Sunday, November 20, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/20

 Howdy doody friends!  Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.  My goodness, it sure did sneak up!!  Well, I guess it didn't, but it just doesn't seem possible that we are this close to the end of the year.  
I plan on going to my gr. nieces this Thursday, for a dinner with my brother's family.  I will cook a turkey (smaller one) here at home on Friday.  I will NOT be going out shopping that day!  I have in the past - and well, that just isn't for me anymore!  There is a craft a big craft show on Saturday at a high school nearby - MAYBE - but not holding my breath on that either.  LOL

It is NOT just about A day - being thankful should happen every day!  It is not about a meal - it is about being grateful for ALL things EACH day no matter where you live!!!!!

Early in the week I saw Rockie the racoon and Opie the opossum out and about.  I think the past couple nights have just been too cold.  It has gotten frigid at night.  When it warms, I will try to catch and relocate Rockie!
We had record warmth the first part of the month - then BOOM it got cold!!!!  It is 15* as I type this.  Brrrr.  Friday and Saturday were really cold, but old Blackie just had to get his dose of natural vitamin D - LOL.  He went out and laid in the sun (what there was) both days for a bit.  They have sure been loving their heated bed and greenhouse!!!  Can't say I blame them.
Squirrels and birds have been very hungry and eating everything in sight!  They do love their heated birdbath!  Drinking a lot of water.

My week:
  • I have been doing more cleaning - there is no end!
  • Put out the winter door decoration on the warmer day
  • Working on my nephew's blankie I am making
  • Used up leftovers in new ways
  • Was given 5 boxes of (30 ea.) Refresh eye drops from a friend.  Each little vile works 2X for me.  I can use these in between medicated drops (those end tomorrow - YAY) and anytime I need moisture.  This is brand recommended by eye doctor.
  • I went out to lunch with a friend and then we went to Ollie's. This day brought about unexpected trials!!!!  It was cold this day - went to lunch and enjoyed.  I actually pulled into the wrong lot this day and was in the Goodyear lot not the restaurant (little wall in between).  Came out after lunch and my Blazer DID NOTHING!!!! Nothing at all.  Friend hung around to see what I might need.  I went in the Goodyear place and explained - the Manager came out and checked my Blazer.  The battery cables were very loose (still not sure how that happened).  He tightened and my car tried to start.  He gave some reason about anti-theft thing and car needed to set for a while to recover info to computer (his best guess).  Well, I had no knowledge of this, as my car is much older.  Anyway, we went off to Ollie's for a while and came back.  BOOM - it started right up!!!  I came home and got my maintenance manual out and he was RIGHT!  Had no idea.  So, he was a kind man, who helped me out for nothing, and I learned something that day.  (Didn't buy a thing that day).  All ended well - makes me think I was supposed to park in the wrong lot!!!!!!
I ran to Kroger the next day.  I got a couple of the digital deals.  Peanut butter - 1.29 jar (5).  Mayo and Miracle Whip - both 3.99 jar.  I found organic ground beef - 3 lb. (triple pack) for 6.99 on clearance and 4 jalapeno/pepperjack burgers (ea. huge) for 3.99.  Yellow squash .99 clearance bag.  Roma tomatoes (8) .99 clearance bag.  I also got supplies I was missing for my jar recipes and for 'puppy chow' recipe I make.  Items needed for the puppy chow stuff was in the clearance aisle!!!
  • Did a light color touch-up on hair - using what I had on hand
  • Laundry - using dehumidifier water
  • Made waffles - froze some for later date
  • Meals from home and scratch (except the one day) and drinks were water or tea
Meals this past week:
Homemade waffles topped with sliced banana and syrup
Beans & rice and salad
Cheeseburger soup (used leftover beans & rice) w/Fritos
Grilled cheese and tomato soup - Mmmmmm
Out to eat - Eggroll #1 restaurant
Center cut pork chops, potato & carrot in crockpot
Leftover pork chops turned into pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and salad
SNACKS - veggies and fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers

How are you all doing?  I sure hope none of you are in the path of the HUGE snow that dumped in the upper East.  Man o man - what a lot of snow.  Are you all set for Thanksgiving?  Did you get of the good deals that have been going for the holidays?  Sure is the time to stock up on many things.

