Sunday, May 30, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/30

Happy Sunday!  Happy last Sunday of May!  
Happy Memorial Day to all of my U.S.  readers this weekend.  Saying that, I really see it as a somber day, not a day for celebrations, as it has become.  Today is a special day set aside to remember all our fallen men & women who have died for our freedoms.  It doesn't matter your country - we all have these precious people (and their families).  They should be remembered and honored as the heroes they all are.
You can like or dislike what is going on in the world - but always think of the fallen with reverence.

I can hardly believe it is already the end of May.  I still don't have all the garden in.  Last Sunday I mentioned how we went from March to July in a week - well this week we went from July to March in 2 days!!  It has gotten down in the low 40's the last couple nights!  We also had rain and super windy conditions.  Holy cow!  Crazy stuff.
I am finishing up the garden today!!  We had a day or two that close to 90* - then boom!  AC and heat both got used this week!!  
Went from tank tops and barefoot to sweatshirts and socks again - GEESH!

I saw my first hummingbird of the season yesterday!  It was actually just sitting on the fence last evening.  I bet it was wondering why the heck it came back.
The air smelled so good this week - clover is every where and the air has just been sweet beyond sweet.

Today is the 500 Mile Race here in my city - and it has seemed kind of neat and old fashioned this AM.  I can't begin to tell you how many times this morning already, I have seen bi-planes flying over the house with advertising banners being pulled behind them!  It just made me giggle - as it reminds me of the days gone by.  I am not sure if they plan the air force fly over or not this year - I always get a flutter in my heart seeing them.  They fly right over my house when leaving.
It is a sunny day, the wind of the past couple days has died down, and temps should be lovely - so praying they have a safe race.

My week:
  • I freshened up the bark in 2 longer beds - with stuff I had in the garage left from last year
  • Ran to my brothers and picked up my tiller while out
  • I did stop and get a few plants for the garden
  • I got gas with a .30/gal. discount - it was so nice to be able to easily fill my tank AGAIN after the fix
  • Got the garden all tilled - tilled in 2 - 5 gal. buckets of ash my neighbor saved for me
  • Made up 10 pots of flowers so far - have a few more to do today
  • Got rid of some broken and split containers - but reused the dirt in others.
  • As stated earlier this week - got the Blazer fixed.  Cost $35 - saved over $500 if I had gone to the shop
  • Laundry, cleaning, scratch cooking
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard (on a dry and warm day)
  • Picked several more bouquets
  • Cut my hair
  • Salvaged another 'store' jar to use for my soup mixes this holiday season
  • Paid all the bills I had on hand
Meals this past week:
Leftover broc./cheese/chicken rice and salad
Summer sausage, cheese, Triscuits & fruit smoothie
Tuna salad sandwich and chips
Beef/bean/potato skillet
Burrito made from leftover bean/beef mix & fresh veggies
Pasta & veggie salad (heavy on veggies)
Loaded cheese burger and baked beans & chips

How was your week?  Did you get much done?  Stay frugal?  Deals?

                      When you run out of bud vases and your bouquet is big - go Solo cup!!!!!!

I hope and pray you are are healthy and safe.  If you do get to be with family this weekend, please stay safe but enjoy your time together.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13
Amen - and to lay down your life for strangers - what a humbling act.  God bless all that have sacrificed all and bless their families.  We are eternally grateful and humbled.

                                                   Crown Hill Cemetery

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Eat Well and Keep it Frugal

 It is always easier to eat frugally in the summer - so many garden options to choose from.  But you can eat well and stay frugal all year.  You just have to remember that you do NOT need a 3 course meal every evening (I don't care what they say) - and you can keep breakfast and lunch easy.  
More times than not I eat one main meal a day and that is it!!!  I have a breakfast drink - I eat a larger meal late afternoon and then maybe a small snack a bit later.  I stay healthy and have energy - so it isn't hurting anything.
No need for 3 meals wither - that is just a habit.

I can make a pack of buns or bread last a long while.  I like to make and use biscuits and also use a lot of tortillas.  They are so easy to make and even cheap to buy.

Make a yummy fruit smoothie
Make breakfast burritos or biscuits (add egg, cheese and perhaps meat)
Granola bars are yummy

3 C rolled oats or 2 C oats and 1 of rice Krispies (or what you have)
1/2 C peanut butter
1/2 C jelly or jam
1/4 C hot water
1/4 tsp. salt

Preheat oven 350*.  Grease an 8 x 11 pan or what you have - you may need to adjust cooking time with different pan.
Pour oats (cereal) in large bowl
Place peanut butter, half of jelly and water and salt in a small saucepan - heat and stir till smooth
Pour over the oats and mix well.  Dump into baking dish and spread out.
Cover with rest of jelly.
Bake about 25 minutes.  You want the edges toasty and golden.  Cool for about an hour and cut into bars.

