Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Retail vs. Rescue

 Well, here we are beginning summer.  There comes with summer, many options to do our 'shopping' in a rescue fashion, instead of a retail one!!!!!  Yes indeedy - we have options!  Just as a reminder for most, and new ideas for others - let us go over a few.
Not only do most of these ideas give us 'special' prices but they can be a great inexpensive day of entertainment as well!!!!!!

FLEA MARKETS - can be a fun day.  You can find just about anything you can imagine and things you never knew existed.  Prices are generally very good.  There are lot's of different people offering their wares - so pricing options vary.  I have purchased many an unusual gift from a flea market.  

YARD SALES - ESTATE SALES - got to love a good yard sale!  I have a friend out west that goes to lots of estate sales.  I mentioned one day - there must be a lot of people dying there!  It is kind of a retirement area!!!  LOL
Anyway, yard sales - just people clearing out their houses and getting rid of stuff.  You never know what you may find.  I have found a few great deals over the years.  I got a brand new Nuwave air fryer for $10!  I got my soda stream with an air canister and lots of supplies (brand new) for $15.  Both were worth tons more money than I paid.  I would never have purchased these items, if it were not for the price.
Yard sales are great places to find small appliances, bake ware, dishes, glasses, toys, clothes, etc.
Laurie gets the best stuff at the estate sales.  You figure most estate sales are elderly people, who have accumulated much over their years = good items!  Estate sales have lots of quality goods.
AFTER YARD SALE - many put items at the curb for trash pick-up or take it - it's free!  I know many have found great items on the side of the road!!!!!!  I have!  That is where my Mantis tiller came from!  Side of the road find (for trash) and our friend grabbed it, did a little tweak on it and gave it to me!  Still works.

BARTER - this a great deal, especially in the summer.  Maybe your neighbor has a tiller you can use - then you can provide produce.  Tree trimmer maybe for whatever skill you have.  There are so many things we can do for each other.

THRIFT STORES - open all year round.  Now these aren't going to be as cheap as say a yard sale - but it gives another option.  These places are needing to charge enough to help to pay the help, utilities and rent & maybe make a profit - so things do cost a bit more.  It is generally still better than paying retail.

DUMPSTER DIVING - yes, that is an option.  Some people make this a lifestyle.  There is so much GOOD stuff thrown away every single day all over the world.  The U.S. is horrible for wasting.  Now there can be a squeamish factor.  Some people would never consider this, others make it a daily event and help others along the way.
You might check out the YouTube channel 'Freakin Frugal'.  This is their life - they find the best stuff - much of it food.  They help many others and give to the food pantries.
There is also dumpsters at college dorms - at the end of each semester, these people throw out tons of stuff that mommy and daddy bought for them!!!!!!  You can find all kinds of stuff.
Apartment complexes - people move and just get rid of lots of stuff.  Might have been a split-up and the others person's stuff is trashed.  Some just want a new start.  I remember getting several good items out of the dumpster area, when I lived in an apartment.

BUILDING SUPPLY STORES - yes, they are retail - but never underestimate what you might find.  They often have broken bags of dirt, rock, bark, fertilizer for just pennies on the dollar.  They toss a lot of plants they claim to be dead - you can get for free or little dollars.  I have gotten many a plant that looked really bad - but I revived them.  Really wasn't out a thing if it didn't live!

Let people know you are looking for XYZ item.  They may have one or may know a person who does.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  

Help someone move - they may be wanting to get rid of some decent items and you may be at the right place at the right time.  This is kind of a barter as well.

MAKE THINGS from something else.  Learn to get a little creative.  Quilts from old clothes.  Bird houses from 2-liter pop bottles.  Purses or aprons from old jeans.  You get the idea.
Use big old rocks found by the stream or river to trim a garden/flower bed.  Old flower pots and saucers can become a bird feeder or bird bath - just need a little paint to pretty it up.

GROW food from scraps.  Lettuce, celery, etc. can be regrown.  Save seeds.
Look for some of the new apps that let you get great discounts on food deliveries.  Think about joining a local food organization (fresh produce).

There you go - lots of ideas to get great stuff without paying retail.  Do you have any other ideas or ways you have gotten great items?
Just be willing to look around, have an entertaining day and get some deals.

Have a good day!!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Happy Tuesday

 Good morning all.  Even though I am retired and all the days blend together - for some reason I get all discombobulated when there is a Monday holiday!  I have no idea why.
I hope each of you had a nice weekend and got to spend time with family and friends.  That you got to enjoy whatever festivities your areas had.  Remembered and reflected.  Rested.

I got up early this morning, and sat and watched a family of racoons running around the backyard.  They are very pretty - but I would just as soon not have them show up here.  They finally climbed the back fence and went back to the wooded area a couple doors down on the other side of the alley.
I have started removing all food sources that I put out for squirrels, before dark now.
Good golly - you never know what you will see here in the city.

It looks like 'maybe' we might get a little rain later this afternoon.  We could sure use it, it has been 10 days without any.  May is usually our wettest month - not this year!  It will be nice to not water the plants.  LOL - good grief - only had the garden out for days and here I am complaining about watering!!  Just no satisfying some of us is there?  hehe
It is going to finally become summer this week!  We are supposed to be in the upper 80's and around 90 all week long.  I guess I have done good with no AC until now!  I am sure it will come on some this week.  Right now the windows are open.

I guess I am still in weekend mode - and don't have much gumption this morning.  I will get back to regular posting of goodies tomorrow.
I think I will go out and work in the garage a bit before it gets too hot.  Today is going to be a puddle around day.

May you all have a blessed day as you get back to work and regular life.
Till tomorrow!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/28

 Happy Sunday.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.  Hoping you are getting to enjoy some wonderful weather!   And I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
We have had lovely weather so far this weekend.  Couple days this week we woke to temps in the 40's - but all the plants are good.  It supposed to get really much warmer this coming week.  High's in upper 80's.  No rain in sight for much of the week.

It seemed to look a lot like winter earlier in the week.  I guess it was cottonwood - but the white fluff was flying like crazy and the allergies were going!

