Sunday, November 27, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 11/27

 Happy final Sunday all!  Another month just about gone.  We are on the Christmas and New Year's count down.  It just doesn't seem possible - yet here we are!  In a few short weeks it will all be history and we will be looking towards Spring.  We sure do wish away life!!!!!

The weather has been pretty darn nice here most of the week.  Thanksgiving day didn't even require a jacket!  It is raining today - we had rain start overnight and it will rain for a while longer today.  It was in the 50's when I got up at 5:30!  It is going to get much colder by the end of the week - but these nicer temps are quite welcome.
Here is a picture of the very center of downtown (the state capital).  This is about 15 minutes from my house.  Friday evening was the lighting event, and this was a picture after they turned on the lights this year.  See all those people - that is a one-way road the encircles the "Circle" - usually filled with cars.  It always so beautiful to see.  It sure was a nice night for the lighting event. NO, I didn't go!!!!!
I watched Frosty the Snowman and The Return of Frosty the Snowman!!!!!!  It seemed like a nicer way to spend the evening, than to fight hordes of people!!!!!! LOL

My week:
  • Well, I finally finished up the kitchen DEEP clean!  Everything from above the cabinets and on a wall length upper shelf!  Oh my!!!!!!  I will not even mention how old the papers stuffed into decorative cups were (keeps out dust).  I was even appalled!  LOL
  • Did more house cleaning and some re-decorating (small scale)
  • I ran out Monday to get new area rugs for living room and dining area - Big Lot's had a B1 - get 1 - 1/2 off.  They are the same but different!!!  LOL.  Exact same colors - different designs.  Looks good.
  • I changed out a mini blind in bedroom with one I have had stored back for ages.  (I bought several the same years ago)
  • I also put up 2 new mini blind in LR & DR to replace the Roman shades that were like 20 years old.  I got these 2 new ones for less than $10 ea. at Fam. Dollar.  I then used other things I had here to change up windows and rooms a little.
  • I threw away a bunch of stuff (no idea why I kept it) and have a big box for donation in the back of the Blazer.
  • Got to air the house a few times this week
  • Cleaned, reorganized and sorted the deep pantry
  • Tons of laundry
  • I raked the last of the leaves and placed on the garden area.  Last I intend on doing this year - I will say!!!  Cleaned up tons of tiny sticks - the squirrels keep munching on limbs and dropping them in the yard - little buggers.
  • Froze extra soup I had made for another meal
  • NO grocery store
  • I came across an envelope of GC's I had forgotten about - and set down and checked each one for $ amount.  Most had never been used - nice eating locations.  I have $20 left on a Domino's pizza and 7.49 left on a Papa John's pizza.  There is $5 and change on Panera.  I also found a booklet of car wash vouchers that had gotten stuck back.  SO, I have a lot of good cards for good meals I can use up in the coming year.  G and I used to get takeout at a lot of nice places, so we were gifted cards. (a lot of Outback)
  • Paid all items I had and then walked to P.O. to mail, as it was a beautiful day.  I got Christmas stamps and others (for many months) before the price goes up
  • Carved the turkey I baked Friday - it was the easiest turkey I have ever carved.  It just fell apart!  It has been so tender and tasty - many meals from that!!!!
  • Got all the gift items together.  Today I plan on going through it all, making my list and checking it twice!!  I have a list of things I know I need to get for the littles.
  • Brought home some leftovers from my nieces, which gave me extra goodies to eat with my turkey
Meals this past week:
Jalapeno burger w/cheese and halved yellow squash
Chili cheese dogs and chips
Cheddar broccoli soup and crackers
Leftover soup with sour cream and Fritos
Dinner with family - all sorts of goodies!
Turkey and leftover mashed potatoes and gravy & broccoli casserole (pots/gravy & casserole from niece)
Turkey sandwich with chips and leftover mac n cheese (mac from niece)
SNACKS - toasted bagel w/cin./sugar, turkey, fruit and leftover dreamsicle fluff I took to nieces (brought some home)

I did no Christmas shopping this week.  Too peopley out there for me!!!!!! LOL
I have a couple of eye appointments this week, so I may do a bit of shopping while out each of those days.  I have done no real holiday decorating yet - may work on that as well.  Just not going to stress about things.
I have recorded several movies that I plan on watching later this winter - from the FREE premium channels offered this weekend with cable.

