Thursday, May 30, 2019

Simple Words - So Important

There are so many philosophies on how to live our lives.  I like to  think the simplest ideas are probably the best.  They are for me.
They are not always easy - even though simple - but we all need to strive.  I try to be the best I can be, but I am not perfect by any means.  No one is.  Often we need to just go back to basics.

I think I accomplish most of these.  I definitely have a couple of these that need work!!!!  I just love this list.  It is very basic - very true - and can be life altering.  It is good living.

Following are just a few bits if wisdom from the Amish.   Old Amish Proverbs.
  • Pray for a good harvest, yet continue to hoe.  God gives us miracles for sure, but we need to contribute to our future as well - don't you agree?
  • A memory is a treasure that survives.   Amen to this.  I am so very thankful for memories.
  • If at first you DO succeed, try not to look astonished!   Yep, sometimes it happens!
  • You can tell when you're on the right track.  It is usually uphill.  I so agree.  Doing right and success is moving upward and onward - baby steps.
  • A word to the wise is unnecessary.    Truth!
  • The right to do something, doesn't always make it the right thing to do.   Oh how I wish people knew this.  I know people who think they can say anything (it is their right), no matter how it will make another feel.  Sometimes less is more!
  • You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.   Most of us need to remember this.  Sometimes our sanity and well being depend on saying NO to people who tend to rob us of happiness and joy.  I am learning this lesson.
  • We pass on our convictions to our children, by the things we tolerate.  So true.  Whether it be morals, politics, religion, values, etc. IF you allow it and do not register your feelings - your children will think it is ok.  They see everything you do and learn from it.
  • He is the happiest, be he peasant or King, who feels peace at home.  We see this everyday in the news.  Look at the worlds richest and most famous - I guarantee you we have more peace and happiness in our homes - BECAUSE of the lack of fame and wealth.

Lately, simple words have meant the most to me.  Life really is simple if we allow it to be.  We don't need fancy, we don't need wealth, we don't need excess.  We NEED health, happiness, family & friends and we need just ENOUGH.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tips to Hanging on to More of Your Money

We all want to hang on to our money.  There are many ways to do it - but sometimes they require a little work or imagination.  I am sure these ideas are things you all know - but maybe just a reminder course is do.

  1. Pay your bills on time!  Don't be late.  Extra fees will eat you alive.  NEVER have to pay late fees.  
  2. Rethink gifts.  Most kids have more than they could possibly need - so perhaps give them an adventure instead.  Ice cream date, zoo, museum, go-carts, fireworks, etc.  Adults don't generally need anything - so don't try to out do the Jones.  Think about homemade gifts - food items are a HUGE hit in my family.  Secondhand is totally fine as well.  Find that pretty candy dish, teacup/saucer, cake plate, tool, even clothes.  Sparkle it up and present it.  Older items are much better  quality than new.  Think about gifting family heirlooms as well!
  3. SAVE - most people say save 10% first - then pay bills.  I like at least 15% or more if you can.  Always pay yourself first - your future may depend on it!!!!!  If you get the opportunity to invest in 401K or similar DO IT.  You won't miss the money (usually pre-tax) and if your employer contributes as well - WIN-WIN.
  4. Shop secondhand for most everything if possible.  Small appliances and sporting equipment can all be purchased for pennies at yard/garage sales.  People want the newest and fanciest things - then don't use them.  There just isn't much you can't get secondhand.  My logic was always - "why should I pay full price when some other igit will".  I worked in an office setting for years and had to look nice - ALL of my clothes were thrift store.  I had quite the wardrobe and got lots of compliments.  There is NO shame in buying secondhand.
  5. Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without!  You have all heard that.  IT IS TRUE.  Don't go out shopping when you have something perfect at home already.  Reinvent items into new things, come up with creative ideas.  That is what our ancestors did - or they wouldn't have survived.  I can use a paring knife to peel a potato, I use worn out T-shirts as hankies or cleaning rags,  Pop bottles are great water  bottles (for storage), grungy old jeans make great patch makers for others, old clothes can be cut up into quilt pieces or rags.  Dressing, ketchup, mayo, mustard - just bits left in the bottom of jar - add milk or oil and shake, shake, shake.  Use it in soup, over meat, over a salad.  A sauce pan will boil water just like a tea pot!  The ideas are endless - just put on your thinking cap!

