Sunday, February 28, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/28

 Well, here we are at the end of another month.  Goodness.
It is 50* this morning and raining.  What a difference a couple weeks makes!!!!  The piles of snow are now gone from my yard - it really is hard to believe.
It looks as if March will come in like a lamb - sunny and 40's.  Weather should be more normal this week for this time of the year.  YAY.
Now we just get through muddy season!

Birds and squirrels are not eating as much this week.  Guess they like the warm weather as well.  It seems to be mating season!!  Kitties are loving the warmer days and sunshine.

My week:
  • I refilled all the feed bins with supplies on hand
  • Swept out the greenhouse, swept the front porch (a couple times), shook out door throw rugs. mopped kitchen
  • Got to air out the house on 3 days this week (above 50*)
  • Made new weather strip flaps on the greenhouse door.  The others were brittle and broke after so many years of weather.  I used Gorilla tape and made very sturdy strips myself - worked great
  • I ate my LAST garden tomato!!!  Yep - had one left from picking green in fall.
  • I had cabin fever and got out one day.  I ran to Fresh Thyme and got my supplements I wanted and got a few fresh veggies
  • Made a stop at Kroger as well just to look and got a couple good deals.  That was all I got
                     2 bags of mini cookies - lasagna noodles and Worcestershire sauce
      Manager's special markdown - .79 a jar.  Got the last 3 on the shelf.  I love Polish pickles
The container of dip veggies on markdown for 1.29.  Pretty darn cheap for an assortment
  • I then stopped at Big Lots to look for some flat cushions for a couple lawn chairs - they had nothing I could use.  Found chips on clearance!!!
                                       .48 a bag!!  I got 4 bags.  WOOHOO
  • Just doing all the normal stuff - vacuuming, laundry, dusting, cooking from scratch, watching You Tube videos, etc.
  • Found a partial jar of home canned kraut in the frig.  Don't know how that happened!!  Usually if some is left I eat it straight from the jar within a day or two!!  LOL  I used it up
  • Washed out a few baggies and a juice bottle to reuse
  • Found a bag of faux crab in freezer that I used this week for 2 different meals
Meals this past week:
Veggie soup (from freezer) and garlic toast
Faux crab salad sandwich and pickles
Crab/mac/pea/cheese casserole  - think upscale tuna mac!  It was tasty
Mushroom/Swiss burger and salad
Soft fish tacos and corn chips
Tuna patty and salad
Smoked sausage with kraut and mashed potatoes

Just using what I have and trying to get a little creative with it.  I have enjoyed the warmer temps and some sunshine this week.  Got to actually 'fence' chat with a neighbor a couple times.
How was your week?  What has everyone been up to?

Blessings from my humble home to yours.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17
Dear Lord, may we continue to bless each other with ideas and love to help each and every one we come in contact with.  Help us to lift one another up with joy!  Amen

Thursday, February 25, 2021

A Thursday Tip or Two From Me to You

 This week I have been doing little things that just saves me some time or money or just makes life a little easier.  I do them all the time, but got to thinking - maybe some might be  new to others!

Odds and ends - can just make life a little easier.

My dining room chairs are covered with a fabric that has the texture somewhat like corduroy.  Coogie loves to lay on them.  See where I am going?  Fur sticks like a magnet.  They are hard to clean - it takes forever to vacuum it off.  I came up with a solution that works for  me.  I had a set of cotton dinner napkins that I don't really use - so they became chair seat covers.  Easily removeable and washable.  It is most often just me here - so no one sees and besides the chairs are under the table - so not seen.

I like Extra chewing gum.  I have purchased several of the big packs that come in a plastic box for quite some time.  I have kept the boxes (they look somewhat like a cassette tape box).  Well when I chipped out the bottom of my favorite candle to keep for melts - I stuck the pieces in one of the cases.  I keep this one in the bathroom in the cabinet.  The cases would be great for carrying wipes in your handbag or extra face masks.  Could make a little sewing kit to carry.  You could just keep all kinds of things in them.  

I don't drink coffee - but I keep coffee machine filters on hand.  You can get a huge package at the Dollar stores for almost nothing.  They are good for many things.  I use for a splatter guard in the microwave.  I flatten one out and cover the food.  Keeps the microwave clean.  Use to hold  small snacks for kids.  I have placed in my mesh sieve and used to filter out particles in liquid. 
I have placed in the bottom of clay pots to keep the dirt from coming out the bottom hole - yet still provide drainage.  So many uses!

Emptied out the last detergent from a large bottle of dish soap this week.  Kept the squirt lid and soaked and cleaned.  I love using them on my bottles of water/drink (when working outside).  Keeps bugs out of your drink and you can just get a squirt/drink.  They are fun for kids to make bottles into squirt 'guns',    You can turn any small top bottle into a squirt bottle.  Again there are many uses.

If you have ever gotten a tub of ice that takes a while to use - you may have noticed that ice crystals for on top of the ice cream.  ICK.  I always cover the top of the ice cream with a piece of plastic wrap - it fits snuggly and is a barrier.  Put you lid back on - and your ice cream stays nice and ice crystal free.

Here is an idea that I use now - in the past I may have thought it dorky!!!  LOL.  I did not purchase prescription sunglasses the last time I got new glasses as they are just so darned expensive.  I do have those little clip on things and they are OK.  One day back a while ago - I was looking at the clearance area at Kroger and they had sunglasses for $1.  YEP.  Well I went through them and found 3 pair that weren't scratched or anything.  I now just slip them on OVER my glasses.  Unless you're right up in my face - you can't tell I have on 2 pair of glasses.  Best part is they work!!!!!  Surprisingly they fit well.

This pair needs a good cleaning!  LOL  Kind of fashionable looking!  I keep a pair in the car and one in the house and have another put back in storage.

When freezing ground meat - whether using zip type baggies or vacuum seal bags - make sure your chunk of ground meat is flattened.  If you flatten it before freezing - it makes it easily stackable and saves freezer space.  It will also thaw in no time at all.

Well there you have Thursday's tips from me to you.  Maybe you will find one or two that will work for you.
Thanks for following along!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

$$ - Survival Strategies - From the Recent Past

 I was going through some old files yesterday trying to come up with some new ideas and I came across an article from over a decade ago on surviving economic hard times.  Well, as they say, "all things old are new again"!!!!!!  Yep - different circumstances - same old story.  (remember 2008/9)
Society goes through changes and cycles and if you pay attention JUST MAYBE you can learn a few things that will help you survive the NEXT CRISIS!!! (there will be a next - there always is)

Most people with low or moderate income are the ones that really see the hard times.  Loss of jobs and income - gives you less to live on, changes lifestyles, and causes some people to panic.  
Even if you don't consider yourself of low or moderate means, you can learn and prevent yourself from going down the drain in a spiral.

