Sunday, February 14, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/14

 Good morning to all!  Hope you are safe and healthy.
It is oh so cold here.  3*F right at this moment - but the sun is peeking out!!!!  YAY, that makes such a difference.  The last time we got above freezing was on Feb. 5 and no chance until next weekend.  It looks like most of the week will be around 20*F for a high.  We have snow coming in tonight and for the next couple days.  Woop!!!! (not).  I know there are many people who love snow - it is pretty to look at - but I just can't get into it any more.

Outdoor kitties are warm and cozy in their heated beds!  Blackie has been AWOL a lot lately - it is 'heat' season for females.  He will NOT be adding to the problem - but I guess he is still a male and those pheromones still garner his attention!!!!!  SMH.  He may be gone for a couple days at a time and worrying his 'momma'.  Well, he has figured out his warm bed and guaranteed meals are better than roaming around in this cold.  Thank goodness.
Coogy is 10+ years old and has just figured out his tail is something to play with!!!!  He has had so much fun chasing it this week.  What a character.
They sure keep me on my toes!
Squirrels and birds are eating and eating!  Three varieties of woodpeckers were seen all at once again this week.

My week:
  • I have a winter candle scent I love and I had one candle burned down as far as it would go.  So I chipped out leftover wax and have been using it in my melt warmers.  Still smells wonderful.
  • I have moved snow almost every day this week (probably 5 times).  Free exercise
  • Been using up all the leftovers in new ways
  • The arm on my glasses broke this week.  I have it repaired for now - until I can get in and get another 'spare' pair
  • Made a bowl of s/f pudding to snack on
  • I felt I should warm the Blazer engine (as it had been sitting a week in the cold).  Well if warming up - might as well drive a bit!!!  I ran to the feed store and used coupons, got in store discounts and used an in store credit I have earned over the past many months and got $86 worth of product - peanuts (squirrels), 2 kinds of bird seed and cat food - for $0!!!!!!!!
  • I made a batch of squirrel 'cookies'/treats with older products from the pantry and freezer
  • NO groceries purchased again
  • Been using my pantry and freezers pretty much exclusively for the past many weeks - and really don't see any difference in them!  Maybe a little more space in freezer, but still full.
  • Dusted off the crockpot and made a small pork loin with potatoes and carrots.  The pork will be used in several meals in different ways
  • Just doing all the normal stuff.

Meals this past week:
Leftover pizza
Homemade beans and rice w/ham pieces and cornbread
Potato soup (freezer) and tuna salad sandwich
Burritos (with leftover beans and rice)
Mexican spaghetti and garlic toast
Leftover spaghetti and a chopped beef burger w/cheese
Pork roast - carrots and potatoes

Had oranges, pudding and cereal for snacks

What has everyone been up to?  Are you staying warm?  Any deals or bargains?  What kinds of crafts are you working on?  Have you added to your pantries?

I hope you all stay well and healthy and warm this week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.
Psalms 55:22


  1. Our weather is much the same as yours at the moment - today it is lovely and sunny but bitterly cold. I did manage 3 long walks this past week but admit to having had a couple of lazy days as well!

    I'm also eating down the freezer and pantry - and as you say - there still seems to be lots in both! I do things like cook up a batch of ground beef or make a big pot of soup - and then some of those cooked servings end up back in the freezer! I also made some oatmeal muffins from a mix and some chocolate chip cookies - I made up a big batch of cookie dough and froze about 2/3 of it afterwards. Today I will make an apple and cranberry crumble so that will take care of treats for the week.

    I did make one trip to the grocery store last week as I needed some basics like butter and olive oil. I combined purchases with my store offers for last week and managed to accumulate 9,000 points - basically $9. Right now I'm just saving up my points - I'm hoping to have a month soon where I only use points to buy my groceries.

    I've kept busy with work - I work for my church and as Lent begins this week we have a lot on the go - all virtually. We've added two evening Bible study classes, we run Lent Meditations each Wed. starting on Feb. 24 - and then a follow up Zoom discussion group the next day Thursday at noon. We add a Maundy Thursday and a Good Friday service as well so lots of extra work for the ministers and staff. We are also the city host church for The World Day of Prayer on March 5th so lots to keep us on the go. I am also doing some research for an upcoming historical piece that we will present during an upcoming service - this is something we've been adding to some of our services as a point of interest. It is nice to have some structure to my week. We've been adding lots of viewers from outside of our regular congregation so if anyone is interested in checking us out we are at: - we are a Presbyterian congregation but welcome all.

