Sunday, April 30, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/30

 Happy Sunday to all!  Last day of the month of April - my time flies.  Tomorrow is another new beginning!  Another chance to start again, get things right, and just enjoy.  Please DO enjoy - life is short and it is all so important.
Hope you are all well - missing some of our regulars!  Check in please.

We were all over again with the weather this week.  It has been chilly for much of it - but we did have some nice days too.  We had warm, rain, wind, more rain, frost, chilly days .........  Looks to be a chilly and damp beginning to May here.  One of these days it will warm up and then we will all be complaining about heat!!!!!

I told you all that I was going out to lunch this past week with old friends.  Well, these were gals I started first grade with 62 years ago!!!!!!!!  Even had a teacher show up!  She had to be close to 90 (or over) but was still sharp as a tack and driving.  What a fun day talking about old crushes and crazy things that we did back then.  Oh, it compares NOT ONE BIT to things kids do today - just simple fun. (Like climbing in the hollow tree and lying down on the merry-go-round, melting crayons on the radiators).  LOL

My week:
  • Feed store - got some squirrel corn.  I also got some tomato plants while there.  I have been taking them in and out till time to plant.  I grow so few - just figured I would buy.  I got 8 regular plants and 4 grape tomatoes.
  • Stopped at super Kroger by feed store.  Got a gift for my niece's birthday party today (she's 2).  Bought fruit and veggies.  I also got a deal on sausage and ham slices.  Found apples, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, baby carrots and broccoli in the .99 bin!!!!!!  WOOHOO
.75 lb. sausage!!!!  Deli-like ham for 2.15 pack.  Plus I now have 2 new storage containers I can use.
  • Lunch out - rejuvenated my soul!
  • Mowed, trimmed, pulled, and yanked
  • Worked in the garage a little - cleaning and organizing
  • Drew up some simple plans to take to my nieces today - for a quote to have front (ramp area) redone and landscaped.  I decided I will pay my families' business to do it - this old gal just doesn't want to!!!
  • Paid everything I had - including property taxes for the year on both house and property I have.  Also paid for 50th school reunion reservation for this fall.
  • Filled my gas tank while out - got a .60/gal. discount using last month's points.
  • Talked with several neighbors this week and got to talk to out of town family
  • Refilled all soap containers with mix - cleaned the bottles and there was enough soap on the shampoo bottle top itself for one wash and had enough residue on dish soap for a sink of dishes!  Waste not!
  • Just doing all the normal stuff
Meals this week:
Long grain/wild rice, meatballs/gravy and salad
Veggie soup (freezer) - added leftover rice
Leftover goulash and a salad
Out to eat - Mexican
Poor man Swiss steak and mashed potatoes
Big salad and ham sandwich
SNACKS - fruit

So how was your week?  I sure hope you found a deal or two and had some good things happen.  
I love how you all feel safe sharing your lives here.  This is such a kind group of folks and so caring.  I love how each one reaches out and offers advice, love and prayer for others.  I am thankful to have found you all - or that you found me!
Give us a shout out and let us know what is happening in your area and home.

Prayers you all have a wonderful week - safe and healthy.  
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in Him my heart trusts; so I am helped, and my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to Him.
Psalms 28:7

Lord, I give my worries to you.  I know you will keep us in Your loving and protective hands, and that Your will be done.  We often forget Your will - may not be ours.  Help us to make the most of each day and help us each prepare for eternity with You.  Asking for peace and safety for all.  Amen

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Let's Talk

 Today is one of those rare days that I am going to be very busy!  I have more lunch plans with old friends - eeekkkk - I am becoming a social butterfly!  LOL - LOL!!!!!!  Twice in one month!
I do joke about the social butterfly - but at least I am finally doing some things with others. 
So today will be another talk day!

Everyone seemed to enjoy that - we did it once before.

So tell us what is on your mind.  
You need to complain - feel free.
You need to share something - feel free.
You sad - maybe we can offer a helping word.
You have happy & good news - share it.

I love that we can talk about anything, and someone always has a kind word to offer.
So, sound off and chat.  I will check in before I leave and then once I am home.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

My Head is Thinking Garden!!!!!

 Yes, my head is thinking about it - SO MUCH!  Still really soon here - as we are still having frosty morns!  I am ready to get out and plant.  I love walking out to the yard and getting 'grow-ceries'!!!!  There is nothing that tastes better to me than a fresh tomato!!!!!!!!!!  My mouth drools just thinking about it.