How was your week?  Eat too much????  Most of us have.  LOL!!!  Did you do any shopping?  Any great deals or bargains?  Have you decorated yet?
Look forward to hearing from you all!!!!

Stay safe and healthy and know I pray for each of you daily.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours!

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and know all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Matthew 5:6

Dear Lord, help us to realize our main goal on this earth is to follow You, and Your kingdom will be ours someday.  Let us know and understand that You will provide for us, and You know what we need.  Guide and direct us in our daily ways, so that we honor You instead of looking for earthly things to fill our heart and soul.  When we feel lost and empty, fill our lives with Your love and guidance.


  1. You definitely had a good and productive week. Finding those gift cards was like a present to yourself too!

    1. It sure was. The gift cards will get used - maybe take a friend out to eat or something - since I don't go out to eat alone. I can also do takeout!
      It was a great week. Have a good one!

  2. Great week and some great finds! Out with the old/used up, in with the new. Enjoy your new rugs and window coverings and the clean cupboards :-)

    I agree, many people wish their lives away. I love each season and most often revel in the day I've been gifted. Planning ahead is required for some activities such as gardening and travel but for the most part, is a waste of TODAY!

    Happy Sunday all ya'll!

    1. Thanks.
      You are so right - we truly need to savor each moment and each day. Tomorrow has its own challenges, and we don't need to borrow trouble.
      Have a great one.

  3. Glad you had such a good week! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish it was a little warmer here. LOL I would love to get outside and clean up the yard.
    Wonderful find on the GC's.

    1. LOL - now that is funny coming from you. I know you love the winter weather - so just enjoy it. That yard stuff will still be there later.
      It was a really good week.
      Have a wonderful one!!!!!!

  4. Excellent prayer and Scripture!

    We really didn't eat a lot, not like we used to. I can remember eating until I was literally stuffed. Not a good idea!

    That was fun finding the gift cards!

    The rain seems to be over here. It poured for a while. Too wet to do anything outside but there are plenty of indoor projects.

    1. I didn't make a pig of myself this year - stopped when full.
      It was a neat find!
      I think we are about done with rain - I keep seeing glimpses of sun, then more clouds. Breezy out.
      Have a great week.

  5. Good on you with the "decluttering". No idea why I kept it - it seems that there comes a time when there's no question about moving it on. Good reminder re: gift cards. One source says that $171B was spent on GC in 2019 of which 6% are never redeemed. That's a lot of $$. I got some jobs done this week - washed a few indoor windows/screens on mild days; baked bread, using up some whole grain flour (heavy & dense - don't throw a loaf at anyone!). Had breakfast with my young cousin; supper & cards with a friend; check-in with my SIL who continues to recover from her head injury. The annual Christmas letter is written. Yes, I still mail some cards. Don't fret, I keep it to a half page. My neighbor (the baby mama) helped me with some computer issues, namely uploading & organizing pics awa sorting out the printer issue. Some Christmas shopping was completed. I watched 2 great Christmas movies last w/e - Our Italian Christmas Memories, starring Beau Bridges & Three Wise Men and a Baby. Not your classic Hallmark romance movies. Meals this week: leftover cabbage & mashed potatoes; butternut squash soup; mediterranean tuna/noodle casserole. Have a good week!

    1. Wow you got a lot done! That is an impressive week of work!!
      Most GC's do not expire - so people should keep them and use them at some point. I hope no one throws them out!!!!! There are also places that you can switch with other people.

      I haven't watched a Hallmark show since Glen passed. Crazy at it seems, he LOVED them! We used to joke - always the same story line, always same types of business, always a misunderstanding close to the end and always a happily ever after. I watch many old classics - just can't get into the lovey dovey stuff anymore. Your meals sound tasty.
      I still mail cards too!
      Have a great week.

  6. Loved all your accomplishments this week! Sounds like major satisfaction! I never "find" gift cards because they mock me till they are spent :) Like unfinished business! ha-ha. What a treat for you now, though! Days are rushing by too quickly, as everyone points out. You are such a blessing to many, Cheryl . Thank you.

    1. I felt good about the week. LOL on the gift cards. I always use the grocery ones quickly - but others have a way of waiting.
      The days are rushing by. It is amazing that this year is almost over.
      Thank you so much.
      Have a great week.