You can add extra - 1/2 C chopped nuts
1/2 C shredded coconut
1/2 C chopped dried fruit
1/2 C honey instead of jelly
Add then while mixing up oats if desired

Think about something exciting and different than just a sandwich.  I like to use a dense and hearty bread (like Italian) sliced and toasted then topped with all kinds of things.
You can top with sliced tomato and cheese, any type of veggie, avocado, apples and cheddar, sauteed mushrooms or grilled onion and swiss.  Bruschetta is a yummy bite.  Cream cheese and fruit is tasty.
There isn't anything that you can't top bread with.  You can toast the bread and add toppings or you can broil after adding toppings.  Whatever is easy.  It is a nutritious bite of food, easy, and filling.

                                My favorite type of bread for open face tasty sandwiches

Make yourself a big salad - which contain anything and everything you can think of.  Not just fresh veggies of all types, but you can add any meat, nuts, cheese, eggs, croutons, or eat with crackers.  There is no right or wrong way to make salad.
It can be any type of salad.  Potato, slaw, bean, corn, egg, ham, tuna, pasta, veggie......................
I like just dicing up tomatoes, cucumbers (or zucchini) and some onion and adding dressing.  That is a summer favorite for me.  Cool and refreshing.  Uses what I have.
These would all be great for a light dinner as well!!

Keep it simple, especially in the warmer weather.
Make a casserole, soup (cold or hot), just throw together a one pot wonder or have a burger and side salad.  Make a special gilled sandwich and a side of any fresh veggie.  
Fancy up a grilled sammie - add meat, cheese, veggies, mac n cheese - anything you want

Top potato slices with cheese, onions or anything and bake till done.  Great alone or with a sandwich or burger or meatloaf
Baked or grilled tomato topped with parm or other cheese and green onions.  YUM  My goodness you can do cucumbers this way or zucchini - anything.  Get creative!!
Easy and cheap one pot dish - cabbage, potato chucks and a bit of smoked sausage or ham.  You can add rice instead of potato (above).  It is all good!!!!
OR just a simple burger, fresh veggies w/dressing and a handful of chips or crackers

Life can be tasty, easy and very frugal.  You just need to venture out of your comfort zone once in a while.  As long as you are full - you don't have to follow any rules.  Make your own rules.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Success in a Day

 Yay, yesterday was finally successful on many fronts.
I got the garden tilled up and I worked on a bunch of large pots for container gardening.  Several had split and broken - so I whittled out the bad ones and repurposed all the dirt to other pots.  
I was totally whipped when I got all done - and filthy!!!!  It was the hottest day so far this year and a tad bit humid.  That is OK as the weather is about to cool some!
          The garden and a couple of long planters I will use for onions or something else shallow.

Yep, I tilled in flip-flops (I usually do it barefoot) - but have NO flip-flops on in the pic!  That is DIRT stuck to my feet from sweat and muck.  My nails looked like a farmer.  Welp, a little (lot) of scrubbin' and I am back to new again!  LOL
The reasoning for barefoot and flip-slops is - when I was little, one of my fondest summer memories was following Daddy as he plowed the garden.  I always walked in the dirt behind him and was always barefoot.  There is something about it that takes me back to childhood and Daddy.  I love the feel of the dirt between my toes!  Not smart - I realize, but it is how I have done things for years.
It is kind of like the smell of fresh mown grass - that reminds me of grade school.  Sitting in class with the windows open and the gardener would be mowing and that smell just wafted right through the windows!  I still think of that when I smell that smell.

The Blazer is done and the gas intake thing is fixed!!  It will be a joy to pump gas now and it won't take me forever to do it.  I am so excited. (It sure doesn't take anything fancy to please me!!)
It cost about $35 in parts and he fixed the expensive thingy himself - blew and washed it out.  Had he replaced it - just the part would have cost almost $200 (quoted from parts place).  Had I had it done at the shop - I would have been looking at $500 plus.
One more thing off the to do list.
                                               The 'shade tree mechanic' at work.

Flowers are popping.  You who have peonies, know what happens when they bloom and we get a storm.  They all fall over.  Mine are so laden with blooms at the moment that they are doing that on their own.  I have never had such blooms.  Maybe this is a good sign for growing things this year!
Those green spots are where the flowers have just fallen over from weight.  My garden is just to the right of these and it sure smelled good while tilling!!!!
I have a couple very old climbing roses that have gone back wild - but I love them.  They just seem simple and old fashioned.  Full of buds too.
                           First bloom on the clematis vine for the year.  Lots of buds.
                                      Blackie trying to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Momma and Fluff sitting on their rugs on the greenhouse deck catching the breeze.  It has to be hot with all that fir.  Later in the day Fluff went out and was laying in the shade  under the peony plants!  Smart kitty.

