grapes, cherries and raspberries - oh my, what treats.  I used to get reprimanded about eating green apples!!  I would sit out behind the garage and eat green apples for what seemed like hours!  I still love a tart apple.  Never had a thought or worry about picking something straight from the yard and eating it.  There were no insecticides used or chemicals of any kind in our yard - so there was never a worry.  

IF there was ice cream in the house - there were ice cream cones.  YUM
If I were sick there would be orange sherbet!  That fixed everything!!!!!  Sometimes we would get 'raspberry salad' sherbet.  It was raspberry flavored with bits of pecans through it.  My goodness that was good.  I got that when sick IF daddy was craving it!!!  LOL

There was always iced tea or a jug of Kool-Aid in the frig.  I generally still have one or the other in my frig.  If out playing - a drink from the hose was always the place to go!
I remember sitting on the front porch in the summer in the porch swing and having a 'picnic' with one of my friends.  We would generally have a PBJ sandwich (maybe bologna), a cookie and Kool-Aid.  Then we would play Jacks afterwards!  Simple fun - but wonderful fun.  Here I am mentioning it, 60+ years later!!!!!!!

Mom made homemade popsicles a lot in the summer using a stronger mix of Kool-Aid (less water).  Those were always refreshing.  One year I also got a snow cone machine for Christmas - and we would make snow cones with Kool-Aid as well.  Those were fun!!!!
This was the exact type of machine I had.  You put the ice cubes in the head, cranked it from behind and magically grated ice came out his belly!!!!!!!  
Oh my goodness, how many fun days that gift gave me.  Cool and refreshing and so tasty on a hot summer day.  I felt so special.

Once in a blue moon, I might get a treat from the ice cream man that drove around.  Didn't happen much, as there was not a lot of extra money.  I still love hearing the trucks.  We have one that comes through the neighborhood every evening in summer months!

There you have my memories of fun and inexpensive treats that were had growing up.  No major junk food was needed - we always had yummies on hand and enjoyed it immensely.

Do you remember any fun treats that you got as a child?
Did you buy junk food or were your treats homemade as well?

Love the walk back in time with memories!!!!!!!!