  • FIRST - QUIT listening to corporations and politicians!  Turn off your TV's.  Corporations are trying their best to convince you that you can't live (well) without their products.    You will be smarter, better liked, and better off to have their products.  B.S.!!!!!!!  Politicians are more than likely telling you what they THINK you want to hear.  All it does is cause stress and more worry.  Turn it off.
  • Don't be a slave to a lender.  Avoid debt as if it is the plaque!!!!!!!  No loans.  No charge cards (unless paying 100% off each month).  No pay day loans.  Pay off debt as quickly as you can.  If you would experience a cut in pay - hopefully you can make it.
  • STOP buying new stuff.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, make it over, make do or do without.  Shop thrift and yard sales.  Always look to buy "after market" first.  If and only if you can't find what you need - do you buy new - and only after thinking long and hard on it!!!
  • Be very frugal with utilities.  They go up all the time, and the less you use the better.
  • Grow some of your own food.  Instead of flowers, plant veggies.  Learn to can, and preserve in some way.  Growing food is like growing money in your yard!
  • SAVE something each and every month!!!!!  $5, $10, $20 - something!  If you are working and can utilize 401K (or similar) - do it.  You will save and never miss the funds.  
  • Try to have AT MINIMUM 2 - 3 months (6 is better) worth of food and supplies on hand at all times.  Prices go up and you need to buy when cheaper.  Utilize sales, discounts, clearance, coupons, every option you can.  Find a place to store extras - under beds, in closets, on shelves, under/behind the couch - just find space !!  (seriously it could save your life)
  • If you can find a way to make extra income - do it.  Start a small side business.  Mow lawns, sell veggies from garden, do landscaping for others, sew for others, bake for others, buy cheap and resale, teach classes, etc.  DON'T fall for pyramid schemes!!!!!  They never work out - make it a good and honest side venture
  • If you have investments- don't touch them now!  Hopefully you are far enough from needing them - to not bother them.  Investments go up and down.  You make an investment for your future - leave it alone!  Don't panic and remove them.  You may make the biggest mistake ever.  Penalties and taxes can eat you alive!!!!  Just hang on - the day will come - just be careful.
  • Be careful about falling for the two income trap!  Many say they need 2 incomes to survive and many may.  BUT remember that comes with extra vehicle expenses, child care, extra clothes, food/lunches, insurance and on and on.  It just MAY be cheaper for one to stay home and take care of things on that level and maybe even home school (important today).
  • DON'T give in to despair and don't feel sorry for yourself.  You aren't alone.  Live more frugally and sustainably.  Take your blessings where you can.  It is freeing to get out of the consumer lifestyle.  Your stuff is not you - it is time your realize that.  Be a good person, do your best for you and your family and your community and the CRAP you have will mean nothing!  You will see such a difference.  Learn/develop a new self image.
Spending money, having new stuff, better stuff and more stuff than others doesn't make you a good person.  Your heart and your understanding and your learning/teaching make you a better person.
Stop being a slave to corporations, credit cards and banks.  They could care less if you can live well - they just want to your money.

REMEMBER - Living a slower lifestyle on less DOESN'T make you a second class citizen - BECAUSE you will have a first class worry free life!
Better times are ahead - it is just going to be bumpy for a while.  We can all get through it and we can do it together.  Make no hasty decisions - learn to live with less stress, risk and emotional turmoil in your life.

DON'T WORRY - BE HAPPY and go forward with gusto!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

It is All How We See It

 Life has changed so much in the past year or so.  We have had to stay home more now.  Less socializing.  Many have lost jobs and income.  Many have retired and are looking at a new life style.

BUT - we have also had more time to reflect on what is really important.  We have had more time to truly love and enjoy the people around us.  We have had an opportunity to learn new ways.   We have had an opportunity to be more frugal (chosen or not) and maybe save a few dollars.  People are learning to garden and provide for themselves.  Life has changed - but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

ENJOY what you can and what you are given.  ENJOY it to the fullest - you do not know what tomorrow brings.  Last evening I looked out and was in awe of the most incredible sunset.  The sky looked to be ablaze.  This morning I went out in the sunshine and heard ALL the birds singing their songs.  It almost sounded like a spring day.  The sun is shining, temperatures are going up and the snow is melting.
                                       The western sky Monday evening.

We (society) are quick to judge people today - it has become what people do.  I do not understand why that is OK.  Looks can be deceiving.  Some folks worked hard and had much for years - and are suddenly without a job.  So if they show up at a food give away in a nice car and nice clothes - they are judged as not needy.  People see someone in older clothes, driving a ratty car - they think poor.  WHY?
I never made a lot of money - we had enough - but I always had nice clothes and looked polished.  I bought those clothes for pennies at thrift/yard sales.  No new car until later in life - but they got us where we needed to be.  I could have been judged both ways.
People have asked me over and over for years - why not move - you can afford more.  First, gee thanks for telling me you think what I have is inferior in your eyes!!!!!  Second, mind your own business!  My home is paid for, easy to take care of, and WHY do I need bigger and more?

This morning I was looking through pictures of homes of the rich and famous - oh my!  There were sure some big old fancy and expensive places.  Millions and millions of dollars.  10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 millions of dollars.   I do not understand WHY anyone needs that - except they can!  OK.  That is how they choose to spend their money and that is their choice. Do I understand it - no.  Do they care?  No.  Is my opinion important?  No.  Their choice, their money, their debt, their world.  
Money and choices can be a matter of perspective.  A half million dollars for a house can be average in some places (location matters) - and in other places it would buy a mansion.
What is rich to me - is poor to someone else.
                              This is what it is all about - not money and things

Many of the upper middle class has now become middle or upper lower - do to change in finances. (Gosh I hate those labels)    They may have a hard time adjusting, but for some of us it is all normal.  We all have to learn to deal with what life throws at us and work to make it wonderful.
No matter how much you have - life is still a miracle and it is still beautiful.  Look at the basics and spend more time enjoying them, than what you may NOT have now.
Appreciate each and every day you have with people - than can change in an instant.
Enjoy your freedoms and your health - it can all change.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature - it is a gift from God.  It truly amazes me how many people, never stop to listen and see!

