Thursday, December 30, 2021

Cheers to a New Year

 My last post of 2021!  Amazing how quickly this year passed. 
Well, we are still here, and we made it through another one.  I can remember never imagining the year 2000!!!  That seemed so futuristic!  LOL

                                                                     INDEED I DO

I hope you all stay in and safe this NY Eve.  May your new year be healthy, happy and prosperous.  I hope we all continue to learn and grow and teach each other.  I look forward to what this new year brings.

I will begin the new year with my Sunday post and next week - as Maebeme said the other day - back to our normal programming!!

I loved my holiday time and family and joys - but I am glad to get back to just regular life.  There is something to be said about the simple and quiet life.
Be safe and enjoy.


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Beginnings and Endings

 Two more days after today and we start a new year.  My goodness, this year has flown by.  There has been good and there has been bad.  There has been happiness and there has been sadness.  There has been abundance and there has been scarcity.  There has been sickness and there has been health.  Such is the cycle of life.
I know there are many that have lost loved ones this past year and my heart hurts for you.  It is never easy.  Loss is hard to handle, and it is something that we truly never get over - BUT we do go on.
We are here today - that shows that we do get by, somehow, some way.  We have all made it through our worst moments!  Think about that.

Take time in your daily life to enjoy the simplest and the smallest things.  Look at the beauty in everything.  I pretty rock, a flower, the sunrise, the sunset, the many colors of fur on your babies, a bird, a smile from a stranger, a raindrop or snowflake.........................  It goes on and on.  The tiny things can be so very special and beautiful.  It isn't just those major events in our lives.  A simple hug or kiss or kind word can change things.  Will they change the world?  Maybe not - but they may change the world for someone!!!!!

Bad things happen to all of us.  I hope we all remember that when we lose someone special, we can keep them in our heart and mind.  Live each day in HONOR of them.  Yes, we grieve and mourn, but we can't let that take us over - that is not how to honor them.  Death is part of life, and that is hard to understand at times.  Live well and do for others.  Remember, every time you speak their name or tell their story, you are keeping them alive.  HONOR those who have gone on to the next stage of life.

We have good that happens as well.  Be grateful and be appreciative.  Our life on this earth is just a split second in the time of the world.  Like a grain of sand on a beach.  We get one shot at this, make the most of it.  Enoy, smile, be happy, be loving, be sharing, be kind, be the sunshine someone else needs!

Each day is a gift.  Unwrap it and enjoy it to max.  Be appreciative, no matter what the day brings.  Life experiences help us grow and help us understand others.  It is all part of the flow of life.
I look forward to going through 2022 with you all.  
Tomorrow is a new day, and we have this!  
See you tomorrow, my friends.

PS - I wonder if anyone has heard from Frances of In my Corner of the Trailer Park?  She has always commented at least once a week for ages and has not posted since mid-November.  I know her husband has had health issues and is much older - I am just worried.  
I totally understand that many people only comment once in a great while - but she usually visited at least once a week.  Love hearing about her world.
Frances if you see this - just let us know you are OK.  If anyone else has contact - let her know I am concerned.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

I Must Have Been a Good Girl!!!

 I tell you what, this girl must have been a good girl this past year, as I sure got some nice gifts.  I am just so extremely blessed to have such wonderful nieces and nephews.  I spent Saturday at brother's house with his children and grands.  Sunday, I spent with my sister's (passed) children and grands at my house.  
My eldest sister's family is pretty scattered around the country, so don't see them all that much and my brother that is passed - well his kids kind of went AWOL after his passing (which is sad).
But those that are here are wonderful!!!  We have always been close, and they are just so good to me.  I guess they love me!!!!  LOL

It was a wonderful weekend.  I had such a lovely time.  I needed nothing and wanted nothing, other than seeing and being with family - however, they don't listen!

My niece in-law made this wreath for me.  It is so pretty.  I will keep it up all winter.  It is really large and she did such a great job! Click on picture to enlarge and see better.

Here are just a FEW of the neat things I got.  These kids all know me!!  Pretty containers - boxes and totes (and reusable vinyl gift bags) that I can reuse, lovely smell pretties, old fashioned looking items, ways to save $ and tasty food goodies!  I think I have taught them all well!!!  LOL!!!!!    I have always preached, and gifted useful things and they have always loved it - now they do the same things!

