Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/19

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a good week.
We have had many days of lovely weather this week.  Thursday evening we had a heck of a storm come through our state.  We had wind gusts of 60+ mph!  You couldn't even see across the street the rain was so fierce.  Many areas had tons of damage and many are still without power.  We had no damage at all thank goodness.
Yesterday got in the upper 80's and it was sunny and humid.  Just a little taste of summer!  Today storms returning for a part of the day.

I have been enjoying watching nature and seeing all the pretty flowers starting to bloom.  Saw my first groundhog of the season Thursday morning.  I am HOPING he was just passing through, and not staying.  I haven't seen it since.  Still haven't seen another hummer yet!  Usually start showing up regularly around first of June.

I found out the young couple next door are NOT going to move for at least another year.  I am so relieved.  They are just so sweet and have the sweetest 18 month old named Charlotte.  I was so dreading the thought of new neighbors - not ever knowing what you may get.  God is looking out for me!

My week:
  • Cooked a dozen hard boiled eggs for snacks or adding to meals
  • Did lots of yard work and pulled lots of weeds
  • An old boss from 30+ years ago showed up at my door, offering condolences and he brought me a perennial to plant in the garden from his yard.  So very thoughtful.
  • I planted up 5 hanging baskets and planted a few pots
  • Cleaned inside of windows and mirrors
  • Cut my hair and did a quick color job.  I don't feel quite as old and frumpy now!
  • I went out and had a breakfast/brunch with my high school friend.  I needed that - it was quite cathartic.  She is one of my oldest friends.  We talked about everything - cried together - laughed - gave hugs - etc.  We spent 5 hours just talking!!!!!!! 
  • I used power tools this week!  I got around to altering the squirrel feeder that G & I planned of fixing.  I also cut some lattice to cover the 2nd rain barrel (which I also got set up).  I am always afraid an animal will try to walk across it (just covered with screen) and fall in - now it is protected. 
  • I put up the last bird feeder I got for Christmas (it's big - holds 10 lbs. of seed).  Found a place that I hope squirrels won't get to on the front porch.

  • I ran to my regular Kroger for the first time in weeks.  I had a hard time in there.  Everything I saw, I thought "Glen would love that".  I managed to get what I needed - milk, juice, cat litter and some peppers without losing it completely.  I did buy 2 - .99 bags of peppers.
  • Saturday I made a quick trip to the park up the road to the Farm Market - just to do something different.  I did buy lettuce.  I petted lots of sweet doggies!
  • Made fruit juice ice cubes to jazz up drinks
  • I did stop at 2 side by side yards sales across from Kroger the other day - they were huge.  Bought nothing.
  • I FINALLY got all the important stuff taken care of regarding Glen.  I have put off so many things - because as silly as it sounds - it just seemed to make things so permanent.  But all is taken care of and everything is process.  Relieved to have those things done.  Sigh

Easy meals this week:
Homemade Subway type sandwich (roll from freezer, lunchmeat and lots of fresh veggies added)
Turkey/cheese sandwich, a  few chips and a banana
Diced potatoes/onion/smoked sausage fried together
Smoked sausage (leftover) and hard boiled eggs
Waffles - (extra in the freezer)
Stuffed bell pepper - steamed pepper in micro, then filled with dirty rice (box mix) and cheese
Refried beans (freezer), dirty rice (leftover), cheese and tomato burrito


LADIES IN THE U.S. -  Don't forget this will be a good grocery stock-up week with Memorial Day coming up next weekend.  Look for those great deals that happen at holidays - hamburger, hotdogs, sausages, buns, pop, chips, condiments, melons, corn, etc.  I have already seen some super ads for this coming week.  Be penny wise and stock-up when the prices are cheap!!!!!!!!
Even swimsuits and summer wear are being advertised 50% off at some stores.


How was your week?  Did you find any deals or great savings?
I pray that you each have a blessed week and please stay healthy and safe my friends.
Blessings from my little humble home to yours.


  1. I'm happy to hear you had a nice weekend and connected with old friends.

    We got a 4 day heat wave and hubs was away on a work conference. And wouldn't you know the A/C wasn't cooling?! It got up to 84 inside from about 6 to midnight. I couldn't sleep. The AC guy and hubs both arrived within 15 minutes of each other! It needed a new part, but it's fixed. I was actually feeling ill from the heat. The last morning of the sweltering, the phone rang while I was dozing off and I forgot how to answer it. That scared me. I couldn't get enough fluids Th and Fr and slept a lot. I felt better yesterday and normal today. Sheesh- I lost nearly a week in that ordeal. My meals were mostly cold cereal!

    I did manage to clean my washer (top loader), repair several items of clothing, touch up paint our bedroom dresser, find some books to donate, and cut out some things for sewing. I'm currently reading:
    Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George.
    The Titans by John Jake's
    The Proving by Beverley Lewis
    And, I have a new audio CD to listen to but I can't recall the name or author!

    My peonies are exploding and so beautiful! Same with my purple iris.

    Enjoy your week and I look forward to hearing how a squirrel emptied that whole feeder! They're sneaky little stinkers!!