Take time for the little things - they truly aren't little.  Be appreciative of what you have.  Learn new ways when necessary and go forward with zest an vigor.  Quit bit**ing  about what is now gone - get up and do it again or adjust.  Make adjustments where needed.
You woke up today - the sun came up - and you have been given another day.

Each day is a GIFT - the ultimate gift.  Make it the best!!  
Do something, learn something, give something, help with something, enjoy something.
You ARE blessed!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 2/21

 Good morning to all!  Happy Sunday!!!!!
What a week we had last week - it sure seems to have been a mess for most of the U.S..  Glad that week is in the history books now!

I woke this morning to the first day in over two weeks to the temperature being in the 20's - not the teens or single digits!!!!  We hit 33* yesterday and the sun was shining brightly.  
A beautiful sunrise this morning was enjoyed as well.  We will be getting RAIN tonight.  Yes rain (maybe some flurries and sleet first).  This next week will actually have NORMAL temperatures for this time of the year! (40's).  I well imagine it will be a muddy and sloppy mess with all the melting snow and ice - but hey, we have to pick our battles and sloppy is OK!
I have mounds of snow that are chest high out front - that will be a lot of melting!

The kitties have much enjoyed the sunshine the past 3 days!  Doesn't matter it is cold - they love being in the sunshine and playing.  Fluffy and a squirrel were playing peek-a-boo this morning!  It was so cute.  The cats have never once hurt a squirrel - they just like playing.
Birds and squirrels have sure ate a lot during these cold and snowy days.
I know the kitties will be glad when much of this snow is gone and they can go where they want without walking through all that icky snow!!!  LOL

This week didn't have any major events of the to do part - except moving lots and lots of snow!  Just a lot of little things.
OH, after spending hours and hours - I have the computer fixed!  I am proud of myself, as I am not at all computer savvy.  I got it though!

My week:
  • Lots and lots of FREE exercise!!!!  Can't tell you how many times I shoveled snow
  • I recorded a bunch of older shows before the blizzard - figuring I would lose the DISH cable.  But it blew so much, that it didn't accumulate on the dish this time.
  • Figured out my Blogger problem!!!!  I guess they count all info in your files including your email. I opened a g-mail account strictly to set up Blog and have never used for anything else.  Haven't looked at it in eons (you have no idea).  Tons of emails - it seems when many people post to Blog it also shows up in email (I had no idea).  I cleaned out email and now have lots of room!!!
  • Made a butter cake - had a mix and some eggs that really needed to be used up.  YUM
  • Made up a new jug of OJ from concentrate
  • Put together a new bottle of shampoo and one of dish soap (with water and vinegar)
  • Shopped my pantry and freezer for meals and snacks
  • Used all leftovers
  • Did NOT leave the property at all
  • Propped door of oven when used to add extra heat into the house
  • Wore layers all week.  Today is the first day for over a week of not wearing long john's (leggings) under jeans
  • Did basics - dusting, vacuum, laundry (lots), cooking from home, just all the normal stuff
  • Changed out ALL the bedding this week - put out a different comforter for a change in view!
  • Made a list for Fresh Thyme.  I haven't been in ages and need to go and stock up on my herbs and vitamins.  Inventoried all my medicinal items
  • I have a sedum plant that I have babied for almost 2 years now, that is blooming indoors!  Nice to see something coming to life in these snowy white days
                       The white glare behind flower is snow outside the window!

Meals this past week:
BBQ pulled pork sandwich and fries
Pork and veggie lo-mein
Patty melt and mac n cheese
Chicken and mushroom open face sandwich topped with cheese, fried hominy/peppers
Dinty Moore stew and cornbread
Tot-chos  (Nacho like meal - toppings over tator tot rounds instead of chips)
Mex rice bowl topped with sour cream, cheese and corn chips
                                                          Tot-chos - seriously good!

Had cake, oranges, juice and cheese crackers for snacks

How was your week?  I am sure many had to deal with the snow, ice and cold.  Hope you have all faired well.  Frances - I hope you are doing OK after your fall!!!  HUGS
Did you use your pantry and freezers instead of shopping this week?  Any deals or bargains?

I pray you are all well and safe.  Hoping you are doing well and hoping better weather is coming to your area.  Stay safe in this coming week my friends.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;  His steadfast love endures for ever!
Psalms 118: 1
Out of my distress I called on the Lord: and the answered me and set me free.  With the Lord on my side I do not fear.
Psalm 118:5-6

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Trash or Treasure? BOTH!!!

 One man's trash is another man's treasure.  No greater truth.  
We now live in a throw away society, and that supports a "buy it" mentality.  People seem to love folding over those dollars and handing them to someone else - for stuff that doesn't last - and most things they don't NEED - and never thinking twice about it.
NOT ME.  I want to fold over those dollars and stick them back in my pocket!!!!!

There just isn't a lot of ingenuity now days.  No new ways of seeing things and re-inventing them to new uses.  I would rather have the fun of coming up with an new and inventive way to use something, than to add to the landfill problem.  It saves the earth, it saves you dollars, and it's fun.
We all need to use our old noggins a little more - I seriously think somedays that brain power is the most under used power on earth!!!!!!!

You can trash pick around the neighborhood, you can go to junk yards, thrift stores, yard sales or you can use what you have or what nature gives you.  Get creative and inventive.