My week:
  • My double wide blinds in the living room broke this week (very old).  It is an odd size, so will take some time to find a replacement.  I had curtain and valances on hand and put those up and they will work for now!  
  • Did replace a blind on another window (had it on hand)
  • Garden IS PLANTED!!!!!!!  Weed barrier down, plants in, and soaker hose laid!
  • Cut a couple more bouquets
  • Made new nectar for hummingbird feeders
  • Did some painting and refreshing of a few yard accents
  • My front area is now finished!!!!!!  It looks lovely.  My nephews company got the materials and his daughter and SIL did the work.  He refused any money whatsoever - said it was a gift to me!!!!!  Dang - I had no idea.  My gr. niece and her hubby will get something from me for the work.
                                                                Before - UGH!
                                                           AFTER - just lovely
Many neighbors have come by to say how much they like it.  I have looked out the door and seen neighbors on the outer walk or standing in the yard looking at it!!!  It sure looks better than dirt!!!!!  They obviously think so too!!!  LOL
  • Mowed and trimmed everything
  • Picked a bunch of rhubarb - had a few strawberries from last week and made a strawberry/rhubarb sauce with s little honey for sweetener - it was soooooo good.
  • Ran out to get bird seed.
  • Stopped at Kroger across from feed store - checked markdowns.  I got a 1/2 gal. milk for .55, a 12 pack of Kroger brand diet soda for 1.77 (will last most of summer/treat) and sour cream/dip for .55
                     This stuff is tasty - used on a baked potato this week.   Mmmmmmmmmmm

Menu this past week:
Breaded shrimp, steamed broccoli, crusty garlic rounds
Baked potato topped w/broccoli and above dip
Huge salad
Chicken tenders, broccoli
Tamales and rice
Tuna salad sandwich and fresh veggies
Pizza quesadillas
Had fruit and strawberry/rhubarb sauce for treats

I guess my most time consuming events were getting the garden in and redoing the window treatments.  The kids only took about 2 1/2 hours to get the front done - I was out there the whole time and did help pull weeds and such.  I know it would have taken me days to do that and I wouldn't have been able to move afterward!!!!!!  What a blessing.

How was your week?  Did you get your gardening done or are you doing it this weekend?  Get any deals?  Enjoying good weather?
I know many are busy this weekend, so if I don't see you guys on here I understand.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend with family, friends or just peace and quiet and reflection.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38-39

Dear Lord, thank you for this reminder that we are never alone.  Even in our darkest hours You are always holding us in Your protective and loving hands.  Amen

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Weekend - Plans?

 Happy Thursday to you all.  Woke to cooler temps this morning (50*) and a sunny and breezy day.  It is just lovely.
This weekend is a long holiday weekend here in the U.S.  Many people make big plans.   Some folks have cookouts and parties, there will be many graduations this weekend, Many will be watching and listening to the 500 Mile race on Sunday.  Others will make visits to the cemeteries to pay respect to those that have gone on.  
Memorial Day is a lot of things to a lot of people - but it should always be solemnly remembered as a day to honor and respect those Veterans that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

What have you got planned?  Is your family getting together?
I think my weekend will be pretty much like all the others!!!!!!  I am not a big race fan - despite that being the thing my city is famous for.  I don't plan on going to any cookouts. I will work around the house and yard and maybe catch up on some programs I have recorded.  I will continue to air the house - loving this weather for that.
Hmmmm - I may make myself a steak filet this weekend.  You guys keep mentioning steak, and for some reason that sounds good to me.  I will probably chop on this head of hair of mine - oh my, it has grown so much.  It is driving me nuts!
Maybe sit on a lawn chair and read a book.  Maybe porch sitting.  Who knows.  I just know I will be doing whatever here!!!

What are you all doing?  
I bet some will be gardening - either getting the first plants out or just finishing up.  
Tell what you have going on - it may give some of us some new ideas.

Whatever you do - be safe.  There will be even more crazies out than normal.  Stay healthy - always remember safe practices with your picnic foods.
Maybe take a moment to say a special 'thanks' for all those that have sacrificed for us and their families.
Remember and enjoy yourself as well.

Have a great extended weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a picture I took several years back at our largest cemetery in the city - Crown Hill.  This is just a very small segment of the military stones.  Think about how many there are in cemeteries all over the country/world.  It is pretty darn humbling.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Weekly Words and Love

Happy Wednesday my friends.     It is a beautiful morning here.  Sun is shining and the windows are open letting in a breeze.  
I am tired and sore a bit this morning - yesterday was garden day!!!!!!  Whew, that was work.  Now let the 'grow'ceries begin!!!!!!  Here is hoping we all have a great growing season.

Sometimes life gets so messy and things just get us down and we ALL need to stop and just remember how fortunate we are.
I know I do.  Despite the anxieties and stress I feel at times - it is still good.

I am so very thankful for all the wonders I receive.  We are so much more fortunate that a huge part of the world.  Truly there are days that I think we all forget this.

I often wonder how terribly unhappy and disturbed people must be that go out of their way to do harm to others or to anything.  It is so pitiful.  I pray daily for these folks, that they may find peace and some joy in their lives and God.

I needed this meme today!!!!!!!  Our faith gets tested every day.  In so many ways.  But I know in the end I am loved.  You are loved.
Life can knock us off our pedestals some days.  It can make us cry.  It can make us sad.  It can make us angry.  It can make us wonder.  BUT - it can give us joy and happiness as well.

I pray for each of you daily.  I love you all.
Have a wonderful day and go out live your best life today - and PRAY for those souls that seem need it most!

Blessings to all.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Cheap Meats and Things I do

 Happy Tuesday to all!
Today I am going to talk about some 'cheap' meat options that I use and have found as of late.  I scour the meat section of the store and take advantage of the mark downs.  Many times I find absolutely nothing that is really good, or that even seems like e decent price.  Other times I hit the mother load, and I stock up.
There are some options that many may not think of.  I try to use items in a new and different way.
Here we go.

I love smoked sausage.  I can fix it for all kinds of meals.  This is the time of the year I often find individual smoked sausage links on sale.  I find them 2 packs/$6.00 quite often.

I love these.  I can find regular, all beef, cheddar, jalapeno.  One package is 6 meals for me!  If buying 2/$6 - that is .50 per meal for a protein.  Can't beat that!!!  I like to eat like a hotdog on bun, just on the plate as my meat, cut up in mac n cheese, with cabbage, with any type of beans, with beans and rice, green beans and potatoes, even add it to soups at types.  There is absolutely no limit to the uses of this product.  Now is the time to get the deals - it is BBQ time - holidays bring great deals.

