Sunday, May 2, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 5/2

 My oh my it is May!!!!  Hard to believe. Haven't done anything in the gardening way as of yet - will wait a couple weeks.  By then temps should be stable.
Weather wise it was decent this week.  We did have lots of wind and one pretty darn chilly morning (and frost).  It looks like this coming week will be pretty soggy and just average temps.

The other day I walked into the bedroom and looked out back - and what did I see?  I wasn't sure at first - then I got the binoculars out to see up close.  OH MY!  What a beautiful bird at the feeder.  My first time that I have ever seen one in my yard in 34 years.  Maybe they have been here, but God never graced my with seeing it.  What a beauty.
                                              Rose breasted Grosbeak - not my picture

I have a new gr. gr. niece!  Yes, she was brought into this world a few weeks early - but she is beautiful and perfect.  Layla Grace!  

My week:
  • My neighbor changed out the idler pulley bearing and belt on the Blazer - the whining noise is all gone!!  I didn't ask - he volunteered to do it.  He gets bored a lot and looks for things to do.  Nice for me!  He plans on doing a couple other things on the list
  • I went to a small wedding.  Glen's only nephew got married on Sunday.  He lost his Mom (G's sis) 3 months to the day of Glen's passing - so he and I have kind of bonded.  It was a very small and simple affair - but it was so them!!!!!  It was lovely.  It was held at a barn type facility at a horse farm - such a lovely place.  I wasn't sure what reception would be like - so I didn't eat.  It was cake - and a wonderful cake!!  (OOPS I did stop and got fast food on the way home - yes I did!!)
  • I went to the cemetery after leaving the wedding.  Glen, Mom & Dad, Brother & SIL are all there.  I had flowers with me to decorate.
  • Mowed and trimmed entire yard
  • Worked on cleaning out fence/drive space (it's about 4" - length of drive).  Cut back ornamental grass, trimmed bushes - there is sooooo much to do
  • My neighbor kitty corner across the street called to see if I wanted a red metal chair - she was going to give to goodwill and thought maybe I would like it - because she knows me and colors!  Yep, I took it.  Right now it is on the deck, outside the greenhouse (so I can sit and visit kitties) - but it may change.
  • I went to Kroger and did a good stock-up.  I replenished and added to canned meats, instant potatoes (just in case), cat food (they had on the shelves this week), fresh veggies and fruit and some frozen veggies.  The store stock was great - all shelves were pretty full.  I keep hearing on places with no milk - the dairy section at Kroger was full!
  • I filled all the feed bins with stock on hand.
  • Vacuum, dust, general cleaning.  Laundry, using what I have, scratch cooking, just all the normal stuff.
  • Watched some You Tube that was different.  Watched a few vlogs of Frugal Queen in France .  Love the accent - she is working at it just like us.  Saw videos on very expensive and terribly small living spaces in NYC.  They call them apartments - nope - they are boarding rooms IMO.  Share all bathroom facilities with many others and have 100 sq. ft. space.  NOPE that isn't an apartment.  Also watched about Monster buildings in Hong Kong.  Oh my - they just made me shiver.  Tiny spaces in huge buildings.  I kept thinking what happens if the elevator stops or there is a fire.  Oh shiver!!!  It sure is interesting how other people live.
  • Made a list for Aldi and Dollar Tree - hope to go to these places soon.  Been a while on both
  • No heat or AC this week and much fresh air

Meals this past week:

Big Mac - yes indeed!!!!  It was so good - haven't had one in ages
2 veggie and cheese sandwiches (used hamburger buns)
Tuna salad sandwich and chips
Burger, salad and chips
Fish soft tacos
BLT and a side salad
Mex. veggie topped rice - rice topped w/spicy beans & corn, cheese and ranch

Rice topped with veggies and cheese - no meat.  Tasty!!  Will use leftovers in a burrito with other stuff!

What is going on in your neck of the woods?  Are you getting decent weather?  Staying frugal?  Any good deals or finds?
Look forward to hearing from you all.

May you all have a great week and stay safe and healthy.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of the present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of the wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:11-12


  1. We have the Rose breasted Grosbeak every year. I saw this week they were back. I love seeing them and they love the bird seed. Sounds like you had a lovely week.

    1. They sure are beautiful. I loved seeing it.
      It was a nice slow paced week.

  2. What a beautiful Grosbeakat your feeder, Cheryl. Congratulations on your new gr. gr. niece. I've watched some of Frugal Queen in France YouTube videos too. She does have a neat accent.

