Sunday, May 23, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/23

 Blessed Sunday to you all.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
We started the week with a couple rain days - which was a good excuse to get things done inside.  Then summer came!  We are now in the 80's each day and 60's at night.  
It seems we went from March to July (weather wise) in a matter of days!!!!!!!!!!

This week I first saw a couple of baby squirrels.  Oh my, they are tiny - about the size of a chipmunk.  Too little to be out of nest.  I have determined that their momma is a smaller squirrel who seems to have mange.  Poor thing has little fur - just a fuzzy tail.  At first there were 2 babies, then as of yesterday I only saw one.  This AM I haven't seen it at all.  I didn't figure they had a real chance with being so small.  They do not know to be afraid of anything.  There are lots of cats around, possums, hawks, racoons....  They must have had mites in nest - and have been sleeping in the food jar at night (on right).
I have gone out of my way to make sure they had food they could eat.  Just crazy old Cheryl at Cheryl's Critter Compound!!!!!  Maybe it is around still - I hope so.💓💓
                                     Maybe you can see just how tiny it is.  It's body is about 3" long!
My week:
  • Rain day - tons of laundry - bedding, throw rugs, furniture throws and all the bedding from the kitties house outside (warm bedding put away till winter)
  • Set up live trap to get Mr. Groundhog - tried all kinds of goodies - finally enticed it with romaine lettuce!  Got him and he is now in a new forever home.  Caught a opossum first - that thing was ticked off!  I let it go.
  • Mowed and trimmed everything
  • Did lots and lots of yard work.  I got the flower bed on east side of back cleaned out and a corner spot out back all weeded (what a mess).  So much bending, squatting, knees and even sitting on a small stool - then I had to get up!!!!!
  • Trimmed all the bushes out back
  • Moved around some outdoor furniture and have enjoyed sitting out back reading in the evenings - nice listening to nature and just relaxing!
  • Got to have windows open most every day.  I have only turned on AC twice for about an hour - then off (late afternoon)
  • Straightened the pantry - it was getting messy again for sure
  • Ran out to the library
  • While out I went to Dollar Tree (it had been a while) and got shelf stable milk and the lozenges I like
  • ALSO stopped at Kroger for cold milk and found regular size Ball flats for canning!  I got 8 boxes of 12 for 2.79 a box!  I am now set with both sizes for a couple years (with what I have)
  • ALSO stopped at Taco Bell and got a multi pack meal with a Gift Card - 2 days of meals for $0!!!!
  • I made faux 'ice cream' treats twice.  Sliced and froze 2 bananas - then placed in food processor with about an 1/8 cup of milk - THAT'S IT!  Oh my - it was so tasty and refreshing.  You could this with any fruit (frozen first).  Softer than regular ice cream, firmer than a smoothie - YUM!
  • I picked 2 big bouquets of peonies - the house smells so nice
  • I have a 'weather station' that tells indoor/outdoor temps - there is a sending device outside.  That part  hasn't worked for over 2 years!  Yesterday I started hearing a crazy beeping noise and it was the receiver inside.  I was about to toss it - but changed the batteries and BOOM it all started working again.  I have changed batteries, reset, and reprogrammed so many times - suddenly it works again!  Go figure
  • My car AC has gone down hill for the past year - my neighbor showed me how to recharge it.  He had a can of stuff - it was really easy to do!  It works beautifully now!!!  Aaahhhhh  (I gave him my half full propane tank - my grill died and not replacing)
                                       Dirty hands from vehicle maintenance!!!!! - Yep I am hands on!
They are opening!!!!  This pic was yesterday and there are even more open this morning!  Dang I wished they lasted longer!

Meals this week:
Tomato/cheese topped beef patty, potato rounds and fresh veggies
Small indiv. pizza
Veggie/meat/cheese wrap
Cold cut sandwich and a cup of soup (from freezer)
Tacos (Taco Bell - free)
5 layer burritos (Taco Bell - free)
Broccoli/cheese/chicken rice and tomatoes 

For some reason I got a burst of energy this week and finally got busy!  Got to get some things marked off my TO-DO list.  So much left to be done.  I still haven't got the garden taken care of - that is next and then it is back to yard work.  As we all know it just continues - grass grows as do all the weeds!!!  UGH!
It is very over whelming at times.

How was your week?  What have you done to stay frugal this week?  Gardens in?
I hope you are all well and safe and that you have a wonderful week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor.  No good thing does the Lord with-hold for those who walk uprightly.  
Oh Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in thee!
Psalms 84:11-12


  1. You certainly had a busy week. Enjoy your spring/summer weather, we're back in the really early spring temps here - just above freezing at night and not much warmer during the days.

    1. I did feel like I accomplished some things this week.
      I am sorry you are still having crumby weather. Warmer is much nicer!
      Have a good week.

