Sunday, February 21, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 2/21

 Good morning to all!  Happy Sunday!!!!!
What a week we had last week - it sure seems to have been a mess for most of the U.S..  Glad that week is in the history books now!

I woke this morning to the first day in over two weeks to the temperature being in the 20's - not the teens or single digits!!!!  We hit 33* yesterday and the sun was shining brightly.  
A beautiful sunrise this morning was enjoyed as well.  We will be getting RAIN tonight.  Yes rain (maybe some flurries and sleet first).  This next week will actually have NORMAL temperatures for this time of the year! (40's).  I well imagine it will be a muddy and sloppy mess with all the melting snow and ice - but hey, we have to pick our battles and sloppy is OK!
I have mounds of snow that are chest high out front - that will be a lot of melting!

The kitties have much enjoyed the sunshine the past 3 days!  Doesn't matter it is cold - they love being in the sunshine and playing.  Fluffy and a squirrel were playing peek-a-boo this morning!  It was so cute.  The cats have never once hurt a squirrel - they just like playing.
Birds and squirrels have sure ate a lot during these cold and snowy days.
I know the kitties will be glad when much of this snow is gone and they can go where they want without walking through all that icky snow!!!  LOL

This week didn't have any major events of the to do part - except moving lots and lots of snow!  Just a lot of little things.
OH, after spending hours and hours - I have the computer fixed!  I am proud of myself, as I am not at all computer savvy.  I got it though!

My week:
  • Lots and lots of FREE exercise!!!!  Can't tell you how many times I shoveled snow
  • I recorded a bunch of older shows before the blizzard - figuring I would lose the DISH cable.  But it blew so much, that it didn't accumulate on the dish this time.
  • Figured out my Blogger problem!!!!  I guess they count all info in your files including your email. I opened a g-mail account strictly to set up Blog and have never used for anything else.  Haven't looked at it in eons (you have no idea).  Tons of emails - it seems when many people post to Blog it also shows up in email (I had no idea).  I cleaned out email and now have lots of room!!!
  • Made a butter cake - had a mix and some eggs that really needed to be used up.  YUM
  • Made up a new jug of OJ from concentrate
  • Put together a new bottle of shampoo and one of dish soap (with water and vinegar)
  • Shopped my pantry and freezer for meals and snacks
  • Used all leftovers
  • Did NOT leave the property at all
  • Propped door of oven when used to add extra heat into the house
  • Wore layers all week.  Today is the first day for over a week of not wearing long john's (leggings) under jeans
  • Did basics - dusting, vacuum, laundry (lots), cooking from home, just all the normal stuff
  • Changed out ALL the bedding this week - put out a different comforter for a change in view!
  • Made a list for Fresh Thyme.  I haven't been in ages and need to go and stock up on my herbs and vitamins.  Inventoried all my medicinal items
  • I have a sedum plant that I have babied for almost 2 years now, that is blooming indoors!  Nice to see something coming to life in these snowy white days
                       The white glare behind flower is snow outside the window!

Meals this past week:
BBQ pulled pork sandwich and fries
Pork and veggie lo-mein
Patty melt and mac n cheese
Chicken and mushroom open face sandwich topped with cheese, fried hominy/peppers
Dinty Moore stew and cornbread
Tot-chos  (Nacho like meal - toppings over tator tot rounds instead of chips)
Mex rice bowl topped with sour cream, cheese and corn chips
                                                          Tot-chos - seriously good!

Had cake, oranges, juice and cheese crackers for snacks

How was your week?  I am sure many had to deal with the snow, ice and cold.  Hope you have all faired well.  Frances - I hope you are doing OK after your fall!!!  HUGS
Did you use your pantry and freezers instead of shopping this week?  Any deals or bargains?

I pray you are all well and safe.  Hoping you are doing well and hoping better weather is coming to your area.  Stay safe in this coming week my friends.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;  His steadfast love endures for ever!
Psalms 118: 1
Out of my distress I called on the Lord: and the answered me and set me free.  With the Lord on my side I do not fear.
Psalm 118:5-6


  1. Sounds like good week for you, Cheryl. Lots of exercise from shoveling snow. We didn't have any snow, but cold temps for sure. It is supposed to warm up this week. We did finally see the sun on Thursday and it looked great.

