Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Momma said......

 Yes she did.  Momma said there would be days like this!  What a couple of days I spent at the first of this week!!!!!  I am laughing now.  Shoot, I just keep thinking how much worse it could have been!!!!!

I had 2 eye appointments scheduled this week.  Specialist and regular eye doc.  I decided Monday morning to get a couple errands ran before going to that 1:45 appt. at the specialist.  
Well, I go out and car fires up and off I go.  I get a whiff of gasoline.  Keep going thinking it was the car shop on the corner.  Nope the smell does not dissipate.  I go to the bank - remember I have been trying to go there for a couple weeks!  I park where there are no stains on the pavement - get out and see gas dripping near the back end!!!  Well crap.  
I go in and do my business (come out and it had stopped).  Decide to go the feed store just down the street.
Get there and dripping again. Well crap again!
I figured it was only leaking when vehicle was on - not when off.

I called my neighbor to see if he could take me to the doctor once I get home (fingers crossed).  He is out of town.  Call my brother, figuring he was probably busy - but he was available.  He only lives about 10 minutes away.
So off I go to get home.  Praying every inch I drove, that I could get home safely.  Just thinking, please don't let someone throw a cigarette out their window or something.
I MADE IT!  Thank you Jesus.

Made it to the specialist and brother got a nap!!!!!  He slept in the car, while I was in there!  LOL
Good news - I was released as I have done perfectly with all after surgery stuff.  YAY

By now, the neighbor is back and he sees the problem and it is beyond what he can do as it needs to be on a lift to get to - plus all is rusty under there.

He said he would take me to the appt. the Tuesday to the regular eye doc.  This is located in WM center.
We go and I get tested.  More good news - my distance vision is 20/20!!!!!!!!  I have never had that since I was a small child!  I did order progressive lenses (bifocals) for moderate close up and very close reading.  All good.

He says do some Christmas shopping if you want.  Well I did find 2 gifts and I did splurge and buy myself 2 'gifts'.  I never buy myself anything.  I got a heavy flannel shirt - have always wanted one and have never had one.  I also got a new G. Foreman grill - smaller with removeable grates for easy cleaning.  I had an original and it was so hard to clean.  I like the drill flavor now and then and have no grill.
Anyway, I just can't shop with someone else.  I like to wonder and look and decide when I see what speaks to me.

Get home, make an appointment with the mechanic and call AAA to tow my car.  I call AAA and explain the problem.  They say I have to call 911 (fire) and get clearance to move vehicle to make sure it is safe to transport.  HUH?  Never heard this before.  Well, I did and they come flying down the road, sirens blaring!!!!!  GEESH.  I explain what was going on - and he said "we can't do anything".  It isn't leaking at the moment and there is no fire.  I profusely apologize for bothering them.
Call AAA back and explain it all again (different person) - he said that having to call fire was crazy - it wasn't leaking and tow drivers know how to handle that kind of stuff!   He got me laughing and said - good job getting it home safely.
FINALLY tow driver shows up - knows just how to handle the problem - no big deal!!!!!!
So my vehicle is at the shop.  Hope they fix anything that looks suspicious - as the thing is 20 years old.
OH MY!!!!!

I post this to show - I have good people in my life.  I think we all do - if we just look around and pay attention (you don't always know them).  AND things could have been so much worse!!!!!!!  I am safe - the vehicle is safe - it is getting fixed - oh, and the squirrels have corn!!!!!!!

There is this little voice in my head - that says "you needed to get off the road".  "You could have involved in something worse".   "What if it had been frigid out?" (It was in 50's and 60's).
Anything could have changed and who knows.  
I do believe things happen when they do and as they do for a reason.

So when those really bad days happen - just remember - it could be worse!  You made it through.
And then sit back and LAUGH!  Sometimes we just have to laugh and go on.
We are protected - I truly believe.

SO, today I am home and doing home stuff!  Maybe tomorrow and maybe Thursday - who knows.  I just know I am safe and have a warm home and plenty to keep me busy!  The rest can wait.

Don't take stuff too seriously - just go with the flow.  **IT happens sometimes. 
Que sera sera!!!!!

Have a blessed day and remember to LAUGH a little!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Don't Get Overwhelmed

 Sadly, what is described as the happiest time of the year, can be the worst time of the year for some.  Many people are depressed during this time.  Many have no family, or maybe no money.  Some do not believe or celebrate.  Some feel the pressure to be the perfect hostess is overwhelming.  Some feel that the need to decorate a beautiful home.  There are all kinds of reasons that people get overwhelmed and down.

DO YOU!  Do what works for you and do not apologize for it or feel bad.
The world revolves around people, and we are all different.  You have your ideas and beliefs and I have mine.  NO we do not have to agree.  I have some very strong beliefs and ideas on certain things - you do not have to agree.  Nor do you have to try to change me!!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS IMPORTANT
I am so over people thinking we all have to look at things the same. 

Do not feel you have to conform to others and their ways and thoughts.
Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, winter solstice, or whatever you choose the way you see fit.

Do not feel you have to spend money you don't have or need.  Do not feel you have to attend all the parties and celebrations.  Do not feel you have to decorate.  You DO have control over YOU!
That is probably the most control you have in this life - YOU!  
That is powerful when you realize it.

Find joy where you can.  
Don't let others MAKE you feel bad for how you 'celebrate' or don't.
Know you are loved by others - people you may not have ever actually met.  

I try to keep this as a safe place for people.  We do not have to agree - that is OK.  I try to avoid certain subjects that causes angst in people (it does me too!). 
We share and care - and THAT is a huge part of what we need to celebrate.  It is called LOVE!
May you find a spark of joy here!!!

Have a blessed day.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 11/27

 Happy final Sunday all!  Another month just about gone.  We are on the Christmas and New Year's count down.  It just doesn't seem possible - yet here we are!  In a few short weeks it will all be history and we will be looking towards Spring.  We sure do wish away life!!!!!