That big box is so neat (contained gifts) and it can be used for many things.  Prim basket and towels, yummy candles, a salt lamp (I have wanted one for ages) an insulated mug and a hand painted mug (sunflower).

A reusable cloth tote/basket, fire extinguishers, 2 kinds of olive oil, coconut oil. honey/ honeycomb, pure maple syrup, 10 soup mixes, a great coupon book that lasts the entire year for all kinds of places (including Kroger) and yes - a $100 GC!!!!!!!

Just incredible.  I also got 3 - 1 lb. rolls of fresh ground sausage (my nephew butchered a hog).  I got a pretty sweater and a fleece hoodie, 2 lovely throws, socks, cookies and goodies, and family pictures.
The best part was lots of hugs and kisses and "I love you's".  PRICELESS

We had a great deal of food to eat on Sunday - all made from what I had here, except some buns and fresh veggies.  I shared a lot of the pulled pork and BBQ meatballs and wienies with my neighbor and his son.  I am eating lots of leftovers in new ways this week!!!!
I put away all my wonderful gifts yesterday, the house is cleaned up, trash out to curb and much of the Christmas decorations down.  I still have my little tree up and white lights up on the armoire - I love the lights.  May just leave them up for quite a while!

I want to thank you to Rhonda T. from Vista CA for the cute card and the most thoughtful gift!  It was never expected and not necessary - BUT very much appreciated.  Thank you dear.

Today I will be cutting many of my cards.  I use the fronts for tags for gifts and for my lists and notes.  I will be making up a new meal with pork and maybe freezing some of the leftovers.
I will also be catching up on laundry and then RESTING!  This past weekend was exciting and fun - but it wore me out!!!!  Guess I am not as young as I used to be!  (say it aint so - LOL)

I told you I would show you some of the wonderfully useful and unique gifts I got.  I am just so lucky and blessed.  These young people really know their Auntie!

I sure hope you all had a great weekend.  Are you rested up?  Still eating leftovers?    Ready to approach the new year with a new outlook?
I will be back tomorrow my friends.
Have a blessed day!!!! 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 12/26

 Most of the business of the holiday is over.  I do have a big gathering at my home today - then Christmas will be in the books for 2021.  The year is almost over and another will soon be upon us.  WOW

We have had unseasonably warm temps here in my area.  We have had rain and expect more this coming week.  The year will end here with temps in the 40's and 50's during the day.  CRAZY.  I have no problem with it - but I know many do love them some snow! 
I would like to say thank you to Mary B /NC for the Christmas card.  So sweet.
I got to hear Santa read Twas the Night Before Christmas on Friday.  I always enjoy that (my inner child).  But the Santa I have heard for years - passed away not long ago, and this was a new one.  It was good, but the voice lacked something.  He didn't sound like "Daddy"!!!!  I think that was it.  My Daddy always read me that story and I kind of relive every year with TV Santa.

My week:
  • Well, you all saw the pictures of the jelly I made.  Made juice and then jelly from grapes from my yard (from summer)
  • Made cookies - many for gifts
  • Made a turkey roaster full of snack mix - Boy, was that a hit with the guys - they loved their homemade goodies
  • I used my last garden tomato
  • I used comics, puzzle pages and sport pages from paper for wrapping kid's gifts
  • Walked about the neighborhood picking up trash after one super windy day.  Got a black bag FULL!
  • Washed windows, doors and mirrors
  • My jerky and summer sausage SHOWED UP Thursday.  None too soon - but heck it made it!!!!!
  • I did run to Kroger very early Thursday morning for fresh veggies and buns for Sunday.  It was great when I arrived but was a zoo by the time I left.   So glad I didn't go for much!
  • Aired the house again this week!
  • House clean, laundry done, everything wrapped and ready.
By the way - the nap blankies were an absolute hit!  Everyone loved them - the young men even said they thought it was such a neat gift and so much work.  Layla - the almost 8 mo. old - had her baba and held onto her blankie sitting on Mommies lap and felt straight to sleep!!  Her Mommy couldn't quit telling me how much she loved it - said it was the best gift this year!  Made my heart melt!

