Sunday, May 9, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/9

 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Moms out there - whether children or fur!!!!!
I hope you all have a lovely day.  I am a firm believer that Moms (and Dads) should be honored EVERY day - not just one.  Sending love and good wishes to all.

It has been a soggy and cool week here.  It is dark and wet and windy here this AM.  Getting ready for a big storm to come through - it looks like nighttime.  It looks to be a cool week coming up as well.  It looks pretty outside and things are coming back to life - but we just can't lose the frost and chill.  We have a chance of frost several mornings in this coming week - with mornings in the 30's.  Good grief - it's MAY!!!!!

Funny story this morning.  After 11+ years Coogy has figured out there is cold water in the toilet!!!  Yep, just this week he figured it out.  I find that hilarious that it took so long.  He thinks it is great.  He looks at me so funny when I take a seat - as if to say "why you sitting on the water dish?"  LOL

My week was kind of quiet:
  • I did do a little weed pulling - in between rains.  It makes weeds a lot easier to pull for sure.
  • Using all leftovers
  • Paid everything for the month (that I have).  Also paid home property taxes and taxes on another piece of property for the whole year.  Got it out of the way and I won't forget come fall!
  • Lots of laundry 
  • Got a chance to mow and trim the entire yard on one of the rare no rain days
  • Cooked up a pack of pork chops from the freezer.  Ate a couple and froze the others (cooked) for quick meals
  • Turned heat on for a cycle a couple mornings to take the chill off - otherwise no heat or AC
  • NO grocery store or leaving the house this week
  • Use no lights to speak of - it gets light so early and stays light so late now
  • Just doing all the normal stuff around the house.  Nothing exciting here!!
Meals this past week:
Burritos (used up leftovers in them)
Veg./chicken lo-mein (homemade)
Stove top version of Shepherd's pie
Tostadas - bean/cheese/salsa
Pork chops, mashed potatoes (leftover) and lima beans
Chef salad
Mexican pasta
(a few meals this week were NO meat - my choice)

Well, after living here 34 years - we are getting a street light in my area.  Right in front of my house!!!  Well, at the corner of my yard and the neighbors - but that pole sure does change the view!  It hasn't been hooked up yet - just placed.  I guess they have been placing about a dozen around the neighborhood.  We have never had lights, except at a stop sign on the street.  All the lights are in the alley (and many don't work).  So I guess this is a good thing - I'll have to hold judgement on how bright it is!

How was your week?  Any deals or frugal things to report?
I really enjoyed our 'game' this week - so many great ideas.  Thanks for playing along!!
I am missing a couple of our regulars on here - hope all is well.  Check in if you can!!

I pray for health and safety for you all.  May you have a wonderful week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7


  1. One of my cats, Sami, was the only one who ever drank out of the toilet. I don't know if it was connected or not, but she ended up with oral cancer, with numerous tumours in her mouth. My suspicion is the cleaners I used may have caused it. As I say, I don't know if it was connected but just an fyi.

    Enjoy your lovely weather. It is still cool here in the mornings but we've been having great temperatures and lots of sunshine in the afternoons.

    1. Oh how awful! I never thought about the cleaners used. Hmmmm
      Mornings are pretty darn chilly here as well. I am ready for nice, nice days.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you! We have a street light at the front of our street, on our corner. In my opinion it's bright. So bright no one would want to rob my house. Funny about your cat! We have been continually working in the yard. Planted zucchinis yesterday and some dahlias. Our Son will be down for a visit for a few days starting tomorrow. So we are going to take him around to a few places, Crater Lake: the lodge isn't open nor the north rim it still has snow but there is a view point we can go to. We are going to go to the coast for the day on Wednesday. And we are going to try and visit with a few people too. Friday we are having a new mattress delivered for our fifth wheel. So a busy week ahead. Blessings to you!

    1. I am afraid it will be overly bright.
      What a wonderful week that will be for you. So glad he gets to come for a visit. Sounds like you have a fun week planned.
      I get some work in the yard done - just can't motivate with this rain and cooler temps. Zucchini planted? WOW
      Have a great one!

  3. It has actually ended up being a fairly busy week - even though we are still under a "stay at home order" (with a few exceptions).
    One trip out for some groceries, the library, pick up an Amazon delivery at the PO and hit an ATM.
    A second trip out to go to the office for a few hours (I only go in once every other week) but I combined it with a long walk down to the lake with a friend and a stop at a new grocery store that had just opened - picked up some nice produce and a pkg. of sausages that were delicious!
    A couple of long walks with a friend - I always wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
    I scrubbed the kitchen and the bathroom and managed to get 3 loads of laundry washed, dried, ironed and put away.
    I also moved around a few things in the freezer and re-organized the fridge (things had gotten a bit messy with things all over the place). My fridge is small only 28" wide and barely 5' high so it needs to be organized in order for things to fit!
    My main bargain purchase this week was the bags of frozen veg I got - $1 off per bag plus I collected loyalty points at the same time.
    .pre-cooked ground beef & veg
    .sausages, sweet potato & lots of veg x 2
    .salad with chicken
    .avocado toast with hard-boiled egg & tomatoes x 2

    1. Sounds busy for sure. Glad you got to get out and about for a bit.
      Those frigs and freezer (well pantries too) sure get messy in a hurry. Darn Gremlins!! That is who I always blame. Gld you are all organized now.
      Meals sound good.
      Have a good one.