A few ideas:
  • If you see piles of scrap wood - it can be used to make raised flower beds, bird feeders, animal pens,  crafts, borders for garden/flower beds, etc.
  • Old pails or buckets - use for container gardening - compost, feeders for larger animals, etc.
  • Old clothes - if not able to donate, scraps can be used to mend or make quilts, rags, keep buttons and zippers for repairs, remake material into new clothes items
  • Tree branches down after a storm? - Use for natural garden stakes, make into a border around the garden or flowers (use as fence posts for mesh or screen), use in camp fires
  • Trash bread or veggies/fruit - feed for animals (no mold).  Heck when we had a bread outlet I would get trash bags of bread called "feed" for a $1.  Some I kept for us as it was fine and the rest went to feed nature cheaply
  • Food - leftovers --- make into new dishes, get creative.  Freeze for another day.  Give to a neighbor or family member.  Just don't waste it!!!
  • Old pop bottles - can turn into creative craft items.  I use 2 liter and indiv. size bottles that my neighbor gives me for water storage.  They last a long time and work perfectly.
                             Pop bottles turned into cute bird  feeders - a fun project.
Old jeans and old clothes can be turned into cute pillows, lap throws, memory teddy bears (loved ones clothes) - oh so many uses
Use those 12 pack pop boxes to hold your pantry cans neatly in place.  You can wrap them in old gift wrap, newspaper, pretty magazine pictures or leave plain.  Great extra storage and keeps like items together
  • Even old cement or bricks or blocks can be used.  My neighbor tore up a cement sidewalk years back - all cement scraps were flat - he put them in the alley.  I got several pieces to use to raise up some container garden pots out back where it can flood.  My neighbors got a bunch and made themselves a fire pit in there yard
  • If you need a new item - think about getting an old version.  Older kitchen gadgets are made better and have lasted for years - and will last for many more.  Go to yard sales or thrift stores to bet that stuff.  Don't buy plastic and foreign made garbage that will end up in the landfill in no time.
  • Heck even the TP rolls can be used to start seeds in (homemade peat pots) or stuff them with drier lint and use as fire starters.  Cover them in peanut butter and roll in birdseed and hang for a easy and cheap bird treat!
  • Water - whether tap or rain - save it.  Water is a limited resource and we need to use it wisely.  Keep and catch for plants, animals, gardens, flushing, even drinking (rain if boiled), hand washing, etc.
I could go on for ages.  There is no limit to things we can re-invent and reuse.
The next time you have something break - think about buying a used older version or just NOT replacing it (like microwaves, etc.).  Many small appliances aren't really needed - there are others ways/things to do what they do.  Many older gadgets and tools are better made than new stuff.
Do you really need a new modern plastic bowl or brand new iron skillet?  Get an older version for pennies at thrift/yard sales and help save an older item from landfill.

Patience is something we all need more of.  If we wait long enough, we can usually find a wonderful answer or replacement for something.  Look around and get creative.

You save you hard earned dollars and you save some history and you save the earth.
Trash IS Treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

TIPS to Stay Warm and Safe

 I swear most of the U.S. has found that they were teleported over night to Alaska or the Artic!!!!  LOL  That is sure how it seems.  We got very comfortable having a decent winter season and BOOM, Mother Nature decided to show us a thing or two.  It aint over till it's over.

There are many simple things that we can do to stay warm and safe when it gets so iffy out.  Simple things that just make sense and that we often forget about.

  • Always have ice melt on hand to use for slick walks and steps
  • Carry some cat litter or sand in your vehicle - it sure helps it you get stuck!  Also have a small shovel with you
  • Turn on ceiling fans (in a clockwise motion) to push warm heat down into the room (remember heat rises)
  • Wear layers when doing jobs outside instead of one super heavy item.  Many jobs cause the body to sweat - and on a super cold day this is dangerous (can cause hypothermia).  With layers you can remove excess items
  • Always use lotion on your hands and face.  The get chapped, frosted, and wind burned easily - lotion is essential.  Lotion for your FEET as well - for some reason they dey out so easily in winter
  • Make sure you use lip balm  (or equivalent) on your lips.  They chap and hurt - tender skin.
  • Wear sunglasses when outside in the snow - soooooo important for your eyes!!!!!!!
  • Make or buy door buddies for the bottom of your door if there are any gaps or cold air coming in.  You can make a tubular form with material or a towel and fill with rolled newspapers or magazines or even sand or even pool noodles.  Tie off ends with yarn or rubber bands.  They sure do stop drafts.
  • If you have any gaps along the door jambs - tuck some paper in those areas to prevent air from coming in until you can replace the seal.
  • Make SURE your furnace and dryer vents are free and CLEAR of snow piles.  This could be deadly.  My furnace now vents out the side of the foundation (not chimney) - if blocked it would put carbon monoxide back into the house.  This is so IMPORTANT
  • Wear a hat or cap - heat flows from the top of your head
  • If you drive just short distances and in the city - you are usually close to help - but still keep an extra pair of heavy socks, gloves and a hat in your car.  If yours get wet - you will need to change.  If you live out - keep those things and blankets in the car as well as snacks.  Maybe a flair.  Shovel.  Cat litter or sand.  You can use snow for water.  If you get stuck and are running the car to stay warm while waiting for help - make sure your exhaust is clear of snow!!!!!!  Life saving
  • Open curtains on sunny days to allow suns warmth to help heat your home
  • If you have a cell phone - keep it charged and on you - even if just working outside.  You may need it in an emergency to get help
  • If your water pipes freeze - you can melt snow to drink.  Boil 3 minutes to make sure it is safe.  Also open cabinet doors to allow room heat to enter around pipes.  Think about insulating your pipes if the are in a vulnerable area for freezing.  You can get pipe wrap or even think about using pool noodles cut to fit your pipes
  • They don't recommend using your oven for heat source - but after baking, prop open your oven door and release excess heat into your rooms.
  • Keep your gas tank topped off.  Good idea to use a bottle of HEAT in your tank - to prevent any moisture that may be in there from freezing
  • Think about having a generator!!!!!!!  This will at least enable you to have some electric heaters during a power outage.  
  • I keep all blankets - don't get rid of any.  If I don't need them - they come in handy for animals - even neighbors in need
Best advice is STAY HOME, STAY IN, and stay warm.
I know there is always something that needs done - but for those who prepare for such things, we can stay off the roads and survive with what we have for a short/long while.  
You know the cold and snow won't last long - just  stay safe.  Use what you have.

We have had some historic weather in areas of the country this year - so please be patient and kind, and try to help one another.
Just remember - this too shall pass.

Hey gang, say a little prayer for our reader, Frances in my Corner of the Trailer Park - she was chipping ice yesterday and fell and broke her right wrist.  She has surgery on the 26th.  
Hoping her pain isn't too bad until she can be fixed!  HUGS

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


 Well hello everyone.  I hope you are all well and safe and snug this morning.  All I can say about my area is "the weather outside is frightful" - and no it ISN'T DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!  It is crap!  UGH
Yep, we had a blizzard - the news may not call it that - but that is what it was.
Snow, snow and more snow and 35 MPH winds with higher gusts ALL afternoon and night!
News says 8.5" - well they aren't at my house!!!  Good 12" here and drifts that are knee high or higher.  I now have piles after shoveling that are more than waist deep.  Good grief we won't thaw for months!!!!!  LOL  

I went out 3 times yesterday just to clean my side from back door to the backyard and then to make paths out to the greenhouse and paths for the kitties to go and do their business!  They hate the wind - but they stayed in and warm and all are fine this AM.
I didn't sleep well last night at all - tired and worried about the babies.  I know - but they are my babies!