Meals this past week:
Soup beans over rice
Chicken enchilada skillet (from freezer) over tortilla chips
Fried chicken (freezer) and salad
Grilled beef and cheese sandwich
Baked potato
Marinated chicken breast over linguine and side salad
Dinner at brother's

I hope you all had a lovely day with family and/or friends and/or neighbors.  I hope no matter who you were with or what you did that you were blessed beyond belief.  We can make alone time special - spending it in reflection and prayer - we make our happiness.
I can't wait to tell you about some of the fun and unique items I have been gifted.  I love my family and friends - they think like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

I hope you are safe and well and I look forward to hearing from you all.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

Lord, when we worry about what the future holds in store for us and our families, please let us be reminded that You know.  You know all about us, and you how everything will turn out and we need to realize and know that it is all part of Your plan.  Help us to place our worries in Your loving hands, and we will be fine.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Wishing You All a Wonderful & Blessed Day

 I pray that each of you has the best Christmas possible.  I pray for health and safety to you all and to your families.  Travel mercies to all who are visiting.
Life gets busy, we all get stressed and then BOOM - just like that it is over.  Well, the gifts and food and frivolity will be over - BUT let us ALL keep the real reason for the season in our hearts every single day!!!!!!
Be the good person who thinks of others and does kind acts.  Be the person who gives a helping hand up and keeps others in your prayers.
Be the BEST you can be.  I think that is what our purpose on this earth is.

Remember Christ came into this world with very humble beginnings.   You can have a simple and humble holiday as well.  It does not need to be complicated to be great. 


I am so grateful for all I have.  I am thankful for all the family and friends I have - and I do consider you all family and friends!  Blood does not dictate family.
I thank you for your love and understanding and for your prayers and concerns - all for people you do not know.  You guys are awesome.


I will be back for normal posting on Sunday morning.
Blessings to all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Fun Holiday Trivia

 Just a few items that may make you smile or wonder.  I love trivia and when challenged I try to find things out.  I like finding out different and unusual things - I think I got that from Daddy.

                                 FIRST a hug - you can pass it on.  I am so thankful for all of you!

OK we were talking about the movie Prancer the other day, and someone wondered what happened to the little girl!  Here you go!!!  

Click on the words to enlarge so you can read it.  Interesting.  This was her acting debut!  
Also read something that I truly didn't ever realize!  Her brother in the movie - was Johnny Galecki - of Roseanne and The Big Bang fame!!!!!  He was also Rusty in the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation movie.  How did I never figure that out?????  I am a huge Big Bang fan and I love Christmas Vacation!

I like this.  I know people aren't big spider fans - but I always have a crystal one out at Christmas.

Anybody have a pickle on their tree?
This is fun too.  Click on picture to enlarge for reading!!!!!!

I sure love the old-fashioned Santa's.  I used to collect Coca Cola and that really started my love of the older looking Santa's  
I always left milk and cookies for Santa.  A couple times I left a small cold bottle of Coke because Daddy knew Santa would like a change!!!!!!!  LOL
Did you leave goodies for Santa?

One more post tomorrow and then I will be off to finish up my stuff for the holidays.
If you aren't here tomorrow - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Love you all!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Busy Workshop

 Happy Tuesday!  It is officially winter today!  LOL!!   Shortest day of the year here in northern hemisphere - YAY!  Now the days will start getting longer - very slowly - but at least it is the right direction.  So far we have made it through December without any seriously frigid or snowy weather, in my area.  I love that.

The workshop has been busy!!!  I promised to show the nap blankies - mind you they are not professional in any way!!  I used what I had on hand - so $0 cost.  Some of the material I have had for years.  
These are just little patchwork blankies.

              This has a flannel backing on it.  The sisters have the same backing on theirs.
                                  This is for the youngest (6 mo.) and has a fleece backing
                                                  Flannel backing on this one as well

Nothing real special, just lots of piecing of different fabric.  It did about break my poor back - I have no big space to lay things out - so I did a lot of crawling around on the floor.
Each of these is laying across my bed crosswise - so you can see their length.  My bed is a queen.

I have been busy in the kitchen too.
Grape jelly for gift bags, Springerle cookies (for 3 family members) and my own version of snack mix.  I used what I had to make it and to be quite honest it is pretty tasty!!!!