  1. Barter - barter with neighbors, family, friends.  Use their tiller and give them home canned goods.  Cut their grass and ask their kids to help in raking.  You have eggs - maybe they have berries.  On and on and on...………………….. I have a neighbor who is a retired professional painter (and rents) - he is painting 4 houses on the street for his landlord for 4 months FREE rent!  Winner, winner - chicken dinner!!!!!  (We all win on this one - because it looks nice too)
  2. Bulk or not?  That is the question.  I guess it depends on what you are getting and the price you can get it for.  Many times you can get much better prices IF you just pay attention to store sales.  If the price is right - but you can't use that much in good time - go in with a neighbor or family member - split the price and split the merchandise.  Make sure you have a good way of storing/keeping what ever you buy, so it doesn't go bad.
  3. Holiday deals and limits.  ALL stores now have "holiday" specials.  Generally they set limits - but that is ok.  Take your kid, your husband, your friend, etc. and get what you can use UNTIL you figure up when another sale will be.  Most are either holiday specials or specials that run every 6 - 9 months.  Have each person buy the limit.  I have even gone back in and purchased additional.  OK before I get yelled at - the store has those sales to get you in and to get rid of product - so I don't think I am doing anything wrong. If I don't buy it - someone else will - and they will make extra trips...…….. (FYI - I never empty shelves - unless they are almost out)
  4. Delay gratification - think about purchases before you make them.  My Daddy always said "the anticipation is always far greater than the realization".  Boy was he right.  Think overnight, think for a week, think for quite a while - especially if making a major purchase.  Hasty decisions can absolutely kill your bank account!!!!!!!!
  5. UNspoil the kids.  They don't need every fancy new thing that comes out.  TRUST ME - THEY DON'T!!!!!!  Let them whine a while - it builds character.  Make them earn it or earn the money for part of it.  That is not cruel and unusual punishment as some parents seem to think - that too is character building!  They need to know that not everything is theirs just BECAUSE they want it.  You will be making a wise choice to aid in their futures.
  6. Try your hardest to stay out of debt!  Pay it off as quickly as possible if you make any.  Pay high interest first.  Get rid of debt.  That is one of the biggest factors to unhappy marriages.  Owing money can be so destructive to your relationships and to your health - stress is not funny.
  7. If you owe and are basically 'upside down' - own more than you make - you have some hard decisions.  Get second or third jobs, cut out doing stuff, cut back to minimal budgets (no that doesn't include coffee at Starbucks), sell stuff - do everything in your power to get more money and get out of debt.  Sacrifice is necessary if you have gotten in that shape.  We have all had to make sacrifices - but it is sooooooooo worth it.  What a feeling of accomplishment.
(sorry I added a pic and the numbers started over)

The best thing to remember is *****  THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amen to that.  Whether you have money or don't - enjoy your family, friends, nature, pets, God, freedom, health, etc..  Those are the important things.
Money is secondary to all else in my book.  I could live  in a sparse room with a pallet on the floor and be happy  with all the rest.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/26

Good morning to everyone.  Here we are already to start another week.
This is Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S..  Please try to remember that it is not a holiday for celebrating a long weekend, cookouts and parties, or the race.  It is a day to observe and remember all the hero's that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.  We can not offer enough thanks to them or their families.  This old country may have some problems - but we have had so many men and women who have fought to keep us free.  To them I say THANK YOU!

