Tuesday, February 16, 2021


 Well hello everyone.  I hope you are all well and safe and snug this morning.  All I can say about my area is "the weather outside is frightful" - and no it ISN'T DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!  It is crap!  UGH
Yep, we had a blizzard - the news may not call it that - but that is what it was.
Snow, snow and more snow and 35 MPH winds with higher gusts ALL afternoon and night!
News says 8.5" - well they aren't at my house!!!  Good 12" here and drifts that are knee high or higher.  I now have piles after shoveling that are more than waist deep.  Good grief we won't thaw for months!!!!!  LOL  

I went out 3 times yesterday just to clean my side from back door to the backyard and then to make paths out to the greenhouse and paths for the kitties to go and do their business!  They hate the wind - but they stayed in and warm and all are fine this AM.
I didn't sleep well last night at all - tired and worried about the babies.  I know - but they are my babies!

I get up this AM and look out the bedroom window and Momma had ventured out - she needed to do her business and it was about breakfast time.  The snow had piled up again on the walk and she was up to her chest in snow!!!  She just did her potty right there on the path!  Can't say as I blame her.  Then she looked around as if to say "what the heck is this garbage?".  My sentiments exactly.

Well, I made it out there and got them fed - then I preceded to clean all paths again and places they can more easily go take care of business.  Put out food for the birds and squirrels, shoveled out the path to the front and the walks and steps.
Came in a rested.

Back out a while later - working on drive and public walk out front (it is law homeowners are responsible).  The 13 year old two doors down finally came and helped a bit after I had much done - but it was help!!!  I gave him some $$ for helping and he was tickled.
More to do - but will take my time - as this girl is going no where for days!!!!!!!

                               This is an older picture - just perfect for a snow day!

WHY an older picture?  I need HELP BLOGGERS!!!!!!  Suddenly I can't pull pictures from my private albums - which I always do.  This just happened in the last few days.  Now I can re-use pictures that I have already posted here and that are on blogger file.

When I try to post a picture from my private files I get a message that says:

Upload failed
Server rejected

??????  WHY???  Any ideas?  Has something changed on blogger that I am unaware of?  
I am not the most computer savvy person and this just flusters the stuffing out of me.
I have refreshed everything - I have restarted the computer several times - I even deleted some old pictures from my pictures - NOTHING has helped.
If anyone has a clue PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Of course I suddenly want to share all kinds of pictures and I can't.  Isn't that the way??  Sure is frustrating.
Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.

Well, I think I can safely say a nice hot bath tonight will be delightful.  My poor aching back.  Old age aint for sissies!!!!!

I feel so sorry for the folks in the south who are getting hit that never have cold and snow.  They have no clue what to do.  The have no road maintenance equipment and power is out for millions.  It is cold.
PLEASE pray for all our brothers and sisters all over the country who are in the path of these nasty storms.  It is no fun at all - but at least I know how to take care of it and I am prepared.  I know many of you are more than prepared as well!  THAT is WHAT WE DO!!!!!!

Thanks for any ideas you all can offer on the Blogger situation!
Please stay safe, and warm and home!  
Blessings to you all.


  1. We live near Peoria, Illinois and had a blizzard yesterday also. We cannot get out of our house as there is a snowdrift blocking the front door. Fortunately, we do not have to go anywhere and have plenty of food and supplies. It seems there is nowhere in the country right now we can go to get warm. I,too.have been praying for all those who are experiencing this weather without a clue as to how to survive in it. Stay warm.

    1. Oh my goodness - hopefully you will get the door dug out soon. I hope you have a second door to do out of in an emergency.
      Nasty weather for sure and the country is in a big deep freeze or so it seems.
      You take care and stay warm.

    2. We do have two other doors we can go out of. Must trudge thru much snow to get anywhere, tho. Both other doors are in back of house. You take care and stay warm also

    3. Glad you can get out in an emergency!

  2. Bless your heart for making sure the kitties are taken care of. Do you have any in-house cats?

    1. I have one kitty indoors (had 3 at one time). He never goes out - but sure likes to look out.
      I can imagine how I would feel if I had to go do my business in the cold, let alone with snow past my bum!! YIKES
      They have several spots now - and a path to under the shed - they like to go there to "do" as there is no snow under it!!

      I think I worry about them more than me!

  3. Well it's kind of crazy how I put pictures on blogger. I post them on Facebook, making sure that only I can see it. Then I copy it to blogger. It weird but that's how I have to do now.