I will be back on Tuesday - leftover ideas!
Wednesday - a quick post and then I will be back on Friday!

I hope you are all safe, warm and healthy!!!!  Stay safe and always be prepared when traveling for cold weather.  Have those extra hats, gloves and blankies in the car just in case.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  For His mercy endures forever.
Psalm 118:1

Dear Lord, we thank You for each and every gift and blessing we receive.  Thank You for always being with us, even when we fail and falter.  Your love is always with us.  Help us each to live our lives the best we can, avoid sin and to always look for the good in things and people.  Thank You, as Your mercy never fails.


  1. I hear the anticipation of a holiday week in your words. I'm anticipating Christmas - making a gift list, gathering sizes, planning a bake/ingredient list. Weather permitting, I'll join my son's family 4 hrs away for that holiday. I'm in winter mode here. I've resumed the 1-3 mi daily walk & floor exercises. I've also rejoined the writing group through Seniors' Center Without Walls, offered online or by phone. The car was at the mechanic's for 2 days. I rather like being at home without wheels. I have neighbors who would give me a ride in a heartbeat; they go so far as to offer me one of their vehicles. They drove me back & forth from the mechanic. I found a mechanic whose quote was $1200 less than the dealership; best deal of the week. There was a little extra cleaning this week - cleaned tops & under appliances, including the range hood. Long overdue. Meals this week: leftover trout in pastry with roasted veg; quinoa salad; stir fry using up leftover turkey from the freezer; fried cabbage, mashed potatoes with moose sausage. A pot of soup will be made today. Enjoy your holiday gathering.

    1. I do look forward to seeing all the little ones! Tis the season.
      HUGE savings for you on the mechanic bill! WOW. Glad you shopped around.
      Glad you have gotten back to regular routines - it seems to help, especially in the winter.
      Yep, I hear you on long over do!!!! I am working on some of that today - oh my!
      Your meals sound so good. I just love fish.

  2. It is truly amazing that we have an Advocate who watches over us. He put you in the wrong parking lot for a reason, you know.

    Your meals always sound yummy! We had skillet butternut squash, and Harvard beets made with beets from the garden on Friday. I think next year we may plant some winter squash. We raised delicata squash one year and it is delicious.

    It sure is cold but the sun is a welcome sight. Think I will layer up so we can walk after while.

    We were going to the daughter's house for Thanksgiving but she has to work both her jobs so we will fix a meal here on Tuesday. She is making a pumpkin roll and I will use some of the sweet potatoes we raised to make a pie. A small turkey breast and veg and we're all fixed. Since we have beaucoup eggs I will hard cook a dozen to make deviled eggs. What we don't eat, Erin will take home.

    Stay warm!

    1. I feel I was guided as well!!! God knows what we need before we can even anticipate!
      I think I am having some yellow squash today!
      Nice that plans can be changed on a dime. You will have goodies to eat on all week!
      That sun is wonderful - yes, still very cold - but the sun sure does help.