So the day ended nicely.  I laid across the bed after a shower and eating a bite and BOOM I was out like a light.  Only slept about a half hour - but I went out fast.

Today is another new day - and hoping to get some more things done.  I have such a list and so much to do - at least I am making some headway!
It has started raining - so my work will be inside today.  Temps are supposed to cool a bit after the rain.

It seems I have let so much go the past 2 years - just didn't have the gumption to do much.  Well, it is time to get things fixed and back in order.  It HAS to be done.
Off and at it again.

Have a wonderful, blessed and productive day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

No Good Deed......

 I do believe this to be true (not for me) this week.  My neighbor is trying to help me with my Blazer doing some of the smaller (LOL) projects that have needed done.  He is a good guy - but I know why he is doing so much.  He feels he is helping out his buddy Glen.  Well truth is he is helping buddy Glen's wife.  He would  have done anything for Glen and vice versa.  They were true buds - through and through.

Well for him - no good deed goes unpunished  Poor guy.  He started working on the flow tube on the gas tank (where the fuel flows to tank).  It hasn't been accepting gas well - it keeps causing the pump to turn off.  Has to do with gas flow and air venting.  Well it wasn't what he thought - then he found out what it probably is - and it is in a weird angle to get to and according to him it has Martian connectors!!!!  Never seen anything like it.
Nothing as easy as first thought.

Well before he started that I went and picked up my little tiller from my brother.  He has used it a ton this spring.  After working on flowers and bark a bit - I decided later in day to till.
The whole dang thing came apart with one tug!!!!!  LOL  Trust me I am not that strong.
Well, bless his heart - the neighbor  stopped and worked on that.  Did several things on it.  (It is old and actually came from the trash many years ago).  It got to running - then I had a problem with vine type weeds wrapping the tines and it stopped.  SIGH!!!!
By then it was just too hot to continue.  Will try again Tuesday.
Do I really want a garden??????  
Yeah - but the above picture may hold true for next year!!!!!!!  LOL

So Tuesday he goes to pick up part for Blazer (they didn't have it Monday), then more work.  He mentioned he would look at tiller again.
It sure was one of those days.  At least he has my car in his back yard under his huge shade tree - my drive is cement and in full sun.  I can't even imagine how hot that would have been.

I pay for parts and I always make sure he is paid for his labor (if he will take anything).  I have given him gift cards for groceries and eating out over time as well.
I don't want to take advantage - but I think he just feels obligated.

So it has been one of those days.  I did get many flower pots planted and more bark down.  It got to almost 90* and it was pretty darn warm!
A cool shower sure felt good.
So hopefully today turns out better!

Cherish your friends!  They really can be a Godsend in so many ways.
I thank God everyday for my family and friends!

Have a great day!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/23

 Blessed Sunday to you all.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
We started the week with a couple rain days - which was a good excuse to get things done inside.  Then summer came!  We are now in the 80's each day and 60's at night.  
It seems we went from March to July (weather wise) in a matter of days!!!!!!!!!!