  7. Thank you (as always) for the verses and prayer, Cheryl. The downtown Christmas pic is beautiful. I don't blame you, though, for staying home instead of joining the crowds!

    How nice to come across those gift cards! You'll get multiple treats, as any leftovers can be frozen. We've got about 1/2 a ham leftover from Thanksgiving that I'll freeze today. Also the ham bone. During the coldest days of winter I can pull out the bone and make soup in the crock pot... and freeze leftover soup for quick, hot meals. :-)

    So far the pellet stove is keeping the house warm. We had a repair guy come out to fix the side door (to outside) that was sticking (covered in our warranty) and he commented how nice and warm it was inside, since it was about 15 degrees outside that morning. We haven't had to turn the furnace on at all.

    Before Thanksgiving, we took donations to the thrift store we love. While there, we found a gorgeous dresser/roll top secretary for the guest room. It fit in the back of our Sportage. Made in Sweden with the engraved brass plates of the maker. That day they had stacks of pizza boxes and were offering free pizzas to shoppers! On Wednesday we shipped out 2 boxes of Christmas gifts to family in Arkansas. As mentioned, my shopping is pretty well done.

    Has anyone else been receiving notification that CC limits have been raised? By thousands? I guess there's some desperation this holiday season. I don't maintain balances, so that may be part of it. I also got notification from the county that my provisional ballot wasn't counted. No specific explanation. Both sons were upset and it means a trip into Holbrook (county offices) for me.

    And that's enough rambling for me. Have a blessed week, everyone! --Elise

    1. Yes, that bone will make a wonderful stock for soup and many yummy meals. That is fantastic that you haven't turned on the furnace and it is that cold. Sounds like a very wise investment on the pellet stove.
      WOOHOO on the dresser - what a find. Once in a great while the one thrift store I donate to, has pizzas from one of the major companies, that made too many the night before. That is a great way to hand them out.
      I pay off my card every month if used, never even close to limit - so no. They would never think I would use. Weird, just trying to get people further in debt!
      How awful that your vote was not counted. That is why I always vote in person - I do not trust mail-in at all. I sure can't help but wonder how many times it happens, and no one tells people.
      Have a great week.

  8. What a beautiful picture of downtown. I'm with you, too many people. Enjoy the picture!
    The Scripture today was especially timely. Spoke to my heart. Thank you!
    I went to the Family Dollar in my neighborhood yesterday and used the $5.00 off $25 coupon. Got soda, wrapping paper, tape, and some activities for the chickadees. They love to wrap presents, so that will be an activity for them as well. BUT they use a wild amount of wrapping paper and tape. I've learned to buy the lowest cost paper and just get my trap shut about HOW to best wrap things. Kids don't care and the fun part is cutting, and being given your own roll of tape. Give them some odd sized boxes and In the end, they have some very interesting wrapped items. Keeps things fun!
    Central Az
    Ps. A bit scary that EM's vote wasn't counted. But at least encouraging that they gave notification.
    I'm thinking that's over an hour drive one way to get that fixed. How many people would not or are unable to give over two hours of drive time to fix the lost vote problem. Me oh my oh.

    1. What a great idea for the little ones. I bet they have a grand time doing the 'wrapping'. It doesn't matter what it looks like - just gets torn off anyway!!!!
      Glad you needed the scripture!
      Yes. as I mentioned to her, I wonder how many people never get notified. That is just scary. I do not trust any of it. Sure makes me shake my head in wonder!
      Have a wonderful week.

    2. Well, the GOOD news, Ellie, is Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National park is very near the county offices, so Hubs and I can make an afternoon of it when we drive out to Holbrook. But yes, I've thought the very same thing. --Elise

  9. Sounds like a lovely refresh of your home and you will certainly enjoy using the gift cards. We have just been living in our current home long enough for things to start breaking and the same with our car.

    1. Sshhhhhhh! I never even talk about that - it seems something always does when I brag!!!!!!! I have been here 36 years and the house is much older!
      I know things happen - just hate it. I am sorry you are going through that. Hopefully it is all something easy to fix and that you can afford it.
      Have a good week.