I know some have started planting - others will be planting after I can.  Just depends on where you live.  Here are a few guides that might help.  WHERE you plant can make a difference.  Some plants just don't get 'along' (kind of like people) - and shouldn't be next to each other.

These come from The Old Farmer's Almanac - for reference.

Also remember, even if you have no yard or live in a place that says no gardening (shame on them) - you can still plant something.
Anything can be used as a planter - it doesn't have to go in the ground and be permanent.  You can use your door stoop - your patio - your veranda - in some cases, even a windowsill!  Herbs grow lovely in a windowsill.
Just try and grow something!  It will taste better and it will save on the grocery budget.

Things to remember for containers:
Make sure it has good drainage!  Holes in the bottom and maybe rocks or gravel in the bottom (I have even used crush cans at the bottom of a pot).
A pot that gives them room to grow and develop roots
Good soil
Feed the plants - since they have limited soil to leach minerals from
Good light
Keep them watered
Make sure they like the plant next to them!!!!!

YES - it will be time sometime SOON!!!!!!  Get your thoughts and plans together.
I hope each of your grow something.  Not only is it tasty and healthy - it is FUN!  We all need a little fun in life.
Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Minimalism - Not What You are Thinking!!!

 Minimalism is about living with less.  Well, we all tend to think of our homes and our things when we think of this word.  It can be so much more!  We need to have minimalism in our thoughts and ways as well!!! We sure do.  Our minds and lives are so cluttered, that it is often difficult to have a mindful thought.  This is something we all need to work on.
This part of minimalism has nothing to do with money!

Eat well - food can be our friend in so many ways
No junk food - it does NO good for anyone
Turn things off - unplug!!!!!!  Stop listening and watching the negative
Enjoy the moment - it may be all you get - make it happy and good
Do a nice thing for someone else each day
Live in the present - not the past.  You can't change the past - but you can possibly change today!

Less IS often BETTER!
Learn to say no - be picky of what you choose in your day
Spend each day with the BEST choice
You don't have to cave in to everyone - be mindful
Give yourself QUALITY time - you deserve it!

True - Necessary - Kind -- These three things are important.  Ask yourself these 3 things about whatever you hear, speak, or do.  IF you answer NO to any of them - then stop and don't speak or do them.
If it isn't true or isn't necessary or isn't kind - it has NO place in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take time to slow down and ponder things and think before acting or speaking.  So many speak harsh words to others these days and think it is OK.  IT IS NOT!  I don't care why you think it is ok - one bad experience does not deserve another.  Be bigger than that.  Do not spread the venom!!!!!!
You can reduce your stress, just by being more mindful.
Stop the negative and give your mind and body more internal space for PEACE and HAPPINESS and JOY.

Stuff happens - many times we cannot stop it.  It isn't always good, it isn't always kind - but it is an experience that helps you grow in some way.
So embrace it - go forward and grow from it.  Be better than you were yesterday and show someone else a gentler way to think and live.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 4/23

 Happy Sunday to all - here we are with a week to go in April and the weather is still iffy many places.  We had some pretty darn wonderful weather this week - one day in 80's - and now we are back to freeze/frost warning for tonight!  Geesh - what a roller coaster.  I guess it could be worse here - as 2 years ago we had snow on the same date that we had 80's this week!
The weather is going to do its thing and nothing we can do.  I had actually read in March that it was predicted to be a very cool April.

My blue jays must be mating or courting.  They are singing some very new songs!  And as they sing, they appear to be 'dancing' to the beat of the song.  It is so cool to watch.  They sing and bounce - all behavior I have not noticed before.  This morning while feeding Blackie, I heard this incredible song - and came out of the greenhouse to see a jay - just singing away.  Usually, they just yell at me to put out peanuts!!!!  Pretty cool.

Today is 4 years since the day my sweetheart went to his heavenly home.  I say this not to get sympathy (I am ok), but to honor this wonderful man and keep his memory forever alive.  He is healthy and can walk, is with so many family and friends, and he is with the Lord - so I am happy for him.
I do miss Glen daily, but I had the blessing of spending over half of my life with this big old bear!  Yep, many thought he was a burly bear - but he was actually a teddy bear.  He was such a kind and caring man.  Opinionated to the max - but kind.  I loved all of it!!!!!
I love and miss him all the time.
Just remember, when you lose someone, if you keep them in your heart and in your conversation - their memory is always alive.  They are always with you - and that is wonderful!