We have had more rain this week.  One has to take advantage and do what can be done in between showers and storms.  It has been so wet.  I am just thankful that we have not had the problems the mid section of this country has had this spring.  It is awful - the flooding has been catastrophic for so many.  I think those of us around here can stand a little mud.
It got hot as well.  We got close to 90 on Friday and yesterday.  Muggy and humid.  I did turn the AC on for about 2 hours each day, just to remove the humidity from the air.  The house stays very comfortable.  I keep the blinds shut on the appropriate sides of the house as the sun moves.

I have been seeing a cottontail in my neighbors yard several evenings!  Oh, how cute.
I do believe that 2 of my climbing rose bushes have gone wild.  That may be why there were hardly any flowers last year.  There are literally hundreds of buds on them this year - so wild or not - I will enjoy as will the bees.

It has been quiet this week.
  • I did a lot of weeding (easy to pull)
  • I trimmed the forsythia bushes out back.  4 big ones trimmed up nicely and one cut back to ground (it's in a bad spot).  What a hot job that was.
  • Got everything mowed in between rains
  • Picked many bouquets of peonies and a few roses.  I can't say how many peonies I cut.  I just love them and their smell.  They are about done.  I have had them in every room this week.
  • I cooked up a pound of sausage into patties for freezer and quick fixes
  • I made a nice bowl of bean/corn/veggie salad for many days
  • I keep making nectar and refilling hummy feeders.  I want it fresh and not nasty.  I still haven't seen many at feeders - but have seen a couple flitting around the garden flowers.  One was on begonia a couple feet from me, and flew past me and almost hit me!  That was exciting!!!
  • I went to see my brother/sister in-law this week.  Had a nice visit and my nephew was there as well.  Such a sweet boy!  (This is the only time I left the house this week)
  • I did a little cleaning and organizing in the garage
This is how Coogy and Lilly spent much of the week.  Sitting in front of the door watching the birds eat from the new feeder on the front porch.  It was like their own private TV!!!!!  The get so excited seeing the birdies.

Easy meals this week:
Cheeseburger and salad
Beef/cheese/salsa quesadilla
Leftover pizza I pulled from freezer
Hot dogs and chips/salsa
Rueben sandwich (less rye - had none, wasn't buying any - didn't miss it)
Tuna salad with crackers
Sausage/egg sandwich and corn/bean salad

So as you can see, just not real exciting.  Life is different and no need to shop much.  I have plenty of food here, and I need to use what I have.  No need to go out and spend money on things I don't really need.  This week I just felt like 'nesting' and staying close to home. 

 Did you get any deals?  How was your frugal week?  How are the gardens doing - if planted already?

I pray this finds you all healthy and safe.  May the Lord help us have open eyes to all the miracles that surround us and grateful hearts for all the love we receive.
Be safe and healthy in the coming week.

Blessings from my little home to yours.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Useful Foody Tips

Good morning to all my frugal friends.
I know we all want to get the best value for our dollars and make food last as long as possible.  We also like a few simple ingredient meals now and then.
Today I am posting some things I have that are very true and would taste yummy.

Bagged lettuce and salad mixes are probably not the best choice - but many people do buy them.  I have purchased on occasion, and I have figured that this is totally TRUE.  After opening the bag , also remove all the air your can and then fasten close until next use.  Air is what causes you lettuce to go bad.
When picking fresh lettuce from the garden or buying non-packaged lettuce at the store - I like to place in a bag with paper towels.  The towels absorb any excess moisture and the lettuce lasts much longer.

Here are a few guidelines for picking out a properly ripened melon.  There is no absolute guarantee - but you can sure help your odds of getting a wonderfully ripe and sweet one.
I was always told to 'thump' the melon and listen for a hollow sound.  I still do that - but I look at them stem and spots too.  "Thumping' doesn't always give a sweet melon!

OK, I don't eat breakfast - but what a great one this would be.  Breakfast banana split!!!!!!  I could eat this for any meal.  Split a banana - add plain or flavored yogurt down the center, top with granola and fresh berries.  Well, I don't think yummy could get much healthier!!!!

