Sunday, February 7, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/7

 Happy Sunday all!  Well let me tell you - WINTER has officially arrived in my area!!!  Oh baby  it is cold outside.  I woke to 4*F and now it is 1*.  Going to  a whopping high of 17*!!  Also had a layer of snow on the ground - not much and it was fluffy - so I swept it.  BUT the sun is shining!!!!!!! YAY
I have already been outside twice.  Fed the kitties (they didn't even come greet me at the door this morning - smart babies).  Swept and cleaned the walks, paths and driveway.  Fed the birds and squirrels.

                                                   Something to look forward too!!!!!!

Next week is supposed to be pretty darn chilly as well.  No day is predicted to get above the freezing mark!  Snow off and on - although nothing bad.  As long as the sun comes out - it makes the day feel so much warmer.  Yesterday was cold - but sunny - and the cats wanted to be outside a lot.  
Blackie was doing his walk about the neighborhood, making sure all was well.  Momma was getting her vitamin D and sunshine - laying in the sun.  Fluffy was bird watching!  She watches the little birds and I can almost hear her thinking "I was to hug it and kiss it and love it and name it George"!!!  LOL  (hope someone gets that throw-back). LOL

Nothing exciting this week - just a lot of little things.
  • Scoured the stove from top to bottom
  • Cut my hair and did a quick color again.  I was going to let it grow - and those darn "wings" get me frustrated every time.  Then I cut off the color - sooooo.  
  • Funny thing - I took the trash out for pick-up this week.  It has been 3 weeks since doing that.  I just don't make much trash - mainly cat litter!
  • I ran to the bank and took care of some business and then did a drop at the food pantry on the way home.
  • Took out extra blankies to the greenhouse for the kitties.  Put them on the heated area of their bed - They have each found their spot and cozy into it.  They stay pretty comfy in there.
  • My TV in the LR was getting funky (dull picture).  I wasn't sure if it was going out or if it was my eyes getting worse.  Both TV's were bought at the same time and bedroom one is fine (plus I see it great).  Well I figured I would play with adjustments and BOOM - it looks so bright and clear now!
  • I had a can of biscuits that needed to be used.  I made some pigs in blankets and made balance as biscuits.  Used for 3 meals.
  • Canceled Netflix this week.  Not a huge savings - but a savings none the less.  I don't really watch - I just had a hard time cancelling because it was something Glen enjoyed.  Crazy I know.  But it is gone now!
  • I got out a pack of hotdogs and cooked them all.  Used in 2 meals and froze the others to re-heat for a quick meal
  • I wanted cornbread - but something different.  I added chopped jalapenos to a Jiffy mix and made cornbread "waffles".  Yep I made it on the waffle iron.  Now I have cornbread I can stick in the toaster and reheat for other meals!  It was good!!!!!!
  • No shopping - stayed away from stores
  • Did a bunch of laundry and hung most in the basement.  Adds humidity to air and keeps my clothes from shrinking.  I did fluff later for a few minutes and used dryer for heavy items - kept the basement warm 
  • Have had another craving on top of the OJ and oranges this week!  I have been wanting tomato juice!  Luckily I have a good supply in the shelf, as my brother keeps me well stocked with his homemade and canned juice.  I add a bit of dill pickle juice and oh my yum.
  • Filled up the feed bins with supplies I had on hand - so as to have things ready and full for the cold weather.
  • Using what I have on hand, cooking from scratch and just doing all the normal stuff
Meals this past week:
Taco/rice bowl
Chili cheese dogs and chips (actually topping was sloppy Joe from freezer and chips from holidays)
Leftover taco stuff over cornbread waffle
Veggie soup (freezer) and pigs in blanket
Burger biscuit bombs and baked beans (small (indiv. size) clearance can all jazzed up)
Sausage gravy over biscuits and scrambled egg
Homemade loaded pizza

How was your week?  Any good deals this week?  What are you working on?
How is your weather?  I know many are in cold regions and some got tons of snow - but there are others living where it is summer (call me green w/envy)!

I hope you are all well and safe and warm.  Prayers are said for each of you daily.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home to yours.

Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God! Let thy good spirit lead me on a level path.
Psalms 143 :10


  1. I love the idea of cornbread waffles and toasting them. Great way to save.

    1. They are tasty and crunchy outside - soft inside and easy to reheat!

  2. The Abominable Snowman talking to Bugs Bunny! Who could forget that show? The Bugs Bunny opera episodes are my very favorites. I listen to an internet classical music station, and when Barber of Seville or Tannhauser come on I chuckle out loud. I can still see Bugs chopping a fruit salad on Elmer Fudd's face or riding a very fat pony as Brunhilde!
    Bitterly cold weather coming here, too. We had more snow and wind, though yesterday was bright and sunny. I even got out and walked around the block in a bid to stave off cabin fever.
    I went out only once last week, to Aldi to get some sale items. Planning to stay home this week, with a forecast of snow/ice every day and frigid temps.
    Bought a nearly-new sewing machine on Ebay. Got a good price, and it arrived in three days, well packed and in good working order. It is just like my original machine. The franken-machine was not going to make it much longer doing as much quilting as I do.
    I also bought a number of books on, prompted by this blog: Both the books and sewing machine were from my "birthday money" that I received from my mother and husband.
    The birds have begun courting in earnest. We saw male cardinals and house finches feeding the females at our feeders. Heard a woodpecker drumming for love. The early morning bird songs are more evident. Been running off starlings and young squirrels from the feeders.
    Made a yummy applesauce bread from donated applesauce and raisins that had been left at the community mail station. Also picked up a free magazine (Popular Mechanics) there.
    Dinners this week will include Chicken Pot Pie, homemade Pizza, and Salmon Burgers. Comfort food for the bitter weather.
    Hope everyone has a safe, WARM (in the northern hemisphere), and frugal week!

    1. I absolutely love the old cartoons! I will still watch when I can. Nothing today can match those.
      the songs of the birds can be heard through the closed windows and doors. They are really crooning! I have seen 3 different types of woodpeckers this past week.
      You got some neat stuff. Glad you got the sewing machine. The read sounds good. Your meals sound good as well. Nothing like comfort food on a cold and nasty day!!!!
      Stay warm.

    2. Not sure what kinds of woodpeckers you get there, but we have Red-Bellied and Downy that come to my feeders, and I have seen Hairy and Pileated in the woods behind my house. Pileated are the large ones that look like Woody Woodpecker.

    3. I saw a Pileated out there once on the tree last week and then there were red bellied and downy woodpeckers. Pretty darn neat.

  3. -38C (very close to -40C/F) in northeastern Alberta this morning. Needless to say, I won't be walking outside today. I'll probably venture outside later only to bring in more firewood. I'm thinking of the ranchers who have to go outside and feed cattle and help with calving in this weather and feeling grateful that I can stay inside where it's warm.

    1. Holy cow!!!!! THAT is cold!!!!!! I will stop complaining now! LOL
      I go out every day - but that is choice and to take care of cats and critters. My kitties have heated beds and heat inside and heated water bowls - so they are protected. Like you I think about the farmers/ranchers - God bless them for what they do.
      STAY warm and cozy!!!!!

  4. Such a beautiful poem, Chery. I trimmed my hair yesterday too to get rid of some "wings". Sounds like cold weather has come your way. We had about n inch of snow last night, but as usual it is already melting.

    1. Those wings are a pain!!!! LOL
      You are in a good spot - some cold and then gone! I remember living down that way years ago. I was sitting on my patio in shorts on NY Day!

  5. Cornbread waffles! I never would have thought of it. This is what I mean about learning something new every time you post.

    1. They are so good. Easy to reheat. I have done leftover stuffing that way too.

  6. We had an inch of snow overnight. First snow here in 790 days! It has all melted. I like the cornbread waffles idea, too. We had to do an Aldi run for perishables this week but we have only been going about every three weeks. Yesterday we were near the discount grocery so we ran in and found big bags of Starbucks whole bean coffee for 3.99, Pepperidge Farm breads for $1 and in date, rolls of good sausage for 1.29 and big restaurant bags of frozen broccoli florets for 2.99. This is the best broccoli since it is all big florets and not a whole bunch of bits in the bag. We buy whenever it is in stock.

    We upgraded our Jenn Air range buy finding a very nice used one and having it repaired. Savings were around $2700. Hubbly did the cabinet work since we went from a drop in to a slide in. I feel like I have a new kitchen!

    1. 790 days??? WOWZA - that is a long time.
      You got some great deals. I love broccoli and I like bigger florets of it too. Hate digging through a bag and only having bits!
      YAY on the stove and cabinet work. I bet you are thrilled. So happy for you!!!!!

  7. Our tv warned us for months that it was going to die. We purchased a new one last month. I later found out that tv’s typically go on sale in February. ☺️ We should have waited a few more weeks. But we do love the new tv.

    1. Oh wow. Sorry you missed the BIG sales - but glad you got a new one. I think I am good to go now - we will see.

  8. No snow here. It actually feels like spring. I would love a little snow. It's supposed to get cold next week so yay! We only put out our trash once a month, most of ours goes out as recycle. My stove needs a good scouring too. Thanks for the reminder. Now I have cornbread with jalapenos on the brain and will have to incorporate that into one of our meals this week. Yum! Stay safe!