This week:
Not too many different lines to this week - it seems much of the same over and over!!!
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard
  • Pulled weeds and dug and moved stuff
  • Yardwork!!!!!!!!!!!!  Galore (on the warm and dry days)
  • Got another sheet of address labels from the insurance company
  • Stayed out of the stores this week
  • Using what I have and cooking from that
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do!
  • No heat for most of week - aired house.  Even though it got in the 80's one day - no AC
Meals this past week:
Beef/rice/cheese burritos
Leftover beef and rice and asparagus
Sausage/egg/cheese bagel (found bagels in freezer), side salad
Bologna and tomato sandwich (yum) and chips
Cheese/beef/bean nachos
Baked potato with leftover beef/beans
Cheesy mac with corned beef chunks (freezer) and salad

How was your week?  I know many got some dreadful snowfall again this week - soon, yes soon!!!!!!  Did you all save any money this week or get any great deals?  Are getting that garden in yet?  Geesh, that is one thing I have really not even thought about.  Guess I best be making a plan.

I pray for each of you, and hope this finds you all well, and safe.  May you have a wonderful week ahead.
Blessing to you and yours from me and my humble little home.

But the Lord is faithful; He will strengthen you and guard you from evil.
2 Thessalonians 3:3
May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.
2 Thessalonians 3:5

Lord, we thank you for continued and unending love.  No matter what this world brings forth to our lives, we know we have You with us each day.  That is comfort at its best.  Please continue to protect and heal all that are in need.  We thank You for all our many blessings, both large and small.  AMEN

Thursday, April 20, 2023

It Isn't Just One Day

 Good morning to all.  I know every year I do a post about Earth Day - but this big old planet is all we got!  I kind of love it and want to take care of it.  IF we all just do a few little things it could help a lot!
Saturday, the 22nd is officially Earth Day.  
I truly don't know why we only bring this to light once a year!  BUT, at least on that one day - it does bring it to the forefront of attention.  It should be a natural thing we do and think about every day!!!!!!

There is not one day a year - literally - that I do not commune with my God at least twice a day in the great outdoors.  Every single morning and evening - I make a conscious effort to pray in the outdoors.  Somehow it just seems natural to be with nature and talk with the creator.

No one person has to do a lot.  A whole lot of simple things can be helpful.  So as this annually celebrated day comes around - please do SOMETHING.

Plant a little something
Take a walk in and pick up some trash
Do not add chemicals to the air/land/or waters
Shop local when possible
Use less fuel and drive a little less
Enjoy as much fresh air as possible
Use natural products for cleaning

Those maple tree twirlies!  UGH - they make such a mess - but hey, even the squirrels know how to recycle and use what the land offers.  They love the little bean part of these!  They are giving it their all to eat as many as possible!!!!!  They are eating little corn - as they have these for their diet now.  It is amazing that even nature knows how to glean and use what nature provides.

A little encouragement for those still getting snow!  It is coming soon.  Spring will be there soon.
Even these plants add oxygen to the air, they provide nourishment for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  It is all beneficial.
The peonies are getting tall and starting to set some bloom buds.  As much as I do not like insects - even they need to eat, and they do provide benefits to the earth.  The ants get nourishment from this plant - all natural.  The butterflies and bees love the flowers as well.

All 'natural' and no filters!!!!  EEK!!  After many hours working in the beautiful sun and weather.  Not very attractive - just me!!!!  68 and this is my first ever 'selfie'!!!!!!!  LOL
Even a hard day's work is a good natural element for a great night's sleep!  I slept like a baby last night.

I just encourage each person to do a little something.  It all counts and helps.

This beautiful planet is really something.  I have been watching some documentaries of late about different parts of the world and the eco systems they have.  It is absolutely amazing.  I have watched about the rain forest, the underground, the rivers, even the people who live within nature and try to avoid modern technology.  
This planet is all we have - we need to take care of it.  