    I also spoke with my cable/internet company this week as the bill had gotten to be much too high. I got a reduction of $40/month, unlimited internet and 6 months of HBO free so it was worth the call and a bit of persistence! I intend to call my insurance company this week to see if I can get a bit of a reduction in my renters policy - nothing ventured - nothing gained.

    I have all those new movies and series to catch up on with HBO and I picked up 4 new books from the library so lots to keep me amused as we are still under a "Stay at Home" order so I am fairly content.

    Have a good week.

    1. I also add extras from a big pot of something or pancakes or whatever to the freezer. Sure is nice to make in a quick minute.
      Sounds like you really enjoy work and you must be an important part to all that is going on. It is sometimes good to be busy and yes it give some normalcy.
      GOOD FOY YOU on getting the discount on cable. Nothing ventured nothing gained is absolutely right!!!
      Have a warm and productive week.

    2. HI Margie,
      Thanks for telling us how to attend your services! I'll check them out..I used to go to a Presbytrian church when I was young so I'm quite used to it.
      Maybe you will keep up the online services when everything goes back to normal.

    3. Margie, It's wonderful that your church offers all those wonderful sessions. Like a light in the darkness. We, too, were way over spending so much with our cable company. We pay them for our landline, internet and tv. I called them asking for a loyalty discount - we got about $26 knocked off. Not much, but some. Mary in San Diego

  2. Wow! On the feed store haul! You did great! We have started feeding a stray cat in our neighborhood. We look forward to its daily visits. Stay warm!

    1. I know right?
      Those little strays can sure bring a smile to your face. I have 2 or 3 others that always stop by for a bite - even though they won't let me near them. They just know there is usually a treat out there for them!

  3. Good morning! Wow, you did amazing at the feed store! Sorry for all the cold weather coming your way. We still have rain and will continue to have for a few days yet. We have been eating from the pantry also but still a lot there. Your pork loin sounds yummy. I'm baking a chicken today. Have a blessed day.

    1. It took a while to get so many store credit dollars - but worth it!
      I'd rather see rain than snow and you would rather have snow than rain! LOL
      Chicken sounds good. The roast was yummy yesterday - I think I will add some BBQ to some today!
      Be blessed my friend!

  4. I'm glad Blackie is staying home safe and sound. Ours are all fixed too, but they still like to galivant every now and then. What a great deal you got at the feed store, way to go! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, that boy likes to wonder. AT least he knows where home is and his warm bed and food!
      I was proud of that deal - it took a long while to earn the credit.

  5. I'd take your 20 degrees in a heartbeat! It's -6 as I'm typing at 4 p.m. Sunday with a windchill of -29. And a couple of inches of new snow everyday. I haven't been outside since I got home on Friday evening. I'm not looking forward to going out tomorrow as it's not suppose to be any warmer until mid-week. Thankfully 30s by the weekend.

    No bargains as I've just been supplying what we want to eat. Comfort food in this horrible weather.
    Yesterday I made homemade Runzas and dinner rolls. I also made chicken bone broth. I'm trying to clear out the freezers and flat bags of broth take up less space than bulky chicken carcasses.
    Today I made muffins for breakfast and Chex Mix for snacks. Tonight I'll make Ham & Bean soup.

    No crafting but reading and maybe some blogging later. We are basically cocooning until the weather turns.

    Stay safe and warm!

    1. Brrrrrr. Glad we don't have that cold! Stay safe.
      All your food sounds so good. Comfort seems to take the edge off the nastiness of winter.
      Cocooning sounds like a perfect idea.
      Stay in and warm

  6. When I fed stray cats, I attracted rats from the hospital! It is cold here, too.

    1. I only seem to attract cats and opossums now and then. I am good with those (as are the cats).
      Stay warm

  7. That coogy sounds like such a fun cat. They can have such great personalities.

    1. Personality plus! Each one is so different! I love them all.

  8. You hit the jackpot at Damman's! That's the kind of bill you like to see.

    It sure seems like winter...oh wait, that's because it is. ha! My oldest daughter lives in the Dallas area and she and her husband posted pictures of the snow.