    1. Huh - how do you do it so only you see them on FB? I don't know how to do that. I post pictures but everyone can see them.
      Guess that is another way! Thanks.

  4. I can’t help with blogger, but I do not envy your snow. I remember a post where you called it a “flippin’ winter wonderland” or something like that. It made me giggle then and I thought about it today. Stay safe and warm!

    1. Yep - that was my exact (well not exact sentiment) sentiments today! My thoughts were a bit harsher. I know some would love the snow - but here, we have more than our share!
      Sun shining, so I feel better!! Thanks

  5. WE got tons of snow yesterday in Chicago's southwest suburbs, too. I'm in a townhome community and they're supposed to handle sidewalks, steps and walkways from the sidewalk to the front door, as well as driveway slabs and most of the roads in our community (the Village handles the 3 major roads in and out, we handle the rest). I shoveled twice late afternoon and early evening yesterday -- about 6" in total, and we got additional snow overnight, about 10" in total. And that's on top of the 18" or so we already had on the ground. Our snow removal contractor is doing a much better job this morning, compared to our snow over the last two weeks. I'm sure the sunshine and warmer temps are helping. My only concern is that we're supposed to get above freezing this weekend and for much of next week. The street sewer drains are all buried under mounds of snow. So, I'm expecting that we'll wind up with some flooding.

    Thank you for caring for the kitties and other wildlife. With the snow being so deep, I know they'll enjoy it. Can't help with Blogger, though I'm having similar issues with Facebook, where I need to select photos and approve for upload and others in my albums are restricted (even ones I posted years ago). I'm betting it has to do with copyright compliance or something similar.

    Stay safe and keep warm!

    1. Oh my you have a bunch of snow. Glad the contractor is keeping up today. I think our storm drains will have to be dug clear before we get much melt - or flooding may happen. We, the neighborhood will have to do that!

      I love nature and furbies so much much - most than many of the people I know if honest! Some of them aren't so sweet! LOL
      Today the sun is out and they are enjoying it. Blackie has even ventured out to do a walk-about!! He tried twice yesterday and got to the gate and turned around and ran back to the greenhouse! It was funny.

      Stay safe dear.

  6. Glad you don't have to go out. WWe don't get much snow here but when we do it is usually chaos. A few years ago when I did night work right out in the country up little lanes we did get a lot of snow and it was frightening to drive in it. The Polish colleagues said at home they put chains on the cars and no problem but we can't do that here. After a hard 10 hour night shift when all I wanted to do was sleep it was no fun crawling home on icy roads. Some of us paired up to take turns to drive as it was nice to have company.

    1. Drive sharing was a good idea. Glad you have to deal with often. I was surprised this morning to see my neighbor actually went in at midnight as usual last night. He said 3 of 12 showed up and they had to really work their bums off - they load trucks and move them around. I can't imagine. They told the day shift to stay home!!! CRAZY.

      My dad used to put chains on the tires back in the day - but that is illegal now around here.
      I am prepared with all I need - so staying in.

  7. We got only about 1 in. of snow before it changed to ice. I was shoveling ice from the bottom of the driveway where the plow had pushed it when I fell and broke my wrist. My right wrist. And i'm right handed. Surgery is the 26th. splinted for now. 3-6 in. of snow coming Thrsday. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!! Prayers appreciated. Thx.

    1. OH NO!!!! I am so sorry that happened to you! You poor dear.
      You have my prayers for sure. Please take care and keep us informed.
      My goodness they sure are waiting long enough for surgery. Prayers my friend.

  8. Please take extra good care of yourself....for your sake and the fur babies. It's so true that animals are much easier to love. Have you ever tried soaking in magnesium flakes in the tub? A youtuber, Lisa Eldridge, mentioned it in a vid I watched a while back. She said it really makes you relax, so, I bought the brand she mentioned and soaked for 20 mins. It worked--zzzz. Whatever you used, I'm sure you enjoyed that soak :)
    I had the exact same problem you're taking about with Blogger about 10 years ago when I blogged. But, I can't remember what I ended up doing. I hope you get some good help with that.
    Mary in San Diego

    1. Mary thanks for the info. No I haven't tried that - I used Epsom salts in my water. Sleep did come easy last night. I was tired.
      I have never had a problem with pictures and boom all of a sudden it started. Not sure yet. Thanks.

