Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/26

Good morning to everyone.  Here we are already to start another week.
This is Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S..  Please try to remember that it is not a holiday for celebrating a long weekend, cookouts and parties, or the race.  It is a day to observe and remember all the hero's that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.  We can not offer enough thanks to them or their families.  This old country may have some problems - but we have had so many men and women who have fought to keep us free.  To them I say THANK YOU!

We have had more rain this week.  One has to take advantage and do what can be done in between showers and storms.  It has been so wet.  I am just thankful that we have not had the problems the mid section of this country has had this spring.  It is awful - the flooding has been catastrophic for so many.  I think those of us around here can stand a little mud.
It got hot as well.  We got close to 90 on Friday and yesterday.  Muggy and humid.  I did turn the AC on for about 2 hours each day, just to remove the humidity from the air.  The house stays very comfortable.  I keep the blinds shut on the appropriate sides of the house as the sun moves.

I have been seeing a cottontail in my neighbors yard several evenings!  Oh, how cute.
I do believe that 2 of my climbing rose bushes have gone wild.  That may be why there were hardly any flowers last year.  There are literally hundreds of buds on them this year - so wild or not - I will enjoy as will the bees.

It has been quiet this week.
  • I did a lot of weeding (easy to pull)
  • I trimmed the forsythia bushes out back.  4 big ones trimmed up nicely and one cut back to ground (it's in a bad spot).  What a hot job that was.
  • Got everything mowed in between rains
  • Picked many bouquets of peonies and a few roses.  I can't say how many peonies I cut.  I just love them and their smell.  They are about done.  I have had them in every room this week.
  • I cooked up a pound of sausage into patties for freezer and quick fixes
  • I made a nice bowl of bean/corn/veggie salad for many days
  • I keep making nectar and refilling hummy feeders.  I want it fresh and not nasty.  I still haven't seen many at feeders - but have seen a couple flitting around the garden flowers.  One was on begonia a couple feet from me, and flew past me and almost hit me!  That was exciting!!!
  • I went to see my brother/sister in-law this week.  Had a nice visit and my nephew was there as well.  Such a sweet boy!  (This is the only time I left the house this week)
  • I did a little cleaning and organizing in the garage
This is how Coogy and Lilly spent much of the week.  Sitting in front of the door watching the birds eat from the new feeder on the front porch.  It was like their own private TV!!!!!  The get so excited seeing the birdies.

Easy meals this week:
Cheeseburger and salad
Beef/cheese/salsa quesadilla
Leftover pizza I pulled from freezer
Hot dogs and chips/salsa
Rueben sandwich (less rye - had none, wasn't buying any - didn't miss it)
Tuna salad with crackers
Sausage/egg sandwich and corn/bean salad

So as you can see, just not real exciting.  Life is different and no need to shop much.  I have plenty of food here, and I need to use what I have.  No need to go out and spend money on things I don't really need.  This week I just felt like 'nesting' and staying close to home. 

 Did you get any deals?  How was your frugal week?  How are the gardens doing - if planted already?

I pray this finds you all healthy and safe.  May the Lord help us have open eyes to all the miracles that surround us and grateful hearts for all the love we receive.
Be safe and healthy in the coming week.

Blessings from my little home to yours.


  1. You have your own tv for the cats!
    I'm glad you were able to get out and visit.
    It's mud city here too band I can't wait for it to dry out so we can plant. So sad the flooding and the awful tornado in OK I heard about.

    1. Yep, the kitties are happy!
      I am ready for the mud to cease as well. We may be begging for water later - that is how it always seems to work.

  2. Cute picture of the cats. The garden is very dry here as only a few very brief showers over the past week It's gone very dark now so may rain again. Trying to use up food in the freezer.

    1. Hope you get rain if needed. Using up food you have is such a frugal!! Good job.

  3. Love the kitties so cute. I have been back to the store twice to stock up on items that had limits. Like ice cream, bacon, corn on the cob. I want to eat while we can these things that are on sale. Also the pork and beans I mentioned earlier. Our garden is in and growing fast, but I still have things to plant, like marigolds.

    1. Good for you on getting the bargains. That is just such a huge savings. Corn sounds really good.
      I got my tomatoes in today - I hope things grow well.

  4. Your kitties look so cute with their own tv. Your peonies and roses re beautiful. I wish I could smell them too. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl.

    1. Thanks. The cats are so funny some days. They sure do keep me company.
      I wish I had smell-o-vision on the computer so everyone could smell them!!!!
      Thanks - you as well.

  5. We call the back slider 'PTV' as in pet tv! Our dog is watching right now, in fact. Do your cats chatter? We used to love when ours did, with their heads bobbing in unison! We are overrun with bunnies every spring so our dog just stares.

    I used to work with a Canadian woman and she was surprised about how Memorial Day was used by establishments as a sale excuse. She considered it quite a somber day. We keep a pretty low profile. We stay home unless there's something in town. We always watch the PBS special, which is on tonight. I love the celebration of those that have sacrificed for us. If you've never watched, I recommend it.

    I'm glad you're continuing to post. I always look forward to it. As for exciting, our life is anything but, lol. We're total creatures of habit. My friends will call and, knowing me as they do, say, "Are you done cleaning the bathrooms(or whatever) yet?" We paint and update one room a year over Thanksgiving weekend. Even my hair stylist will ask in October, "So, which room are you painting and what color?" Yeah, we're a load of action! Just know that I love your posts and am inspired by them! 😀

    1. Yes my cats chatter. It just cracks me up. They get so excited.
      I agree it is sad that furniture companies and cars companies (to name a couple) use this somber day for their advantage. We never did anything in 'celebration'. We know people who have had children that didn't come home - so it really hits hard.