The weather has been pretty darn nice here most of the week.  Thanksgiving day didn't even require a jacket!  It is raining today - we had rain start overnight and it will rain for a while longer today.  It was in the 50's when I got up at 5:30!  It is going to get much colder by the end of the week - but these nicer temps are quite welcome.
Here is a picture of the very center of downtown (the state capital).  This is about 15 minutes from my house.  Friday evening was the lighting event, and this was a picture after they turned on the lights this year.  See all those people - that is a one-way road the encircles the "Circle" - usually filled with cars.  It always so beautiful to see.  It sure was a nice night for the lighting event. NO, I didn't go!!!!!
I watched Frosty the Snowman and The Return of Frosty the Snowman!!!!!!  It seemed like a nicer way to spend the evening, than to fight hordes of people!!!!!! LOL

My week:
  • Well, I finally finished up the kitchen DEEP clean!  Everything from above the cabinets and on a wall length upper shelf!  Oh my!!!!!!  I will not even mention how old the papers stuffed into decorative cups were (keeps out dust).  I was even appalled!  LOL
  • Did more house cleaning and some re-decorating (small scale)
  • I ran out Monday to get new area rugs for living room and dining area - Big Lot's had a B1 - get 1 - 1/2 off.  They are the same but different!!!  LOL.  Exact same colors - different designs.  Looks good.
  • I changed out a mini blind in bedroom with one I have had stored back for ages.  (I bought several the same years ago)
  • I also put up 2 new mini blind in LR & DR to replace the Roman shades that were like 20 years old.  I got these 2 new ones for less than $10 ea. at Fam. Dollar.  I then used other things I had here to change up windows and rooms a little.
  • I threw away a bunch of stuff (no idea why I kept it) and have a big box for donation in the back of the Blazer.
  • Got to air the house a few times this week
  • Cleaned, reorganized and sorted the deep pantry
  • Tons of laundry
  • I raked the last of the leaves and placed on the garden area.  Last I intend on doing this year - I will say!!!  Cleaned up tons of tiny sticks - the squirrels keep munching on limbs and dropping them in the yard - little buggers.
  • Froze extra soup I had made for another meal
  • NO grocery store
  • I came across an envelope of GC's I had forgotten about - and set down and checked each one for $ amount.  Most had never been used - nice eating locations.  I have $20 left on a Domino's pizza and 7.49 left on a Papa John's pizza.  There is $5 and change on Panera.  I also found a booklet of car wash vouchers that had gotten stuck back.  SO, I have a lot of good cards for good meals I can use up in the coming year.  G and I used to get takeout at a lot of nice places, so we were gifted cards. (a lot of Outback)
  • Paid all items I had and then walked to P.O. to mail, as it was a beautiful day.  I got Christmas stamps and others (for many months) before the price goes up
  • Carved the turkey I baked Friday - it was the easiest turkey I have ever carved.  It just fell apart!  It has been so tender and tasty - many meals from that!!!!
  • Got all the gift items together.  Today I plan on going through it all, making my list and checking it twice!!  I have a list of things I know I need to get for the littles.
  • Brought home some leftovers from my nieces, which gave me extra goodies to eat with my turkey
Meals this past week:
Jalapeno burger w/cheese and halved yellow squash
Chili cheese dogs and chips
Cheddar broccoli soup and crackers
Leftover soup with sour cream and Fritos
Dinner with family - all sorts of goodies!
Turkey and leftover mashed potatoes and gravy & broccoli casserole (pots/gravy & casserole from niece)
Turkey sandwich with chips and leftover mac n cheese (mac from niece)
SNACKS - toasted bagel w/cin./sugar, turkey, fruit and leftover dreamsicle fluff I took to nieces (brought some home)

I did no Christmas shopping this week.  Too peopley out there for me!!!!!! LOL
I have a couple of eye appointments this week, so I may do a bit of shopping while out each of those days.  I have done no real holiday decorating yet - may work on that as well.  Just not going to stress about things.
I have recorded several movies that I plan on watching later this winter - from the FREE premium channels offered this weekend with cable.

How was your week?  Eat too much????  Most of us have.  LOL!!!  Did you do any shopping?  Any great deals or bargains?  Have you decorated yet?
Look forward to hearing from you all!!!!

Stay safe and healthy and know I pray for each of you daily.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours!

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and know all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Matthew 5:6

Dear Lord, help us to realize our main goal on this earth is to follow You, and Your kingdom will be ours someday.  Let us know and understand that You will provide for us, and You know what we need.  Guide and direct us in our daily ways, so that we honor You instead of looking for earthly things to fill our heart and soul.  When we feel lost and empty, fill our lives with Your love and guidance.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Now the Countdown Begins!!!

 Happy Friday and happy day after!!!!!!!!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  I know many still haven't had their get together and will be doing so in the next couple of days.  ENJOY

I spent yesterday with one branch of my family.  Lots of food, lots of family and lots of SNUGGLES!! Yes, there was lots of snuggles with those 'littles'.  Remi is just a chatterbox.  Everyone was so worried when she was 'late' in talking.  I told them she would talk when she had something to say!  Welp, that is now the case!  She is just a little active and chatty doll baby!  In spite of all her medical problems - she is just incredibly active and funny.  Adi - is still pretty bashful and she felt bad a lot of yesterday.  She slept for a long time - then when she woke we chatted and played dolls!  Layla - she wasn't sure about everyone - very bashful.  She has gotten so big!  But she had fun with Remi.  Miles - well what can I say - just a smiley, wide eyed cuddle bug!!!!!!!  Aden is now older (8) and he just wants to hang out with the big guys!!
My great niece and niece both mentioned Glen at different times and we told stories and laughed and cried a little.  So, he was there too! 💕💔

Today many will be out shopping!  NOT me.  I am staying away from all the crazies out there (no offense).  I have a turkey bird in the oven and I brought home a lot of sides from my nieces.  She had sooooooo much food.  Her family will be eating good for a few days and lots of people took home food as well.
Many spend this weekend decorating for Christmas.
THAT is where the countdown starts!!!!!  ONE MONTH from today is Christmas.  YIKES!  It will be here in a minute and then it will be New Year's!

It sure is hard to believe that Christmas will be here that soon.  I need to get busy!
I am going to start putting together my gift bags this weekend, just to see what I have on hand and what I need to do and get.
I still need to get stuff for the littles - but not this weekend.  I will wait for the mad dash to be over and maybe go out next week.  I have 2 eye appointments next week, so I will be out and about any way.
Tomorrow is small business Saturday!  IF you need to go out and shop - please try to remember the smaller places and the small guy.  They NEED your money - not the big corporations.

I hope you all had a great day yesterday.  What is on the agenda for you on this Black Friday and weekend after?

So thankful for all my friends here!!!!!!

EDIT!!!!!!!  IF you have cable TV - check your listings.  Many cable companies are offering FREE premium channels ALL weekend long.  Good way to DVR some movies for a cold winter day of watching.  I have Direct TV and channels 500 - 573 is all the FREE stuff.  Check out your provider!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

ENJOY Your Family

The big turkey day is upon us here in the U.S..  
I hope you all have safe travels if you must go away.  Enjoy your families and friends.  Enjoy your bounty - whatever it may be.  Take a moment to say a word of thanks for ALL that you DO have, instead of concentrating or complaining on what you don't have.
Keep a grateful heart.