  3. Another cold day here in the trailer park (20F now), though it is supposed to be a more balmy 44F tomorrow. Warm clothes, warm house, warm food; lots to be thankful for.
    The birds are eating me out of house and home. A young squirrel keeps trying unsuccessfully to get into the feeders. There is plenty for her to eat on the ground.
    Husband had his dental appt. Mon. and went to the bank with me Tues. He was exhausted, but enjoyed chatting with the ladies at the bank.
    I assembled my new bed frame without too much trouble. The hardest part was taking the old box springs out of the house, since the new bed is a platform bed. I was amazed at how bad the old springs were. It was like sleeping with my hips being sucked into a black hole under the bed! Now the mattress is nice and flat and a lot more comfortable. I mopped the floor under the bed for the first time in years. I did have to wrap pipe insulation foam around some of the legs to keep from hurting my feet when I accidently walk into them. Have to get used to them. Lots of cases of canned goods and a couple of bins of fabric fit nicely with room to spare in 12-in clearance under the bed.
    Used two more coupons at Aldi this week for savings of $10 and more items for the pantry. Bought a shower curtain tension rod at WM to hang directly over the bathtub to hang drying clothes. The bathroom is so tiny that clothes hung on the actual shower rod were in our way. Hung all the laundry in the house, used dryer only for Husband's flannel sheets. Draped my sheets over racks over the heat vents, and they were dry in no time.
    Husband cleaned out a lot more pack-ratted paper from hidden clutter hidey-holes. I need to take another car load of stuff to St. Vinny's again. A lot of it is things he can no longer use but had refused to let go of until now.
    Finished Bodie Thome's series of novels set during the potato famine in Ireland. Now reading some non-fiction by Peter Beresford Ellis on the history of Ireland. All from the library. Started knitting again, making a scrap yarn blankie for PL. More quilt sewing, too.
    Speaking of books, I bought a Samsung 10-in tablet to use as an e-reader. Found it on sale online at WM. I'm still setting it up, and have already downloaded a free Kindle reader app and the library's Libby app so I can read e-books. This will keep me from having to go out to the library in the winter weather.
    Dinner will be hamburger soup in the crock pot. Hamburger, beef stock, onion, potatoes, peas, carrots, mushrooms, and a (free) can of organic vegan soup for seasoning. Will make biscuits to go with it.
    It will be the two of us for Thanksgiving. I need to get the turkey roast out of the deep freeze to start thawing. Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes & gravy, and salad. Baked cranberry applesauce bread (2 loaves) for the freezer and will bake a pumpkin pie this week for dessert.

    1. You sure are one busy lady! I have had plans twice to get to the bank and both times something happened. I will get there!
      YAY on the new bed frame - I bet that was cumbersome to get the box springs out. WOW
      You are doing great saving money. Coupons, line drying - very thrifty! How cool on the reader - I hope you get it all set up and that it works out good for you.
      I have worked on the kitchen again today - and I have stuff to donate again too.
      Your hamburger soup sounds so good. I love that stuff. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds perfect.

  4. Yes, Cheryl, God watches over us whether we "feel" it in the moment or understand it. He gives us what we need vs. what we may want. The holidays can be a rough time for some. Especially those who don't have family to gather with. Or those dealing with health crises, financial woes, big life changes and more. Praying for all who need a little extra comfort this holiday season.

    There are now 10 lbs. of russet potatoes in the guest room closet, as that door stays shut and the room cooler than the rest of the house. I couldn't pass on 77 cents per 5 lb. bag. We nabbed other sale prices and have everything needed for the family feast... except paper napkins, which somehow slipped my mind. My pies can be hit or miss, but I'm baking pumpkin pies this year and have all I need to do so.

    Meals this week included pork stew w/cornbread (2 dinners), oven "fried" chicken strips with coleslaw and biscuits, skillet sausage, potatoes and apples, French toast with scrambled eggs, and cold sandwiches w/chips. Hubs wanted fast food, but with the cold weather and food in the house, we passed on that. Work for the week included him finishing the paver walkway outside and me doing all the usual inside.

    Like Mona, I'm getting my plans together for Christmas and used coupon codes + early Black Friday sales to do some shopping online for our sons. A sporting goods store has a sale on rifles/guns that we may check out today; Hubs spotted what may be bear scat on our acre. He's been on me about what I want for Christmas and my b'day and I'm thinking a basic shotgun and lessons for us both. I said I think God already gave us an early Christmas present of a dog to alert us of wildlife on the property.

    My MIL now is on hospice and has pneumonia. When Hubs called his mom yesterday, she was too weak to speak coherently. Prayers would be appreciated. I pray now only that she'll be comfortable and able to breathe as she prepares for her homecoming with Him.

    Have a GOOD week, everyone. --Elise

    1. Holidays can be awful for many. I know those first ones without someone sure can be the roughest.
      I think a rifle and lessons would be right on track girl. You need to know how to protect yourself and your home from those bigger wild critters.
      Prayers for you MIL. I pray she doesn't suffer and that her transition Home will be easy and gentle. Hugs to you all as well.

    2. Hubs got a rifle. I got a handgun. The employee who sold them to us offered free lessons in exchange for a homecooked meal.

    3. Elise - prayers for you MIL to be comfortable until her transition. Hugs to you and your family.

    4. Thank you, Staci. Much appreciated. --Elise

  5. Good morning 🌅!

    I'm normally at church right now, but the hairy little beast didn't potty!
    So, hubs went without me and naturally the doggy potted after he left!
    I think he planned it so I would stay home with him!!