I came across this in the freezer - forgot I had.  Ground pork 1.95/lb. on clearance.  This can be fixed in any way that you would use ground beef.  Ground beef, ground chicken/turkey and ground pork can all interchange.  Sure the tastes will vary a bit - but with seasonings you can make it taste how you like.
I got one of these out of the freezer and made myself 4 breaded 1/4 lb. ground pork burgers/fritters.  Had one for dinner and froze the others after frying up.  It will be a quick heat and eat some other days.  They are so good.
Here is a couple of the pork burgers.  They just came out of the pan, so still a bit greasy - but they were great after I drained for a few minutes.  I used flour and bread crumbs and a bit of seasoning - that is it.  You could really flatten and make your own fritters!
Add seasonings and make home made sausage.  Use in gravy over biscuits/toast.  Add to casseroles or soups.  No limit to uses.

Here is another item I keep in my freezer.  I do not have the advantage of living on the coast with the availability of affordable seafood!!!!  Living in the heartland, limits your access.  Oh, I could buy crab - for a grand price (usually $17/lb. and up) - and no way of knowing the freshness.  Nah!!!!
I love making crab salad for sandwiches or for crackers on occasion. 
A grand crab dip is made from time to time - a mix of cream cheese, crab, shredded cheddar (or what you have) and a little sour cream - and I throw in some chopped jalapeno.  Top with bread crumbs and bake until all melted.  Oh my gosh - what a wonderful hot dip/spread.  You can use in egg rolls, homemade crab Rangoon, add to pasta salad or add to hot cream of soups.  So many uses.  I tend to find these on sale or clearance about 4 times a year.  Usually I get them for 1.99 - 2.99 a pack - (8 oz.).  Sure does make for a cheap and tasty seafood bite!!!!

I showed these finds a couple weeks ago.  The sausage has no limits - and yes, the Kroger sausage has a great flavor.  .75/lb. is unheard of!  I can make as breakfast patties, breakfast sandwiches, added to pizza, meatballs, to beans and rice, to soups, you name it - I can add it!!!
The ham - makes great sandwiches in a quick moment (whether hot or cold).  Great with grilled cheese.  Make your own chicken cordon bleu.  Mix with some cheesy potatoes!  MMmmmmm.

You just have to think outside the box sometimes and be willing to try new and different items.
I will buy chicken on sale, pork loins often go on sale very cheaply - it makes great chops (I cut my own), roast, pulled pork, whatever you can think of.  If you get a loin, and there is only one or two of you - cut that loin into 4 or 5 sections and then freeze.

I buy ground beef when there is a super sale.  I still never pay more than 2.99/lb. for 80% - 85% lean ground beef.  I like a little fat in mine as that is where the true flavor is.  Keeps the meat moist.
When it goes on sale for that price - usually at Kroger or Meijer - I stock up.  I package up in 1/2 pound vacuum sealed packs.  Makes my life easy.

So look around and you may be surprised at what you can find.  Be willing to change it up a bit - a recipe is just something someone has made up - so make your own!!!!!!!!
Here is an idea - add some cream of soup or cheese - potato, rice, or pasta and boom you have a meal of a casserole or pan meal.  Add a veggie side or add to the casserole and you are set.
One pot meals are a favorite of mine - tasty and little clean-up!!!!!!

Don't overlook the cheap cuts and finds!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/21

 Happy Sunday to each and everyone.  I hope this finds you safe and healthy.
It is a beautiful morning here.  Chilly - yes - but it will warm up today.  We have been having some nights in the upper 40's, but it sure has been good for sleeping!!!  
I have been sleeping with my bedroom window open a little and it has been wonderful (yes, it is secured to not open further).
We had a pretty good rain on Friday evening - and it looks to be a clear and dry week ahead.  Those allergy indexes are going back up today - so there will be that to deal with.  All in all it has been wonderful.

YAY!  It is peony time again.  The poppies are done and the peonies are blooming.  My goodness, I wish I could bottle that smell and keep it with me all the time all year round.  I just love them so much.

I got to see the first hummingbird of the season on Monday!!!!!  It came by to visit so many times that day!  I have 2 different ones from what I can tell, and they now visit daily.  Oh my world!!

I have had a peaceful week for the first time in ages.  I am optimistically hopeful.  Not sure exactly what changed from Sunday evening to Monday - but adverse behavior from neighbor has ceased this week.  I am giving it to God and His glory.  I have a feeling someone called the law and that maybe they came out - I am not sure - but even if that, God is at work.  I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop - not totally convinced yet - but it has been a peaceful week.  I will take that.  (hope I didn't just jinx things)
I am still praying for him and his soul - he needs it so.
**If you are so inclined, please pray for good behavior to continue from him.

This week:
  • I went out and got the garden area completely cleared of weeds after the rain last weekend
  • Dug and boxed some perennials that I want to save from out front - before the landscaping happens on that area.  They are to come Wednesday to take care of my little spot!!!!!!
  • Cleared another flower bed out back of weeds - oh my.  I then added bark mulch to the entire area.
  • Added more mulch to areas I had already done
  • Picked 4 bouquets this week - they are all over the house and it smells wonderful in here
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard (including the back 40 as I call it).  Seems my neighbor is avoiding me like some unknown plague - LOL - and he didn't mow it for the first time in almost 6 years! (he usually does it with a rider)
  • My neighbor across the street brought me zucchini plants!  Says she just wants a couple zucchini for bread!
  • Stayed home the entire week
  • Enjoyed a lot of friendly neighbor time with several neighbors
  • Made a gallon of iced tea
  • All meals from home and from what I have on hand
  • Working hard on pulling weeds and just getting the yard in order
  • Plan on planting the garden today and tomorrow
  • Worked in the shed some this week, pulling out some things to set at the curb for free

My meals this past week:
Chicken fried rice 
Taco salad
Smoked sausage/bun, corn on cob, cuke/onion salad
Chessy tuna/broccoli pasta, cuke/onion salad
Loaded double cheeseburger and some chips
Shredded beef/gravy over rice - side salad
Ground pork breaded burger and salad
Had fruit for snacks

Also, the fried rice and the shredded beef - ate the leftovers for a 2nd meal each day - I never do that - I eat one meal a day.  But gosh, it was so good I ate it all!!!!!!!  LOL

How was your week?  Love hearing what you are all up to.  Gardening, groceries, deals, health, rain, you name it - just let us know what is going on!!!