  10. A fairly quiet week here. Having rain and then high winds later today.
    Took a load of stuff to St. Vinny's on Wed., including the family heirloom religious statues that had lived too long in my closet (and my head). When we cleaned out, I found a gift card, but unfortunately, it was to a store that closed years ago and was worthless. Your forgotten gift cards were a great find, Cheryl!
    Thanksgiving was nice and quiet here. Just the two of us, and all of our noisy neighbors went elsewhere. Fixed a turkey roast in the slow cooker. Fixing turkey pot pie for this week's dinners.
    We don't observe Christmas, so no preparations going on here, but I have given myself a deadline to have my Project Linus blankets finished in the next two weeks. All are done except six that need to be quilted.
    Shopped Aldi Mon. and used another $5 off coupon. The store was the best stocked and staffed that I had seen in a long time. One more coupon left to use by the 30th.
    Been learning how to download library books and magazines on my new tablet. I already have a long "wish list" of books I plan to read. I can tell this is going to be a good investment.

    1. Sounds like our weather of today is heading your way. It has been an icky day.
      Glad you got rid of the statues - now you do not have to see or be bothered with them. Good thing!!!
      Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely. I love that you do all the blankets for Project Linus. That is so sweet and kind.
      You have done well getting so many of the $5 off coupons. Good for you. Over the month or so it has saved you a lot.
      Yay, sound like your tablet was a grand investment. ENJOY
      Have a good week.

  11. Your town square is beautiful!

    We traveled to our youngest son's and got home late last night. So tired today! Biggest win was switching phone carriers to take our cell phone bill from $97 a month to $30. We had to buy new phones but that was necessary no matter which carrier we were on. We have a lot of catching up to do before we can even think of Christmas decorating but it was wonderful to spend tome with family and see that littlest grandson. Have a Great week!

    1. So happy that you are home safely. Wat a wonderful time for you all to spend together. Great deal on the phone change. Huge savings.
      Get things done, sit a while and relax, then do what needs done. Don't stress it. So happy you got to spend time with the littlest one!!!!!! That is a joy.
      Have a good week.

  12. Sounds like a great week! What a great idea to record movies while you have a free weekend of channels!
    I have AMAZING news!!!!!! My dad got his cat back last night…exactly 8 WEEKS after he got out!!!!! He was practically crying with joy when he called! Thank you for your prayers. We are all beside ourselves here rejoicing and praising God!!!!

    1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a miraculous thing to happen! I sure would have been crying! That baby decided it needed a vacation or something - little stinker. I am so happy the kitty is back and your dad is overjoyed! That makes my day. Wouldn't you love it if they could talk and tell you where they were and what they did?? Thank you for telling us. Such wonderful news. Miracles never cease to amaze me.
      I guess I don't need to say - but have a fantastic week!!!!

    2. A miracle, indeed! Hurray!!! --Elise

  13. Wow, what a great week! I can picture all the cleaning you did and the new touches of blinds and rugs. Bet it looks so nice.
    I would definitely have stayed home from the downtown lighting ceremony-I’m an armchair adventuress ;)
    I, too, so enjoy your verses and prayers.
    May the Lord bless your week,

    1. Mary - I think it looks nice. I am not sure what others will think - but I am happy and that is what matters!
      Armchair adventuress - YEP, I like that!!!!!!
      I am glad they touch people in some way. Each week God just directs me. Have a fantastic week.

  14. Reading about the lost kitty coming home made my day!

  15. Hello!
    Just read about the kitty going home! That is such great news!! Did he wander back or did someone bring him? I bet he becomes an indoor dude after that lol!!!

    Sounds like everyone had a busy week. I cooked both Wed and Thurs to complete our meal. It was quite tasty...for 3 days lol! I will brag and say that my gravy turned out superb!! Probably the best I've ever made. Instead of doing Taco Bell Saturday, we did Arby's. I found a 2 Can Dine for $8.99 so we did that. It was still in honor of my mom and she certainly would've understood that a good coupon trumps location 😂. We also got in a few games of Racko. I hate to see the weekend end.

    I would love to find a stash of gift cards. Alas, we don't get gifts from anyone anymore so that'll never happen. We do get several per year for donating blood and that's always a nice surprise.