This week I first saw a couple of baby squirrels.  Oh my, they are tiny - about the size of a chipmunk.  Too little to be out of nest.  I have determined that their momma is a smaller squirrel who seems to have mange.  Poor thing has little fur - just a fuzzy tail.  At first there were 2 babies, then as of yesterday I only saw one.  This AM I haven't seen it at all.  I didn't figure they had a real chance with being so small.  They do not know to be afraid of anything.  There are lots of cats around, possums, hawks, racoons....  They must have had mites in nest - and have been sleeping in the food jar at night (on right).
I have gone out of my way to make sure they had food they could eat.  Just crazy old Cheryl at Cheryl's Critter Compound!!!!!  Maybe it is around still - I hope so.💓💓
                                     Maybe you can see just how tiny it is.  It's body is about 3" long!
My week:
  • Rain day - tons of laundry - bedding, throw rugs, furniture throws and all the bedding from the kitties house outside (warm bedding put away till winter)
  • Set up live trap to get Mr. Groundhog - tried all kinds of goodies - finally enticed it with romaine lettuce!  Got him and he is now in a new forever home.  Caught a opossum first - that thing was ticked off!  I let it go.
  • Mowed and trimmed everything
  • Did lots and lots of yard work.  I got the flower bed on east side of back cleaned out and a corner spot out back all weeded (what a mess).  So much bending, squatting, knees and even sitting on a small stool - then I had to get up!!!!!
  • Trimmed all the bushes out back
  • Moved around some outdoor furniture and have enjoyed sitting out back reading in the evenings - nice listening to nature and just relaxing!
  • Got to have windows open most every day.  I have only turned on AC twice for about an hour - then off (late afternoon)
  • Straightened the pantry - it was getting messy again for sure
  • Ran out to the library
  • While out I went to Dollar Tree (it had been a while) and got shelf stable milk and the lozenges I like
  • ALSO stopped at Kroger for cold milk and found regular size Ball flats for canning!  I got 8 boxes of 12 for 2.79 a box!  I am now set with both sizes for a couple years (with what I have)
  • ALSO stopped at Taco Bell and got a multi pack meal with a Gift Card - 2 days of meals for $0!!!!
  • I made faux 'ice cream' treats twice.  Sliced and froze 2 bananas - then placed in food processor with about an 1/8 cup of milk - THAT'S IT!  Oh my - it was so tasty and refreshing.  You could this with any fruit (frozen first).  Softer than regular ice cream, firmer than a smoothie - YUM!
  • I picked 2 big bouquets of peonies - the house smells so nice
  • I have a 'weather station' that tells indoor/outdoor temps - there is a sending device outside.  That part  hasn't worked for over 2 years!  Yesterday I started hearing a crazy beeping noise and it was the receiver inside.  I was about to toss it - but changed the batteries and BOOM it all started working again.  I have changed batteries, reset, and reprogrammed so many times - suddenly it works again!  Go figure
  • My car AC has gone down hill for the past year - my neighbor showed me how to recharge it.  He had a can of stuff - it was really easy to do!  It works beautifully now!!!  Aaahhhhh  (I gave him my half full propane tank - my grill died and not replacing)
                                       Dirty hands from vehicle maintenance!!!!! - Yep I am hands on!
They are opening!!!!  This pic was yesterday and there are even more open this morning!  Dang I wished they lasted longer!

Meals this week:
Tomato/cheese topped beef patty, potato rounds and fresh veggies
Small indiv. pizza
Veggie/meat/cheese wrap
Cold cut sandwich and a cup of soup (from freezer)
Tacos (Taco Bell - free)
5 layer burritos (Taco Bell - free)
Broccoli/cheese/chicken rice and tomatoes 

For some reason I got a burst of energy this week and finally got busy!  Got to get some things marked off my TO-DO list.  So much left to be done.  I still haven't got the garden taken care of - that is next and then it is back to yard work.  As we all know it just continues - grass grows as do all the weeds!!!  UGH!
It is very over whelming at times.

How was your week?  What have you done to stay frugal this week?  Gardens in?
I hope you are all well and safe and that you have a wonderful week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor.  No good thing does the Lord with-hold for those who walk uprightly.  
Oh Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in thee!
Psalms 84:11-12

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Unconventional Gardening

 I know there are a lot of people without yards that say they can't garden.  We can ALL garden a little bit.  There are many ways and options.  Just remember that anything that you grow - you don't have to buy.  The easiest things to start with - even if no yard - are herbs, lettuces and greens and spring onions (green onions).
Plus it is fun to grow something yourself and it is yummy!

You can even re-grow things.  Romaine lettuce is easy to re-grow.  Keep the root end in tact - I scrape the bottom a little to open up pores - start in water to root.  As it grows, you can plant in a pot! 
Celery can be done the same way.  I have done both in the dead of winter in the house - so yes, you can do them now and set on the porch or patio!  Keep them watered well.

I have thought about utilizing this idea for many years and still haven't done it.  That is guttering.  You would need to drill a few drainage holes - but my goodness you could grown all kinds of things in a small space.  I see herbs and greens working well.  Strawberries(?)  Onions.  What fun.

Container gardening is easy and pretty as well.  Throw things in pot and boom you have garden.  I have grown tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, squash and cabbage in pots before.
                                                                       Not my picture

You can use flower pots, buckets, tubs, storage containers, old ice cream buckets, just about anything that you can put dirt in.  Always make sure you have drainage holes.  I have seen people place bags on store bought soil on the ground - slit it open (poke a few holes in bottom) and plant just like that.  No pot needed - just the bag of soil!  If there is a will, there is a way.

You can plant in amongst your flowers and shrubs as well.  A pretty tomato or pepper would look just lovely amongst the shrubs!

Don't think it is too late.  My goodness, I have not even plowed the garden let alone planted ANYTHING.  If you get things planted by around the end of May or first of June you will still enjoy the 'fruits' of your labors.

Have fun.  Get creative.  Save a little.  Grow a little.  ENJOY a lot!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Just A Reminder Chitty Chat!

 All the gals (and guys) in our hemisphere are getting ready for summer and for many regional holidays.  I am sure many locales have their special summer holidays.  
Do you gals in the southern hemisphere have holidays in your fall?