And don't forget as you shop - IF you buy a great buy on seedless grapes (white, red or black) - consider buying extra and freezing them.  I remove from the stem, wash them off and dry, then place in freezer bags.  This is absolutely the most refreshing and healthy snack on a hot summer day!  They are also great to throw into a glass of wine to keep it cold a little while longer!

It's time to think about those fresh and healthy items that come with summer.  You can make sure you get the best and preserve in a way that lets you enjoy their freshness for a while longer.

Do you have any summer time tips????


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Spring Has Sprung (?)

It appears that spring has sprung by the looks of things.  But good golly Miss Molly it's cold outside!!!!  It was in the 40's this morning and the wind is blowing and it is just down right chilly out there.  Good grief.
Friday is supposed to be close to 90 and we have a few 80's coming up as well.  It just doesn't seem like it can make it's mind up this year.
I have seen stories about snow happening this week in the continental U.S.!!!!!!!

I still don't have tomatoes planted.  I did plant a couple pepper plants yesterday, and a couple cucumber plants.  I have a few flowers planted as well.  Today I will give you a little spring time tour of the yard.  These are the things that make me smile these days!

Poppies and peonies - and there will be tons of lilies to bloom later.  Oh how I love the peonies!!!  I have picked several bouquets already.  I just love the aroma - one of my favorites!
See that little birdhouse on the left side of the picture?  It is on the handle of a broken shovel as a yard ornament.  Well, there is a tiny pair of birds that have built a nest in it this year!!!  They are about hummingbird size birds - but not hummies.  The opening is about 1" in size.  The birdhouse is about the size of my hand.

Squirrely and it's buffet!  I have many, many squirrels. They are so sweet to watch.  They run to me every time they see me for handouts of peanuts!

Spiderwort is blooming - this picture doesn't do the color justice.  It is such a pretty purple flower.

Some baskets in the front flower bed.  The green is spiderwort and there is echinacea in there as well.

Pretty geranium.  I just think they are so delicate.

I planted 4 hanging baskets with multi colored begonias.  They will fill in nicely.  This is down the back walk.

Clematis have started blooming.  These used to be light blue.  Last year they were deep purple, now they are reddish purple.  Absolutely covered with buds!

All the climbing roses are absolutely covered in buds this year.  Last year some didn't get but one or 2 flowers.  Amazing.  It should be lovely very soon.

Columbine.  Years ago these were a very light blue - now they are very dark purple - almost a black color in person.

                       Chives are popping blooms.  Those have been growing in that barrel for years.

Vinca vine has started blooming as well. 

So there you have it - a mini tour.  I have so much work to do out there.  I have been pulling weeds like crazy in the flower beds.  They have almost taken over this spring do to all the rains.  I need to get bark mulch to cover some areas that have thinned out over the past couple years.  Maybe I will get the balance of the veggies planted this week (not a lot of plants) and I also need to trim bushes.  There is never an end to the yard work - and this year - more than ever - I AM GLAD.  It is keeping me busy and I need that. Nature is just so awesome!!!!


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/19

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a good week.
We have had many days of lovely weather this week.  Thursday evening we had a heck of a storm come through our state.  We had wind gusts of 60+ mph!  You couldn't even see across the street the rain was so fierce.  Many areas had tons of damage and many are still without power.  We had no damage at all thank goodness.
Yesterday got in the upper 80's and it was sunny and humid.  Just a little taste of summer!  Today storms returning for a part of the day.

I have been enjoying watching nature and seeing all the pretty flowers starting to bloom.  Saw my first groundhog of the season Thursday morning.  I am HOPING he was just passing through, and not staying.  I haven't seen it since.  Still haven't seen another hummer yet!  Usually start showing up regularly around first of June.

I found out the young couple next door are NOT going to move for at least another year.  I am so relieved.  They are just so sweet and have the sweetest 18 month old named Charlotte.  I was so dreading the thought of new neighbors - not ever knowing what you may get.  God is looking out for me!