    Elise, that's so strange about your voting. It makes me wonder if someone tried to change your address to vote in your place.. When we lived in L.A., we saw wonky stuff all the time. Someone was always arguing that they hadn't voted already. The way the books were done back then, you could always see an entire sheet of voter info and I think people looked and sent in fakes. No ID was required so if you had a name and addy, you could get anyone's ballot. In the apt. my mom lived in, I caught some guy stealing all the mail ins. He ran with a bagful and I called in. My mom never got a ballot again so who knows ? Someone could still be voting in her name. I didn't trust any election in Cali. Too much made me think the whole thing was corrupted.

    I went through about the last hundred books my MIL gave me. I organized them by author and in order. I donated about 30 that didn't interest me. I didn't think I'd ever see the end of the piles .

    Besides the turkey dinners and lunch, meals were Vegetable soup, Tuna casserole, Hot dogs, and Arby's.

    For general interest, gas was $3 gal, eggs are $2.79 doz, and milk was $1.29 per half gallon.

    For my reading -
    On my nightstand - The Sentry by Robert Crais.
    In my craft room CD player - The 6th Man by David Baldacci.
    With my Bible study,- an Advent book.
    By my reading chair - Every Second by Rick Mofina.
    I'm watching The House Without a Christmas Tree on YouTube.
    We're watching Season 9 of Father Brown.

    1. I am sure your mom would be fine knowing you got such a deal. That is wonderful for Arby. I love them, but they are sure pricey.
      Your meals all sound so good. Glad you had gravy success!
      I trust nothing about mail in voting at all. Here, you have to show ID to vote and I think that should be the rule every where. I want to go in, do my thing, and watch it go into the machine! I know everyone can't do that but I will as long as I am able.
      $3 gas is fantastic! We are still very close to $4. UGH
      Oh well, it will be what it will be!
      Have a wonderful week.

    2. Debby, I think it must have something to do with the phased move? Not sure. We had a P.O. Box for the 1st months here as we waited for the house to be finished, but the DMV always had the street address, and thus the registrar's office, too. ID is required to vote here and ours (on our DL) didn't match what their records had. I'm trying to remain positive and it'll get fixed one way or another. GREAT prices on gas, eggs and milk, btw. --Elise

  16. Great week Cheryl. I love that photo that you started your post off, gorgeous.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. The city is pretty around the holidays.
      Have a wonderful week.

  17. Beautiful photo, and I don't blame you, I don't like crowds like that either. : ) You are a busy bee! I bet those rugs are beautiful, good deal too.

    The best deal I've found is those Carters cotton pajamas for babies and children for $6.00, free shipping no minimum! Also Half Price Books had some very cute high end farm books (box style that opens) for children that open up and the children can put together a very high quality farm with very heavy cardboard, very nice set, (new) for $9.99, value was far, far more. I purchased a high quality calendar there for $7.99 with gorgeous b/w portraits of dogs. I need high quality in my bathroom shower area, so hopefully it won't wilt with humidity. Would make a lovely gift too.

    Trader Joes has some very good deals on beautiful and unique olive wood spatulas, they are very nice and was $2.99. A wonderful gift! They have some very decent prices, best deal on Ezekial bread and Kerry gold butter too. Certain things are cheaper than Aldis. (If I'm not mistaken Aldi owns Trader Joes now) A good more conservative company. : )

    God bless you Cheryl, a beautiful prayer too. Amen.

    1. Me and crowds don't mix. I used to be fine with it - but the older I get - Nope!
      I really like the rugs - they look nice and fresh and feel good too!
      Those are some great deals. I bet the farm books are cool. I need a few educational type things for some of the littles - may think about going down to the bookstore.
      I bet those spatulas were pretty.
      Have a fantastic week!

  18. (Little Penpen) you are a busy little bee! I’ll bet it feels great to know your kitchen is so clean! I once found a $50 Walmart gift card in an old coat that I had forgotten about. I called to check and it was still good! What a nice surprise!

    1. It does feel good - 'new' vision sure did cause a lot of work! Love it.
      Most cards do not expire - so never just assume they may not be good, because they are old.
      A wonderful surprise indeed!
      Have a great week.

  19. Oh wow! You have been super busy! 😍 It feels so good to get that deep cleaning done, especially before the holidays! And found gift certificates too? Yay! You are getting so much done. You are inspiring!

    1. Well, it feels good to get things done - but I am angry at myself that it was so bad! I couldn't see it - but still! Never again!
      Loved finding the gift cards - there will be some good eating.
      Have a wonderful week!!!!!!