    1. Thanks - that isn't my picture - but it looks just like it.
      Thank you - just a perfect little princess!!! She is tiny.
      I love accents - they always make me smile

  3. How wonderful to have a new baby and a lovely wedding all in one week. Sometimes nothing but some fast food will do! We packed coffee and juice and picked up some sausage biscuits for a breakfast picnic yesterday and they were delicious.

    Our tomatoes and green beans are planted. We are supposed to have rain a good bit of the week so they will be happily settling in.

    It's nice to see unusual birds in the yard. Blue birds were rare here ten years ago and now we see them quite often. I have wondered why.

    1. I haven't had fast food in ages and boy that sandwich was yummy!
      Good for you on planting already.
      It used to be unusual to see red winged black birds here - now common. I wonder if they are migrating different. I have blue jays all over the place but never a blue bird. It sure was fun to see.

  4. I love your bird picture. The bird song was wonderful on my walk this afternoon. The swan is sitting on eggs. Glad you got to the wedding and saw family.

    1. Thanks - oh that sounds like such a pleasant walk!!
      I was the only one from his Mom's side (and I'm an in-law). I guess they kept the list short for health/safety reasons.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful week! Sometimes you just can’t beat a Big Mac! Glad you enjoyed.

    1. It really was a nice week - not too much - not too little.

  6. Congratulations on your new family members -- the new baby and the bride. Such happiness and celebration around those events! And that you were able to attend is such a blessing!

    I love seeing the different birds and love when I see something new. I've not seen any grosbeaks; will need to keep an eye out. This past week, I spotted some beautiful and bright yellow goldfinches in one of our trees, and our sandhill cranes have stopped here, before continuing their journey. They usually feed in the pond across the street for a couple of weeks. I've recently seen a couple of cardinals, but not as many as in the past. I hope they're just taking their time on their migration home. I love to hear their song, and find comfort when they're around.

    My girlfriend came over on Tuesday and brought some plants for my front garden that she'd separated from the overgrowth in her garden. We got them into the ground and watered, followed by a light overnight rain. I'm hoping Mother Nature helps out in the coming days because the Association hasn't turned on the sprinklers yet and there's no spigot out front. Today, I planted some pea and pickle cucumber seeds, and I also added some tomato starts. I need to pick up a couple more pots for peppers and carrots. I'll also be planting my deck rail planters soon -- with herbs and lettuces on one side, along with some flowers on the other side (have done petunias and pink geraniums in the past; debating what to plant this year).

    My deal of the day? When picking out my trays of herbs and veggies, they had one remaining cell pack of an "assorted lettuce blend" and it was missing one cell and a second cell had broken off at the soil (roots intact). I asked if they'd adjust the price, since it was an incomplete pack and had some damaged stems. Red sicker, 50 cents!!!

    This week's agenda includes sanding and staining my deck furniture, and then getting it arranged with the cushions, getting my planting done, and working more on my office -- lots of old paperwork to shred! Need to get up to my mother's on Saturday to help siblings with getting her new shed installed. I also have a boat that needs my attention -- has been under cover for 18 months, due to COVID last summer -- and we had mice. May involve the insurance, if they got into any wiring. Have someone checking that out this week.

    So much to do in so little time!!!!! But, it is getting warmer, and for that, I'm thankful. Have a great week!

    1. I just love watching all the birds - they are so pretty.
      How nice your friend brought plants! Fun deal on the lettuce tray!!
      You sound like you have a busy week. I hope all is OK with the boat and no damage to wiring. Don't over do it.
      Yes, I love that it is getting warmer for the most part.

  7. So nice to have a neighbor who's bored. And you coincidentally with a list. LOL Congrats to the newlyweds. Sorry you didn't get fed at the wedding, but is there nothing better than wedding cake? Hubby and I had a Big Mac and fries for dinner. I've been craving one and there is no substitution for a Big Mac. Sometimes you just need one. It was so good. Getting ready for some rain in our neck of the woods. We need it! Have a good week. Stay safe!

    1. Yep - things seem to work out! Glad he is mechanical.
      Oh I wasn't worried about not getting fed - they were being frugal with the wedding and we know I understand that!!!
      The cake was delish - it is amazing how wedding cake always tastes different than regular cake!!!

      Yes, sometimes we have to splurge a little on a tasty treat. We already have rain today and more tonight and tomorrow.
      Have a good week.

  8. Congrats on the birth of the newest family member. Small, initimate weddings are definitely more fun and less stressful for the couple as they can spend time with those they love.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you - babies what precious gifts.
      Yep, the kids seem to really enjoy the wedding and the people.
      Have a good one.