Cinnamon Crunch cereal, frosted mini wheats, peanuts, pretzels, and M&M's - melted milk chocolate and white chocolate.  Made a turkey roaster full!

             Jelly and cookies are expected in the gift bags every year (a well as homemade salsa)!
Today I will finish up bagging and wrapping.  I still need to go to Aldi for a GC sometime this week.  I am still waiting on my jerky and summer sausage to be delivered.  I am getting worried.  I have called and checked - I just don't know that I believe them.  I sure hope it gets here.

Is your workshop busy?  I think the rest of the week will be a bit slower pace here.  I have more to make and do, but I am not going to worry if it doesn't get done.  I mean in the scheme of things it isn't going to change the world!!!!!
Hope you are having a good week and that your workshop is winding down!!!!
Talk to you tomorrow!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 12/19

 Well, we are on the final count down.  Less than one week and it will be Christmas.  I hope you are all ready or close to it.  I am getting there.  I finished some major projects this week.  
I learned last evening that the kids (niece and nephews) will be here on the 26th!!!!!  YAY.  I wasn't doing baking until it got close to them coming.  I would be tempted to eat stuff and want it for them.  So, this week will be baking and finish the wrapping.

We have been having the roller coaster of weather continuing.  Cold, warm, rain (lots) and wind (LOTS).  We will not be having a white Christmas here.  That is OK with me.  The older I get, the less I care about that.
Winter is official this week and the shortest day of the year.  Then the days start getting LONGER!!!!!  YAY!  
Funny, it seems to me that light is actually lasting longer in the evening than a few weeks ago and the mornings are staying dark longer.  

Sis is out of rehab!  I am so happy for that.  She is staying at my nephews, which is out of town, until at least after the new year.  I am happy, as they can sure keep an eye on her.  They have been keeping her little doggy and she got to reunite with her!  At least she will be with her kids for Christmas.  She has a long way to go on therapy and healing, but at least she has her freedom!

My week:
  • I made up some cookie dough and froze
  • Cleaned out the corn storage can (feed).  It was icky at the bottom - old and nasty tidbits of corn.  
  • Made a feed store run as I was almost completely out of everything for the critters.  Stocked on birdseed and corn and sunflower seeds.  Got a FREE 20 lb. bag of bird seed!
  • Using up leftovers and using up odds and ends I am finding in the pantry/freezer.  A box or stove top stuffing, small container of corn in freezer, buns, gravy, turkey and today a can of Campbell's bean soup (over rice)
  • Got most of the items that needed holiday bags - done.  Still have a little wrapping to do
  • Got to air the house out again on 2 days
  • FINISHED all 3 little girl nap blankies!  All steamed and ironed and ready to wrap.  I will show pictures on Tuesday.  Doubtful I will do doll blankies (maybe if I find time)
  • Got everything I had on hand paid for the year.  I think I am done for this year!
  • Got a notice of Soc. Sec. for next year.  Even with Medicare going up some, my check will still be over $90 higher each month!  I will gladly take that.  It all helps.
  • I did a trim and root touch up on hair at home
  • Using up what I have (trying to use all the older stuff), cooking from scratch, laundry, cleaning, using soda stream, just doing all the normal stuff.
  • NO grocery store this week
Meals this past week:
Chili (from freezer)
Tamales over rice
Turkey and gravy (freezer) and stove top with corn (freezer) added
Double cheeseburger and chips
Fish, oven fries and slaw
Small pizza (homemade dough from freezer)
Green beans, potatoes and sausage
Wanted a juicy burger and had no hamburger buns just hotdog!  Made elongated burgers to fit!  I just wanted a bun - not bread!  When there is a will.......
                                  Simple, cheap and oh so tasty and filling.  Comfort food!

How was your week?  Are you ready???  Baking, wrapping or still shopping?  How has your frugal week been?   
I sure hope you have all stayed safe and healthy.  Hoping all gets to have time next weekend with people you love and care for.
Stay healthy this week and take time to just relax and enjoy the reason for the season.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.  
I will post this week!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.
John 3: 16-17

Thank You for this most precious and everlasting gift.  We are blessed beyond belief on this earth, and we will continue to be blessed in eternity.  Help us to open our eyes to all our blessings and help us to accept Your word.   AMEN

Thursday, December 16, 2021

I BELIEVE !!!!!!

 Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  I believe!
A good heart, a kind word, a hand up, a smile.............yes - those are Santa.  It doesn't matter what time of the year it is - we can all be Santa in spirit each and every day.  NEVER forget that.  YOU can make a difference.
I know people always say "what can one person do?".  Well, one person can accomplish a lot.  Maybe not to many, but to one at a time.  One at a time can change a life!

I love this saying.  It is so true.  Santa isn't about just material gifts - his spirit is about giving in ALL ways to others freely with no expectations.

I absolutely love the movie Prancer with Sam Elliott and Cloris Leachman.  It has been around a lot of years - the story is about the daughter who has the love and joy and spirit of Christmas.  Her belief in Santa and his reindeer is adorable and she lets no one deter her.  (Oh, she is a stinker - but has a good heart).  This movie to me explains the 'pure' joy of believing and giving.  If you get a chance to find this movie and watch it - it is worth it.  I have it in my collection.

Here is a cute idea for a simple dessert.  Strawberries and whip cream.  How cute!

I hope you all have a great last weekend before Christmas.  I know we are all busy in the Santa workshops and Mrs. Claus bakeries!  Enjoy this time - as it only happens but once a year.

Go out and be the SANTA that changes someone's day! 💖💖💖
Be the light someone needs!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Light Reads and Joyful Tidbits

 Good morning.  10 days and Christmas is here!!!!  WOW.
Just a little post to let you know that posts from now through the end of the year will just be light reading.  No serious topics.  Ideas, thoughts, memories, neat tidbits and such will be the basis of the next couple of weeks.  It is the time of the year that we should be enjoying ourselves and our families and our friends.
We will go back to more serious talks after the first of the year.

This is the shadow on my pantry door!  Isn't that lovely?  To the right of it is my dining room window and there is a plant on a stand and a stained-glass cross in the window.  In the late afternoon (when sun is shining) this is my view from the living room!
Just those little things that make my heart know I am loved and blessed!

Has anyone tried this?
Winter spiced cranberry Sprite!  I found this last time in the grocery and thought I would try it.  I guess it shows up around the holidays - but my first time of seeing it.  It is really tasty.  Light, crisp and a bit zippy.  I may get a few bottles before the holidays are over, just to have on hand.  It would make a lovely spritzer drink or any kind of cocktail - if so inclined.  I think I would like it if I were sick as well. 
It is really good just as is.

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\*****/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\******
OH.... before I forget.  Mark your calendar or set your recorder - Sunday, December 19 at 7:30 PM on PBS is the Charlie Brown Christmas Special!!!!!   This is truly my favorite Charlie Brown story out there.  Such a sweet and simple way of telling the story of Christmas.

Well, the sun is now up and today is to be a warmer day here in the heartland.  I will be busy in Santa's workshop taking care of all kinds of things  
Is your workshop busy as well?

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Pieces of the Past

 This time of the year I get very nostalgic.  Remembering times of the past and remembering people who aren't on this earth any longer.  I come across things that bring back memories and I try to use most of them.  
Yes, I still have a lot of stuff to declutter in this house - but there are just some things that I will always hold on to!  Others may not hold that fascination in the future - but to me the little pieces of the past are precious.
Life gets busy and hectic, and we all get stressed - now and then it nice to sit with the Christmas lights on and just reminisce a bit.  I know not everyone has good memories of the past and for that I am so truly sorry.  If I had a wish for everyone - it would be that they all have awesome childhoods and great families.  Wouldn't that be something?

Talk about old fashioned!  I actually painted and put this tree together about 34 years ago as a gift for my MIL.  I got it back after she passed.  I have been seeing that these are suddenly the "new" thing again!!

I have had and used this apron for well over 30 years.  It gets used around Christmas and that is it!  The Mirro cookie press was Mommas.  The box has sure seen better days, but all the pieces are there and even the paperwork!  I do believe that it must me as old as me, if not older.  That is Mom's gingerbread cookie cutter as well.  I have used it many times over the years.  I have all her old metal cookie cutters.
These items are all still used.

This is a 45 LP of Christmas songs!  I listened to it over and over as a child.  My little mug I used for hot chocolate.  It always made me feel like a grown-up when using a mug!!!!  Also, my little toy cooking utensils - the mixer and a potato masher!!!  LOL.  I know I had other cooking utensils, not sure what happened to them over the years.  These items are kept in my china hutch.