  2. Wow, you go girl. I need to do so many things outside and in and all I want today is a nap. Your list makes me feel guilty. But guess what? I am going to take a nap.

    1. I took one too!!! I get energy some days and some days I don't. You are always busy!

  3. Boy it got hot fast! I told my husband today that I am done with summer!

    1. It sure did turn on a dime! Went from highs in 50's to 80's. Crazy. Oh well - it is ALMOST summer!!!!
      I am not going to complain YET!

  4. Have tried to leave an update a couple of times in recent weeks, but Blogger has not cooperated.
    My PT was over April 19, the day after I mowed the lawn for the first time. We agreed that the therapist couldn't do more for me than I was already doing in my normal life. She was surprised that I needed only 6 wks of therapy. I still have a little pain, and numbness in a spot in the palm of the hand, but the hand does everything I need it to do.
    Got the garden in this year. Peas (which are not doing well in this heat), carrots and scallions coming up in buckets, spinach coming up in the raised bed, and zukes, cukes and tomato seedlings were planted in the raised bed this week. I have flower seeds sprouting, too. Now we need some rain!
    Lots of frugality lately. Here are some highlights: At Goodwill bought a brand new, name brand queen-sized microfiber sheet set for $6 (was $60 on the package). Also place mats and tea towels for $1/each. Made a Baltimore oriole orange feeder out of a piece of baling wire I had laying around. Used broken down Amazon boxes to "pave" the paths in my backyard gardens. Got more free food at the mail station. Set out two garbage cans to try to catch rainwater coming off my roof (no gutters). The area floods, so it's worth a try. When it's not raining, I will keep the lids on to keep the mosquitoes out. Made burritos filled with leftovers for lunch a few times. Hanging out laundry. Reading books I already own. Picking up change in the street when I walk down the hill to get the mail.
    Husband's skin biopsy came back positive for squamous cell cancer again, so he is having more scraping and cauterizing on Thursday.
    I am going out as little as I can and am enjoying it. I just don't have the urge to shop and go out. I did spend quite a bit ordering thread online, but it will keep me making Project Linus blankets for at least 3 years. I consider it a charitable contribution.
    Your peonies are lovely! I have been bringing in blooming iris (purple). When they're done, the roses will start blooming, providing more cut flower beauty. I still need to tear out a lot of spiderwort and get some seeds (zinnia, cosmos, marigold, and others) started in the front flower bed. Need rain to soften the heavy clay soil first.
    Hope everyone has a good, frugal week!

    1. So glad your hand/wrist is getting back to normal. That is great. I hope all goes well and easily for your hubs.

      You have been doing great. Maybe that is me too - just done with going out places. I want to nest at home and make things nice here. You have been doing great on being frugal.
      That spiderwort can take over in a minute! I have a bunch blooming right now.
      Roses are starting - so more flowers.
      Love having flowers to cut by season!!! Enjoy them and have fun being a home body as well!!!!!!
      Have a good one

  5. Cheryl, I don't know exactly how to do this, but I'm sure you can find it online (can't you find anything online?). If you pick peonies when they are still in bud and refrigerate them, they will open up when you remove them from fridge. I had a friend whose father used to do this for a big celebration later in the summer. I think they held for about two months! (?)

    1. You know come to think about it - I saw something like that somewhere. I will check it out - because that sure would be neat.
      Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Good morning---

    Next month I would be celebrating 5 years breast-cancer free~but my mammo last week showed "something" ,same side as cancer, and so did the ultrasound. Now I need to have an MRI. I am asking for prayers...nothing else will help. Trying to stay positive. My surgeon has retired. Waiting for the call to schedule the MRI.

    1. You got them! Prayers for remaining cancer free. Hopefully it is just dense tissue or something simple.
      You have my prayers for sure. Please keep us informed.

    2. Praying that next month you will still celebrate 5 years breast cancer free, and that this is nothing more than a cyst or dense tissue.

  7. You are one busy lady! Woohoo on trapping and removing the critters. We have a live animal trap and they sure come in handy. Unfortunately the tiny squirrels probably met with an ill fate.

    Woohoo on repairing your A/C. The air has gone out of the 2000 Buick and I really need to see about getting it charged. The passenger side window is on the fritz or we could just put the windows down. Why don't they make cars with window cranks? So much cheaper. It is outrageously expensive to replace a power window motor.

    I saw a blog post on prolonging cut peonies. She recommended refrigerating them. Here is the link if you are interested. You have a ton of peonies. I bet your backyard is delightful. Ours smelled really good while the lilac blooms were on the bushes. Sadly they don't last long and are gone. Jim O'Brien says it will be hot for a few days. It's supposed to rain on Friday and that is the day that Gary goes to the eye specialist in Carmel. Hate driving up there and hate driving in the rain. You can be sure that I will be praying the whole way. ha!