  9. You have had a busy week! We could have done without the frost and this week looks like some cooler temps, but it is only the first of May. Congratulations on the new family member! Boy, I understand the expenses of a wedding. Years ago, weddings were simpler with cake and punch only at the reception.

    Sometimes you just gotta have a Big Mac! My youngest daughter is a manager with the McDonald's in Brownsburg. She usually fixes her meals with what is in the store but not on the menu. One of the perks of working there. BTW, have you heard that the Steak N Shake restaurants will not reopen for dining room seating? It will be drive-thru or a customer can use a kiosk in the restaurant. We are disappointed as we enjoyed going there from time to time, sitting down and enjoying our meal. They make the best baked beans. We used to go to White Castle but they aren't so cheap any more. I remember when they were like 10 cents apiece. Years ago, the Urban Farmer bought a bag of them, put them under his coat and went to watch a movie at a theater. Of course when he opened his coat and brought out the sack, everyone in the place smelled them! He used to be able to eat a dozen at a time. I have also watched him eat a dozen Taco Bell tacos, back when they added lettuce and tomato to them.

    The bird is beautiful. We have had several cardinal couples at our feeders. We like the finches but they like thistle seeds which we won't buy. We have enough thistles in the garden as it is! Speaking of weeds, we are overrun with wild mustard. If it dries up this afternoon (like Jim said it would) I need to tackle the dastardly things again. Funny story: the compost bins that the Urban Farmer built several years ago finally rotted and he moved all the compost (like gold for the garden!) to another location. He decided that it would be a good place for a couple of tomato plants. Come to find out, there had been bags of rocks that had been covered over by dirt. Since we had never planted anything there before, we had no clue that they were there. Neither one of us can remember putting the bags there so it may have been the former owner. The plastic bags were still intact and I was able to use a hatchet to chop through the plastic and dig out enough rocks to dig hole for the plants. What a surprise to discover the rocks. I'm still sore from whacking and digging! Getting too old for some of the strenuous gardening.

    Wonderful that your neighbor fixed the squeaky bit! Good thing he gets bored.

    I want to check out the Frugal Queen in France. Sounds interesting.

    1. My ex and I had cake and mints and punch. Glen and I just had a little get together at my brothers and he had a cake. No need for all that expense.

      Steak & Shake kind of made their own demise. Too many changes over the years. Mmmm White Castle - I love them, but they don't like me at all.

      Cool on finding the rocks - win-win.
      LOL - yep good thing he gets bored!

  10. Congrats on the new baby - always a joy! How nice to be able to go to a wedding too - we are still so severely restricted - 10 people only and that has to include the minister - and no receptions!

    Weather has been very up and down here but Saturday my bubble friend and I were able to drive down to the lake where there is a bird sanctuary and walk for about an hour. I was glad that I wore my parka as it was barely above freezing and the wind off the lake was icy. We saw a Kingfisher! First one I've ever seen. We also saw two goslings that were being closely watched by mom and dad. There were 3 cormorants perched right at the top of a very high tree and everyone said how odd it was - they usually stay down at water level - it was actually kind of spooky.

    I used up a lot of pre-cooked items from the freezer last week - ground beef, sliced ham, chicken thighs and then some fish one night. Sunday I cooked a small roast so that did for leftovers today and some for the freezer.

    Have a good week.

    1. What a fun little trip that was. It sounds like seeing new birds was a thing this past week. Oh how nice to see those birds. I have never seen any of those in real life. That would be neat.
      Good for you for using up all those precooked items and it sure makes life easier when we have them.
      Have a good week. Stay warm!

  11. Meant to also say - I too watch Frugal Queen in France - she has a blog as well as the Youtube channel. I've actually followed her for years from when they lived in Cornwall.
    I find tiny apt. so interesting but some of those NYC ones are insane - I'm not sharing a bathroom with anyone!
    Some of the Korean and Japanese ones are really interesting. Oh and if you search for Oldest Mall in America micro acts. there is an excellent video about a conversion that is really quite ingenious!

    1. Oh thanks for ideas on new things to watch. I didn't realize she had a blog - will have to find that.
      I don't mind tiny homes - but I am with you - no bathroom sharing with strangers. Some of those can't really be called apartments - they are rooms for rent! I can't imagine wanting to be in an area that badly.

  12. I so would love to see a rose-breasted grosbeak. I seen a blue grosbeak day before yesterday but could not get a good photo.