    I studied the sales so closely this week! There were several good deals I got or will get. We went to Aldi and Trader Joe's yesterday morning. TJs raised their egg prices to $2.79, but they're still the lowest around. They had so many tempting things, but the only extra we left with were Advent calendars. Chocolate for us and treats for the dog. Boy, he knows what that is!! The second he sees it come out, boing! Boing!! Then, every morning until Christmas. He'll go sit and stare up at the fridge!

    I combined a sale and coupon to buy a nice little gift for a friend's birthday in January.

    I cut husband's hair.

    My friend came over yesterday and I helped her make ornaments for her daughter for Christmas. I had all the supplies so it cost nothing for a fun afternoon.
    Meals included a delicious roast beast dinner at church, creamed tuna on biscuits, chalupa soup, pintos and ham, hamburger patties and onion potatoes, and vegetable noodle soup. Hubs ate at church another night and I did a freezer dive.

    Mrs. Sharon White mentioned a movie she liked in her book and I found the whole thing on YouTube. I'm about halfway through and it is very good. It's called The Doll maker. 1944. Gertie the mom is one hard worker. I'm curious to see how it ends.

    My only new read is but my reading chair. Every Second by Rick Mofina. And we started season 9 of Father Brown.


    1. well, doggy obviously was lonely and wanted company!!!
      Love getting some deals. It makes it just all seem a little better! Your meals sound good.
      Sounds like an interesting movie. I haven't started anything new yet.

  6. I think you are right about it being meant for you to park in the wrong lot. How nice that man was to help you out like he did. I love good and honest people. It’s turned cold here too as I sit until my electric throw. It feels good. Your dinners sound delicious. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with your brothers family at your great nieces home. 😊

    1. Yes, I believe so as well. He was very nice. Told me if his idea didn't work - then he could pull it in shop , but he would have to charge for that. So he was very honest.
      Thank you!

    2. You have found an honest mechanic too if you every need him! That is a huge plus!

    3. Lana you are so right. I have used them before for tires, but they are a full service garage, so good to know.

  7. This is a bit off topic but it's on my mind since I just made breakfast. I have long been Eco conscious in and around our home. I use only 1 roll of paper towels/annually but I'd love to stop that. I use them to drain the grease from sausage and to wipe my hands free of the fat that accumulates from mixing ground beef. WHAT do you and your readers do for these 2 fatty dilemmas? I can't imagine putting all that through the washing machine on cleaning rags nor down the kitchen sink drain. TIA

    Wishing everyone a BLESSED Thanksgiving week and remainder of 2022. May we all be healthy, nourished and happy.

    1. I place a paper towel or 2 over newspaper. I also keep the grease in a jar for later. As for ground beef fat on hands - I just wash them in hot soapy water.
      Thank you. I will be back this week - hoping everyone else will be as well!

    2. Also, fat can be saved for our chickens!

    3. I form a foil bowl in a coffee cup or ramekin and drain the grease into that and set it aside to harden. Before rinsing the pan, I give it a squeeze of dish soap to get the remaining grease dissolved.

    4. Elle, I drain all grease into a can that I keep in the fridge. I also put expired meds in there. When it's full, I get rid of it. I do the same as Cheryl with bacon. I put a single towel over newspaper and it soaks up. I don't buy the newspaper, but get a couple of newsprint things I always save for the kitchen.
      I'm not sure what you mean about mixing ground beef, but I also just wash with soap and hot water.

  8. A happy mistake…parking there.
    I love the picture saying. I may try posting that on FB.
    I’m so glad for your greenhouse kitties and the warmth provided for them. As this is our first year where water in bird bath freezes, we bought a little heater for the birdbath - it sure works! Temps have been in the high teens, low 20s here this past week. Gasp!
    Like Brenda said, I’m using my electric throw to keep toasty. Got the electric blanket on the bed and am learning how to dress for this arctic weather we’ve been having.
    Our niece and her family live in the Buffalo area. Been keeping in touch with her.
    Have a wonderful, safe celebration with your dear ones. TY for taking care of the critters in your world…wish everyone would!
    Mary in OK

    1. I am sure I got that pic from FB at some point! Yes, a happy mistake for sure.
      The heaters for the bird baths sure make for happy birds!
      I sure hope they are all safe. Gosh, I can't even begin to fathom that kind of snow. I do remember the 1978 blizzard - that was a doozy!!!!!! Drifts higher than the cars. National Guard tanks on the roads.
      I love all the critters - they make me happy.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Cheryl! Enjoy your day with family.
    I complain about the snow, but we get nothing like the major dump that hit Buffalo and area. I think it would take me weeks to dig out.