    1. Glad you didn't get the snow. I am looking forward to a bit of warming. That bright shiny org in the sky sure was a welcomed sight!

  2. We shop at Fresh Thyme. Such good prices on meat and fruits and veggies. We went yesterday for a stock up. We had the same weather as you but the roads are now all clear so it was nice to get out yesterday.

    1. They do have some really good prices and quality goods.
      I hear the main roads are perfect and our neighborhood road looks pretty decent too. I may go out in a day or so!

  3. Glad you made it through the cold, snowy weather. My birds and the bunny have been feeding like crazy. I'm sure it helps keep them warm.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Glad you are well. The nature really does need the extra food for warm. Glad you are helping them out!!
      Be well.

  4. Good you, using all the leftovers. I try but I sometimes lose one or two. I never know when Farmer will decide he does Not want that for lunch. I'll post my fragments to use in tonights blog post. Prairie Quilts & Kolaches

    1. I very seldom lose anything - even when it was more than me - hubs always liked leftovers.
      I'll check it out! Thanks

  5. Hi Cheryl great post as usual! Do you have any tips on downsizing your food from two people to one ? I am currently on my own and used to cooking bigger meals brain is not cooperative in sizing down lol I find myself doing a lot of salads and sandwiches because it's just easier but I have a fully stocked pantry but don't want to go thru the trouble of cooking just for me. Thank you for all the wisdom you share with all of us! I look forward to every post love Gaila

    1. Well, let me say it is trial and error and it takes time. I did the same for quite a while - sandwiches and salad or a can of soup.
      Slowly I have started to make much smaller amounts - I still do end up making enough for a couple meals often. That's OK - I eat it or freeze it into meal size packets.
      It really does take time.
      Next week I plan a post with a lot of my meals - so maybe you will get some ideas.

  6. Hmmm, Tot-chos look good! and I think my mister would love the idea. Glad you got your blogger problem sorted - yes, those google emails accumulate forever!! hidden away...
    That sweet little blossom on your sedum plant! Amazing with it so cold outside to have blooms inside. How precious that the squirrel and kitty were playing together :).
    Keep on keepin' on :)
    Mary in San Diego

    1. The tot-chos were really good - honest! I will do that again.
      Now I know and will check the emails regularly.
      Nature pops through in strange ways and times. Love it.
      Have a good one.

  7. Good for you for fixing your computer problem. And you should be proud of yourself. Lucky you, I'd kill for some rain. Oh well, we'll get some eventually I guess. Who needs a gym when you can shovel snow. LOL Stay safe!

    1. Thanks - I was proud of myself too. I'd be happy to send you rain or snow if possible. We didn't get much, but it is breezy this morning and a bit warmer!
      You got it - no gym needed here!
      Have a good one

  8. I have put out a cookie sheet with bird seed on it on top of the snow. We usually don't have snow here and we have a large bird sanctuary. You cannot beleive all the birds that have found that. They are so cute. But I have to watch the cat as she went out and knocked the pan off the table! Thank you so much for your reminder to me to count my blessings. You are so good for me, a true friend.

    1. That is a great idea for the birds. Their own buffet!
      I think we all forget just how blessed we really are - it comes with good and bad.
      Have a wonderful day.

  9. Ok I'm going to try what you just said about blogger...wish me luck.

    1. Good luck - I couldn't believe how many emails I deleted!!! Hope it works for you too!

  10. We are at 43' today!!! Sun is out and snow is melting. I'm in southeastern IL and we got nearly a foot of the white stuff. I don't mind snow (hate...HATE ice) but I'm am so antsy for spring! I used to have satellite tv, you can wipe the snow off the dish. It would always make mine come back on. Depends on where your dish is located. If it's on the roof...don't attempt! hahaha

    1. Our Dish is on the garage roof. Hubster shoots it with the water hose on the rare occasion it gets snowed out! :-)

    2. We had warmer temps as well, and the sun came out late. Today is supposed to be lovely. I know, I just want to see GREEN!

      Mine in on the roof and on the opposite side from the hose. If heavy snow gets on it - no TV reception until it melts. I can see shows I pre-recorded - but nothing else.
      Enjoy nicer days!