My week:
  • Cooked a dozen hard boiled eggs for snacks or adding to meals
  • Did lots of yard work and pulled lots of weeds
  • An old boss from 30+ years ago showed up at my door, offering condolences and he brought me a perennial to plant in the garden from his yard.  So very thoughtful.
  • I planted up 5 hanging baskets and planted a few pots
  • Cleaned inside of windows and mirrors
  • Cut my hair and did a quick color job.  I don't feel quite as old and frumpy now!
  • I went out and had a breakfast/brunch with my high school friend.  I needed that - it was quite cathartic.  She is one of my oldest friends.  We talked about everything - cried together - laughed - gave hugs - etc.  We spent 5 hours just talking!!!!!!! 
  • I used power tools this week!  I got around to altering the squirrel feeder that G & I planned of fixing.  I also cut some lattice to cover the 2nd rain barrel (which I also got set up).  I am always afraid an animal will try to walk across it (just covered with screen) and fall in - now it is protected. 
  • I put up the last bird feeder I got for Christmas (it's big - holds 10 lbs. of seed).  Found a place that I hope squirrels won't get to on the front porch.

  • I ran to my regular Kroger for the first time in weeks.  I had a hard time in there.  Everything I saw, I thought "Glen would love that".  I managed to get what I needed - milk, juice, cat litter and some peppers without losing it completely.  I did buy 2 - .99 bags of peppers.
  • Saturday I made a quick trip to the park up the road to the Farm Market - just to do something different.  I did buy lettuce.  I petted lots of sweet doggies!
  • Made fruit juice ice cubes to jazz up drinks
  • I did stop at 2 side by side yards sales across from Kroger the other day - they were huge.  Bought nothing.
  • I FINALLY got all the important stuff taken care of regarding Glen.  I have put off so many things - because as silly as it sounds - it just seemed to make things so permanent.  But all is taken care of and everything is process.  Relieved to have those things done.  Sigh

Easy meals this week:
Homemade Subway type sandwich (roll from freezer, lunchmeat and lots of fresh veggies added)
Turkey/cheese sandwich, a  few chips and a banana
Diced potatoes/onion/smoked sausage fried together
Smoked sausage (leftover) and hard boiled eggs
Waffles - (extra in the freezer)
Stuffed bell pepper - steamed pepper in micro, then filled with dirty rice (box mix) and cheese
Refried beans (freezer), dirty rice (leftover), cheese and tomato burrito


LADIES IN THE U.S. -  Don't forget this will be a good grocery stock-up week with Memorial Day coming up next weekend.  Look for those great deals that happen at holidays - hamburger, hotdogs, sausages, buns, pop, chips, condiments, melons, corn, etc.  I have already seen some super ads for this coming week.  Be penny wise and stock-up when the prices are cheap!!!!!!!!
Even swimsuits and summer wear are being advertised 50% off at some stores.


How was your week?  Did you find any deals or great savings?
I pray that you each have a blessed week and please stay healthy and safe my friends.
Blessings from my little humble home to yours.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Before Buying

There are things that we all need to purchase.  We need food, health and beauty items, medications, pet supplies and proper clothing.
BUT, do we NEED all the stuff we buy?  Probably not.

I know folks who just LOVE to shop.  They buy to be buying - although they would differ with my thoughts.  Some people have clothes hanging in the closet with tags still on them.  Some people don't know when to stop with flowers for the yard (there are other ways to get them than buying at times).  There are people addicted to buying purses, jewelry, shoes, tools, knick-knacks for the home, etc.

I have been trying to get rid of things and now I will be working even harder on that.  I want no one to have to deal with this stuff when I am gone.  It just isn't fair to anyone.