Have a wonderful day - enjoy your life.  Do what you can and make a difference.
Life is grand and our earth is a wonderful display of God's work.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Food Fun Ideas

 I haven't done many recipes or foody ideas of late.  Today I have a couple things to share.  One is a chart and the other a recipe.  summer will soon be upon us here in north American, and it will be getting hot. (It will - promise!!!)  I know even with AC, I hate to heat up the oven when I don't have to.  I no longer have an outdoor grill (just my G Foreman) - so I will probably use the air fryer more.  Yep, I got it brand new a few years back at a yard sale (probably one of the last I went to) for $10.  It is cumbersome and needs storing most of the time, but it is also handy to have.  It does a good job.  I am going to list a convenient chart on times for various items in the air fryer.  

Click on the picture to enlarge for better reading! 
I have basically only used for fish and chicken so far - but it will be fun to experiment.

OK, I LOVE taco sauce!!!!!  I use it on all Mexican type foods and sometimes on other things.  I love the combination of flavors of refried beans, cheese and taco sauce.  I have made my own for a long time (as well as enchilada sauce), but recently ran out and had to buy some.  Ortega sauce is very similar in taste to the homemade.
Picture provided so everyone knows what I am talking about.

Click on picture to enlarge
This is easy and oh so tasty.  The closest I have found to Ortega.  I get my tomato paste at Aldi - as it is pretty cheap there - but it is a fairly inexpensive ingredients, no matter where you buy.  I use store bought hot sauce - just a little bit.  This is the recipe I have used for a long time.
It sure does taste good, and it makes enough to keep me well supplied, or to give as gifts!
Think a jar of taco sauce, homemade taco seasoning and maybe some homemade tortillas as a gift!!!!!

Last time I was at the store, I saw a new (to me) item.  We have all seen pie crusts that you can buy.  2 rolls of crust in a package.  Well, I saw mini crusts!  There were still two rolls in the pack (same size box) - but there were 2 sheets on mini crusts - 7 on each sheet.  So, 14 mini crusts for things like tarts - at your convenience!  The price wasn't much different.
Pretty nifty!

Zucchini bread and muffins - we have all made it.  It is always sweet!  Well, I have come across a hearty/savory recipe.  YUM.  I think this will be great with any meal.  Definitely going to be on my menu this year.  It is almost zucchini time - so it is wonderful to have new recipes.

Again, click on pic to enlarge for better reading.

Hope you all enjoy these ideas.  It is a beautiful day awakening here - so I will be busy with outdoor activities today.  I hope you all have a great day and ENJOY the recipes!
Blessings to all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

A Sticky Question!

 Good morning.  Recently I saw a post on a FB page I belonged to, that I thought was kind of interesting.  It asked a question about something that many of us get.  Address labels!
I get them often - from places that I have never even donated to.  I do use the - as I am a snail mail kind of gal.

The question is - what does everyone do with them?
There are several uses in my book.  I will list a few ideas - then ask if anyone has any other fun uses.

  • Of course, there is mailing labels - both return address and self-addressed return envelopes
  • Books I am lending out - so the person remembers where they got it.  NOW I have a little journal area where I keep that person's name and the name of the book - so I remember who has it.  Also, good to place on tools, DVD's, etc. that might get loaned out
  • Filling out some forms
  • Raffle tickets for any type of drawing
  • Place one on your phone (for I.D. in case it is lost)
  • Place on food containers for school/work lunches
  • Put on the bottom or side of containers taken to pitch-ins (even utensils)
  • Hide somewhere on household items (that isn't easily seen) for I.D. if items might be stolen - Think computers, TV's, electronics, cameras, anything of value 
  • Cut off the pictures and let the kiddos use as stickers
  • Maybe on home canned goods - so they know where the jars are to be returned!!!
Not only do I get address labels, I also get stick-on gift tags and cute stickers.  I use them all on gifts for the kiddos - to jazz up the packaging.  Many times, I use simple tissue paper or even the comics from the newspaper to wrap gifts in (as it just gets torn up), and these cute stickers add a pop of color.

What do you do with the labels you receive?  They are not recyclable because of the sticky stuff.  So new uses need to be found.  I guess many just throw them out - but there surely has to be some other fun uses for them.
What do you do with them?  Any fun and inventive ideas?

Have a good day!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/16

 Happy Sunday!!!!  Midway through the month - goodness sakes!  Time sure is flying.
We have had the most beautiful week here.  NO heat or AC was needed at all this week - a nice reprieve!  It is supposed to rain a little today and they are even mentioning flurries in the morning!!  My goodness. the difference a few hours can make.  Our return to cool, won't last long - we get back to warmer days later this week.
My allergies were absolutely crazy early in the week - taking all kinds of allergy meds to no avail.  THEN, after a suggestion (thank you) - I started taking local honey and bee pollen - no meds after 1 day!  Feeling so much better, even though the pollen counts are extremely high.  