    1. I am sorry you went through that. Heat and humidity is just miserable.
      Oh the squirrel didn't empty it - I just didn't fill it totally. I put it on the porch so the squirrel WOULDN'T get it - so far so good!

      I went out today and picked 3 bouquets of peonies. My favorites!!!!!

      have a good one and stay cool!

  2. I stocked up on hot dogs. I got 4 packs at $1.44 each and then went back and got 8 more packs for my youngest's graduation party. She is having a bunch of friends over and that will be easy to make. I also stocked up on mustard and ketchup since this is the lowest it goes all year. I got 6 of each. The mustards ended up being 58¢ each and the ketchups were $1.08 each. I also stocked up on soda. We don't drink it often but I want it for the party. They were 10 2 liters for $10. I had 3 $1 off coupons so I got them for 70¢ each. That should be plenty for the party. Can't wait to see what goes on sale this coming weekend.

    1. You go girl. I should have know you had already stocking up on holiday deals. Good job. What awesome grad party finds. Perfect.
      Meijer has ground beef for 1.79/lb. this week - a deal no matter you live! Also pop cases (24) for 4.99 on the buy 5 (various items) deal.

      I look forward to seeing what you get next week.

  3. I am so sorry that all things bring memories and it will be that way for quite a while. I see tings often and say oh mom would have loved that. Hugs to you my friend.

    1. Yeah, it stinks - but OK because I am sure it will go on for ages. He is always in my mind.
      I lost Mom in 2001 and still go to pick up the phone for various reasons.
      Just part of life. Thanks!!!!!

    2. I do the same thing. My oldest just got engaged and I wanted to call my grandma. She passed away when I was pregnant with my youngest. I still remember her phone number like I called her yesterday.

    3. That just means they are a part of our lives each and every day!!!!

    4. I know! I still have questions and there's nobody to ask. For those of you with young relatives, tell them to make a list of 100 questions to ask you. Answer them and make them a little book for a gift. Not obvious questions, though they're fun, but tell them to really think. I asked my mom about how she felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis since I was a newborn. Was she scared or what... Maybe what you were doing during 9/11 and what it was like. Kids are busy in the here and now, but they'll eventually wish they had asked. I know I sure wish I could telephone the heavens with about a million more questions for family!

    5. Debby that is a fantastic idea. I love that. So many things they won't to ask until it is too late. We all know that.
      Oh, how I wish there was a phone line as well. I guess that is our memories and how we represent our loved ones on a daily basis. I still talk to them all (out loud), and I sure do think I get shown answers at times.

      Now you have me thinking of a new project.

  4. It's nice to hear you had a good visit with your friend. I'm sorry the trip to Kroger was hard on you. Hopefully as time goes by, that will be easier. That's what I'm praying for, for you today. I would love to pet the doggies like you did on your walk to the Farmer's Market. We have 3 kittens right now that need our loving. LOL I hope you have a good Sunday, Cheryl.

    1. Some things are just harder than others.
      I have kitties I love on everyday - but it is always fun to pet sweet doggies as well.

      Have a great week and thank you for your prayers.

  5. We are ready to go get some more hamburger...Such good deals this week like you said. I
    That is a huge bird feeder Cheryl. I bet it's nice not to have to refill it so often.

    1. No way was I going to fill it and then have other critters eat it. I just added a little to start!
      It sure is a pretty one!

  6. We went to a few garage sales yesterday since it rained & DearFarmer (DF) had gotten the planting all in! We don't need anything but the kids & grands do. We found a Step2 2 seater wagon for $25 (retail $70+); an Alphabet Train for $4 (retails $50); a PacknPlay for $5 (retails $50) for our house; a stepstool that looks like new for a few $; books and some clothes for the littles. They were thrilled with the wagon & train. I love that I saved almost $200 not buying those things brand new.

    1. Great deals. Grandma's need to have all kinds of goodies at their homes too!
      I bet the kids think you are the best!

  7. I am so glad you have friends surrounding you. I have been worried about you being alone.

    Do you have any frugal friends you can take shopping with you? I know that helped me a lot. For me stores always seem to be the worst when we are mourning.

    I love to go out and pet dogs. I have no shame, lol. I let people pet my baby too. It is such a comfort, isn't it?

    I did lots of gardening this week. Had to turn the air on for a couple of days. Ozark humidity is the worst. It was a normal frugal week.

    1. I do have a lot of friends and family around and that is comforting. Petting ANY animal is comforting for me!!! Love me some animals!

      None quite as frugal as myself - but I guess I could teach them a few tricks!
      I imagine AC will come on here for a day or so at the end of the week - as it is supposed to get really hot for a day or two.
      Have a good week.

  8. Cheryl, I don't know you but I feel as though I do. I wanted you to know that I think of you each day as you go through this very hard time of adjustment. You are brave to get out there and carry on. Please take all the time you need away from the blog and take care of you. My love, my thoughts and my sorrow for you. Susan

    1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It is tough for sure. I will forge ahead and try my best to do what would make my husband proud.

  9. I received my grocery sales paper yesterday. I see several things I need to stock up on!! Thinking of you!

    1. Good deal. I hope you are able to stock your pantry cheaply.
      Thank you!