We will soon be celebrating Memorial Day and Independence Day here in America.  Summer is picnics and fun foods and treats.
My reminder is all about taking advantage of SALES and stocking your pantry for cheap!  

I keep hearing stories about rising prices and inflation.  Yep, it sucks - it happens - but you can still build your pantry for a little (or less) money.  Shop those sales!!!!!
(Grow something if you have that option!)

I have seen so many people post about how expensive watermelons are at the grocery ($8).  Corn prices so expensive.  Chicken and ground meat expensive.  Well, yes - they are expensive and there may be varied reasons for that.
A big part of that is THINGS ARE NOT IN SEASON!!!!! 
Now is NOT the time to buy fresh watermelon or corn (unless a holiday sale).  They aren't in season yet - so they will be more expensive.   Strawberries have been a decent price in the past couple weeks - they are now in season.

DON'T buy foods that aren't in season.
There are many things that are cheaper depending on the time of the year.  Watermelon, peaches, strawberries, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, oranges, turkey, ham, potatoes, apples, asparagus.......and on and on.

Also holidays offer up many a savings as well.  Grilling meats are much cheaper this time of the year - both hotdogs and ground beef.  Buns, chips and snacks are priced well.  Condiments are very reasonably priced.  Water and pop - I know many still buy these things.  I purchase pop once in a great while, and use my faucet for water and I make my own ice.

I DO NOT pay full price for hardly anything.  I shop sales, clearance, mark downs and seasonally shop.  This is one reason I have not delved into the delivery/shop options that stores offer.  There is no way they will shop the clearance for me (nor know what I might need) and they substitute - so I may not be getting the best prices.
I buy very few name brand items as well.

It is not always about what you don't buy - but what you DO buy!  Brands and seasonal make a difference and CLEARANCE - it is essential to keep a budget down.
STOP shopping every week.  For most that is a HABIT - and not necessary.  Make a plan for every couple weeks or once a month.  If you run out of something - the world isn't going to end!!!!!  Do without for a while.  SUBSTITUTE something else.

So don't cancel your picnics and cookouts - just plan ahead.  We can all enjoy all the goodies that come with special days and summer - just do it cheaply.  Stock up and you can continue to enjoy the spoils of the holiday sales for months to come.

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.  Shop the deals and stock up while the getting is good!!!!
Don't pay retail - purchase with sales.  You can keep your budget low this way - not only for the week or month - but for the future.
Be SALE & SEASONAL SAVY.  It is truly more important now than ever with inflation the way it is. 
BUT - remember - prices go up and prices come down!!!!!!!!!!  DON"T panic or make bad decisions!

Happy stocking!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Cool Things we Should Know

 Today I am going to post some charts for the kitchen.  These are things we all need to know.  It just may save a little time, effort and money.

                                                   Just in case you need to substitute

                                   I have always measured with cups, but I know many use ounces

We Americans do cups and ounces - most other countries are metric.  It is nice to be able to convert recipes.

                                                             Using what you have

                                                   Out of eggs - no worries for baking

                                                        Great replacements

I hope these help someone.
We all run out of things, and often figure that out when in the middle of a recipe!  YIKES.  No need to run out to the store for one ingredient.  Just substitute. 
There are so many things that we can do in a pinch.  
Being a  little creative is good and saves your sanity at times!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/16

 Good day to all.  I hope this finds you all well and safe and healthy.
It has been another sort of cool week for this time of the year.  It is raining this AM and we have rain forecast for several days this week.  The temperature, however, are supposed to warm up.  YAY!

I have a few pretties blooming.  Poppies, columbine, spiderwort are blooming.  The poppies open and then the stinking groundhog eats them!!!  He HAS to go and soon!!!!!!! (working on it)

Click on this picture to enlarge.  I hope you can see the hundreds of buds on the peonies.  It is amazing.  If HALF of them open it will be a wonderland!!!!!  I so love the smell of them.

Well, the street light is now active.  LOL - I guess you can call it that.  What a waste of money.  It lights a small circle of road out front and that is it.  My yard and porch are still fairly dark - at least I am not blasted with light.  Maybe it will be a deterrent - who knows.

There have been several good things that happened this week and a sad one as well.  A long time  friend (one of our camping buddies) passed this week - after a lengthy illness.  I am so thankful his suffering and pain ore over -- but a lot of people will surely miss him.