    Your outdoor kitties have it pretty good. It's too cold for Blackie to go out, sniffing around. Chasing his tail gives Coogy some exercise. Cats are very entertaining to watch.

    You had a variety of meals last week. Sometimes I get stumped as to what to cook. Then I realize that many folks don't have much of a choice, if any at all for their meals. Count your many blessings...

    The Psalm you quoted is very reassuring.

    1. TX is sure getting hit hard. They don't know what to do with all that nastiness!
      Yep, kitties have it good. I know - keep telling Blackie they are just teases!
      My meals are not always the most well rounded - but they are filling. I have food and I am thankful for that!
      Thanks - stay safe and warm - it is going to be a bit iffy later.

  9. Replies
    1. There is a heat mat under their bedding! It is in a greenhouse - so it stays chilly unless sun is shining. They have heated water bowls as well.
      Yep, I am the crazy cat lady! Been doing this for years.

    2. I didn't know there was such a thing as a heat mat. I assume you can buy it on Amazon. I live in So Cal, so our temps are much higher than yours. But one of our cats lives outside and I may have to buy this for her (highness.)

    3. I actually got it when I first built the greenhouse - it was a mat to put under trays of seedlings to keep them warm. You might check with gardening places or greenhouse places. It gets nice and warm and I put their bedding on top of it.
      **It was made to withstand water - so be careful and get one that is for outdoors!

  10. Stay warm Cheryl, spring will be there before you know it! Lots of rain here in the South (USA) and the temp has been ranging anywhere from 45-65 degrees during the day. My family here in the South would love to trade out our rain for your snow! We've had an extremely rainy winter this year.

    You got some great deals at the feed store! Love it when I can use store credit, coupons, gift cards, etc. to get items my family may want or need. It sure helps the budget!

    I didn't do much shopping this week but was thrilled to get a box of 60 large eggs for $3.98, a new dress and a pull over for my daughter for $1.00 each and two candles for $1.80 each.

    Hope you have a wonderful, warm and cozy day!

    1. I'd be glad to send you some snow. You should see outside right at the moment - oh wait - you can't hardly see it is so snowy!
      Great deal on eggs and clothes.
      Have a good one.

  11. My cat always wants outside too but he can only stay for awhile because he is just a wannabee. Subzero temperatures really push him back inside!
    I love the thoughts of squirrel cookies...sound kind of wonderful!

    1. Indoor kitty never goes out - the others stay outside (well greenhouse).
      The squirrels love them too!!!!

  12. Our indoor kitty would only go out on our deck in the backyard during the summer. She would meow at the door when she wanted in. Almost like a dog.

    Staying warm through the bitter cold here and like you I have not been grocery shopping in awhile and have been trying to eat down some of the ready made meals in the freezer.

    God bless.

    1. I don't think Coogy could be trusted to do that! He would be trying to chase everything.
      Glad you are doing well. Good job on using what you have. We can replenish when the weather gets nice again!

  13. Whoa, verra, verra cold there! I'm so thankful your kitties have heat and good shelter, etc. How funny your senior cat has discovered chasing her tail. Sounds like a good shelter-in-place activity :D
    That was a super savings deal you got at the feed store...good story.
    Well, Lord bless you and your animals.
    Mary in San Diego

    1. LOL - that is funny. Yep, he found a new stay home activity.
      Thank you. Trying my best - we just got a foot of snow -so will be out some now.

  14. I love that you got all the goodies for your animal babies for free. Whoo hoo! I laughed when you said you have been using things from the freezer and it's not going down. We have been eating from the freezer and I told my husband, "I think I just fluff the food up when I dig through the freezer because it always seems fuller thank when I started looking for something." lol. Take care.

    1. I know I got the deal of the year!
      Yep, that is how it seems. LOL Just fluffing it up. I guess I was crammed before, now I am just full!!
      Glad you are doing the same!