See the little mugs and kitchen tools & the cookie cutter?  Next to that is a cup and saucers that came to this country with my ancestors in the late 1700's.  That china faced doll belonged to my Aunt Mary - there is a small picture of her holding it on the dolls' lap.  She looked to be maybe 3 or 4.  Mom was born in 1911 and Aunt Mary was older than her - so early 1900's.  All my special keepsakes are kept in the hutch.

I still use my Mom's wooden rolling pin any time I bake.  I use her old, old cookbook for those old family favorites on the holidays.  It is falling apart, stained, and written in - FULL of love and goodness.

I have a full set of decorator plates depicting the main scenes from It's A Wonderful Life!  That was Glen's favorite holiday movie, and he ordered those plates.  I was amazed when they came - as they weren't cheap.  But he was the type of person that IF he wanted something - he got it!  So, I keep them and think of him each time I see them.

Oh the little things that can take us back in time.  It is amazing how a little keepsake can have so much power on our memory.
Yep, that is me and the Big Guy!!!!!  Oh, the wonderment of childhood.  We didn't have a lot of money, but we had a lot of love.  We had traditions that seem silly now - but I am glad we had them.  They made for good memories.  I remember helping Mom bake cookies, and the smell of the house when she did.  I even remember how she "hid" so many cookies and candy - because she made bunches and started early.  There were times that we found 'some' of the Christmas goodies around Easter!!!!!  LOL

Do you have special items that you keep close?  That bring back those special memories?  That just feel like love?
I hope you have good memories.  If you didn't, I am sorry.  Maybe you can relive childhood a little with my sharing. 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 12/12

 Good day to all.  Hope this finds you all well and safe.
All is good here.  We sure had quite the roller coaster of weather this week.  Really something for December!  
We had cold and warmth - we had snow flurries and thunderstorms - we had lots of wind and tornado watches.  We have had quit the mis-mash of weather.  Friday night was quite scary with the storms.  My area really lucked out, as some areas had a lot of damage.  Sending prayers for all those affected in states south of here for loss of homes and in some instances life.  Such terrible tragedy.
It looks like much of this coming week will be warmer than normal as well.  Weird weather!
                                                          Not my picture - but pretty!

My week:
  • Used all leftovers this week - nothing wasted
  • My mobile home phones quit working over the last weekend (they are a 2 pc. set) and I figured I needed new batteries.  That was going to cost about $50 for both.  I did much checking and trouble shooting and finally found a loose connection on one phone (I figured cat must have pulled it loose).  Trouble shooting can sure save money.  It was worth looking around and crawling around under things a little.  All working fine now, and no money spent.
  • I ordered the jerky and summer sausage I get every year for gifts at the first of week.  I almost forgot.  I sure hope it all comes in time!
  • I got my cards all mailed
  • I have started getting a few cards this week.  I got a gift in the mail from a friend!  I opened it and lo and behold there were 3 wrapped packages in it.   I opened 2 - a cute Christmas pair of socks and a pretty angel.  Trying to resist opening #3 until closer to Christmas!!  I am such a kid at heart!!!
  • Did a little sewing
  • I do believe I have finished my shopping!  I still need one Aldi GC - but can run there any time.  
  • I got to see sis at rehab this week.  She is improving slowly!  She is not happy with progress, but we all know she is doing good.  She just wants to be home - bless her heart.  I feel so sorry for her.
  • While out shopping and visiting I stopped at Fresh Thyme Market.  I hadn't been there in ages.  I got 2 - 3lb. bags of navel oranges for less than $6 total.  I also got some OTC supplements I needed
  • I did some bulk cooking.  I made a bunch of fried chicken and cooked up extra pork chops this week.  Extras (cooked) were frozen for easy future meals.
  • All my usual things - using what I have, cooking from scratch, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Actually aired the house on 2 different days this week!  Crazy in December.
  • Got a call from a friend at Kroger that they had stocked cat food shelves!  I ran up there and got quite a bit of canned food for kitties.  While there I looked around and found bread on clearance.  And they had ham on sale.  I got a shank ham for .79/lb.  Almost 7 1/2 lbs. for under $6!  I didn't need it for now - but couldn't pass up the price for future meals.
Blueberry bagels for .99, swirl rye bread was $1.  I only eat rye on Ruebens - so it will be frozen and will last for months!  Texas toast for .79 - I am thinking French toast!