I get up this AM and look out the bedroom window and Momma had ventured out - she needed to do her business and it was about breakfast time.  The snow had piled up again on the walk and she was up to her chest in snow!!!  She just did her potty right there on the path!  Can't say as I blame her.  Then she looked around as if to say "what the heck is this garbage?".  My sentiments exactly.

Well, I made it out there and got them fed - then I preceded to clean all paths again and places they can more easily go take care of business.  Put out food for the birds and squirrels, shoveled out the path to the front and the walks and steps.
Came in a rested.

Back out a while later - working on drive and public walk out front (it is law homeowners are responsible).  The 13 year old two doors down finally came and helped a bit after I had much done - but it was help!!!  I gave him some $$ for helping and he was tickled.
More to do - but will take my time - as this girl is going no where for days!!!!!!!

                               This is an older picture - just perfect for a snow day!

WHY an older picture?  I need HELP BLOGGERS!!!!!!  Suddenly I can't pull pictures from my private albums - which I always do.  This just happened in the last few days.  Now I can re-use pictures that I have already posted here and that are on blogger file.

When I try to post a picture from my private files I get a message that says:

Upload failed
Server rejected

??????  WHY???  Any ideas?  Has something changed on blogger that I am unaware of?  
I am not the most computer savvy person and this just flusters the stuffing out of me.
I have refreshed everything - I have restarted the computer several times - I even deleted some old pictures from my pictures - NOTHING has helped.
If anyone has a clue PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Of course I suddenly want to share all kinds of pictures and I can't.  Isn't that the way??  Sure is frustrating.
Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.

Well, I think I can safely say a nice hot bath tonight will be delightful.  My poor aching back.  Old age aint for sissies!!!!!

I feel so sorry for the folks in the south who are getting hit that never have cold and snow.  They have no clue what to do.  The have no road maintenance equipment and power is out for millions.  It is cold.
PLEASE pray for all our brothers and sisters all over the country who are in the path of these nasty storms.  It is no fun at all - but at least I know how to take care of it and I am prepared.  I know many of you are more than prepared as well!  THAT is WHAT WE DO!!!!!!

Thanks for any ideas you all can offer on the Blogger situation!
Please stay safe, and warm and home!  
Blessings to you all.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/14

 Good morning to all!  Hope you are safe and healthy.
It is oh so cold here.  3*F right at this moment - but the sun is peeking out!!!!  YAY, that makes such a difference.  The last time we got above freezing was on Feb. 5 and no chance until next weekend.  It looks like most of the week will be around 20*F for a high.  We have snow coming in tonight and for the next couple days.  Woop!!!! (not).  I know there are many people who love snow - it is pretty to look at - but I just can't get into it any more.

Outdoor kitties are warm and cozy in their heated beds!  Blackie has been AWOL a lot lately - it is 'heat' season for females.  He will NOT be adding to the problem - but I guess he is still a male and those pheromones still garner his attention!!!!!  SMH.  He may be gone for a couple days at a time and worrying his 'momma'.  Well, he has figured out his warm bed and guaranteed meals are better than roaming around in this cold.  Thank goodness.
Coogy is 10+ years old and has just figured out his tail is something to play with!!!!  He has had so much fun chasing it this week.  What a character.
They sure keep me on my toes!
Squirrels and birds are eating and eating!  Three varieties of woodpeckers were seen all at once again this week.

My week:
  • I have a winter candle scent I love and I had one candle burned down as far as it would go.  So I chipped out leftover wax and have been using it in my melt warmers.  Still smells wonderful.
  • I have moved snow almost every day this week (probably 5 times).  Free exercise
  • Been using up all the leftovers in new ways
  • The arm on my glasses broke this week.  I have it repaired for now - until I can get in and get another 'spare' pair
  • Made a bowl of s/f pudding to snack on
  • I felt I should warm the Blazer engine (as it had been sitting a week in the cold).  Well if warming up - might as well drive a bit!!!  I ran to the feed store and used coupons, got in store discounts and used an in store credit I have earned over the past many months and got $86 worth of product - peanuts (squirrels), 2 kinds of bird seed and cat food - for $0!!!!!!!!
  • I made a batch of squirrel 'cookies'/treats with older products from the pantry and freezer
  • NO groceries purchased again
  • Been using my pantry and freezers pretty much exclusively for the past many weeks - and really don't see any difference in them!  Maybe a little more space in freezer, but still full.
  • Dusted off the crockpot and made a small pork loin with potatoes and carrots.  The pork will be used in several meals in different ways
  • Just doing all the normal stuff.

Meals this past week:
Leftover pizza
Homemade beans and rice w/ham pieces and cornbread
Potato soup (freezer) and tuna salad sandwich
Burritos (with leftover beans and rice)
Mexican spaghetti and garlic toast
Leftover spaghetti and a chopped beef burger w/cheese
Pork roast - carrots and potatoes

Had oranges, pudding and cereal for snacks

What has everyone been up to?  Are you staying warm?  Any deals or bargains?  What kinds of crafts are you working on?  Have you added to your pantries?

I hope you all stay well and healthy and warm this week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.
Psalms 55:22

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Morning Bliss

 Hello everyone.  I have had a million ideas going through my head for a post for today - and this wasn't one of them!!!!  LOL
Some days I just click on here to write my planned blog and my little mind says "no - do this instead".  So today I "do this instead"!!  (I just felt the need to share).

I sleep roughly at night.  I seriously can not remember how many years it has been since I slept through an entire night.  I wake OFTEN and look at the clock - always have and probably always will.  I have calmed myself with 'natural' remedies  - so I do go back to sleep easily MOST of the time. (I still have those horrible nights now and again).
Here is my thing.

Coogy will come in and 'make sure' Mom is awake or waking up about an hour before I actually get up.  He gently pats my face, gives kisses and hugs.  I love that!  
I may need to explain something.  My bed is hard - very hard.  It was specially made to be extra firm because Glen liked that.  It has never been comfy to me.  I keep thinking about getting a poofy mattress topper, because I can't afford to get rid of the mattress (it cost a bundle).

OK that being said - once kitty has awaked me - I lay there and it feels as if my body has actually melted into the mattress!!!!!  The covers seem to have form fitted and molded around my body just wrapping me in their comfort.  I feel like I could close my eyes and sleep so peacefully for hours.  
I am the most peaceful and most relaxed that I will be for the next 24 hours.  CRAZY!
THAT hour is my moment of bliss. 
I truly wish I could feel/sleep like that all night - BUT then I probably wouldn't appreciate that wonderful feeling each morning.
Seems to be a catch 22 to most great things in life!