  4. We had a frugal week as well, did some small grocery shopping but overall a lot of pantry and freezer dining ;). Here in Arizona we are all open (Covid), mask requirements vary by business…gees, the roads sure are crowded. The messaging here is to use common sense and take care of yourself and your neighbors by masks and distancing, but the rules are mostly gone. Our Covid numbers keep humming along at a low enough level that no one is very concerned, so it appears we hopefully will be okay long term. My empathy for all those still under lockdown. When this is all over, I will be fascinated to see the final assessment of lockdown versus non lockdown. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Good for you on staying frugal.
      Many rules are dropped here as well. Masks and distancing still active. Using common sense is a biggy and taking care of ones self. Our city is doing pretty well too.
      Have a great one!

  5. I surely wish I could swap out all our dry days for your rainy ones. I think it'd be a win-win for both of us. We've lived in our current house for the last 21 years and since we bought a corner lot we have a street light right in front of our house. We definitely like having it there and would miss it if it weren't there. It isn't too bright though so it works for us. Stay safe!

    1. I wish we could trade days as well. Hopefully we are to be somewhat dry this week, just chilly. Maybe you will get some rain!
      I hope it isn't too bright - but it will sure make things feel safer.

  6. Funny Coogy story! Our furbabies can be very entertaining. We always put the lid down on the toilet seat to keep droplets from coating everything in the bathroom. This is a quote from an article I found and we have followed this practice for years. "Since the water in the toilet bowl contains bacteria and other microbes from feces, urine and maybe even vomit, there will be some in the water droplets. The easiest way to avoid this nastiness coating your bathroom is, simply, to close the toilet seat. Closing the lid reduces the spread of droplets.” We also keep our toothbrushes in an enclosed space, just for this reason.

    You may welcome the additional lighting in your neighborhood. We have had street lights since we have lived here (25 years). For a while a neighbor paid to have an extra security light put in his back yard after his Harley was stolen. We do have a SimpliSafe security system in our home. I don't care where you live, there are miscreants who will gladly relieve you of your goods or just simply cause damage.

    I need to go to Trader Joe's for a few things but their lines are always so long and they are militant about where to stand, etc. I guess I don't need those items that badly. We can go into Rural King and Culver's without a mask.

    Did you hear Jim's weather this morning? One night it is supposed to be 33 degrees. Brrr! However, I welcome the sunshine!

    1. THAT is why I don't keep my toothbrush or glass by the sink anymore! The sink in next to the toilet.

      I have dusk to dawn lights on the garage which lights my drive and a part of the back yard. Other neighbors have their own lights as well - we'll see how this new one goes.

      I have never been to a Trader Joe's. Been a long while since I drove down to Rural King - I need to go - I really like that store.
      It was pretty chilly this AM and I had frost.

  7. Funny about Coogy. My pup Riley hasn't yet figured that water bowl out yet, probably because he is short (Schnauzer). But, my grand pup has it down pat. My powder room is the first stop whenever he comes to visit with my daughter. I kept mostly to myself last week and kept shopping to a minimum -- only one trip out, to pick up a few ingredients (and indulgences) for Cinco de Mayo. I cooked fajitas and had some dear friends over for dinner. My big savings? The smaller grocer, where I like to pick up meats and produce had Nestles flavored seltzer water on sale for $1.00 / 8 pack bottles. I like to have these on hand in the summer months, as they are good thirst quenchers. Grabbed one of each flavor -- lemon, lime, mandarin orange (hoping it won't be too sweet), and a mixed berry. Trying to stay warm here and keep the plants from getting frostbitten. Going to be a busy week! Stay safe, everyone!

    1. Well he just happened to be nosey and want to see what I was doing at the sink and he jumped up there and was like WOW - there is water in here!!!!
      He loves to get in the tub and lay.
      What a deal on the waters - that is great. I would have stocked up too. I like flavored and carbonated water!
      Going to be chilly in the evenings here.
      Take care.

  8. My street light made me feel safe. It was across the street, sort of catty corner to my corner lot. Then, the neighbor behind my next door neighbor had one in his yard and near my fence. So, it was always safe seeming. Then, the new neighbor did not pay for the light and it blew out across the street. So, it was pitch dark outside my house, sort of scary.

    1. Pitch dark would sure be scary. At least many of us have some kind of night lighting. I just hope it doesn't light the house like a Christmas tree!!! LOL I have a porch overhang so that will probably help some too.