Sure things could be better, and that has been true every single day I have been on this earth! It isn't something new.  There are good times and bad times - yet here we are!  We have survived, and we will continue to be OK.  FAITH is what keeps us going.

Stay safe, stay healthy and ENJOY.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each of you and your families.

After the feast - something to get you in the mood for Christmas!!!!!  Always fun - for the kid in all of us.  Check your local listings!

I will be back Friday with a new post!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Other Uses for Those Thanksgiving Leftovers!

 It is that time of the year again.  Everyone cooks too much, eats too much, and has too many leftovers!  That is OK - enjoy!
The nice part is that for many in the U.S. it is a shorter work week, many go shopping, many will decorate, and many will relax and enjoy some down time.  In all that - it is nice to have extra food on hand so as not to have prepare a lot of new things.
You can re-invent your leftovers into all kinds of goodies.
I always look forward to a cold turkey sandwich with mustard!!!!  Yep, one of my favorite things.

You can chop or shred and season up and use in tacos or burritos or enchiladas
Soup or stew - white chili
Grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches - YUM
Wraps - add turkey, cranberries, or turkey and veggies
Casseroles - Shepherd's pie
Turkey salad
Noodles or dumplings with turkey
Make your own stuffed hot pockets - no limit to what you can put in them
Stir fry or fried rice
Turkey, rice and cheese
OR slice or chop and freeze for futures meals
There is no limits to what you can use turkey for - anything that you would use chicken for!
**(don't forget to make that bone broth with the carcass!!!)**

Place a dollop or two in the waffle iron.  This is one of my favorites as well.  It is soft on the inside and browned and harder on the outside.
Fry into patties
Add to ground meat as an extender for a special meatloaf

Potato cakes - another favorite of mine for leftover potatoes!
Topping on a Shepherd's pie or casserole.  Use on top of casserole - top with shredded cheese and Yum
Potato candy
Potato bread - same with sweet potatoes
You can also FREEZE leftover potatoes and dressing.  Place amounts in a buttered muffin tin and freeze.  Pop out and place in a bag for later.  You have individual portions all ready to heat back up!

Add to Jello or creamy pudding/cheesecake
Place a dollop on your sandwich

MAKE cranberry mayo!!!
Mix 1 C Mayo
1/2 C cranberry sauce
1 Tbs. cider vinegar

There you have it.  Just a few ideas to extend those wonderful leftovers into new things.  No need to get bored of the same thing.  Mix it up, experiment and have fun.

Do you have a fun and creative way to re-make those tasty morsels????
Let us all know!

Have fun and ENJOY!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/20

 Howdy doody friends!  Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.  My goodness, it sure did sneak up!!  Well, I guess it didn't, but it just doesn't seem possible that we are this close to the end of the year.  
I plan on going to my gr. nieces this Thursday, for a dinner with my brother's family.  I will cook a turkey (smaller one) here at home on Friday.  I will NOT be going out shopping that day!  I have in the past - and well, that just isn't for me anymore!  There is a craft a big craft show on Saturday at a high school nearby - MAYBE - but not holding my breath on that either.  LOL

It is NOT just about A day - being thankful should happen every day!  It is not about a meal - it is about being grateful for ALL things EACH day no matter where you live!!!!!

Early in the week I saw Rockie the racoon and Opie the opossum out and about.  I think the past couple nights have just been too cold.  It has gotten frigid at night.  When it warms, I will try to catch and relocate Rockie!
We had record warmth the first part of the month - then BOOM it got cold!!!!  It is 15* as I type this.  Brrrr.  Friday and Saturday were really cold, but old Blackie just had to get his dose of natural vitamin D - LOL.  He went out and laid in the sun (what there was) both days for a bit.  They have sure been loving their heated bed and greenhouse!!!  Can't say I blame them.
Squirrels and birds have been very hungry and eating everything in sight!  They do love their heated birdbath!  Drinking a lot of water.

My week:
  • I have been doing more cleaning - there is no end!
  • Put out the winter door decoration on the warmer day
  • Working on my nephew's blankie I am making
  • Used up leftovers in new ways
  • Was given 5 boxes of (30 ea.) Refresh eye drops from a friend.  Each little vile works 2X for me.  I can use these in between medicated drops (those end tomorrow - YAY) and anytime I need moisture.  This is brand recommended by eye doctor.
  • I went out to lunch with a friend and then we went to Ollie's. This day brought about unexpected trials!!!!  It was cold this day - went to lunch and enjoyed.  I actually pulled into the wrong lot this day and was in the Goodyear lot not the restaurant (little wall in between).  Came out after lunch and my Blazer DID NOTHING!!!! Nothing at all.  Friend hung around to see what I might need.  I went in the Goodyear place and explained - the Manager came out and checked my Blazer.  The battery cables were very loose (still not sure how that happened).  He tightened and my car tried to start.  He gave some reason about anti-theft thing and car needed to set for a while to recover info to computer (his best guess).  Well, I had no knowledge of this, as my car is much older.  Anyway, we went off to Ollie's for a while and came back.  BOOM - it started right up!!!  I came home and got my maintenance manual out and he was RIGHT!  Had no idea.  So, he was a kind man, who helped me out for nothing, and I learned something that day.  (Didn't buy a thing that day).  All ended well - makes me think I was supposed to park in the wrong lot!!!!!!
I ran to Kroger the next day.  I got a couple of the digital deals.  Peanut butter - 1.29 jar (5).  Mayo and Miracle Whip - both 3.99 jar.  I found organic ground beef - 3 lb. (triple pack) for 6.99 on clearance and 4 jalapeno/pepperjack burgers (ea. huge) for 3.99.  Yellow squash .99 clearance bag.  Roma tomatoes (8) .99 clearance bag.  I also got supplies I was missing for my jar recipes and for 'puppy chow' recipe I make.  Items needed for the puppy chow stuff was in the clearance aisle!!!
  • Did a light color touch-up on hair - using what I had on hand
  • Laundry - using dehumidifier water
  • Made waffles - froze some for later date
  • Meals from home and scratch (except the one day) and drinks were water or tea
Meals this past week:
Homemade waffles topped with sliced banana and syrup
Beans & rice and salad
Cheeseburger soup (used leftover beans & rice) w/Fritos
Grilled cheese and tomato soup - Mmmmmm
Out to eat - Eggroll #1 restaurant
Center cut pork chops, potato & carrot in crockpot
Leftover pork chops turned into pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and salad
SNACKS - veggies and fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers

How are you all doing?  I sure hope none of you are in the path of the HUGE snow that dumped in the upper East.  Man o man - what a lot of snow.  Are you all set for Thanksgiving?  Did you get of the good deals that have been going for the holidays?  Sure is the time to stock up on many things.