I lay there and say my morning prayers and thank my Lord for the opportunity of another day.

I get up and get myself self dressed and ready and within 20 minutes or so I am venturing out into the great frigid abyss!  Seriously!
I go out 365 days a year at 5:45 AM to feed the cats - rain or shine - heat or cold.
Most mornings they are waiting at the back door for me.  I do believe they have tiny little watches!  If it is pouring rain - they are sitting under the Blazer.  A couple frigid mornings they actually stayed in the greenhouse waiting (smart babies) - but that doesn't happen often.
I get them all fed - we pet and love - and I talk with them and then off to the front porch to pick up my paper.

Now mind you it is COLD right now, even for here.  I get on the porch and then I stand there and look out over the kingdom!  It is so quiet - so very quiet.  There are virtually no houses with lights on - and I imagine all the neighbors snuggled in their beds, all warm and cozy.  I could be, but this is how I chose to start my day.
I often look at the sky and see the huge bright moon saying goodbye to me till tomorrow, and all the twinkling little stars that seem so close, yet are so far away.
I enjoy the stillness each and every day.  Maybe it isn't smart for me to have such a rigid routine and to be out in the dark - but I am at peace then.  
There are no sirens blaring, no horns honking, no kids outside arguing, no traffic noise - just me and the moon and the stars.
Once in a while I will hear a dog bark off in the distance somewhere and I always hear a rooster that lives to the North of me somewhere.
Morning bliss.

Once back in the house - Coogy is ready for another spoonful of wet food, but we have a routine.  I get my morning drink together and I turn on the blender to mix.  I can see his reflection in the window where I am standing - and he sits there and waits for the blender to quiet, then he walks over to his dish and looks at me to say "more".  He gets it.
I go sit down to read the paper and he goes and crawls into Mom's bed - after all it is exhausting trying to get someone up!

Every day - my morning. It may seem silly to some, but it brings me joy.  That silly little routine gives me some normalcy in a crazy old world.  New beginnings, new opportunities and new blessings await each and every single day.

Is there anything you do each day or regularly that just makes you all happy inside?  Do you have bliss moments?  
They cost nothing and they sure do steady your heart and soul.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT:  I have never slept through a night - this mattress or any other.  As firm as this one is - my point was it is extremely comfy in that hour upon arising - I seem to melt in it.  Don't know why - but then it is comfy.  Then the rest of my wonderful morning begins.  Seems I didn't state that well enough!  LOL

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Dehydrate, Powder and Enjoy

 I think most of us have tried our hands at dehydrating of some sort.  I have a relatively cheap dehydrator (around $30-$40), but it works.  You can get a super expensive and fancy one with timer and heat adjustments or you can even use your oven on a very low temperature.  Many use the sun and air like back in the days of our ancestors.

I have been drying tomato skins and scraps for years.  I dry and make a powder which is great in my seasoning mixes and it is good to add extra flavor and nutrients to things like soup.  I dry my herbs (mainly air dry those).  I have even dried those big old bottom cabbage leaves that most people trash.  I dehydrate and powder them and then add to soups for extra nutrients.

There truly isn't much that can't be dehydrated and turned into a powder.
WHY?  you may ask.  
Well it is a good way to not waste anything.  It is a great way to add flavor to things.  It is a great way to get fruits and veggies into those who won't eat them fresh or cooked!

Tomatoes - dried.  I use a coffee grinder to pulse into powder - then keep in a sealed glass jar. (This batch was done in the oven)

You can dehydrate not only veggies of all sorts but fruits as well.

FRUITS - any berries - berries work great for turning into powders.  You can dehydrate ALL fruit and use in various ways.
Use powdered berries/fruit with oatmeal, yogurt, in milk or over cereal.  Make a fruity flavored salad dressing (those are pricey to buy), use in sweet breads and muffins, cakes, cookies and even pancakes and syrup!  Use over ice cream or pudding.
Make fruity cream cheese dip, your own fruit sugars, use in tea, smoothies and even cocktails.
Make your own flavored gelatin - use unflavored gelatin and whatever dried fruit powder you want.
You can just make so many fun and nutritious goodies.
                                                             (not my picture)

VEGGIES - Anything goes.  Tomato skins, greens of all sorts, onions and scallions, mushrooms, garlic, broccoli stems, absolutely anything you can think of.
You can add to smoothies and soups and casseroles.
You can make your own seasoned salts (onion salt, garlic salt).  Make your own dips and flavored cheese balls  
Add to anything that is savory
HERBS - add to dips, soups, seasoning mixes.  Things like lemon balm and mint can be added to teas and smoothies as well

I have even drained and dehydrated older homemade  pickles and peppers that I have canned (and no longer crunchy).  Blend them into a powder and you have great seasoning to add to dressings and dips.  
I also dehydrate extra large okra from the garden - dry and grind - it makes a fantastic natural soup thickener without adding any taste. 

FIRST you want to dehydrate and dry completely!!!!!!   IMPORTANT
Use a coffee grinder or blender to grind to a powder.  May need to do this a couple times.  
You want to store in glass or plastic JARS that are airtight.  
To be extra sure they last well - add a desiccant pack to each jar to absorb moisture.
You can also mix in 1 teaspoon of arrowroot powder to each pint (no taste change) to keep things from clumping.
Most fruit and veggie powders last a year if kept tightly sealed.

This can be such a fun project.  Just think about everything you grow and buy in the produce arena - and then dehydrate some of it.  Nothing goes to waste.  You have a great new seasoning.  You are getting extra nutrients and vitamins into your diet.
Use your imagination - have fun and waste not!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Self Sufficiency - A Different Take on it

 Being self sufficient or self reliant is what many strive for.  I don't know what that means to you, but to me it has always meant pretty specific stuff.

I have always thought it meant living off the land.  Grow and raise all your food.  Provide for your needs and maintain without outside help.  Being independent.  Being able to provide everything you need.  A home with it's own water system, electric grid (or none), it's own heat system, etc.
Is that what you think?????

Well  today I want to get you thinking about a different kind of self sufficiency/self reliance.  So much is the same - but the reasoning is sooooo different.
Many of you women can relate AND men as well!

You are suddenly alone.  Whether you are widowed or divorced - it is you and you alone.  There are many things that 'some' women have never done or had to worry about.  Car maintenance, home maintenance, carpentry, yard work, etc.  Many gals have never been involved in finances or money management - yes that still happens!
There are guys who have no idea how to grocery shop, cook, mend, do the laundry or maybe even clean house.