    Lindy Thaxton will be back on Fox59 on Wednesday. She looks amazing considering what she has been through.

    You are a very resourceful lady! Not only did you get your A/C going, you fixed the weather station.

    Your meals all sound yummy. I have sliced turkey and roast beef that is nearing the use by date and I will bag up servings and freeze it. We may have fresh kale and mustard greens for lunch. I cut some dill and chives to put on Meijer potato salad and it was delicious. The green beans are up but the peas are struggling. These 80 degree days won't help.

    Will add prayer for the ladies who have expressed medical concerns. I always enjoy the Scripture you add to your posts.

    Let me know if you ever decide to open an Instagram account. That is the extent of my social media. I guess Pinterest doesn't count as social media.

    1. Well, one baby is still here! It is hanging out and Momma watches over it. 2nd baby is gone.
      Live traps are pretty neat - just taking them somewhere is the main part!
      Things on the Blazer are getting old (it is almost 20) and need to be replaced and fixed. Put stuff off too long.
      Neighbor working on it today as a matter of fact.

      It is hot for sure. Ran to my brothers to get my tiller back this AM as I planned on tilling when I got home - that sun is a bit too warm. Maybe this evening!!

      I hope you can get to the eye doctor without much rain. I will NOT drive up there!!!! Nothing I need bad enough! LOL

      Hope the garden starts doing well - maybe the rain and then a little cooler weather will help.

  8. What a busy (and frugal) week you had. I ended up spending a lot, but also saved a ton, too, through negotiation and referral.

    My late husband and I were avid boaters for 25+ years. Following his passing, I've kept and enjoyed our boat. It's fairly large, and we moor in a harbor on Lake Michigan. It may seem an extravagance, but it was our "camping" only on water. And, since his passing, it's kept me sane. Our social life was with people from the dock, and they have helped me navigate his loss. I did not launch last year, due to COVID and a need to avoid the complicated political landscape. When I removed the shrinkwrap a couple of weeks ago, I'd had mice get in at some point since going into dry dock in late Sept. 2019. There were droppings everywhere; they'd chewed up a partial roll of paper towels and the remaining TP that was left in a compartment. It doesn't appear that they got into anything else. But, mice creep me out. I can tolerate spiders and other creepy crawlies, but mice? Ugh!

    I ended up hiring a company to clean and sanitize everything. Yes, the cleaning was costly. But, I found a newly-formed company, established to provide training and work skills to individuals in need, and it's based in a community where jobs are scarce. The company is unique in that they are offering cleaning services for homes, cottages, and boats -- a diverse set of properties in the communities that this company will serve (and in which the owner of the company is involved -- she and her husband each own several businesses and have a boat and rental cottages, as well as their own home). Because the owner was interested in getting feedback on how her crew was doing in a "marine" setting vs. home/household cleaning, she cut me a deal. And, I gave her plenty of feedback (and her crew came back and re-did some areas that they'd missed / didn't complete, due to a miscommunication). Plus, she had her team wash the topsides a second time, without any charge. So, when I arrived on Saturday, everything was clean and ready to go, and I saved probably 25% off her regular fees. (Just a note, I do NOT have a house cleaner, never have. And, I've always cleaned the boat, interior and exterior, on my own. This was a one-time thing, due to the mice.)

    Also, over the two winters, a couple of the clear eisenglass windows on my canvas had become brittle and cracked. I knew they were getting bad and would need to be replaced, but all of the local canvas repair companies are so backed up that they can pretty much name their price. I mentioned that I needed to find someone, and was directed to talk to a mutual friend, 'cuz "he's got a guy." I reached out, connected, explained what was needed, my friend got a quote from his "guy" and a commitment to do the job. It was turned around in 24 hours, at about 25% of what the commercial canvas shops were wanting, for a "cash" deal. I've also asked him to take care of two other small canvas jobs and will be referring him to a couple of other people on our dock.

    So, while I spent, I do feel that I saved a bundle. And, I got a chance to spend the weekend with my daughter. She joined me at the dock to tackle a waterproofing project, and pushed me so that we could get all pieces waterproofed and that job off checked off my list. It was great to be outdoors, spending time with her, and seeing my dock mates, whom I've missed for the past 18 months.

    Offering prayers for those who have commented who are in need. God it good!

    1. WOW you did save! I am glad you found a newer business and had them do it - it sure helps local economies when we do that. It is always nice to know a friend of a friend!!!!! Great that they all did such a good job and in a timely fashion.
      Glad that none of your wiring got chewed by the mice.
      I don't blame you - sometimes it just pays to bite the bullet and have someone else do a project. I have done the same.

      Glad you got time with family and friends - I am sure that was wonderful for you.