      Thanks. I want to keep posting and trying to move forward. I would go crazy if I didn't. Our lives have always been kind of 'dull' by most peoples standards. That was ok for us - no drama! I am glad I am not alone. Just a calm life says so much about people. It's a good thing.

      Thanks you for your kind words!

  6. Had to add that the PBS special was fabulous, as usual.

  7. Sometimes 'Nesting" and staying close to home is best. This week was super busy & a bit stressful at work (I work for an HVAC/Plumbing company.) We have lots of big jobs going on and the start of the heat has all the A/Cs that are going fail, failing. And then I was sick with the stomach flu Thursday night into Friday morning, so I had to stay home. I guess the men at the office learned how much I do, do there. *wink*
    Frugal doings: I decided against buying planters for the cemeteries we visit. Usually I have plenty of peonies and iris, but with the cooler spring, my peonies are just starting to open. At our little local country cemetery we took my stoop planters to Farmer's parents & grandparents and I had just 2 small white peonies to add to a few iris for our infant grandson's grave. We took those over on Saturday afternoon. Today I had a few more peonies so I made up a bouquet and we took those to my dad's grave. Unfortunately the other grandparents and aunts/uncles/infants we visit will have to do without this year. I won't buy plastic or silk and I couldn't see spending $50 for planters that will probably dry out & die before I can get back to pick them up.
    On the home front, we did turn on the a/c here since we had the grandbabies here Saturday morning and it was so muggy. I am keeping it at 75 so it runs little. We have the ceiling fans on and I too close the drapes & shades on the sunny side of the house.
    It is a holiday weekend but we are not having a party. We did treat ourselves to a watermelon (not great) and some soft-packed ice cream for strawberries. We had our holiday meal tonight, hot dogs on the grill; baked beans, macaroni salad, deviled eggs and those strawberries & ice cream. Tomorrow I think I will grill what meats we might want to eat this week: chicken, burgers and maybe 1 steak for salads. We have lots of fresh produce to use up and I must clean out the freezer before the end of June when we will get our 1/2 beef. I got 4 freshly butchered chickens on Thursday and cut those up that evening. I flash froze them and need to vacuum-pack them and make stock to get those carcuses out of the freezer.
    Please continue to take care of you. One day at a time. I admire your strength.

    1. Years ago I worked for a HVAC company. This is definitely a busy time of the year. SO sorry you were ill - but glad they found out they NEED you!
      I remember as a child we always took coffee cans (Mom wrapped in foil to pretty up) full of peonies to the cemeteries. My sister mentioned yesterday that she took peonies to Mom & Dad's grave. Usually they bloom before Memorial Day, and aren't pretty - this year the timing was perfect.

      Great idea to cook up a weeks worth of meats on the grill. It just tastes so much better. Love that you are using what you have so nothing goes to waste.

      I am trying to take care - I have to. Thank you.

  8. I love peonies and hydrangeas, but don't have access to peonies. I have a hydrangea bush in a pot that comes back every year and is lovely this year. Hope you're doing well and finding a new normal. I think of you often and say a little prayer.

    1. My old hydrangea died out - and last year I planted a new (tiny) one. It is growing a lot this year. They are so pretty.
      I am doing ok - a little better each day. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  9. I appreciate the cartoon message on Memorial Day. Such a great reminder!

    Hope you are doing okay, just stopping by. (Those kitty angels are so great). : )

    Blessings to you, ~Amelia

    1. Yes, we need to remember that some gave all.
      I love my babies! They keep me company for sure.
      Thanks, I am doing OK. Love the visits!

  10. Happy Memorial Day! I am always flummoxed most people forget what the day about is too. I grew up around veterans all my life. Military and veterans mean the world to me. Our sweet brave heroes.

    Oh my gosh Coogy & Lilly are so beautiful. Love them. I love their coats. I can tell they are spoiled rotten. I did laugh because they match your door carpet. :) That is so cute. They are camouflage for a surprise attack. :)

    I love your peonies.

    Flooding here. :( Luckily, no real major damage so far. My garden is growing. I really consider that a miracle. I don't know how my garden is growing. My yard is a lake. I still trying to get things planted. I have strawberries already to be eaten.

    Normal frugal quiet week. The way I like it.

    1. They are pretty babies aren't they? They give me so much joy.
      Sorry for the flooding - that is happening in so many places. Not many farmers in our area have even been able to plant crops - it is just so wet. This sure has been some year.

      I hope your garden does well. Mmmmm - strawberries - yum.

      Quiet and frugal means no drama. Gotta love that!

  11. I have some blue jays at my bird feeder as I write this. I love watching them. We always have bunnies in the yard. My dog chases them out. We had a very busy weekend. My BIL turned 50 Saturday and then we went to a friend's BBQ on Sunday. We stayed home Monday and did lots of yard work and got the patio and furniture cleaned up. We ate well. Hubby made burgers and I made milkshakes. We had a nice fire last night and made smores.

    1. I love the blue jays - so majestic. They like me to leave them peanuts as well. They go along the handrail and shake the shells until they fund the one they want - then off they go with it.

      It sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  12. Oh I love the picture of your kitties. Glad they are keeping you entertained! We have a stray kitty that brings us "presents" sometimes. She is so proud of her little self, but I really wish she wouldn't.
    Your flowers are lovely. I'm sure they smell heavenly.
    Your bean, corn, veggie salad sounds tasty. What sort of dressing do you use?
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Our old neighbors cat used to that too. Only it would bring US it's find - not it's parents house. Crazy little things.

      I made this one quick and easy. One drained can corn and one of red beans. Added what I wanted fresh (cuke, toms, onions, peppers) and poured on zippy Italian dressing. I added about 1/4 cup sugar to give it a bit of sweetness. YUM! I usually make my own dressing for such things - but figured I would try this and it worked!
      Have a great week.