Now that you are alone - your are self reliant and have to learn much and do much.
  • There is no one to work things out with - no one to toss ideas around with - no one to help make decisions
  • You have to deal with HARD things alone
  • You need to be in control of money management, banking, investments, financial decisions of all sorts
  • You need to be safe and secure.  Whether it is re-thinking how you live in your home (windows, doors open/close), locks, security systems, or other means of security (self protection)
  • You need to take care of yourself if ill.  Always aware of being safe and healthy
  • You have to be the problem solver
  • You prep alone - you also learn there are several meanings to SHTF!!
  • Repairs are on you - or you hire it out.  Car maintenance, home maintenance, appliances or HVAC or yard equipment
  • Yard work is yours
  • Have to take care of all the legal stuff - taxes, insurances, changing names/ownership of things, designating  benefactors, wills, funeral prep (for you)..............
Now there are many who have been fortunate enough to have learned many of these things during their lives.  I was fortunate to know how to do a lot myself - only because I needed to so as to be helpful in my marriage.  BUT, I had hubs there to guide me and give me instruction.  That meant a lot.

Sure we all have friends, family and neighbors that may help - but most often you have to ask.  No one is aware of all your needs.  Truthfully I would rather hire something done than ask for a favor.  That is just me.
Your new "self reliance" means LEARNING new SKILLS and new KNOWLEDGE on all sorts of things.

You will need to trust your own instincts and ideas.  Be an individual and don't conform to what everyone THINKS you should be.  You can do anything!!!
Go forward toward your goals and go forward bravely.  Gain confidence with each new thing you try and master.
LOVE YOURSELF.  Know that you will screw up at times and know that you will be victorious at times - just be kind to yourself.  Self acceptance is huge!

As we get older - self sufficiency means something new.  We have to go with the flow and move forward.
As you can see - being self reliant or self sufficient because you are now alone - is very much like being self sufficient as a homesteader.  
You have to learn new things, you have to work hard, your have to make important decisions, you gain skills, you make mistakes and you win some, you are independent, you need to learn to provide for your needs.  
You are ALL important in every action of every day.
Learn that important phrase -  ME, MYSELF, AND I!!!!!!!!

Is it easy?  Nope!  
Is it fun?  Not really.  
Is it important?  YES - it is of the upmost importance
AND YOU KNOW WHAT?  It is satisfying when you accomplish what you thought was impossible. 

Sadly, most of us will go forward and experience this new lifestyle.  No one wants to - but it is inevitable.  
My suggestion to you - learn all you can now!!!!!!  Be involved in all aspects of your life.  Make sure your husbands do the same.
Self reliance happens to men and women!!!!! 

Just remember - YOU CAN DO IT!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/7

 Happy Sunday all!  Well let me tell you - WINTER has officially arrived in my area!!!  Oh baby  it is cold outside.  I woke to 4*F and now it is 1*.  Going to  a whopping high of 17*!!  Also had a layer of snow on the ground - not much and it was fluffy - so I swept it.  BUT the sun is shining!!!!!!! YAY
I have already been outside twice.  Fed the kitties (they didn't even come greet me at the door this morning - smart babies).  Swept and cleaned the walks, paths and driveway.  Fed the birds and squirrels.

                                                   Something to look forward too!!!!!!

Next week is supposed to be pretty darn chilly as well.  No day is predicted to get above the freezing mark!  Snow off and on - although nothing bad.  As long as the sun comes out - it makes the day feel so much warmer.  Yesterday was cold - but sunny - and the cats wanted to be outside a lot.  
Blackie was doing his walk about the neighborhood, making sure all was well.  Momma was getting her vitamin D and sunshine - laying in the sun.  Fluffy was bird watching!  She watches the little birds and I can almost hear her thinking "I was to hug it and kiss it and love it and name it George"!!!  LOL  (hope someone gets that throw-back). LOL

Nothing exciting this week - just a lot of little things.
  • Scoured the stove from top to bottom
  • Cut my hair and did a quick color again.  I was going to let it grow - and those darn "wings" get me frustrated every time.  Then I cut off the color - sooooo.  
  • Funny thing - I took the trash out for pick-up this week.  It has been 3 weeks since doing that.  I just don't make much trash - mainly cat litter!
  • I ran to the bank and took care of some business and then did a drop at the food pantry on the way home.
  • Took out extra blankies to the greenhouse for the kitties.  Put them on the heated area of their bed - They have each found their spot and cozy into it.  They stay pretty comfy in there.
  • My TV in the LR was getting funky (dull picture).  I wasn't sure if it was going out or if it was my eyes getting worse.  Both TV's were bought at the same time and bedroom one is fine (plus I see it great).  Well I figured I would play with adjustments and BOOM - it looks so bright and clear now!
  • I had a can of biscuits that needed to be used.  I made some pigs in blankets and made balance as biscuits.  Used for 3 meals.
  • Canceled Netflix this week.  Not a huge savings - but a savings none the less.  I don't really watch - I just had a hard time cancelling because it was something Glen enjoyed.  Crazy I know.  But it is gone now!
  • I got out a pack of hotdogs and cooked them all.  Used in 2 meals and froze the others to re-heat for a quick meal
  • I wanted cornbread - but something different.  I added chopped jalapenos to a Jiffy mix and made cornbread "waffles".  Yep I made it on the waffle iron.  Now I have cornbread I can stick in the toaster and reheat for other meals!  It was good!!!!!!
  • No shopping - stayed away from stores
  • Did a bunch of laundry and hung most in the basement.  Adds humidity to air and keeps my clothes from shrinking.  I did fluff later for a few minutes and used dryer for heavy items - kept the basement warm 
  • Have had another craving on top of the OJ and oranges this week!  I have been wanting tomato juice!  Luckily I have a good supply in the shelf, as my brother keeps me well stocked with his homemade and canned juice.  I add a bit of dill pickle juice and oh my yum.
  • Filled up the feed bins with supplies I had on hand - so as to have things ready and full for the cold weather.
  • Using what I have on hand, cooking from scratch and just doing all the normal stuff
Meals this past week:
Taco/rice bowl
Chili cheese dogs and chips (actually topping was sloppy Joe from freezer and chips from holidays)
Leftover taco stuff over cornbread waffle
Veggie soup (freezer) and pigs in blanket
Burger biscuit bombs and baked beans (small (indiv. size) clearance can all jazzed up)
Sausage gravy over biscuits and scrambled egg
Homemade loaded pizza

How was your week?  Any good deals this week?  What are you working on?
How is your weather?  I know many are in cold regions and some got tons of snow - but there are others living where it is summer (call me green w/envy)!