Meals this past week:
Tostadas (used up leftovers)
Seasoned rice with peas and chicken strips
Fried cabbage, mashed potatoes and a smoked sausage
Leftover cabbage and potatoes with pork chops (2 little ones)
Quesadilla - made with leftover rice and beans
Fried chicken and salad - 2X
             Tostadas - still using my garden tomatoes!!!  I have just a few more tiny ones left.

How was your week?  Shopping done?  Gifts wrapped?  Decorating done?   Deals found?
I hope this finds you all well and safe and I look forward to hear what is going on your lives!  Belinda, I hope you are safe and sound - I know you live in TN.  
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Stocking Up - Tis the Season!

 It sure seems like the fall and winter months are great times for stocking the pantries.  So much is on sale - all the goodies and foods many use for holidays.
You need to take advantage while the getting is good.  NOW is the time.

Over the past month turkeys could be purchased for mere pennies a pound.  I am still noticing some cheap turkeys in the ads.  Now .69/lb. but I know of nothing else one can buy that cheaply!!  Hams are starting to be advertised as well.  I am seeing prices from .79/lb. - .95/lb.  NOT bad at all.  I have seen ham butts, shank and spiral cut all for less than a dollar a pound.
Stock those freezers for the next 6 months to a year with these inexpensive meats!  Seriously, you cannot even get lunchmeat this cheap.  Get it now and use it all year.  There are many uses for each, and you can even grind it and use it along with other ground meats or oats or crackers to extend.  You can extend these items with lentils or beans as well.
We have to be aware and watch everything.  

Baking goods and ingredients are super cheap now.  Stock your pantry with flour, sugar, chips, nuts, seasonings, spices, etc.  Canned pumpkin has been 10/$10 here for a while - $1 a can is great for those who like pumpkin.
Remember to look at other places than just grocery stores.  Many places like Ollie's, Big Lots, and even Rural King sell spices and seasonings very cheaply.  You can often get big containers.
I tend to get many things like cinnamon or onion powder at Ollie's.  It is super cheap.  You can even check the dollar stores for items.

Produce has many items that are seasonal as well.  I am seeing potatoes on sale now.  10 lb. bag for less than $2 is the going rate at the moment in my area - but I imagine even bigger bags will be value priced before Christmas.  Cabbage will be going on sale cheaply around the new year. Most fall crops like carrots, potatoes, winter squash, root veggies are now having great prices.
You can keep winter squash for a long, long time in a cool dark place (not frig).  Make sure you keep onions and potatoes separate to make them last longer. 
Apples are pretty cheap now.  And oranges and grapefruit are coming into their cheaper season as well.
MAKE SURE you check the clearance and mark down section of the produce department as well.  You can get some great deals there.

Canned goods are being priced nicely now as well.  I know many don't like canned products, but some do, and it is a good time to stock.  Soups of all kinds are being put on sale.  All the 'cream of' soups have been marked down - since so many use in cooking.  Also, those bigger cans of pour and heat soups are on sale.  Not everyone can or wants to make homemade soup and some of these options are wonderful deals.  I do like having a few on the ready to eat soups (not condensed) soups on hand, just in case.  If one gets sick - it is nice to have a nice and easy meal to use.
Many canned veggies and fruits are on sale this time of the year as well.

In the next couple weeks even things that may not be considered pantry items (but are) will be cheaper.  Cards, paper, and decorations will be marked down to dirt cheap.  Many gift packs will be marked down - this is a good way to stock up on gifts for the future and even for yourself.  You can get many health and beauty items for pennies for your own pantry.


Prices continue to rise.  Inflation is a given.  Be smart and beat the 'powers that be' at their own game!  Get your pantry stocked, while the getting is good.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
Buy cheap - and stock up.  It is just the smart thing to do.

Buy what you use and like.  Buy enough to last a long while, especially when prices are super cheap.  Odds are you won't see those cheap prices again for a long while.
USE what you stock.
I know I have said it many times - but I can't stress it enough - buying sales, clearance, mark downs, etc. is MONEY IN THE BANK!
Yes, it is!  