The perennial bed is coming to life!!!!  So many types of lilies growing, phlox, poppies, you name it!
The redbud across the street finally popped out a day ago - it is gorgeous!
Love seeing the world wake up!

My week:
  • Trimmed hair and did a root touch up
  • Went to lunch with a group of old chums from high school (50 years out!)
  • Froze 2 beautiful cups of ham broth for later use as well as slices of ham
  • NO heat or AC - airing house
  • BIG vacuum, dustmop, and washing all throw rugs
  • Mowed the entire yard and trimmed
  • Yard work galore!!! Pulling weeds, working on containers for gardening, cut all the old wood out of the reg. roses and climbers (lots of dead this spring).
  • Got the rain barrels out and set up
  • Changed out the cushions on the front glider - I got them last fall at discount
  • Had a computer glitch - finally figured it out after a couple hours (yay me!)
  • Cleaned the stove top completely
  • Put all the cooler bedding on the bed - winter items put away
  • I did run to Kroger - I got 8 lbs. of 80% ground beef for 2.59/lb. (with my coupons), fresh fruit, and more echinacea & Vit. C (B1G1) - went on Friday, so I got 4X points for next gas fill-up
Meals this past week:
Ham, green beans, salad
Pasta salad - using ham and fresh veggies
Out to eat with friends (loaded potato skins - YUM)
Tamales over rice
Taco salad
Cheeseburger and fruit
Salad and chicken strips

Taco salad topped with fried chickpeas - yes there is taco meat under all those veggies!!!

So how was your week?  Did you get any yard/garden work done?  Any really good deals?  Any new ways of making do?  Love hearing from everyone and learning from you all.  I just love this group and all the knowledge everyone has!!!!

I hope you are all safe, healthy and happy.  Wishing you each a wonderful week.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Thou art my hiding place and my shield; I hope in thy word.
Psalms 119:114

Lord, thank You for this new day and the promise of eternal life.  I know with You all is possible, and I need to just be patient and follow Your will and word.  Thank You for all the beauty that spring offers and the hope it gives us to brighter days and a growing earth.  AMEN

Thursday, April 13, 2023

FREE garden from Scraps

 Happy Thursday all.  Today we talk about the chance of having a small garden for basically free.  Using scraps from the kitchen.

I have done many of these ideas and had success.  Some better than others.  But heck, if you are planning on throwing something away - why not try and plant it and get a little more use from it!!?

Greens Onions - many people eat only the green leafy tops and re-grow the white bulb (onion) part.  I have never truly understood that, except maybe in the winter.  I have always eaten the entire green onion!  I was blown away the first time I realized people didn't.  Anyway, I buy onion sets and plant them for my green onions.  I buy plenty and keep them in a paper bag in the frig and I can replace and replenish all summer long.
I find I can buy a bunch of these much cheaper than buying onions at the store.  YES, you can buy bunches of green onions at the store, Eat the green and plant the bulb or set in water to grow.  I sometimes let my onion sets stay in the ground until fall (not pulling) and then I get tennis ball size onions.

Romaine Lettuce - or even buttercrunch or any leafy lettuces - I buy romaine at the store and I cut the end off - the part that was by the ground.  I then use that and set in water until it roots and then plant.  I do get additional leaves of lettuce.  I have done this many times.
Just cut your lettuce - don't pull it out.  You will continue to get new leaves until it gets to hot and bolts. 

Sweet Potato - you can actually start those on water.  Place part in a glass of water (glass or toothpicks holding it off the bottom).  Let it start to sprout and leaf out - then you can plant.  They can actually be planted in the garden.  I have used regular eating sweet potatoes to start lovely plants and then planted.  I actually got several sweet potatoes by fall.

Cabbage - when harvesting, do not pull the plant out of the ground.  Cut the cabbage off the plant - smaller new heads will form.  I have always gotten at least 4 small heads on each plant after the main harvest.  They are small - but still good!
Same with broccoli.