So there are a few questions we should all ask before making purchases.
  • Do I really NEED it or do I WANT it?
  • Do I already have something that will serve the same purpose?
  • Am I just buying it because it's cheap?
  • Will I LOVE it as much next week or next month as I do today?
  • Do I want to maintain or clean it?
  • Will I use it faithfully?
  • Can I really afford it - without going into debt?
  • Do I really have the extra room for it?
  • Is it actually a real value?
  • Will it truly bring me joy?
I think the first, second and last questions are the most critical for me.  I know we all look at things differently.  
What are your criteria for making new purchases?

I look around my house as I am sitting here, and yes most everything I SEE brings me joy.  But there is so much that is put away - that I never see and rarely use.  WHY?  What was I thinking when getting it?  I don't use many things, I don't love them and I don't need them and more importantly they sure don't bring JOY.
It's time to pass them on to someone who might love, need and use them.

The next time you go shopping - stop and ask yourself a few questions.  You just may save yourself some money.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Easy & Sturdy Mending

We always have items that need mended (at least I do).  I have lots of jeans, but they are all older.  Can't remember the last time I bought a pair of new jeans at a 'real' store!  Any jeans I have purchased in recent years were from thrift stores - and that hasn't happened in years.
I wear jeans almost exclusively!!!

I have always had a time of wearing out knees and the bum area of jeans - too much crawling around on the ground!  OK - I know people actually pay huge money for the look I end up with - shredded knees and such.  Not this gal - I can't stand my knees poking through.

I don't like iron patches, as I have never had good luck with them sticking well.  I just can't sew patches in place on knees with my sewing machine.  I can't get them in the right position without bunching up and sewing something extra into the mended area!!!

Here is what I use.
This stuff is great and lasts and lasts.  It can be purchased at most craft and fabric stores.  Not only do I use this on jeans - but I have used it on crafts as well.  We all have that project that is just an odd size or area to sew.   This stuff is great and holds up very well wash after wash.

As you can see in this picture, patches can be small or large.  The one on the left is the inside of a pair of jeans - knee patch.  The one on the right is patching I did right in the zipper/crotch area.  It was difficult working around the zipper and thick seams with sewing machine - sew I fused it!
I can always add a pretty patch to the outside of the knee or bum area with the same product.

I have used this product mending fabric purses, jeans, and craft projects.  I have 'fixed' small rips in the seam of pillows, without removing all the stuffing.  I have applied appliques to items easily.  This works wonderfully on any oddball area and on all kinds of fabric.
My neighbor called a month or so ago, asking for suggestions on attaching fabric to a chair she was recovering.  She used this to get everything attached and set - them she added brads for a finishing touch.  She called and said it worked so well, and that she would never be without it from now on (she doesn't sew).

I keep this on hand all the time.  If kept properly capped a bottle will last for ages.  I have a larger bottle (in stock) that I got several years ago when Hancock Fabric went out of business.  I don't ever want to be without it.

If you have never tried it (or any product that is similar), think about giving it a try.  Some areas sell a product called Liquid Stitch which is the same thing.
Hopefully this tip will help with your odd mending and craft projects.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/12

Good morning and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms of humans and fur babies!  I hope everyone has a special day.

It is rainy and chilly here today.  I sure wish the weather would get and STAY warmer!  They are calling for frost the next 2 mornings!!  Last year on Mother's Day it was almost 90*!
I did buy a few plants this week - but not putting out veggies for a few days - not taking a chance with frost.  Nights should maintain 50* for good planting here.  Looks more like end of the week will be better.

Many flowers are starting to bloom.  I have columbine blooming, and the poppies are starting to pop open.  My clematis has lots of big buds.  The peonies are covered with buds as well.  Leaves are coming on the grape arbor.

I put my hummingbird feeder on the 3rd and finally saw my FIRST baby of the season on the 10th.  Just one - but it is a start.  Still awful chilly at night around here.