Wishing each and every one a lovey week and a healthy and safe week.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.
Psalm 34:8

Dear Lord, I cannot imagine not having You in my life.  When bad things happen, and things make me sorrowful - You are always there for me.  You comfort me and get me through it all.  I am humbled every day and blessed in so many ways.  Nothing is better than You in my life - thank You for everything.  AMEN

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Let's Stretch......Those Dollars

 It sure seems like our money leaves our hands quicker these days.  I don't have many bills, except the basic stuff - so I tend to buy what I want/need at the grocery.  I do like a special treat now and then, and well shoot - I love food!
That being said - I still do not want to waste my money or my food.  I want it all to go as far as possible.  I want to be a good steward of what I have.

So today - a few tips, again hopefully helping anyone new and just starting on their journey and for those of us who tend to get complacent at times.
As many mentioned Tuesday, this is a great book or series to have on hand.  Lots of good ideas.  Not all is applicable today - but much is!  Very helpful.

  • First, cook from home and from scratch if possible.  Stay away from take-out and restaurants.  They are fine now and then - but don't make it a regular, daily thing
  • Use up everything.  If you have things that are looking droopy or soggy - use them up.  Do not waste.  Old apples, make fried apples.  Carrots getting limp, add to soup.......
  • Plan your menus.  Copy a page from the calendar and write down your meals for the month/week.  Incorporate all leftovers in some way.  Use what is on sale.  
  • Take lunches to work - no daily eating out.  You can easily spend $10 a day for lunches - that is $200 a month!
  • All coffee and drinks from home.  Stop the coffee runs - that stuff is so stinking expensive.  You can make several pots of coffee for the price of one cup purchased.  
  • Make your others drinks at home.  Make tea or Kool-Aid, drink water.  Add lemon, line, or cucumber to water for a bit of fresh flavor
  • Eat less meat!  You don't need a huge piece of meat for every meal.  Palm size portions are plenty - if that.  Incorporate the meat into soups or casseroles - make meat a side, not a main course.
  • Shop sales and seasonal.  Watch the deals and stock up then.  Sales come around every so many weeks on certain items.  Keep watch and learn the pattern in your area.  Buy seasonal foods, as foods out of season are more expensive.
  • Stock up as cheaply as you can.  Look for the deals and take advantage
  • Use those store digital coupons - you can get some really good prices this way
  • Use your pantry first!!!!!!!  YES, shop at home first.  I bet you each have food in the pantry and freezer - that can be used this week, instead of buying new.  That is one reason we stock up!!  Find those off-beat items in the pantry and do something fun with them.
  • Use cookbooks, the internet, Pinterest, etc. for easy and cheap recipes.  There are so many creative ideas out there to use what you have.
Use a site like this - list what you have and it gives you ideas of recipes.  No waste this way.
  • Always compare pricing.  Not one store has the best deals.  Look at the ads and see what is on sale.  
  • Shop the clearance areas in the stores.  Most stores have clearance in each dept. and often a whole section some place.  Get the marked down items when you can
  • Make some of your own "grow"ceries.  Grow anything that you can - in a garden, flower bed, pot, whatever.  Even if you just grow herbs - it is saving you $
  • Eat healthier.  I know I hear all the comments - I can't afford eating healthy.  Can you afford not to?  Unhealthy eating can lead to medical issues - that costs a lot more than decent food.  Cut out the snacks and junk, and buy more fruit and veggies - even if frozen.
  • Shop less - don't shop every week.  Use your stock in between.  Learn to improvise things.  Run out of something, use something else.  Not need for those many 'quick' trips to the store.  They end up costing a lot!!!!!!
There are many, many ways to cut the grocery dollars. Get creative and be wise with your dollars.
Read, study, listen, get informed.  There are so many places that can help - books to read - videos that help - cookbooks from grandma - you name it.
Have fun - and save a little.

Look forward to everyone adding their ideas.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

All in Time

 I was trying to decide about this mornings post and I was looking through my pics and memes and something hit me.  I sure needed to hear it this week - and I am pretty sure others do too.

Life gets messy at times, and we get depressed and down.  The little world around me, often goes in a direction I can't control or I can't stomach.  I have prayed so hard recently for someone's soul and eternity.  I truly don't think I have prayed that hard for anyone else's soul.  

I have to put things in God's hands and just keep praying. 
I get so frustrated with others.  I do not understand why they are being what they are being - but then I remember - not everyone is full of goodness and grace.  Some people are just full of evil and all I can do is pray for them.

This is for all that need it this week.  God give us patience and grace.
Help us through each day - as we know that in the end it is all in Your time.  Amen

Hoping you are all having a peaceful and blessed week.
Make sure you notice and are thankful for even the smallest of gifts.

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Ideas and Help for Newbies and Refresher for the Rest!

 Good morning to all.  Hope you have a wonderful day!
Today I am just going to talk a little about frugality AGAIN!  I do know that we often have new readers or those who happen to be just beginning the frugal journey.  New readers may stop by, and for all that do - please know we welcome you with open arms.

Know that living a frugal life is not an easy fix to all your problems.  It isn't easy at all - until it becomes a habit.  It is a LIFESTYLE - not just a fix.   It is a path to finding you your way and to give your life and ways value.
Be practical.  Just try to live a wise life.  It is all about choices.  We have all made good choices and we have all made bad choices - that is just life.  But seeing that and changing the behavior is how one gets into the habit of making good ones and moving forward in a happier life.

It isn't an overnight fix - it is a journey!  A lifelong journey.  
Realize that you start with baby steps.  Maybe stop the lunches out or stop stopping for that expensive coffee.  Stay away from shopping.  Add a little each week to your savings plan.  JUST START DOING SOMETHING!
You may have a dream - a house, a new vehicle, college, a savings for emergencies, early retirement, and so on.  Each little change you make, helps you get a moment closer to your dream.  It will never happen if you do not change something or lots of things!!!!

Live within your means.  What does that mean?  You make XX amount of dollars a week/month - you have to live within those financial constraints.  End over spending and making debt.
Yes a home payment, a car payment, and medical bills, are acceptable debt.  Shopping, charge cards, and frivolous spending is NOT!