I will be back on Tuesday - leftover ideas!
Wednesday - a quick post and then I will be back on Friday!

I hope you are all safe, warm and healthy!!!!  Stay safe and always be prepared when traveling for cold weather.  Have those extra hats, gloves and blankies in the car just in case.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  For His mercy endures forever.
Psalm 118:1

Dear Lord, we thank You for each and every gift and blessing we receive.  Thank You for always being with us, even when we fail and falter.  Your love is always with us.  Help us each to live our lives the best we can, avoid sin and to always look for the good in things and people.  Thank You, as Your mercy never fails.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Gifts From the Heart and Home - PART 2

 Today is round 2 of heart and homemade gifts - mainly non-food.  It feels fitting this morning to type this.  It is COLD, dusting of snow and cloudy out.  Brrrrr

There are so many fun things one can do - that cost little if no money.  I know (again) that not everyone appreciates these kind of gifts - yet, that is a concept I just do not understand.  Many very special items can be gotten from local artists and crafters.  Watch the craft shows or go to area shops.  These people greatly appreciate your business and they also provide some wonderful gifts.

Reuse things to make new things.  Do you have an old tattered and worn quilt?  Turn that into stuffed ornaments, a table runner, a tree skirt, a teddy bear, drink coasters, throw pillows, a lap quilt, etc.

Old vintage tablecloths can become aprons, table runners, napkins, dish towels, etc.

Old t-shirts?  It is a thing to make guilts or bed coverings from old t-shirts.  They may be sports themed, groups, or even computer game themed.  They are easy to make.  Cut the main section of shirt in large squares - sew together, and back.  I have had several of these requested by family.  **Make sure it is OK to cut those shirts first!!!!!
Here is one I made for a gr. gr nephew.  Grade school through high school sport shirts made into a quilt for his bed at college.  He loved it!!!!
OLD CLOTHES - make anything.  Hand pieced quilts, pillows, stuffed animals, lap throws, anything you can imagine.  It is a great way to pass on some clothing pieces from loved ones gone - a little keepsake.
                               Make a cute hot pad/mitt and gift with a spatula and a recipe!
                                                           Made from vintage linens

RECIPES - pass on those family recipes.  Make a lovely handwritten recipe book for younger family members.  All of grandma, mom, and aunties favorite recipes!  Those little 4x6 or 5x7 picture albums you can get at the dollar stores are great for this.  Plastic sheets to protect those recipes.  Don't let the family recipes die when you do!!!!!!!!
Do you have a special HANDWRITTEN recipe from grandma or mom - make color copies of it and frame it for the recipient!!!!  What a fun kitchen gift.

Pass on family heirlooms to those who may appreciate them in the future.  It can be anything.  Salt & pepper shakers, a piece of silver, dishes, a pretty vase, a piece of artwork, a knife, a fishing pole, etc.
Frame a love letter or vintage card from the past.
Maybe you have an old wedding dress or christening gown that is way beyond being useful.  Cut some lace and frame.  Make an angel for their tree or any type of ornament.
Homemade scarves, gloves, hats, socks, afghans, lap throws, booties, etc. are sure wonderful to receive.  Mom made sure each of her kids and grandkids all got at least one handmade afghan over the years.  She crocheted them all.  They are cherished by all.

OLD pictures or family pictures.  You can get one of those digital picture frames and download pictures from the past or even recent pictures.  They are really neat and it is easy if you have your pictures saved digitally.  We one year scanned old, old pictures and made CD's for everyone of all the pictures.  

GAMES - never underestimate the fun of a board or card game for the family.  It can sure provide a lot of fun on a cold and snowy day.
FOR KIDS - A snowman kit!  Find the perfect sticks for arms, a hat and scarf, big old buttons, and whatever may be needed to make a snowman they make "all dressed" and ready for viewing!!!!!!
Dress-up box.  How fun?  Can be things you have around the house or hit up the nearest thrift store.
Kits to make a birdhouse or a terrarium.........

Take someone out for coffee or sweets.  A simple trip to a bookstore or craft store.  Museums, miniature golf, an adventure at the orchard, a play or concert, a cooking lesson (per yesterday's comments), a spa day or a mani or pedi.  There is no end to what you can do.  An elderly or handicapped neighbor or relative - a gift of shoveling, house cleaning, errand running, a homemade meal a week/month, etc. OR just a VISIT and listening and being together!!!!!!!

Don't forget local ARTISANS!  Look for unique items specific to the recipient.  There are just so many neat things that can be had from local folks.  Maybe even a gift certificate from a local farm market, or dairy or beekeeper or orchard or garden shop.  THINK - there are so many options out there.

Take a little time to really think about the recipient.  What might they enjoy that doesn't come from a big box store.
We can all throw money at the stores and just get 'something'.  It takes a lot of caring and love to find a special gift for someone.
Have fun with this.  Give the gift of love!

What are your ideas?

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Gifts From the Home and Heart - Part 1

 Promised I would do a post or two about homemade and loved gifts.  You can be as complicated and spendy as you want OR you can do easy and simple.

It seems that the gifts I give that are the most loved (with my family) contains food!!!!!!  I know not all people are so accepting of food gifts.  I am thrilled that my family enjoys these things.  Now, not all of the food is homemade.
I listen to what people say all year.  What are some of their favorite things, what are things they won't buy themselves, what are their favorite treats.

We have a couple types of cookies that Mom used to make.  Spritz and Springerle.  I have taken over on the task of making them for those that love them.  It only happens at Christmas, which makes them extra special.  Fudge - not everyone enjoys making it - I find it kind of fun.
                                          Fudge, banana bread and Mom's recipe - pecan pie
There is also homemade salsa, homemade grape jelly, and just about anything I can.  It is always a hit.