  • I did some yard work the first part of the week.  Got the pampas grass all cut back, and did mowing and some trimming.  So much to do  (just not a lot of gumption to do it).
  • No heat all week - until yesterday morning.  The house was downright chilly, so I turned it on for one cycle.  Same this morning.  House holds heat well.  Rest of the week the windows were open and the house got lots of fresh air.
  • I had to order more checks from the bank - no charge for seniors!  Can't remember the last time we ordered checks.  Glen did everything online - not me!
  • Gave my neighbor a couple cans of coffee - I don't drink it, so someone should get use.
  • Donated to "feed the hungry" Post Office food drive yesterday
  • Went through a LOT more paperwork
  • I received a pretty wreath from a friend in Colorado.  It is on my front door in honor of Glen
  • I patched 4 pairs of old jeans - which will be great for just bumming around in
  • I did more cleaning - some regular that has been neglected last couple weeks and more deep cleaning
  • I cooked up a pound of ground beef into taco seasoned - used in a few meals
  • I ran to Big Lots one rainy day - just to get out of the gloomy house.  I got a couple deals.  I found 2 - 3 1/2 pound bags of cat food marked at .50 each and 2 - bottles of shampoo for .50.  Super deal for sure.

Simple meals this week:
Homemade bean/cheese/ salsa burrito
Mac n cheese topped with a little taco meat
Soft tacos
Cheesy baked potato topped with last of the taco meat
Tuna patty and leftover mac
Homemade small pizza
This and that - finished all leftovers

How was your week?

Taking things one day at a time and trying to move forward.  I finally got all the paperwork I need to move forward on some financial things.  Things sure are different.  I guess the only thing that is consistent in life - is change!  

I pray that each of you have a great, healthy and safe week.  I do love all my friends here.   I saw a prayer in the paper the other day I'd like to share.
"Show us, O God, how to simplify our lives.  Focus us on what is essential to live a life of love.  Help us to let go of the rest.  Amen."

Blessings from my humble little home and world to yours.
God bless you all.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Couple More Kitchen 101 Ideas

Today will be a couple more K101 ideas.  Just basics - but helpful.
Summer is coming upon us, and we can all use new ideas for food and drink. I hope this inspires someone!

I love this!!!  I make myself a lot of sparkling water with the soda stream.  This is a great way to add some flavor.  I like just a hint of flavor.  This would also be great for iced tea - I am thinking lemon or orange flavored Kool-Aid.  Just add a cube or two to a glass of your favorite cool drink!

Fresh fruits and veggies are a go to in the summer.  This is a refrigerate vs. don't refrigerate list.
I am OK with the refrigerate side - BUT I DO refrigerate apples, oranges, cucumbers and peppers.  I have a problem with those items going bad too quickly if not refrigerated.
I NEVER put a tomato in the frig.  I remember Mom would sometimes put a plate of leftover sliced tomatoes in the frig and I wouldn't touch them (and I LOVE tomatoes).  It sure did change the flavor in my opinion.
Do you agree with the lists?

Oh my, this is surely one of my favorite things.  Lettuce is a great spring/early summer garden food and this is just one more way to use it.  Everything is better with bacon!!!!!
I don't usually add egg or radish, but may try that.  YUM!

Hopefully this gives you an idea or two.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kitchen 101

Just a couple of tips to help us all out.  Canning season is fast approaching and it always good to have a quick reference to measures.
I like how the measurements have conversions as well.

Hope these help someone.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well, there isn't a lot of frugal news to share.  I will try.

The weather has been wet, with a side of more wet!!  Until today - 10 of the last 11 days have had rain.  The only one that didn't was Tuesday - the day of the funeral.  For that I am thankful.
It has rained at least one day of every weekend since the first of February.
The weed are growing like crazy, as well as the grass.

Hopefully if the dew dries, I can mow today.  It needs it again for sure.  So many weeds to pull out of the flower beds.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be dry, then more rain comes in for most of the week.  Garden will wait as well.  Today is truly beautiful outside.  Sun is shining and the sky doesn't have a single cloud.  It has been ages since we have had such a day.