You may never get rich! But you can sure live a happier and less stressful life.  Just knowing that you can easily pay your bills, that you have emergency money, and that you are moving in a positive direction is ever so wonderful.

This is a journey - a lifelong journey!  We are all in it this together.  We can each help the other - by giving direction, support and caring.
Read and learn.  Go back through this and other blogs and read all the lessons offered.  See suggestions for doing everything a little differently.  Use what you can.  Just get started.
NEVER give up.  Tomorrow is a new day - and a new beginning.
If you fall off the wagon - get back on.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  It is personal to each and every person and the path you take is yours and yours alone.

I hope that those who are just beginning this journey truly believe that it can be done.  There are many gals here to testify to that.  We will all offer support and ideas when we can.
For those of us already well into the journey - it sure has been worth it - hasn't it?

May the frugal lifestyle get you interested into having a wonderful and bountiful life.
Get started today!  Your tomorrow will thank you!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Weekly Wrap - Up 5/14

 Happy Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day - whether momma to humans or furry babes!  Wishing you all a lovely day.
I hope this finds you all well and safe.    Praying that your problems are shrinking away and life is calm.

We have finally gotten spring/summer weather.  It has been warm and wonderful all week.  Yesterday they were calling for rain - well, not at my house.  I was about 5 miles from my house late yesterday afternoon and it poured like crazy - thunder and lightening.  Not a thing on radar!!!!!!!  Not a drop at my house!

                                                       A few pretties I need to get in pots!

This week:
  • Pulled a lot more weeds - easy going after the rains
  • Lots of laundry - started washing all the winter bedding from kitty house
  • Fixed my 'work' flip-flops.  They are a one piece molded sandal - there was a crack - so I super glued!
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard
  • Bought a couple plants to plant and a couple baskets (pre-made)
  • Did lots of easy meals this week - it was warm and I was busy - so easy it was
  • Trimmed all the bushes out back
  • The day I went out - I stopped at Kroger.  Got a couple deals.  Strawberries were 2 lbs. for 2.47,  personal size watermelon for 1.99, milk 1.29/1/2 gal. and got fresh corn 4 ears/$2 - got 2X points
  • Found a penny!
  • Went to my nephews 9th birthday party.  Boy did he get a haul!  Great being with family
  • Just a lot of yard work - enjoying the outside
  • Windows open and airing house

Meals this past week:
Leftover cauliflower/carrots/cheese, brat on bun
Bean a rice tostadas
Leftover rice & beans and salad
Chicken strip and veggie sub (of sorts) - on hotdog bun
Baked potato w/cheese, bacon, ranch
Sausage sandwich and fruit
Pizza at my nephews party

Still haven't seen a hummingbird - usually first of June here.  I sighted the first groundhog in my yard on Thursday.  I set the live trap on Saturday morning and Blackie decided to mark this yard as his territory and I haven't seen the groundhog since.  We will see!

How has your week been?  I hope all of those having bad days - can smile today.  Did anyone get any great deals?  Getting that garden or plants planted?  Deals?
I hope you all have had a good week.
May your week ahead, be lovely, safe and may you stay healthy.

Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you.  Be sober, be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him, firm your faith, knowing that the same experience of suffering is required of your brotherhood throughout the world.  After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, establish, and strengthen you.  To him be the dominion for ever and ever.  Amen
1 Peter 5:7-11

Lord, I know I and others need these words this week.  The devil has tried to catch us many times, and we must resist and turn our worries and anxieties to You.  We have so much and are so blessed, compared to many.  Help us to calm our spirits and know that You have control.  Amen

Thursday, May 11, 2023

It's That Time Again - Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!

 Happy Thursday everyone!  Well, for those living in the northern hemisphere it is spring.  That means it is time for farm markets to start!   May is usually the beginning of these events.  I don't go all the time - but I do find them fun to attend now and then.

I am lucky to have one just up the road at the park every Saturday - starting in May.  Not only is it fun to get/see all the goodies, but it is fun to watch people, get fresh air, and enjoy the park!

This time of the year - you will probably find plants - both veggie and flowers.  Veggies may be limited to lettuces, green onions, radish, greens, all early crops and maybe some items grown in greenhouses.  But if you are lucky like me, your market will have an abundance of other things.

I can find baked goods and artisanal breads, eggs, meats, homemade soaps, sauces and jellies - just all kinds of things.  There is usually live music and maybe even a vendor truck serving some sort of breakfast food.  One market even sells antiques and craft items - that one is once a month.
Leashed doggies are always welcome and roam the grounds with their 'hoomuns' and friends. There are even water stations for them.

There are several markets in and around my city and in the small towns.  I hope you all get to enjoy a farm market this year.  It is a great way to socialize a little.  
I am a people watcher and boy do you see all kinds!!!!!  It is nice to get the fresh air and a different setting (other than yard) to enjoy nature.

                                                                    not my picture

I know markets are not the cheapest or most frugal places around - but odds are they are full of FRESH goodies!
Other than picking your own or going to a farm - this is about as fresh as you can get!  Most is very local as well!!!!!!!

So, this summer, get out and enjoy the beauty of the day and get a little fresh food.  
Happy market day!!!!!!!!!

Make it an event and just have a fun day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Cooking Small #2

 Today, as promised, are some more ideas when cooking for one or two people or cooking on a very LIMITED budget.  There are ways, when the money is short, to cook up a tasty and healthy meal.  A little imagination and some basic ingredients can make for some tasty bites.

I can eat at least 4 meals from a head of cabbage.  I love cabbage in all ways.  This can be fairly inexpensive, especially at certain times of the year.  So many ways to use it.
You can fry, steam, or roast it.  Eggrolls, chopped eggroll bowl, ferment and make kraut, slaw, cabbage steaks, merely mixed in a fresh salad, stir fry, added to soups and casseroles.  Shoot, when I make fish tacos - I shred and place on the tacos with some ranch dressing.  The list goes on and on.
It is filling and good for you.  It is wonderful cooked with any pork product.
It is pretty easy to grow as well.  Heck you could grow in a flower bed - edible and lovely to look at.

Kraut or you can fry cabbage with smoked sausage and fried smashed potatoes (another cheaper food).