I have done things differently in different years.  I have made up themed foodie baskets.  Homemade pizza sauce, canister of Parmesan cheese, dough mix, pepperoni, etc.  A basket or strainer with pasta, homemade pasta sauce, cheese, and a spaghetti 'spoon'.  Salsa, chips and cheese dip.
I listen.  Sis and brother get a bag of all kinds of goodies.  They love easy soup mixes, sis loves canned asparagus (seldom buys), she loves jarred chipped beef (won't spend the money), they both love Spam (flavored) - yep, all those things get added to the salsa, jelly, cookies, etc.

I also buy gift cards for groceries for some of the younger ones having a hard time.  Grocery or gas cards can be quite helpful in these days of higher prices.  You can get Target, WM, Meijer, even Kroger (they have super stores) - that sell everything from soup to clothes.  They can get what they need.
Rural King, Menards, etc. are also fun - they sell all kinds of things.  Clothes, food, pet products, critter feed, home maintenance, you name it.
It is all about knowing your person and what they may need.

Teens can be tough.  Most of mine LOVE money and gift cards.  They like gift cards for fast food places - they can use these when out having fun with friends.  A quick bite after getting off work or out of school.  I also do gas cards.
Now I have teens that still like 'presents' too.  Again, I listen and get what they like.  It is quite a hodge podge of things.  One LOVES dill pickles of all sorts - always gets a couple jars in their bag.  One loves Cheese-Its - there are always a couple boxes included.  They like Slim Jims, sour candies and jerky.  Fuzzy socks makes one squeal every year, and fleece jammy pants.

I like getting some cheaper plates (decorative) at the thrift store or at yard sales.  I fill those with cookies and candies.  I put a little note on the bottom - that the plate should be kept or re-gifted to another - spread the love.  Nicer than paper plates.

Last year I got a great niece and her family a funnel cake kit and the mix - later on her son (7) said that was one of the neatest gifts they got.  They made them together had a ball - and he loved them!  How fun is that to hear from a little one?  This year - 'part' of family gift is an Ugly Sweater cookie kit!  Cost 4.99 at Aldi.  It is just neat to get things that the littles can help make and the family can all enjoy.
A couple cookbooks for baskets of nieces (2.99 at Ollie) specific to each gal, nephew LOVES pistachios (these were on clearance!), sis's asparagus, ugly sweater cookie kit, filled hard candy that brother and SIL like (old fashioned).  Just a few of the things I am accumulating for gift baskets.

I also made my own version of 'puppy chow' or 'reindeer feed' (whatever you call it) last year.  Teen guys got a big bag of it and a gas card.  They all loved the goodies and said they were hiding it, so no one else could eat.  It had Chex cereal, M & M's, nuts, dried fruit, little pretzels and whatever else I could find - drizzled with white and brown chocolate - then sprinkled with powdered sugar!  It was a hit!!!!!!
Mainly made with things I had on hand!

When working - tea lovers got a nice teacup (thrifted) and several bags of flavored tea bags and a little bottle of honey - was great for cold days and them taking their breaks.  Others got a mug and hot chocolate mix.

I often make chocolate stirrers.  Plastic spoons - dipped in melted chocolate - let it dry and bundle several in baggie.  Great for stirring coffee or hot chocolate.  You can also partially dip smaller peppermint sticks - they are fun to use as well. These were fun at the office as well.  Each year was something different.

LISTEN and pay attention to peoples likes.  Sure, you can do food items that are more expensive.  I have received those boxed steaks before (wonderful), you can buy a ham or turkey for someone.  Last year I received several pounds of home ground sausage !  Oh YUM!
We all have to eat!!!!!!!!

Do you have any foodie ideas that are hits?  
I tell you, I know it isn't for everyone (some people are just not grateful) - but give me food, and I am one happy camper!!!!!!!!
Share your food and goodie ideas.

TOMORROW - non-food homemade and from the heart!!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Ways of my Kitchen

 You know I love to save.  You know it has become a way of life for me.  I find it fun and I find it a challenge.  I have gotten to a point in life, that I don't have to do as many things to save - it just makes since to me.  Why in the world would I waste things?  I like being a good steward of what I have.  It makes me feel good.

Spices, herbs, condiments can jazz up any food!  No need for things to be bland and tasteless.  You can jazz up anything - I love adding flavor.

Milk - if it starts 'tasting' a bit off - I do NOT throw it out.  I make biscuits, waffles or pancakes with it.  Those items can be frozen for a later date.   I freeze the milk in ice cube trays and save for making milk shakes or smoothies or soups.  Other flavors take away that 'off' taste.  Grandma always used soured milk in biscuits!!!!

You know I love clearance.  I found some sparkling water on clearance a while back.  Peach - sounded yummy to me.  Zero calories in this case did not mean sweetener added - it meant nothing added. YUCK.  Basically, carbonated water - which is bitter.  Not being one to waste it, I started adding about 1/4 can of it to a glass of iced tea.  WOW, what a difference and now I can have flavored tea.  It is really good that way!!!!  You can add any juice to tea or a sprinkle of Kool-Aid to add flavor and have a custom tea instead of buying those fancy flavored ones.
Added as a flavoring and not just water - it is tasty.  Went from Ick - to yummy. 

Old buns - I can't get through a package of buns before they go stale all by myself.  I throw them in the frig (I know bread shouldn't be refrigerated).  I use them for making garlic toast, toast, croutons, breadcrumbs, bread for stuffing, mini pizzas, and I even place on top of a pan when making burgers or dogs and 'refresh' them with steam. (I have a slotted pan).

Lettuce is getting expensive this time of the year - as it is not in season for leaf lettuce.  Some people say that head lettuce has really gone up in price in their area.  Still affordable here.  BUT, I buy lettuce on markdown!  I bring it home and add a paper towel to the container - and it will last a good couple weeks or longer.  The towel wicks all moisture away from the lettuce and it stays fresh.  This is the ONLY way I buy lettuce.

You know I love clearance.  I always check the clearance in produce aisles first (as you walk in store).  I can get the .99 bags at Kroger and I check the regular displays as there is always something marked down.  It may be lettuce, carrots, slaw mix, cut up broccoli, fruit, etc.
I also check meat area, bakery shelf, bread, and the main clearance section in the store.  I get a lot of deals this way.  Also, walk the aisles, as there are things here and there that are marked down as well.  You have to pay attention.  I even get goodies in the freezer department.  My Kroger has an end freezer that is for clearance - you never know what you might find.  
FREE - I never turn down free either.  IF I can't use the item, I will get it for someone else.  Never turn down free.