Carrots, beets, turnips, and root crops - NO it will not grow new root vegetable, but the greens will keep growing and producing and they are very good for you as well.  They can be eaten or used in smoothies and drinks.  I love radish and beets greens cooked up!  Turnip greens as well.

Herbs - most herbs can be cut and rooted in water for additional plants.  Great way to have starts that you can have in the house all winter.

Potatoes - many people buy seed potatoes which have been treated for planting outdoors.  I have used my 'eating' potatoes that have sprouted.  I cut them into sections, making sure there is a sprout and a good piece of potato on each section - then place them on paper and allow to 'dry' for 2-3 days.  Plant sprout upward.  Follow all the rules of planting potatoes - covering as they grow green shoots for a while.  I did this a couple years ago for the first time and got several nice potatoes.

Celery - I do the same thing as with Romaine lettuce.  Cut off the base end - and start in water so that new roots begin.  I do something that I have not seem recommended - I scrape the bottom end of the celery base - it gives it a better porous bottom to absorb water.  NO you probably won't get a bunch of celery - but you will get lots of shoots and leaves that you can use.

Garlic - Separate the garlic bulb into all the cloves - plant those point side up.  Many people plant in the fall and let it over winter in the ground - and by spring there are many new bulbs of garlic.

Tomatoes - we have all seen the pictures where they show planting slices of tomato (usually Roma) in a pot!  I have known people who have done that and gotten many plants!!!!  I wouldn't have necessarily believed it, except I knew them.
I do have volunteer tomatoes come up each year.  They appear from tomatoes that may have fallen off in the fall.  I often let them grow and I do get some type of tomato.  Many tomatoes are not heirloom - so you may get something different from the year before - but it is still a tomato!

I have saved seeds from exceptional tasting melons - I don't have the room to grow them - but my brother does.  He has planted those seeds and grown us great melons.
You can try to save seeds from peppers, zucchini, or any other squash and plant.  You may get a surprise - but you will get some veggie!!!!

I have even heard that you can cut the stems from purchased mushrooms and plant then in fluffy light soil - keep moist and in a warm place and you get new mushrooms.  I have not tried this one - I may give it a try next time.  That would be cool.

So there you go.  I am sure some of my explanations are as clear as mud!!!!!  LOL
I hope most are understandable.  
Have you regrown anything?  Have you had success?

Again, the old adage - waste not - want not!!!!!  Another alternative to the compost pile!
Daddy used to have the biggest pumpkins come from the compost pile!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Wordy Wednesday

 Happy mid-week to all.  I hope you are all good and safe.
Today I am going to do things a little different.  I am just in a mood - and not a lot to say.  I had a great day yesterday, until I came home and witnessed a neighbor's actions.  I am just disgusted and angry, and I have spent most of my time since - praying for him.  Praying that his heart can be softened, and he can have regard for all God's gifts on this earth.  He sure needs prayer.

So today - we will call it wordy Wednesday!!!!!

ASK any questions you have.
TELL us what is on your mind.
DISCUSS whatever is troubling you.
SEEK advice.

I kind of look forward to seeing what you all have on your minds.
Wishing you all a pleasant day my friends.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Gardening on my Mind

 Oh goodness, with the sun shining and temperatures warming - I have gardening on my mind.  How about you?  Do you have your plans made?  What are you planning on growing?

I know it is early yet for many of us to plant most anything.  Cold weather crops could probably go outside and be OK.  Here in my area of the country, the saying is nothing outside in the garden until after Mother's Day.  Daddy always said the earth wasn't warm enough until the end of May.  Dad always put his garden out in mid to late May, and it was so abundant!!!!!  I can't remember there being a bad year.

Anyway, I am keeping this short today, as I have a lot to do, places to go and people to see!  So I am asking what you are planning and to share with us all.
Are you doing a big garden?  Are you doing a container garden?  Or are you having a few simple little pots on the patio or porch, or a plant or two amongst the flowers?

I have lots of plans for this spring.  Not just veggie garden but doing a bit of landscaping as well.  There is always something to do.

I plan on doing another garden post this week on how to re-grow items that you think may be garbage!  It can be done.  Waste not want not.  We will discuss more gardening ideas in that post - different options and ideas.

I am in a complete allergy rage at the moment!!!!  UGH!  My nose is like a faucet!  The only time it feels normal is when I lay down.  Now to figure how to mow, garden, and weed all while lying down!!!!!  LOL
Tree and grass pollen numbers are super high here and mold is in the medium range.  Happy spring!