My week:
  • I HAD to make a WM run - as much as I didn't want to.  Needed to get my little nephew a birthday gift and his new sister a present as well.  I did find more cat food while there (I always get when I find it) and I bought myself a new dish drainer.  My old one was well over 20 years old and repaired many times.  I think I deserved a new one!!!! LOL 
  • Went to a cookout for nephews birthday.  It was a chilly evening - but dry - and all had fun outdoors  (I got to cuddle my newest niece as well!  YAY)
  • Colored my hair at home
  • Pulled and pulled weeds!  It is truly over whelming.  I can't keep up.  I pulled so much from flower beds and I trimmed lots of stuff.  (I ended up with poison ivy on my forehead as well - UGH)
  • I am all set up and ready for humming birds now - although I haven't seen any yet.  Usually around June 1
  • Finally got days where I could open windows for fresh air again.
  • I went to a Memorial service for my friend (it was small and by invitation)
  • Refilled all the spice and baking jars in the kitchen from stock
  • I got to go have a luncheon with my sister and several nieces.  We met a tea room and it was so nice.  There were 4 generations of girls there.  This was the last of the celebrations scheduled for sis's birthday (we stretched it out for about a month)!
  • No grocery store - using what I have.
  • Cooking from scratch, using all leftovers, no lights, no heat and AC, all the regular stuff
Meals this past week:
Added Mex. pasta to macaroni and cheese
Burgers and hot dogs & other goodies at cookout
Chicken sandwich and slaw
Open face 3 cheese patty melt and slaw
Beans and rice and a side of fresh veggies
Bean/rice/cheese and tomato quesadilla
Broc./cheddar soup and chicken club sandwich at tea room

Snacks have been fruit, juice, leftovers, and a lunchmeat sandwich

I think I will start working on garden by the end of the week.  Rain will impede part of the week - at least temps are getting normal (thankfully).  I will be happy to get it in by Memorial Day - that is usual time for many here.  I am in no big hurry - the ground needs to be warm for plants to grow well, and groundhog needs to be gone.

How has your week been?  I hope you are all well and staying on the frugal and stocking path!  We all need to be vigilant - steadily adding - NOT panicking!

Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Counting Blessings

 Just going to put this out here as a reminder.  We all need one now and then.  We have so much!
I see so many ungrateful people every day on the news, on the computer and out and about.  They have no idea how good they have it - or if they do, they sure don't seem to appreciate it.

Be grateful for everything and everyone.  Even the tiniest things are wonderful.

Family, friends and neighbors
Health and safety
Nature of all kinds
A new day
Sun shining
Rain for the earth
Home and property
Can pay expenses
Food to eat
Our Lord and Savior

The news of the world can make us all forget just what we DO have to be grateful.  People we come in contact with can make us forget by their negativity.  Don't let that happen to you. 
You are so very RICH  - it doesn't have anything to do with money!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Staying Ready - But Don't Panic

 Good morning to all.  Today is just a little reminder about how we all need to stay vigil and be ready and stocked for anything - but first and foremost DO NOT PANIC!!!!!

I keep reading about all these people freaking out because of gas stations being low or out of gas on the east cost and rising prices on things and 'so called' shortages on stuff.  STOP THE PANIC!!!!!
Please don't be one of these people.

The best advice I can offer is STAY ready - so you don't have to GET ready!  Add a little each time you go out and shop or add to your garden supplies.  Remember that story about the hare and the turtle?  Remember who won?
Stock what you use and use what you stock.
Don't be going out and getting all kinds of exotic junk - know what your family uses.  That is what you need.  Use what you have on hand and continually add new - ROTATE!  This is important and prevents waste.
                                        Pantry rotation is essential - know what you have and use it

We went through the great TP caper of 2020 and we made it!!!!!  We all figured out a way.  I remember going through the gas  crisis in the 70's - limited supplies, waiting in long lines, stations running out - but we found a way.  Living through the 80's and the economy took a huge dive - stocks plummeted and prices went up - yep we made it.
Don't panic - stay calm - make no rash and sudden decisions and realize that all will go back to 'normal' eventually.  
Life is full of ups and downs and many of us have been through many.  Our parents/grandparents made it through the great depression - all the wiser for it.  
Not saying things don't get tough and sometimes things just stink - but we will survive.  We have to sometimes evolve and change as we get older.  

It is different for everyone - so no one person has the answers.  Do what works for you and your family and don't try to do what the Jones's do.  DO YOU!
I love the saying that out of poverty comes ingenuity!  That is so true.  I learned so much from parents as did many of you - they went through a lot in the their lives and hopefully we all learned lessons that will help us as well.

*Gas shortages - it will end.  Until then walk, bike or car pool or just stay home if possible.  This is not the time for a vacation or joy rides!
*Higher prices - I don't buy unless it is on sale or clearance - so not too worried about higher regular prices.  Never pay retail price!
*Shortages - some things we can simply do without!  Find a new way or choice.  Change up menus or recipes to account for something being hard to get.  Use your pantry and freezer.
I see folks say - oh no we can't find milk or bread or chicken......  Well, do without!  I think we can all survive a while without something (other than meds).  It isn't going to kill you to be inconvenienced for a a bit. 