I save pickle juice and olive juice.  I can use either as a marinade over meat to add flavor and to tenderize.  I like to use them as a flavoring - poured over salad.  If you like tomato juice, V-8, or even that occasional Bloody Mary - try adding dill pickle juice!  Oh my, I love the extra flavor it gives tomato juice.
I also keep the dill pickle juice to aid in my restless leg problem.  YES, it does work.  If my legs start acting up - I drink maybe a shot or 2 of the juice and within minutes I get relief.

I can stretch food like a maniac!  Sure, it is just me - but I have always done this.  I can turn leftovers into something new and different.  I like Zatarain's or Aldi beans/rice or dirty rice mixes.  It is easy and quick to make.  I can add other ingredients on day 2 and make soup. I can use in Mexican dishes - tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, etc.  I can add to a baked potato.  
Chili - oh my.  As is, over macaroni, over rice, over baked potatoes, as a topping in a casserole, served with sour cream or shredded cheese, on top of hotdogs ........ there is just no end to the ideas. 
I will tell you about turkey next week!!!!  
There is no limit to what ways a leftover can be used - only limit - your imagination!!!!!

You know I water down shampoo and dish soap, and many times I add a little bit of vinegar to them.  That helps with grease cutting and makes things shine (even hair).  I use waaaaaayyyyy less laundry detergent than called for.  You can rinse and rinse, and residue stays in your clothes - use less.
I also use peroxide or baking soda in washer.  Peroxide is natural and I use to brighten whites.  Baking soda takes away any smells.  I use vinegar or nothing as a fabric softener.

Old baking soda (no longer viable for cooking) works as a tooth whitener.  I use it and peroxide mixed about once a week (per dentist).  I use as a household cleaner - instead of cleanser.  I use in the refrigerator as an odor absorber, and I have sprinkled on carpets (let it set a while) and vacuum to pull any odors from the rugs.  Can be used in litter boxes, to absorb odors.

I like specialty things now and then.  As Penny stated Sunday in comments, Aldi has a lot of specialty items they sell.  It is especially neat around the holiday - so many different things to choose from.  Cookies, nuts, candies, mixes, cheeses, frozen items, you name it!  Delicacies at bargain prices!!!
I like to splurge now and then and buy a few fun and delectable items!!!  I love smoked Gouda cheese.  It is very expensive at most stores (if you can find it).  I get it at Aldi for much less than other places.  I generally stock up for several months, around the holidays.  They usually have a decent price then.  It is just a treat and it is now a favorite on the cheese/meat platter I make at the holidays!
                                       This is a combo of Gouda and cheddar!  2 favorites in one!  
                                 Normally I get straight smoked Gouda - real cheese - and so good.

There are just so many tricks one can use to stretch items, save a little money and just be creative.  It is fun and a challenge.  That is my main thing - I love being different.  It is never boring!

What say you?  What are the ways of your kitchen that we may need to know?
Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 11/13

 Happy Sunday to all.  My goodness this week flew by.  Sometimes I question myself about what day it is - it is all just going by so quickly.

We had some very warm weather this past week and BOOM it got cold.  Yesterday didn't really get above 32* F, and it looks like most of the week will be in the 30's for highs.  We got some snow yesterday - maybe about 1" - 1 1/2".  It snowed for several hours.  It snowed on the grass - but not the street, walks, or drive!!!!  LOL!  (my kind of snow)!  Snowing so soon after mid 70's & summer weather kept the pavement warmer.
Many neighbors put up their outside Christmas lights this week to take advantage of the warm weather.  Can't say I blame them.

The kitties sure do like their warm house!  I don't think Blackie left it yesterday, except maybe to potty! Fluff had to bird watch a little, but she was so funny to watch.  Every couple of steps - she was shaking her paws!!  Seems they are like people, and forget what snow is all about from year to year.

I went out around sunrise the other day and happened to see a HUGE bird sitting way up in a tree a couple doors down.  It looked big and was quite a distance.  I thought maybe just maybe it might be a fluke and maybe there was an eagle flying through (it was that big).  Came in and got the binoculars to look.  No eagle - but the biggest red-tailed hawk I have ever seen, then I noticed a 2nd one about 20' below that one!  Watched them for quite a while and they both finally moved on.  It sure was something to see.
So many squirrels in mine and neighbor's yard.  Lots and lots of other birds.  It is so pretty to watch them all.  I love it.

This past week:
  • Picked up tons of sticks and limbs after last weekend's windstorm
  • Started washing trim, doors and woodwork - then moved to a few walls (getting things readied to paint with touch-up paint)
  • Decided to tear apart the refrigerator - oh my.  Took everything out of the inside and cleaned every shelf & the walls and drawers.
  • One thing leads to another - then the stove  - then besides and under frig and stove. (can't get behind).  Then moved rolling drawer stacks beside stove and scrubbed then.  Oh and this led to cabinets and walls........  Everything except on top of cabinets and ceiling (on the agenda).  My back needs to rest!
  • Ran to feed store, Fam.Dollar/Dol. Tree store and Ollie's - all right close together
  • I did manage to get a few items for gifts
  • Went to eye specialist again - last apptmnt. scheduled for end of November (after all drops have stopped for a week).  Then the next day - to regular eye doctor for glasses appointment
  • Got out the shovel, outdoor broom and ice melt when the snow began.  Plugged in all the water bowls and birdbath
  • Ran to Kroger - for the .49/lb. turkey.  Didn't need it, but heck I cannot get lunchmeat that cheap!  I also found canned cat food flavors I hadn't seen in months.  Stocked up.
$6.01 for turkey - saved almost $16 on price!!!!!!!  Turkey was right at 12 lbs. - perfect for me
  • Ran to Aldi - got wine I like for the season.  Got a couple gift items there, and saw a lot of prices slashed - as promised - back to 2019 pricing.  I got some cheese and a small cheesecake sampler!  What a treat 8 slices for 5.95!
  • Got to have windows open a lot this week - even the bedroom window open a little at night until Friday
  • Made another gallon of iced tea
  • Using throws and afghans to snuggle and keep warm instead of turning up heat very high
Meals this past week:
Breaded pork fritter sandwich - mashed potatoes and corn (leftover)
Small pc. of beef (from freezer), asparagus, garlic/cheese French bread
Burrito supreme (2)
Slice of pizza (freezer) and side salad
Open face 'taco' meat sandwich and steamed broccoli
Cube steak, mac n cheese with extra broc. added
Bagels with cream cheese and corned beef
SNACKS - fruit, pork rinds, cheese slices

I asked a stranger a question at Ollie's this week, and we ended up having a lovely conversation for well over a half hour - very common thoughts.  She was so friendly and shared many thoughts.  I learned some things that day, had to look up and say "hey, Dad - I learned a lot today" - then I chuckled.  She was a retired microbiologist and very interesting.  We talked a lot about natural healing and herbs.  Nice to run into like-minded folks.