Be smart and get stocked for whatever may come your way.  Always be prepared for anything.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Quick, Easy & Probably NO Spending

 Today - a few recipes of goodies that are so easy and quick to make - and odds are most of us have what is needed to make them.  No shopping, no spending, just using what we have and making some tasty treats!!!!!

These are good.

                                                     So easy and yes, they are very tasty.

                                                       Use whatever nuts you have!

I would think any plain cookie would work!  Sugar cookies, vanilla wafers - oh heck even sandwich cookies!
                                                           Reminds me of childhood!

                                                            So simple and so yum!

                               Old time favorite - first cookie I ever made myself as a child!

Yes, I want simplicity.  I love making goodies from what I have on hand.  I love making goodies that are a bit different than others make.  I love making goodies that are simple.
Hope this helps someone.  New ideas are always fun.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Procrastinate? - K.I.S.S.

 Are you a procrastinator this holiday season?  My advice is K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple silly!!!!!
YES - keep it simple.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  We all tend to make things complicated that don't need to be.  Just breathe and move.

Life is busy, no mojo, getty-up has gone, bad mood, illness, just blah - anything can be a reason. Just simplify.  It is OK!!!!!!!  
You don't have to be Mrs. Claus - you can just be you.

Keep decorations simple.  We are 2 1/2 weeks out to Christmas.  Many keep things up till N.Y. day so a good three weeks or so.  But it doesn't have to be all out over the top.  A few pretty lights, a tree, whatever you want.  Do what makes YOU happy.

Gifts not bought yet?  I imagine most of you are done or have a good start to gifts - but for those who don't - gifts of self or experiences are wonderful.
Invite someone for a meal at your home.  Or perhaps promise a shut-in or neighbor or family or friend a homemade meal a month delivered to their home.
Make cookies or candy or breads for gifts.  Make up a few jar mixes to hand out.  You can get very inexpensive storage containers at the dollar stores to place goodies in.  You can get tins at thrift stores for pennies.  Buy or use a plate that can be given and kept.
              I 'think' I got these at Dollar Tree - 5/$1 - can't beat that price.  Cheap most places.

Write out some of your favorite or best recipes and share with family.  Pretty little recipe cards or just plain old index cards work fine.  Get yourself a few little cheap photo albums and place recipes in them.  Recipes are now protected from spillage and contained in one spot.  I have several of these books that I use for all my recipe cards. ($1 each)
These are small and cheap.  I have them for every category of recipes - baking, canning, main meals, etc.

Do you have a handwritten copy of Mom's or Grandma's favorite recipe for something?  Make a copy and frame it - maybe with a picture of them included.  Memories.
A child's drawing or artwork - framed for Granma or Auntie.
A pretty doily that belonged to Mom or Grandma or Auntie?  Again - frame it.
Pass on a family heirloom to someone who will love and cherish it.  None of us will be here forever, so why not pass on things now - while we can watch others enjoy it.

Give a gift of a museum or gallery visit.  A zoo trip.  Any event - movie, skating, park, picnic, sledding, fishing, camping - something that you can enjoy with another. 
My bro/sil give their daughter a pass to all state parks for the year.  No, it isn't that super cheap - but it is a great gift that gives to her all year.  She is a fitness instructor and takes people on many hikes and camping sessions all year. 

Gift Cards
Gift cards can be purchased for anything today.  Hardware stores, groceries, gas, spas, coffee, restaurants, general shopping - anything.  You can get many cards at the grocery stores - they have a huge variety.  It is basically like giving someone free money to shop with.

Give of your time at a soup kitchen or holiday meal event to feed the hungry.
Donate goods to a food pantry to help others
Deliver pretty cards with a sweet message handwritten in them to nursing homes
Do something nice for a stranger
These things are not just gifts for others - but a gift for yourself as well.  I well imagine you may get more from giving to strangers, than they will receive.
Serve and love others and you are serving God and doing His work.  

So, if you have been procrastinating, now is the time to come up with some different options for others. It doesn't have to cost much if anything - but it may mean the world to someone else.
Give experiences, give of yourself, and give to those who you don't even know.
We can all make the month, the week, the day special for another.

Go forward and Keep It Simple Silly!!!!