                              Plan ahead - can, freeze and stock what you may need in future (eggs here)

These are the reason we stay prepared.  You never know what may happen or come your way.  If you are ALREADY  stocked you don't have to rush out and GET stocked.

Stay calm and just slowly move forward.  Life happens and we get through ups and downs every day.  

My biggest blessing is faith.  I know God has a plan for me and He watches over me.  I give it to Him and I keep my sanity - without Him I do not know what I would do.

Be blessed my friends!  Stay vigil and calm.  Do NOT panic.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I Am Always Amazed

 Yes, I am always amazed, and not in a good way.  Today is trash day in our neighborhood and it is also HEAVY trash day.  Heavy trash is scheduled once a month.  For us it is always the second Tuesday of the month.
Now I can understand come spring that people are maybe cleaning out garages or changing up things around the house and yard - but it always amazes me - how many come up with so much stuff every month!!!!!!

I have a neighbor behind me (2 adults and 2 dogs) - that has big bulky furniture out EVERY month!  They live in the same size house as me - how can this be?  Do people just not take care of anything?  Do people waste money on new stuff because they get bored?   I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!
Today they had and end table, a love seat and 3 mattresses.  Last month it was a couch and a chair and a dresser.  This is EVERY month!!!!!!  Always furniture.
This stuff goes to the landfill!  Into our earth - for how long?  Forever on some things!

I have had the same furniture since 2002, and it is still in decent shape.  How can you need a couch every few months?

I recycled all I can in some new way.  I donate things that are still nice for someone else to use.  Just because it is gently used, doesn't mean it doesn't have life.
I compost or feed the animals.  I use leftovers.  I can make crafts out of things.  My list goes on and on.

I see people talk about 'dumpster diving' at stores.  I guess I say good for them.  So much is thrown away by stores instead of donating it.  There is such a worry about being sued today.  Years ago (I mean early married years) we never bought bread, cookies, cakes or any bakery goods.  Glen knew the manager of the grocery just up from where he worked - and he would call G at work and say it's trash day.  G and the other guys would go with their trucks and pick up tons of bread and bakery items for free - before it went into the dumpster.  I swear we didn't buy that kind of stuff for at least 5 years after we were married - nor did our family or friends!!!!!!
There is a You Tube called Freaking Frugal that dumpster dives a lot.  They use the stuff, give to family and friends and supply a local food bank.
Sadly our food banks will not accept anything that is past date - even though it is totally good.  That just makes me angry and sad.
There is so much good food going into the landfills.  There are hungry people every where.  This is just beyond my comprehension.

I know a lot people go out before trash pick up and "shop the curb".  I have been known to do that - and have gotten some neat things.  I am glad to know that some people are trying to reduce waste and save funds.
Yard sales are a good way to rid of things and make a little money.  I know it is a lot of work - and many don't want to deal with that (me as I get older) - BUT people can still donate!!!  Someone would love to have your items.  Bless another.

I guess I am just in a mood this morning.  Several things have just set me off this morning and then I saw yet again another pile of furniture at the curb and it hit my "B**ch" button!!!  LOL
I just don't understand people.
I will never understand people.

I know I can't be alone in this way of thinking.  I know there are lots of you that recycle, refurbish and reuse items.  
It makes so much since.  Not only do we save money - but we save our planet.

Thanks for listening to my morning rant!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/9

 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Moms out there - whether children or fur!!!!!
I hope you all have a lovely day.  I am a firm believer that Moms (and Dads) should be honored EVERY day - not just one.  Sending love and good wishes to all.

It has been a soggy and cool week here.  It is dark and wet and windy here this AM.  Getting ready for a big storm to come through - it looks like nighttime.  It looks to be a cool week coming up as well.  It looks pretty outside and things are coming back to life - but we just can't lose the frost and chill.  We have a chance of frost several mornings in this coming week - with mornings in the 30's.  Good grief - it's MAY!!!!!