The kitties are still not completely understanding where daddy is.  Lilly lays in his spot on the bed all day - every day.  At night I lay there, and she comes in and lays in his power chair.  Coogy just loves on me constantly, and lays with me at night.  He sits and stare at me, as if he is thinking.

  • I did put the hummingbird feeders up on 5/3 just in case.  Not much blooming, so I want them to have food if they show up.
  • I have not purchased groceries in almost 3 weeks, except 1/2 gallon milk a 2 liter bottle of pop and 2 vine tomatoes
  • Have done laundry in cold water
  • I have been eating once a day - nothing to brag about.  I did cook a couple eggs, and some pasta w/chili beans once.  Other than that it has been a sandwich, salad, or bowl of soup.
  • I have not turned on the heat in many days
  • I returned the library books this week, so I wouldn't forget.  Never finished reading - will get them again later.  I have tried to read, and just can not concentrate
  • I did go to  the feed store for the bird/squirrel feed.
  • I have been enjoying some beautiful roses and a lovely battery angel candle I received.  The roses smell so lovely,  I keep changing the water and babying them, so as to make them last.  I also have some houseplant planters, adding lots of green to the house.
  • I did figure out the bill situation - utilities and insurances are basically all we have.  Paid what was due.  Did some banking, till things are settled.
  • I had to go back to the cemetery in Thursday, so make all final decisions on the grave marker.  We had paid for it, years ago when buying our plots - but had to decide on style and granite backer.    I went by Glen's grave and was totally surprised at how neat it was.  I figured I would see a lot of mud two days out and rain - but it already had sod.  This all seems so surreal.

So there you have it.  I am just getting through a moment at a time.  EVERYTHING has changed.  The quiet is deafening!!!!  When attempting to watch TV, I have chosen all different things - I just can't watch our 'regular' programs.
I know I have to move forward and live the best life possible to  honor Glen.  He would want me experience life as well as I can.  I spent years staying by his side, and not venturing more than a few minutes away (in case something happened).  Well, I was right here, and it happened anyway.  
He would want me to hook back up with friends and family and do stuff.  Many have reached out for "when I am ready".  I have family and friends checking on me daily.  I have felt so much love.

I truly want to thank YOU ALL again for all the love and prayers that have been shared.  You just have no idea what it means to me.  You are all my friends and just gems in God's world.

May you all be blessed and have a good week.  Stay healthy, happy and frugal.  Hug, love and enjoy!
Blessings from this girl's humble little world to yours.
God bless.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Moving Forward

Well, moving forward is most difficult.  May I just say THIS SUCKS SO BAD!
I know we are never ready to lose anyone - but I sure wasn't ready for my sweet Glen to move on so soon.  This is just awful.

I am trying to make heads or tails of things.  I have to wait on several things until I get the actual death certificates in my hands.  I understand that, they have to have proof.
Luckily I can survive until that is all taken care of.

I sat down yesterday and went through bills - trying to figure what had been paid and what needed to be.  I paid our property taxes.  I think I have figured it all out.  I will be doing things 'the old fashioned way' - writing checks!  No online stuff for me.
Oh my word, Glen was sure a packrat when it came to paper work.  Why oh why, were there folders of things that weren't important at all from 5-6 years ago?
I have started to just go through things slowly.  I did go to the bank and transfer some money to take care of things for the next couple months - at least until everything is settled.

Lists and more lists are being made.  So many things to think about and do.  I have always been a list person - but now especially.

I had this saying put on his memorial card.  I love it and thought it may resonate with others as well.

THANK YOU to each and every person who has sent love and prayers and virtual hugs. I am so overwhelmed by the love from every corner of the globe.  My cup is full of love!
Thank you for the words of advice.
I will not be making any big decisions for ages.  I am now just moving forward one day at a time.  That is the most I can do at this time.  This is just so difficult and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Starting next week, until I get my head back on straight, I will be posting  little informative memes just to help folks out.  I will get myself together soon.

Again, THANK YOU for all the love.  Family, friends, and faith has held me up.  God is my comforter.
God bless you all.