  9. Hmmm, I don't know what the problem is with blogger. I am sure that some days it has a mind of it's own. I haven't tried to post a picture in awhile just the ones I use for my days that are already on blogger. I will have to check that out tomorrow as I have a few photo's I want to share.

    Wow hour got a lot of snow. Stay warm.

    God bless.

    1. Let me know how it goes for you! PLEASE
      Yes, we got a bunch - so over it! Amazingly the only thing that has felt cold is my fingers - and they warm quickly.

  10. Can you put a litterbox in the greenhouse for the cats?

    We had actual air temps of -24 this morning, with windchills in the -30to-40s. We were busy to day at work with lots of "no heat" calls. Yesterday they were doing rolling blackouts to ease the load on the grid. We came home and both quickly showered in case the power went out for us. We didn't use any big appliances and I kept the furnace lower than I normally would. I felt like we did our part to help out. Today they ended the blackouts. Thank goodness it will be 30s-40s ABOVE zero by the weekend.
    I feel bad for all those in the south also.

    1. Oh that is cold. I can't imagine how many no heat calls there were. Not a good time for that to happen.
      Glad the temps will be going up and the blackouts stopped.
      Stay warm

  11. Okay, for Blogger, do you have two different accounts on your computer? One presumably for your blog, and one for your photo storage? It's possible you're logged out of one of the accounts (the photo storage account)? Can you try logging in to whatever you use for photo storage, and downloading your photo to your computer? Then, you should find it when you are ready to upload to blogger. Or, alternatively, what about emailing it to yourself from the account that you use to upload photos, to your blogger email account - then upload?

    Generally, the issue is caused by some sort of permissions problem between the photo sharing & your blog account.

    1. Thanks. Now I have to read this a few times to really understand. LOL My photos are saved right to my computer - not really an account that I know of. If I were logged out of Blogger, I wouldn't be able to blog at all would I?
      I will look into sending to Blogger email account.
      Thank you for the info - I will let that perk in my brain for a minute!

    2. What about storing your pix on Google photos? or up-loading the ones you want to post there or on Google Drive? I haven't tried, but thought of it after I wrote you.

    3. My blogger pics are stored on Google it seems. Now I can use those - but not my regular photos on computer as normal. I think that is what I have to do - just not sure how to go about it. Working on that. Thanks.

  12. We were hoping we could get through February without any appreciable snowfall. Wrong! At least we have power. My oldest daughter lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and they have been having rolling blackouts. Some ladies had posted on Instagram that they have been without heat and one gal posted pictures of icicles on the inside of her windows. Apparently wind turbines are used to generate electricity and they have been frozen. So happy that your kitties have a good place to stay warm.

    Did you see on the news that Uncle Bill's Pet Store on 38th Street burned? Those poor animals.

    The Urban Farmer fired up the snow blower yesterday and cleaned off the driveway. He wore his insulated coveralls, heavy socks with his heavy boots, scarf, heavy gloves and toboggan. It looked like we had at least 10 inches, maybe 12 inches of snow. We looked outside later and our ninety year old neighbor was doing his driveway with just a short coat and no hat. Gotta dress for the weather.

    Just got a text from my daughter in Texas and they will have temps in the 60's next week.

    Hope you get your Blogger issue fixed. Stay warm!

    1. February just had to tell us - winter isn't over yet!!! Sorry your daughter is going through that. So much for wind power!
      Those poor babies - that was so sad to hear.

      I was wrapped up to the hilt too. My neighbor 2 doors down - had on shorts and a jacket while shoveling his snow. CRAZY. He and his wife both wear shorts outside all year - something wrong with those people!!!

      Oh 60's would be lovely!

  13. I’ve been blogging a long time and have photo heavy blogs with grandchildren too.
    Several years ago, a similar thing was happening to me and I don’t remember the exact wording. I ended up with an agreement to pay Google .99 cents every month for photo storage and now all my photos stay posted.
    I’ll look into it and see if I can find the exact name for it, in case you want to do but I certainly understand if you didn’t want to.

    1. Thanks Rhonda. The stuff I have posted in the past is there and I can re-use it. It is all my other daily photos I take that are just loaded into computer that Blogger is not taking all of a sudden. It just started happening over the weekend.

      I am wondering if I have to download another program or something all of a sudden. Sure is perplexing.
      Thanks for looking into it.