    1. Thank you! I think it will take them weeks to dig out as well. Just horrible.

  10. My post disappeared
    Frances in the Trailer Park

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! So glad tour vehicle started! We had a week that if it could go wrong it did go wrong! We are trying to get ourselves ready to go to our son's but everything but everything is in disarray. We did get more $2 butter and 10# of potatoes for 2.99. Half gallons of OJ were 2/$3 so we bought 8, more sugar for 1.69. We lack for nothing but just have cooking to do to take with us.

    1. Great deals!!!!!! Makes you feel good to have all the extras!
      Hope things start going right. Have a great visit and trip. Stay safe!

  12. Enjoy your time with the family. That is definitely something to be thankful for.

    You got some great deals, and some wonderful meals.

    God bless.

  13. Well, this week I discovered that cream is cheaper in my local store than in Aldi, or indeed anywhere else! I also got the yogurt I like ( it's got all the cultures, pasture fed cattle and made in my home town) for £1 a kg, in the halal section of the supermarket. I can't make yogurt for that, the nearest equivalent was £1.35 for 350g! So, keep your eyes open and don't make assumptions.
    Every evening has been spent sewing down the edges of crocheted flowers on a huge bedspread I bought at a charity shop during the summer. It's not been an exciting task, but now that it's finished it looks a whole lot better, the flowers had only been sewn in the middle and had scrunched up over time. Anyway, I now have a lovely, practical bedspread for the bargain price of £3.

    Cold and wet here, it's rained almost every day.

    1. You are so right - you just never can assume that one store has better prices than another. You have to shop around. It sounds like it paid off for you.
      I bet that bedspread is just lovely. Those flowers have to look so pretty.
      Stay warm and cozy!

  14. I'm giggling about Howdy Doody. Haven't heard that saying in a long time. I'm also wondering about moose sausage. Not something you see here in Arizona. Do you buy it at the grocery or you process it yourself after a hunt? I can't imagine hunting a moose!
    I love my ereader. Our library had a little info session on ereaders a few years back. The staff helped get us all started. They are quite knowledgeable.
    EM, I will keep your MIL in prayer. And you and hubs, as well.
    I'm using my electronic throw as well. Our furnace is propane, and prices went UP this year. Enjoy reading everyone's comments.
    Central Az

    1. It's Howdy Doody time!!!!!! LOL
      I think moose sausage has to be processed from one that was hunted. I have never seen it in stores. Of course, not something one would find here in my area. Many people up north hunt moose - just like folks around here hunt deer.
      I have to look into these electric throws - didn't know there was such a thing until you gals all started mentioning them.

    2. Thank you for the prayers, Ellie. They're much appreciated.

  15. Cheryl, I had to tell you before I forgot! I found a very good Caesar salad kit marked down from $3.99 to $1.07!! It was certainly a miracle lol! We enjoyed it with leftover soup for dinner. Also got the sale peanut butter and sweet potatoes for 39¢ per lb.

    1. Good deal!!!! I forgot to mention sweet potatoes - I don't usually eat them - but I am trying to expand my taste. With dig. coupon I got some for .19 lb.

  16. This week my old frig died. This is a frig we had at our old house and it was bought in 1996. It is actually a second frig that I keep in the garage. This house had one when we moved in and we had bought a new one to help sell the old house. The inside frig has a stupid configuration and the shelves are really close together so tall stuff only fits in the door. So we put the old frig in the garage for tall items and overstock. Sort of our cold pantry. It was full since I have been stocking up. Much of the items were crammed in the inside frig. And I cooked and canned to make shelf stable. We have made the decision to get a garage ready frig. We have become so used to having that second freezer section and an overflow. Nancy in Washington state.