How was your week?  Have you found any good grocery deals?  I am sure seeing a lot of good prices being advertised.  Next week's Kroger ad (I get sneak peeks) looks to be good as well and so does Meijer.
Are you getting the cold and snowy stuff as well?  Getting ready for all the upcoming holidays?
**This next week I will do a couple posts about giving from 'home and heart' as requested.  Hoping it helps some maybe save a few dollars.

I sure hope this finds you all well and safe.  Stay warm and cozy this week and happy prepping for the holidays.
Blessings from my humble little home - to you and yours.

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34

Lord, You know our natural instinct is to worry.  Help us live for today and live well and happy.  Help us understand worry solves nothing - as You are in control.  I know when scared or agitated, I need only to ask You for help and turn it all over to You.  Nothing is beyond Your power.
Help us to turn to You alone.  Amen

Thursday, November 10, 2022

That was fun!

 I had to run out the other day to vote - while out I ran a couple errands.  One thing I did was to run into a sort of new store I had not been in.  Now I have been in each store separately, but this is a new combo!  This store has been open for a couple months - so went in and checked it out.

It was the new combo of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree!  This store was huge!!!!!!  It used to be a grocery store back in the day - and it was a big store.   Later this same place had been a huge consignment thrift store.

Not sure about you, but it seems any time I go into either of these stores, they are messy and not the cleanest and the lighting is dark.  ICK
Well, this store was lovely.  Maybe because it is newer, maybe just the management, who knows - I just know it was a pleasure to go through it.  The staff was very friendly.

Half of the store was all Dollar Store items (1.25 now).  The other half is Family Dollar items.  The shelves were stocked full.  You name it, they had it.  It actually seemed each side had more variety than any stand-alone store that I have been in (of these 2).

Now there are things I won't buy - but many I would.  I got some treats and goodies for my teens I make up goody bags for at Christmas.  They are teens, and like GC's and money - but they just love getting fun treats as well!  Always a kid!
I even got myself a couple pair of new reader's (glasses) that are just too cute and cost 1.25 each!!!  They work perfectly and will be great until I get to the eye doctor for prescription readers.
You do need to pay attention to pricing though!  My favorite throat lozenges were on Dollar Tree side for $1.25 - same thing on the Family Dollar side was $1!!!!!!!!  There weren't many things that I saw that way - but some were cheaper on the Family side.  Crazy!

So if you have one of these places popping up around you - check it out.  Bags, cards, ribbons, throws, candies and treats, arts & crafts, holiday things, household pretties, and they even had some clothes (sweats, etc.).
It was a fun experience, and so much to choose from.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Blessings - A little can be a LOT!

 Never underestimate a blessing.  They come in all sizes from teeny tiny to large.  A blessing can be anything.  I am blessed in sooooo many ways each and every day!  I am sure many of you are as well.  
I like to think we can spread blessings around for no cost to us or for very little.

A kind word or a smile
A kind gesture
A gentle understanding - that maybe someone is just having a rough day
Giving to a food pantry or shelter
Donating goods to a thrift store
Being a thoughtful and kind neighbor
Just portraying a good humor and good attitude can change other's day

Here is something I am doing - it is a little thing - but so many are grateful.
My neighbor asked if I would like to help - sure!  It is helping his church - good!  It is so benefiting a family needing help - WONDERFUL!  
It makes my heart sing - to be able to help just a little.  It is something we can all do.  We can pull from our pantries, or we can purchase.  
The church is donating turkeys - so others are donating the balance of a 'meal' to help someone else.

Such a simple thing.  It doesn't cost much - really.  Gosh I got a turkey pan for $1 and the cooking bags for 1.25 at the dollar stores.  I got the potatoes and stuffing mix on sale at Kroger for $1 plus a little change.  Can goods - some from home - others less than a $1 each for store brand.

This is something we can all do - not just at Thanksgiving - but around Christmas and during the winter months.  People aren't just hungry at holidays.  I give to the local food pantry from time to time.

Maybe you can do something like this through your church, or work organization, or sorority or whatever groups you belong to.  OR maybe you can just do a bag of whatever types of food you have to share - for someone in the community that needs help.

I hope each person can open their hearts a little and help.  Yes, a little can be a LOT to someone else.
Blessings to each of you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Weather is a Changing....

 Well, it does appear that weather is really starting to change up some in many areas.  It is getting chilly or downright cold.  Yep, winter is close at hand.  The winter equinox is still over a month away - but that doesn't mean the chill isn't coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!

Don't laugh!   Some have already seen this scene.  It can stay away as far as I am concerned - but i know it is bound to happen. (not my pic)

Are you ready?
Have you got your pantry and freezer stocked?  Just in case you can't or don't want to get out.  Generally, no one is stranded at home for more than a day or so - as streets are cleared pretty regularly.  I, for one, just prefer staying home when the weather gets nasty.

Other things to think about.
Your vehicle - make sure all is A-OK.  Battery, tires, heater, oil, antifreeze. etc.  Make sure if you travel much, that you have a blanket and maybe some extra socks, a hat, gloves, and scarf in the car.  Maybe a few snacks.  I do keep socks in the Blazer - but I do not go very far in the vehicle.  I could walk to get help anywhere I go.

Bring in anything that could freeze from unheated garages or sheds.  Paint, fertilizers and chemicals.  Make sure to bring in rechargeable batteries and chargers for small garden tools.  Freezing can shorten the life of batteries and chargers!!!!  Ask me how I know!

Change that furnace filter and have your furnace checked out.

Turn off water faucet outside and unhook those hoses.

Get all your winter tools ready.  Shovel, snow blowers, have ice melt, scraper (and extras) for vehicle.   Make sure you have those blankies, scarves, hats, socks, etc. in the vehicle.  

Change out the batteries in the smoke detectors.

If you use a fireplace - make sure it is clean and in good working order.  

Have a plan for covering windows with plastic if need be, and for those drafts that come in around doors. It is better to have a plan than not!!!!!
Make a plan for the chance your power is out, and you have no heat for a while.  Plenty of blankets and heavy clothing for layering.  Wrapped pipes.

Make sure you have a plan for your chickens, any livestock or pets or animals that live outside.  Shelter, food and heated water bowls.  Of course, if the weather is too bad - bring in pets!