POTATOES - I know potatoes went up in price for a while - but I am constantly finding potatoes on great sales now.  I even, at times, buy in the .99 clearance bags in the produce dept.  I can usually get 6 or 7 nice potatoes (perfect for baking) this way.  
This is another relatively cheap food that can be fixed in an innumerable amount of ways.
Fried, mashed, boiled, roasted, in soups, casseroles, cheesy, salads.............
If you have never made them - try fried smashed potatoes.   I cook about halfway in the microwave (whole) - then place in a skillet with a little oil (I love bacon grease) - use a smasher and flatten.  Fry until golden on each side.  Best of baked/fried!!!!!!!
Baked potatoes can make an easy and filling meal - top with any leftovers you have in your frig and boom - you have a great meal.
You can even use the starchy water from boiling potatoes to make breads and rolls.

Yes, fresh meats are my preferred choice - but maybe that isn't possible.  Some people cannot afford to buy fresh.  The dollar stores and even places like Aldi - sells lots of canned meats.  Most are MEAT and water (in the can) - not a mix of stuff.  So yes, it is good for you as well.
I love to have all types of canned meat on hand - you never know when a freezer will go out (and you have loss), or electricity will go out, or you just can't afford anything else.  It is good to be prepared for anything.  Many food banks give canned meats - so helpful for those in need.
Think - tuna, salmon, chicken, beef, pork, small hams, turkey, and yes - even Spam or Spam like products (sorry I like them).

Yep, you can find corned beef, and even shrimp and crab.  All kinds of meats to choose from.  Now some are expensive (ground beef) - but others are fairly cheap.
You can add to soups, veggies, fried rice, stir fry, casseroles, made into patties, on top of salads, sliced and fried for breakfast or for sandwiches.........................  Again, tons of uses.

Here's a simple idea - tasty and the kiddos would love them too!

2 small cans (or a larger one) chicken, 1 egg, 2 Tbsp. bread crumbs, 2 Tbsp. shredded cheese, seasoning.  Fry until golden.  Can also make in an air fryer - 12 minutes or so at 400*.

Another inexpensive food and very good for you.  Steam, roast, fresh in salads of all sorts, soups, casseroles, just for munching!  I love carrots.  
Another fun thing you can try and grown - amongst the flowers - no one would even know!!!!!
Shred and add to sweet breads or muffins.  Add shredded carrots to smoothies.  There are sneaky ways to get kiddos to eat veggies.  Shred and blend into spaghetti sauce or chili!

Cooking less or small doesn't have to be a chore.  REALLY!!!!!  I can take a handful of carrots and steam or roast with other things and yum!  Add some cheese and even better.  Brown sugar and butter - yum.
I can make a meal of a baked potato - topped with whatever I have leftover.
A small can of meat can be added to about anything.  I do enjoy in fried rice at times, or making tuna patties/croquettes (instead of salmon) - because it is cheaper and milder tasting.  Canned pork and shredded beef is actually very good.  Great way to make a small amount of BBQ for sandwiches, or add to some frozen or dried noodles for a hearty dinner.

Not everything has to be fresh - use can use frozen and canned and still have a great meal.  Semi-homemade is just fine.  Don't beat yourself up about using what you have.
Have fun, use your imagination and cook a tasty dinner!!!!!


I plan to keep this series going for a few weeks!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

CHANGE is in the Air!

 Happy Tuesday to all.  It is a beautiful sunny morning in my neighborhood!  Hoping you are all doing well.
CHANGE is one word I have never really liked!  I am a boring, constant, and leave-it-be kind of person.  I have now decided it time to change things up a bit.  I hate spending money on myself - but I want my home to look nice.  This year is going to be the season for changing that up a bit and for changing me a bit as well.  
I save.  For what?  Well, the future of course - but why not spend a little!  I have decided to do just that.

Yesterday was this.  This morning the sun is shining on about 6 open bright orange poppies.  My goodness, they are just beautiful.  I sure wish the lasted longer.

I have purchased bark for many of the back beds, and I have laid part of it.  Going to work on that this week.  I got new potting soil for my many pots.  I will be changing out some of them as well - I have many in the shed that have never been used - so new ones coming out.
I have bids out to take care of the front area in front of the porch (where ramp was).  Yep, that is still a mess - and needs landscaped.  I just don't want to buy, haul, dig, move, and work that hard!!!!!!  It will be a simple job for someone - just not me!
See it is a mess.  I will dig up plants randomly popping up to replant - those on the right will stay.  I just want it level and clean and pretty!
I could do it, and I am sure my neighbor would help - but NOPE, I am not doing that.

That is another change.  Sometimes, it is not just about spending money - but about being happy and content in decisions, and doing what one thinks is right.
For me, I am kind of cutting ties with the neighbor/friend (?).  I will be social, but no more help.  He is just doing things in life that I cannot abide, and do not agree with - and I do not want to feel like I being agreeable.  He has done much over the past few years to help me and I do appreciate that - but he has also, hundreds of times, said "I feel I owe Glen".  Fine and good - but I am considering debt paid.  He has never said he is helping by being MY friend.  I have heard this enough, and I am moving forward.
Trust me this is not the thing I can't abide - there is more that I will not discuss. (nothing to me - I am safe!)

So, another thing I will go out and buy this spring is a power washer.  I have used his now and then - well, I have wanted to use his - but he takes over - because I don't "do it right".  Nothing is ever right.  Hmmmm - good reason he is single and can't keep a lady!
So, I am buying my own - can use when I want, as long as I want, and how I want!  Problem solved.
I think I may buy a couple other bigger tools to help around here as well.
I am just in the mindset to change things up.  I am sure I will hear criticism (from him) about it - don't care.  
My life - my money - my time - my peace of mind!

So sometimes, even at this advanced age, we can do change!!!  I am ready.  I am tired of thinking I 'should' depend on someone else.  I am able and capable (for now), and I can spend a few dollars and not break the bank.  That is why we are frugal and save - to do what we want!

SOOOOO, never feel like you can't make big changes in life.  You are frugal and have saved - so you can do things.  You also have the right to be happy with your decisions.  Sometimes we just need to remove people from our lives.  THAT is hard to do - I have thought about this for a while - but it is necessary for me.