I hope you are all well and safe and warm.  Prayers are said for each of you daily.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home to yours.

Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God! Let thy good spirit lead me on a level path.
Psalms 143 :10

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Saving Strategies we Tend to Forget

 We are all aware of all those simple things that save us money.  Many are simple and easy.  Often we tend to forget some bigger things than can actually save a bundle over time

We all know - cook from scratch, don't eat out, turn off lights and water, look for sales, clearance and markdowns, use leftovers, recycle or up cycle, etc.
There are  other things that we tend to overlook.

  • DON'T pay late fees or finance charges!!!!!  Always pay your bills on time to avoid late fees - they can really add up.  IF you charge - pay in full as often as possible each month to avoid finance charges.  IF you have a card for emergencies (something that can't be paid in full in a month) - try to get one with a very low interest rate!  These fees can eat up your money in a hurry
  • NEVER pay full price - if at all possible.  If you are clothes shopping, grocery shopping or car shopping - shop around and look for markdowns and deals.  Most often on big ticket items you can barter a much lower price
  • DON'T shop on impulse!!!!!!!!!!  This can cost you a lot!  Especially if looking for something big and sort of expensive - go home and think about it for a few days.  If it is gone when you go back - just figure it wasn't supposed to be.  ALWAYS contemplate on spending a chunk of money
  • Stay HEALTHY - this is huge!!!!!!!  This is probably one of the biggest money savers there is.  Do whatever you can to live a healthy lifestyle.  Eat right.  Exercise in some way.  Get tons of fresh air and sunshine no matter the weather).  Take vitamins and herbs.  Drink water.  I know not everything health wise is that simple - but if you really work at taking care of your body, you will save a lot of money
  • DON'T buy things you can make!  Learn to make bread, biscuits, cook from scratch, make your own fancy coffee or tea.  Learn to mend or sew.  Alter clothes if needed.  Re-use fabrics to make new things.  Garden.  Compost.  Recycle.
  • Other than staying healthy - the biggest saving strategy is STAY HOME!  I know in this day and age you can still shop at home - stop it!  (Unless it is your grocery order).  Stop shopping online for stuff!  Stay out of stores and roaming the aisles.  Not only do you not shop, you save on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, and you stay away from strangers.
  • BARTER your bills.  Not everything is etched in stone.  ** Cable too high - call them and work out a new plan (all they can do is say no).  ** Get yourself set up on a budget plan for electric or gas if at all possible.  I pay the same amount every month for both - instead of high bills in winter and small bills in summer. (Makes planning easier)  **  Call you car insurance and see if you can get discounts.  Hitting a certain age, retirement, no travel for work, less  miles per week, etc.  When I quit working I let them know and got a discount for no work travel, probably just local driving, and probably less than 50 miles per week.  If you are working from home or not working at the moment - call them and see if they can adjust your bill!  It sure is worth a try.
  • Cancel things you don't really use.  I just canceled Netflix - I really don't watch it enough to make it worth it.  Glen ordered it and he watched a lot - not me.  It was going to increase to 12.99 month.  That isn't a fortune saved - but around $156 a year I can use for something else.  If I decide to get it back later - I can
  • LESS grocery shopping!  It seems this is happening more at the moment - as many people are ordering groceries and having them delivered or are doing pick-up.  I think people are finally realizing you don't NEED to shop every week or many times every few days.  Shop once or twice a month and then improvise with other things when needed.  Learn to be creative with cooking. Shop the pantry and the freezer first!
  • READ - libraries are our friend.  Ours are closed right now - but they do have pick-up curb service if you order books online.  I have tons of books at my home - and I must admit many have never been read.  I read online as well.  I watch You Tube and learn.  I read blogs and learn.  IMPROVE your intellect in may ways.  You not only learn new stuff - but you can then teach others and you can learn new ways to do things.  Learning can be a huge financial windfall in many ways.

Try to look at the bigger picture.  It isn't always just the little everyday things we always talk about that saves.  Those things are still HUGE and they DO make a big difference.  
There are so many things that we just assume we must pay - that we can reduce or change.  Question all your bills.  Look for less interest charges.  Pay cash when possible.  Stay home more and shop less.  Learn and improve yourself and your knowledge.

I hope this gave someone something to think about and maybe, just maybe you find something you can change and save a bit of money.

Remember a penny saved is a penny earned OR one you don't have to earn again!
Pennies make dollars!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

A Few Frugal Ideas

 Not a lot going on today.  Thought I would throw a couple things out there that have saved me money and re-cycled things.  Nothing exciting - but that is life.  Not everything is momentous - but every little thing we can do to save or re-cycle is big!!!

Do you ever buy these containers of luncheon meat.  There are usually ham, turkey and beef ones available.  I get them now and then.  KEEP those containers!  They are great for refrigerator storage and great to send leftovers home with someone.  You don't have to worry if you don't get the container back!  Generally there are a couple different sizes available.  Peel off the top label, wash it out and boom you have storage containers. (keeps out of landfill)

Do you have a sweatshirt that is a tiny bit snug?  I have a few.  Most are old and maybe a stain or two - so I don't really want to donate.  I usually wear a t-shirt or tank top under them.  I have figured a way to get a looser fit and use the sweatshirt for knocking around the house and yard.
Cut the bottom band off!  That is it!  It makes such a difference.  No need to hem as the material won't fray. (Like I said these are for bumming around in).  I keep that banding to maybe use in another project.

This would make great sleeve bands on another project or maybe even a waste band.

Valentines Day is right around the corner.  I have never been big on this day or the celebration, but some are.  If you want to make a cute and easy token gift for someone - try this.

Chocolate bars wrapped in white paper (printer paper will work) and draw on some faces and add a pair of gloves!  Too cute.  If you live in a warmer climate you could maybe wrap in brown paper (grocery bag) to look like sand and decorate accordingly. (glue on shells or add a cloth sweatband).  Get creative.
Doesn't cost much, it's fun and frugal and it is yummy and useful!

Finally, a quick and easy way to make something new with leftovers.  I think I have shown this before, but it is very handy.  Love having alternatives to us those leftovers!

Click on picture to enlarge
Super easy - uses up everything - super tasty - and they make a great snack or side to any meal.  There is no limit to what can be used as fillings!

There you have a few fun things on this Wednesday.  
Love ideas on saving and reusing things.
We all need to get a bit more creative.