Funny story this morning.  After 11+ years Coogy has figured out there is cold water in the toilet!!!  Yep, just this week he figured it out.  I find that hilarious that it took so long.  He thinks it is great.  He looks at me so funny when I take a seat - as if to say "why you sitting on the water dish?"  LOL

My week was kind of quiet:
  • I did do a little weed pulling - in between rains.  It makes weeds a lot easier to pull for sure.
  • Using all leftovers
  • Paid everything for the month (that I have).  Also paid home property taxes and taxes on another piece of property for the whole year.  Got it out of the way and I won't forget come fall!
  • Lots of laundry 
  • Got a chance to mow and trim the entire yard on one of the rare no rain days
  • Cooked up a pack of pork chops from the freezer.  Ate a couple and froze the others (cooked) for quick meals
  • Turned heat on for a cycle a couple mornings to take the chill off - otherwise no heat or AC
  • NO grocery store or leaving the house this week
  • Use no lights to speak of - it gets light so early and stays light so late now
  • Just doing all the normal stuff around the house.  Nothing exciting here!!
Meals this past week:
Burritos (used up leftovers in them)
Veg./chicken lo-mein (homemade)
Stove top version of Shepherd's pie
Tostadas - bean/cheese/salsa
Pork chops, mashed potatoes (leftover) and lima beans
Chef salad
Mexican pasta
(a few meals this week were NO meat - my choice)

Well, after living here 34 years - we are getting a street light in my area.  Right in front of my house!!!  Well, at the corner of my yard and the neighbors - but that pole sure does change the view!  It hasn't been hooked up yet - just placed.  I guess they have been placing about a dozen around the neighborhood.  We have never had lights, except at a stop sign on the street.  All the lights are in the alley (and many don't work).  So I guess this is a good thing - I'll have to hold judgement on how bright it is!

How was your week?  Any deals or frugal things to report?
I really enjoyed our 'game' this week - so many great ideas.  Thanks for playing along!!
I am missing a couple of our regulars on here - hope all is well.  Check in if you can!!

I pray for health and safety for you all.  May you have a wonderful week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Let's Play a Game

 I want to play a game with everyone.  It is called WHAT IF?  LOL.  Now I realize that this isn't feasible in many areas or towns as there are still 'lockdowns' that people are following.  That is why tis is JUST a game.  Let's have a little fun!!!!!!!

Here we go:
You get a phone call early on a Wednesday morning that on Saturday 20-25 people will be at your home for a get together of sorts and will need to be fed.  Here comes the twist!!
You can ONLY use what you have in the pantry or freezers.  NO MONEY or SUPPLIES can be purchased!

Could you do this?  What would you be feeding everyone?

I could fix about anything really - would have to do some creative thawing out  - but could do a lot.
I have a turkey and a ham in freezer.
There is ground beef out the wazoo, chicken, pork loins & chops, brisket and beef.
I have all kinds of veggies that could be used as sides or incorporated into soups  or casseroles.
I could make cookies, brownies, pudding, Jello, cakes or pies.
I could make tea, Kool-Aid and coffee and have water in that thing called a faucet!!!!
I would start making ice as soon as I got the call.
I have lots of cheese and crackers of different varieties and summer sausage which would work as small bites.  Cream cheese and various jellies on hand as well for appetizer on crackers.

I could probably make bread - but doubt I would.  I would make lots of biscuits and cornbread.

So here are a few ideas:
Chili or veggie soup or gumbo or any soups
Casseroles using rice or pasta and tomato sauce or cream of soups - with veggies and/or meat
Noodles and whatever meat you have
Soup beans or beans and rice with sausage or ham
Biscuits and sausage gravy
Bean salads - potato salad - macaroni salad
Veggies as sides
Tacos - tostadas - nachos
Mac n cheese

I probably don't have enough plates and glasses - but do have plastic cups and paper plates on hand for such things.

Golly there are so many things that could be put together with what is hanging out in the pantry and freezer.  What would you fix?
What other ideas do you have?  Remember it doesn't have to be complicated - just feed a bunch!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.  I think it will be fun to see what we could all do with what we have on hand.  At least it gets our creative juices flowing and we can come up with some new dinner ideas for ourselves!!!!

Let's play and have fun dreaming and planning!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Few Smiles Today

 Today just a quick post to share a few things that make me smile.  There are so many every day.  Take time to smile and be happy.  These are random and in no certain order and sure don't encompass  everything.

                                             Simple little garden groupings
Can you see it? (center of pic)   Mr. Groundhog!  I know it shouldn't make me smile - but it is so funny to see it frolicking all over the yard.  (Sorry not so clear - taken through window and screen)
      Family - my big brother and my sis (and me).  She is now 90 and he just turned 80.
                          Things are starting to grow and make the world pretty again.
                                            Blackie - "you can't see me - I'm napping"
      Babies!!!!!  Just one of my gr. gr. nieces!  We have a lot of babies in the family right now.
                                  Squirrels and birdies make me smile everyday!

Of course - my family and friends make me happy.   ALL my kitties make me happy.  Nature and all it's glory makes me happy.  Hearing the birds makes me happy.  Sunshine days make me happy.  Waking up and being given a new day by our Creator makes me happy.

Take a moment and think about what really brings a smile to your face.  Forget all negative today - just SMILE!!!!!