CHANGE is the one constant in our lives!  Sounds weird - but it is true.  Everything and everyone changes at some point.  You have to do what you need to do to stay sane and happy.
Life is getting shorter - so be happy and do YOU!

                              This boy says "have a blessed day".  My boy Blackie napping!

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 5/7

 Welcome May and happy day to each of you.  It appears that after a very cold and frosty start to May, we have finally managed to get Spring!!!!!  It has warmed and today we are having thunderstorms.  They started in the middle of the night - and woke me many times.  This morning I heard a thunder that sounded like it wasn't going to end!  It lasted and lasted.  Been out and fed Mr. Blackie - he isn't happy with the rain, as he has been enjoying outdoor weather much of the week!!!!!
This week's forecast calls for 70's every day!!!!!  YAY!  We have more rain coming - but it sure is green and beautiful out there.
I see this morning that a poppy is just starting to pop open.  They are always such a joy to see.

I saw a new bird this week in the yard!!!!!  A different type of woodpecker that I have never had before.  I have had red-bellied woodpeckers and lots of others - but this beauty is a first.
This is not my picture - but my bird looks exactly like this - what an incredible beauty - a red headed woodpecker!!!!!!!!

Click on pic to enlarge.  Here it is deciding it likes thistle seed!!!!  At the finch feeder! I bought some suet for him for a treat after seeing this.

My week:
  • I went to my niece's 2nd birthday event on Sunday.  Got to see lots of family and celebrate the special girl!  She was so excited.  Hearing 2-year-old belly laughs is the best!!!!!!
  • Canceled the balance of the newspaper.  I had halved my subscription a couple months ago - decided to just end it.  Saves some money and maybe a tree!
  • Changed out the furnace filter on May 1.
  • Used the soda stream for carbonated drinks a few times this week.
  • Made a gallon of peach tea and have been enjoying that
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard
  • Stopped at the hardware and got potting mix and bark for planting and for yard refresh
  • Laid a lot of bark!  More to do.
  • Made up nectar and got the hummingbird feeders out.  I haven't seen any yet - but many around the city have.  Can't wait to see those beauties!!
  • Used the air fryer one day instead of heating oven
  • Went out to breakfast on Wednesday to celebrate my brother's 82nd birthday.  Nice time with his kids and some grands
  • Stopped Friday at Kroger - it was a 2X points day.  Didn't need much, but figured I would go then to take advantage of extra points.  I got .99 bag (6) of Texas sweet onions, 2 - .99 bags (4ea.) of huge Honey Crisp apples, and a .99 bag (8) Romas.
  • Pulled weeds and did just basic yard work
  • No heat or AC for a couple days, nor for the next many days.
  • Getting to air out house

Meals this past week:
Had a bunch of finger foods at my Nieces on Sunday
Egg roll bowl
Sausage gravy over toast
Big breakfast out w/family - fruit snacks later in day
Beef bologna sandwich with a side salad
Fish soft tacos
Steamed cauliflower & carrots with cheese, chopped steak and tomato

It appears that sometime in the next week or two I will be able to plant garden.  It will need to dry some before tilling is possible - but it looks like it will be staying warm now.
I hope to work on some of the pots and refurbishing some of the soil and then planting.  There is just so many things that need to be done, now that it has warmed.  It was just too chilly for me for a while!

How has your week been?  Warming up?  Planting?  Deals?  I love hearing from you all.  We sure had some great conversation this past week.

I pray for each of you and your families.  Stay safe and healthy.  
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours!!!!!

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his steadfast love endures for ever!
Psalms 118:1

Lord, we know you will always love and protect us.  I truly do not understand why we are worthy.  But you believe we are, and for thank I am grateful.  Help us each to be better people and to be able to forgive and to love with our whole heart.  It is difficult for us to do at times, and we need your help always.  Thank you for all of our blessings - both big and small.  AMEN

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Cooking Small

 Today I am going to try and speak a bit of cooking for one or two people when you have been used to cooking more.  I know there has been some interest on this subject (Elise!).  I have even done some posts on a FB group that asked for advice on the subject.
The thing is I have no real 'recipes' for cooking for one - it is just a matter of using what you have and either cooking a little less or cooking and stocking the freezer with meals for the future.
I try to cook less - it doesn't always work.  Eventually you get better at it - but it takes time.  I try to use things in new and different ways.  There are times I still make that big meal (I have no idea how to make a little pot of soup or chili) and then I have future meals.
It is just using your imagination and getting creative.

Today I will give a few tips on ways to stretch and use less.  I will add to this over the coming weeks.
First thing to remember is that not everything has to be homemade!  It tastes better when it is - but you can go semi-homemade and still have lots of flavor.  You can use canned goods, frozen goods and mixes and whatever may help.
Keep a pantry with BASICS!  Baking basics, fruits and veggies and a variety of meat if possible in the freezer.  IF you can grow at least greens and salad items, that is huge.

A POUND of sausage
This can be used in a variety of ways.  You can make simple items like egg roll bowls, sausage gravy, fried sausage patties - to have with breakfast or with sandwiches.  You fry it up loosely to use in spaghetti or on pizza.  So many uses.
You can mix with ground beef or ground chicken and make meatloaf.  Add to stir fry.
A pound of sausage can make many meals for one!!!

A POUND of ground meat
NO limits to the uses.  Hamburgers, sloppy Joes's, spaghetti, pizza, mixed with veggies or pasta, in soups and stews and chili, fancied up to be like a stroganoff, meatloaf...........
Heck you don't have to make a big meatloaf.  I often mix up ground beef with onion, peppers, egg, extenders and other seasoning and make patties and fry meatloaf burgers!  These are wonderful.  You make ahead and freeze.  You can also mix up the meatloaf and make 'muffin' size meatloaf in muffin tins.  There is a way to have those wonderful foods and not be overwhelmed on eating it for days!!!!
How many meals from a pound of ground meat - let me count the ways!!!!!!!