    1. I recycle as well - so little trash. I would gladly trade you some weather!!
      LOL - sorry I messed up the menu plan! I am having some today with my dinner.
      Have a good one.

  9. It was rainy and here and we had some sleet. Woke up to beautiful warm sun and daughter and I were going to take a long walk but by the time hubs got back from his walk it had started to sleet. No walk for us.

    1. Oh bummer - sorry your walk got canceled. Those beautiful warm sun days are few and far between this time of the year.

  10. It's just so cold here too. I finally needed a day out yesterday (got a little cabin fever).
    We generate a bunch of trash but I suspect that will go down a lot when the kids go back to school full time (maybe March they are saying).
    Glad you got the t.v. going. We just can't find anything on Netflix we like either. Have a great day!

    1. It is COLD! Haven't gotten cabin fever yet. Never have been a go person! LOL
      Netflix seems to have a lot of trash on - Just nothing there for me.
      Have a good one

  11. It certainly is cold here! Then again, it's February. I have been grateful for the sunshine when it has appeared. Get through this month and then look forward to daffodils coming up and trees budding.

    The Urban Farmer wanted dried beef gravy so I fixed that one morning and he had leftovers for another day. Cornbread waffles! Have to try that. They would be good with chili or any hearty soup (stoup). Two chicken breasts were left over from yesterday's lunch so I will fix chicken rice soup. We did have chili cheese dogs one day last week. Fresh Thyme had buy one, get one on some sausage and beef franks that we really like. Made the potato, carrot, cabbage and sausage skillet last week too. Enough for two days!

    Glad you got your TV adjusted. It's amazing how much they have come down in price since we bought our first giant TV back in the early '90's.

    Your trash pickup sounds like my daughter's. She lives alone and has two cats so most of her trash is cat litter.

    Hanging laundry in the house does help with the dryness of the winter furnace heated air. I usually hang on the clothesline but it's just a little too cold for that now. I have a folding rack that holds quite a bit and everything dries quickly.

    Excellent Scripture reference and poem! I think we all need encouragement and comfort these days.

    1. Yep - we get through Feb. it should be up hill! Here's hoping.
      TV's are so much cheaper - I remember when flat screen first came out and man they were expensive. Now like most things they make them to be throw away. SAD
      I hang outside in summer - but way too cold.
      Your cabbage skillet sound sooooo yummy to me.

      Thank you - positive thoughts for all of us!

  12. Maybe the Abominable Snowman said that, but he stole it from Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men."

  13. Your meals sound delicious Cheryl! Especially the cornbread, yum! I ventured out to Super Walmart on Saturday morning. I went early to avoid the crowds and was able to get some wonderful deal there. I found 6-pack packages of Reebok socks for only $2!! I bought some for my family and a friend. I was also able to get some little girls dresses, night gowns and baby sleepers as gifts for only $1 each! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks! My goodness, you got some great deals. I never see things like that. Of course I guess it would help if I shopped WM! Hardly ever go there and then it is just to the Family Market - not the big store.
      I love when people find deals like that!

    2. I too rarely go to the Super Walmart. I have a neighborhood Walmart by my home and I love how much smaller it is and how fast I can get in and out. If I go to the Super Walmart, I try to go early morning, otherwise it's a "madhouse" in there! I was so thankful for the clearance deals, my family and I have enjoyed the socks and it was a joy to see one of the families I had shared some of the $1 dresses with, wearing one of them recently. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    3. I can't remember the last time I went to the Super WM.
      So glad you got the deals and made so many happy!!!!! That is joy!

  14. Let's see, that was last week...
    We had more snow and wind and then COLD (still cold). We did go to Sam's on Thursday to get some items for DS2's family before the storm. Friday I stopped in our local W-m and it was like Thanksgiving and Black Friday combined. (In reality was Foodstamps week, Winter Storm prep and Super Bowl snack prep.) It was bananas!
    We babysat for the Littles on Saturday morning. I finished our tax prep in the afternoon.
    Sunday was quiet, more snow.
    We were tired/weary most of the week, so we came home, ate lightly and were quiet in the evenings.
    I made some frozen dinner roll pucks on Saturday. More Chex Mix and Farmer just had to have his favorite Reece's-HersheyBar-York Ppmint Patty combo. It is available at Christmas but not Easter so I bought the individual candy bars and combined it in a bag for him.
    It was exactly a frugal week but sometimes you have to live.
    This week is looking better, budget-wise.

    1. Stores can be so crazy with just the MENTION of snow! Then super bowl on top of it - EEK!
      My goodness those snacks sound so yummy and decadent!
      Weather can make one weary. It is just so cold, snowy and gray - it wears on you.

      Yes mam, life doesn't always have to be frugal - it is LIFE! We all need a bit of fun and joy too!
      Stay warm