    1. Hi Nancy! Sorry the frig died. I am you could can things up to make them shelf stable. That would be awful to lose all those things - shelf stable now!!!! I have lost a freezer 2X and it is a horrible situation.
      Good job on saving things.
      Most new frig's seem to be configured all wrong for my liking too! All fancy - just keep it simple for me!

  17. Boy am I glad I came back to read the comments. I had gone to the doctor last Monday just for a refill check up. Low and behold, on Wednesday I came down with a stomach bug. Sick for days and I still don't feel well. I just placed an delivery order for perishables, more pedialyte and dog food to be delivered tomorrow.

    I had been craving yellow squash and I forgot to order it. Went back and added it to the order. Sure hope I feel better soon, I will make a small casserole. Have a lovely holiday everyone!!

    1. So sorry you have been under the weather. When your belly is upset, nothing else is right. Drink your fluids and get lots of rest. Hope you are feeling better quickly!!!!!!!
      I ate a little squash yesterday, and it sure was tasty.
      TAKE CARE!

  18. I did get a few sales. And, I made a pumpkin pie Sunday night. We won't have our Thanksgiving meal until I finish with this antibiotic because it makes food taste funny. I am due to finish it on Dec 1.

    1. The day doesn't matter for the meal. Just being thankful for what we have is all that matters. Sorry the meds have messed with your taste buds. Take care.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving later in the week to you Cheryl and all your readers. Glad there was a nice gentleman to help with your car problem. There are good people around.
    Granddaughter no 2 works in a local supermarket as well as going to college. She has dropped us off several reduced price or free food hauls this week which has helped top up the freezer. Her sister and boyfriend came to spend Saturday night with friends to watch the local carnival so we had her little dog for the night. Our daughter came to supper and stay with us too. We sent them home with some of the frozen items. Grandaughter had made some yummy cakes for her friends and us so my husband took a couple up to his Dad, good to share the treats.
    I have said prayers for our great nephew this week. He was one last month. He has been ill on and off since May and was taken into hospital last Sunday with bronchitis and was on a ventilator until Thursday. Thank goodness his condition has improved and although he is still in hospital only has to have oxygen at night. My sister and brother in law have been staying as he has a five year old sister. Brother in law made the six hour trip home last night as he has to go back to work today. Fortunately they own a business so my sister can take time off and the office work is covered by the two ladies, both friends who work there.
    Hope you enjoy time with your family this week. Gosh you are so right. There is something to be thankful for each day x

    1. Sorry, Heather from the UK

    2. Sounds like a lovely week surrounded with family for you! How sweet of your granddaughter to bring all the supplies to help fill the freezer. Glad you have all been together. That had to be enjoyable.
      Poor little one - I sure hope he is on the mend and gets to go home soon. That has to be so scary! Little ones have no idea what is going on - and it is sad to see them be sick and upset. Prayers that he responds well to treatment and is home and well soon.
      Yes mam - always something to be thankful for. Things may go wrong here and there, but there is always something special.

  20. That warms my heart the way the good Lord sent some very kind angel to help you and your "mistake" where you parked. Praise the Lord, He is sooooo good!

    Love your post, always enjoy reading what you are up to...and the comments from others too! Learn something new every day right? : ) Hugs!

    1. The Lord works in mysterious ways! Indeed. Ours is not to question!
      Thanks - it is neat learning from one another. Just about every day I look up and "daddy I learned something new today!" He always got a kick from that.

  21. Hi Cheryl, I had a Chevy with the theft system feature. Some feature! My car would not start. Your mechanic can disable it and you won't have that problem. Why would you do that, people may ask. It is more important for you to get in your car and be able to start it and go, then to sit for 10 minutes for it to turn off . If someone wants to steal your car or its contents, they will find a way. Stay safe.
    On a happier note, Happy Thanksgiving. Stay well.

    1. Barb, Thanks - learned something else new today! You are right, if they want the car - they will get it. Mine is so old, I can't imagine it being a prime target!! LOL
      Thank you!!!!!

  22. So happy to hear you had someone so nice help you with the car problem.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Cheryl, and hope you enjoy your time with family!!