Oh the many uses - you can make all kinds of meals.  IF you can't have regular pasta there are many other versions available - like veggie or lentil pasta.
Use in soups, pan meals of all sorts, mac n cheese, salads - pasta can extend any meal.  It is filling and it is inexpensive.
I love pan meals - a little meat, sauce, pasta, maybe some veggies - you have a meal!!!!  You don't have to make a lot.  A handful of pasta, added to 1/4 lb. of meat (or leftovers), a few leftovers and boom you have a meal.
Pasta salads can be anything.  Add veggies, maybe meat leftovers, a can of tuna, cheese, egg, whatever you have.  It is a great way to make an inexpensive meal.  YES, you can have a one dish meal.  You have a grain, veggies, maybe a protein, or even a dairy.  Use whatever you have as a dressing.  It can be mayo, ranch dressing, Italian, Catalina - whatever.
A small bowl of pasta salad can be added to meals as a side or as a meal alone - for a few days.

Now most people think - yuck - stale bread!  Not me.  (stale not moldy).  There are a ton of options to extend your meals and pantry and use it all up.
Make individual pizzas. Top with what you have ((I use less sauce so as not to get soggy) and bake.  French toast.  Dressing.  Croutons.  Bread pudding.  Toast for sandwiches. Extender for meatloaf.  Gind into breadcrumbs to use in all kinds of things and to coat items before frying.
You are using what you have and nothing goes to waste.

1/4 cup of rice makes a half cup of cooked rice.  Sure doesn't take much to add to a meal.  That allows a pound of rice to go a very long way.  Rice is a great extender to anything.  Add to soup or casseroles.  With veggies, or cheese.  It can be a breakfast food - top with butter and sugar or some swarm fruit.
The uses are unlimited.

Think outside the box.  You do NOT have to have meat at every meal - nor do you have to have many different things.  More times than not - my meal consists of a bowl or plate of something.  That's it!!!  As long as you are full and satisfied that is what matters.  You can use cheaper ingredients in new ways and make some fun foods.

Here is a simple food.  remember if you don't have buttermilk you can make a version to use.  Fried cornbread and an egg - breakfast, fried cornbread and a cup of beans - lunch, fried cornbread and some beans and a little meat - supper.  I could do any of those as a meal.  It is simple and cheap.
Same with potato cakes - using leftover mashed potatoes.

Cheaper ingredients can be used in so many ways.  Leftovers can be made into new things.  Eat what you like and what you have.  Learn that you sometimes have to change old ways and cut recipes in half or even less.  It takes time to get the hang of it - but it is possible.

It doesn't need to take a ton of money to eat well and have a full belly.  IF things get really bad - a full belly is what we will all strive for!
There are many that survive of the basic items that they get from food pantries - it just takes being a little creative with those things.
I will add more ideas as the weeks go by.  
NEXT TIME - cheap meals with potatoes, carrots, cabbage and canned meats

Keep it simple - Eat well and for cheap!
Feeding ONE doesn't need to cost a lot!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

We are Stronger Than we Think

 I hope this finds you all well today.  I just want to send out a word of advice and a thing or two we all face and need to think about at some point in life.

At some point we are going to be grieving the life we 'thought' we were going to have.  Whether it is from loss of a spouse, a child, another family member, a career, a home, or an illness..............whatever.
Loss/change happens at some point.
YES you NEED to grieve the loss.  You also need to realize your new life isn't necessarily going to be bad!!!   Sure, it will be different in ever so many ways - but it doesn't have to be bad.

You find an inner strength you never knew you had.  It is the innate will to live!!!!!!!!  Survival is just like living and breathing to me - it is a natural thing.
You figure - you have had the worse day ever in your life to this point - and by golly you are still here.  That says sooooooo much!

You will find out who your REAL friends are!!!!!  FOR SURE!  Those that stick around, check on you and love you no matter what kind of crappy day you are having - those are your people!

Always remember - no matter how much you hate to do it - it is OK to ask for help!!!!!!!  Most of want to be independent and never want to ask for help.  It won't hurt if you do - and it won't make you look weak or bad.  You are human and you CAN'T do everything alone.
Things are always better with others.

So hang in there - you got this.  You CAN do it!!!  Life is a struggle each day, it truly is.
Go through all the stages of loss as long as need be - there is no set time frame.  You will know when you are feeling better and when life is indeed worth it again!!!!!!

God gives us each new day.  We get each sunrise and sunset.  We get all the beauty of nature.  We have family and friends that love us.
Take a moment and just enjoy the beauty of the little things.  Once you get to that point - then you can enjoy bigger things and moments - then days.
Eventually you will climb the mountain - one step at a time.

God has a plan that we will never understand.  Things are in His time - not ours.  
Have faith and keep moving.  There are many people on this earth that need you and depend on you to be here.  The effect you have on others would astound you.  It truly would.  People you don't even know.

Just remember you ARE the gift someone needs today.  You are beautiful and worthy and loved.
Blessings to you all no matter what you are going through.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Deals and Dollars - Time to Stock-up

 Happy Tuesday to all!!!!  New week - new month - new day!  WOOHOO!  Blessings to all!

Just a little reminder that May is a great month to add to those stocks that we keep.  There are so many special events that happen in May.
Graduations, weddings, holidays, racing events (both car & horse), Cinco De Mayo (if you celebrate), picnics, reunions, and kids are starting back into summer sports!  Shoot there is even a coronation this year, if you choose to watch and celebrate.

There are always certain foods that just become a bit cheaper at certain times.  When it comes to grilling out, picnics and celebrations there are usually a lot of things to look for at cheaper prices.

Watch for deals on:
Hotdogs, ground meat, and ribs
Chips of all sorts and dips & dip supplies
Breads and buns
Soda pop and various sport drinks
Look for corn on the cob (not really in season - but always available for picnics)
Salad goods and fixings for sandwiches
Think about items for various salads - potato, pasta, fresh, fruit

SO many deals to look for over the next few weeks.  
I love stocking up on condiments of all sorts - I usually get my mustard, ketchup, salad dressing (ones I might buy and not make), Mayo (MW), and BBQ sauce for the year during this time.  I use them all year long - so why not get at the cheaper price!!

Meat - get it and freeze it.  There are so many uses for ground meat and even hot dogs.  Ribs are wonderful any time and enjoyed all year as well.

I hope you all take advantage of what you can this month.  Get the deals and provide for your families future.  Things continue to go up in price - so play the game and get the deals.  The stores play the game - to entice you in.  So, you play it too and get the deals and go!  No need to buy other things - just go for the deals and lost leaders.
Saving is the name of the game in my book.

Happy May - here's hoping you get some great deals this month.  Keep your eyes open and STOCK!