Cold weather is a great time to catch up on reading, snuggling, and doing indoor projects.  I find I hibernate a lot during the winter - with the exception of clearing paths and drive.
Be prepared - it is coming!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 11/6

 Happy Sunday to all!  Hope this finds you well and safe.
Did those of you that had to - change your clocks?  UGH.  
I got up at the very same time I always do, Fluffy was on the handrail peeking in the kitchen door yelling at me for food at the same time - just the clock was different.  It was earlier by an hour! So begins the rest of my winter!

What a day we had yesterday.  The wind was just crazy.  There were 60 mph wind gusts off and on all day.  It was sustained winds of 35-40 mph.  Many of the leaves are down - and most are now towards the back half of the yard.  YAY - I don't have as far to rake them to the garden!!  Pluses with all things!!!
It was still warm, so I had the back window open.  I was standing there looking out and I heard a loud crack, and watched a tree, 4 houses down (across alley) fall in what seemed to be slow motion!  The tree was a HUGE old, very dead (for years) tree.  It was one of those trees that could never be climbed to take it down.  Well, it is down now - and it hit nothing except the ground. Thank goodness.
I have tons of limbs down - and many leaves, so I am lucky.  All is good here.

                                                                 (not my picture)

I realized yesterday just what great contractors and engineers, squirrels are.  All that wind, many times this year, and their nests are still there!  They sure know what they are doing.
I have had tons of squirrels and blue jays again all week.
It has been above seasonally warm all week.  We got a little rain, lots of wind and warm temps.  This coming week looks to be mild as well - then next weekend, the prediction is much cooler.

My week:
  • Went for what I thought was last check-up on eyes.  Yeah, one more this coming week!  Just to be sure!  That is OK
  • Changed out the furnace filter
  • Chunked up the end of a candle into bits for use in my melt pot
  • Thawed and cooked (in various ways) a pound of ground sausage - for present and future meals
  • Ran to library
  • Put new stair treads on back steps for safety
  • Water barrels are both empty and now stored away for the winter
  • Fixed the weather strip around the greenhouse door
  • Raked the back yard and put all leaves on the garden - and cleaned the deck again
  • Got rid of 2 boxes of junk from garage (it is a tiny start)
  • Cleaned the outer parts of kitchen cabinets
  • Cut back all the peony plants
  • Made a gallon a sweet tea
  • All the normal stuff we all do
  • Ran to Kroger for the egg special - 18 count for 1.99.  I got a .99 bag of plums - oh my are they good - got a few things for stock, just not a lot.  Make sure you check ADS this coming week - many places are having GREAT prices on turkey!!!!!  Kroger - .49/lb. w/digital coupon and $25 purchase (starts 11/9) and Meijer is .55/lb. (limit 2) (starts today).  Aldi has Butterball for 1.07.  I am sure other stores are following suit.  KEEP YOU EYES OPEN
                               Golden plums - so sweet and juicy - .99 for the bag on clearance!

Meals this past week:
Egg roll in a bowl
Ham & beans over rice
Peppery & cheesy goulash
Leftover goulash and salad
Chicken hoagie & chips
Loaded baked potato
Faux KFC chicken bowl - corn topped w/mashed pots, gravy and chicken all in a bowl
SNACKS - nuts, fruit, cheese & crackers

How was your week? Are you getting ready for the holidays?  I still have much to do for Christmas - it will all get done in time!  How is your weather?  

I pray that each of you are safe and healthy.  I hope no one had any damage from the big weather front that came across the country on Saturday - there was so much wind, and even tornadoes in places.
I hope all of you in the U.S. gets out and VOTES this week.  It is so very important!

Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

Dear Lord, we pray that you will guide us each one through all our many trials in life.  We all have times when we falter and wonder where to turn - help us to turn to You.  Your spirit will always lead us in the correct direction.  Thank You for lifting us up and filling our lives with courage to go forward.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Just a Throwback Stroll

 Nothing special today - just a stroll back in time.  Sometimes we just need to remember life as it was.  Many were good old days - other things were not good.  The days in my life back then were pretty good.  I have mainly good memories.

This would have been about my 5th grade year.  (1965).  We didn't go out to eat when I was a kid.  I remember walking to Burger Chef (it was the closest to us) when I got to be in junior high and getting a treat (to me).  I think a burger was about a .25 by then.  I just loved the orange drink they had.
I remember getting milk in grade school at recess time - it was .04 a carton!!!!!!

Yep.  High school and early married years.  I pretty much did all of this except Disco!  Wasn't crazy about it.  There were a couple of songs that were fun - and I still get happy when I hear them!  I find it so funny, that today many of these things are all the rage again - youngsters think it is so cool!  Been there and done that!  Funny for them to imagine grandma did bell bottoms, hot pants, midriff tops, platforms, and no bras!!!!!!  I just have to laugh out loud sometimes!  I DID enjoy those days!
It is so great that there was no one going around taking photos or filming our every move back then!!!!  Oh, some of the silly things I did - we all did - glad there is no evidence except memories - and many are at the age that those are going away!!!!!  LOL

YES I DO!!!!!!  This is a normal for me.  Once in a while I turn on the oldies in the house (cable stations have so much to listen too).  If I turn on music in the house - I will be dancing around like a fool.  Nice that no one can see me - and well, heck if they did.  Usually, I hear the radio in the car - and yes, I crank it and sing like I know how!!!  I always listen to the oldies - so I am in my element.
I love music - all kinds - but mostly I like to listen to my oldies.  It makes me smile, it makes me happy, and it takes me back to a fun time in life.  We all need that now and then.

Now I do not remember gas being this cheap - some probably do.  I love the little sign under the price "gas war".  Seems that has been the way forever.  I do however, remember gas being about .29 - .35/gal.  I got my first car in 1972 - and I could put a couple dollars of gas in it and drive all week!  $5 in gas would get me a nice drive to Brown County (a popular spot south of here) - and spend the day in the country with friends. That happened a lot on the weekends.  Cruising - was another thing we did in high school.  We had 2 - 3 spots that we drove to and around a lot of Friday or Saturday nights if not dating.  It was just a way of seeing friends and having harmless fun.

See the S&H stamp sign?  Remember those?  Mom used those to get many a household item or gift.  I remember licking those and putting them in books - I thought that was fun when I was little.  The store that offered goods was such a neat place to go.

Yep, life back in the day was sure different from today.  Somedays I like to go back and think of those times.  It was a much simpler time.  We made our own fun.

Have a great day and LAUGH a little!  It is infectious!!!!!!