So what are you in the midst of doing to get the garden projects ready?  Do you have plans on what you are going to grow?  Give us a shout out.
Have a lovely day!

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/9

 HAPPY EASTER to all!  Happy Sunday!
I hope this finds you all well, safe and healthy!!!

A beautiful day has opened on this holy day in my neighborhood.  It is sunny, chilly - but will be getting warmer, and all of nature is beautiful.

Well, the dandelions have started popping up!  My peony shoots are about 6" tall, the clematis is getting leaves, the tulips are blooming, flowering trees are beautiful, and trees are getting buds and baby leaves.
My forsythia forsaked blooming this year (probably froze), but they are full of green leaves.
We had our first Friday in over 2 months that did not have a major weather event!!!!!!
The birds are chirping and mating, and the squirrels are running and playing.  The kitty is enjoying sunning!
This coming week is supposed to be in the 70's all week and no rain predicted until the end of the week!!!!!!!  WOOHOO
All is good!

This past week:
  • Mowed the entire yard and trimmed
  • Aired the house a lot - and got to turn off heat completely a few days
  • I got all my cards together for April and May - big family birthday months
  • Washed windows inside and cleaned all the mirrors
  • Thawed a ham I bought in Jan. 2022, for baking today
  • Cut chives
  • Cut back all 3 bunches of ornamental grasses - whew what a job!
  • Cleaned between the drive and fence row - lots of weeds were growing already
  • I did pick a small bouquet of tulips and hyacinths
  • Ran to grocery for fresh veggies and fruit - got fresh asparagus for .88/lb.  Bananas - .49/lb.  And pears in the .99/bags (6 in ea. - got 2).
  • Got my Kroger coupons for April in the mail
                                                                 Best tasting pears!!!!
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do
Meals this week:
Leftover cream of potato/asparagus soup
Pigs in a blanket (smoked sausage) and salad
Red beans/rice, slaw and homemade biscuits
Beans/rice with sauteed mushrooms and biscuit
Big cheeseburger (on toast) and fruit
Veggie/chicken/ pasta stir fry
Pepperoni pizza bread bites
Snacks - lots of fruit and cheese/Triscuts

How is your weather?  I surely hope that those that have been in the icebox are warming up!!!!!
Did you get any deals this week?  What has been on your agenda as of late?

I pray that each and every one of you has a wonderful week ahead and that you all stay safe and healthy.  Prayers that your weather is getting warmer, and you can get out and about a bit!  It sure can lift a mood.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst.
John 6:35

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.   For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.
John 3:16-17

Dear Lord, we come to you with great thanks and gratitude for the greatest gift we have ever been blessed to receive - your Son.  The best of who we are is possible by the gift you have given, as is our eternal life.
May we each continue to strive to live in a way that is worthy of this great love and sacrifice.  
Prayers for the people of this world that all will come together in peace and love and comfort. 

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Is Your Grocery Budget Increasing?

 The price of everything seems to be going up and up.  Some areas of the country and world are worse than others.  Here, where I live, in the mid-section of the country it doesn't appear to be as bad as the coasts.  Makes no sense to me.  I know this is the crossroads of the nation - but things almost always start at the coasts and move inward - so I kind of wonder.  The general cost of living is much less here as well - housing, utilities, etc.

So with all the increases, have you increased your budget - by choice or by necessity?
I have never set a budget for groceries.  It has always been - pay the bills, save some and then whatever is left of for groceries or incidentals. I have ALWAYS done this.
Do I spend more?  I don't think so.  How can that be?

First, yes I do pay more for 'certain' things.  Cat food has gone up a lot!  What was .50 a can is now .80 or more a can.  Dry food has gone up as well.  Going to buy it regardless, so I pay the price.
I haven't had to buy TP for ages - had plenty way back I got with sales and super coupons.  I will continue to pay what is asked for eggs and milk.  It is worth it to me.  Farmers get so very little of that money - not a good living wage - so I will pay.
It is about choices!!!!!!!!
I try not to buy a lot of junk.  IF I do buy chips or goodies, I buy at Aldi, where the price is substantially less.

Some things to do if you are spending a lot more!
  • Track your spending.  Keep track of where and who has the best prices.  Know your stores and their pricing.  Back in the day people kept price books.  I don't know if that happens today - but you need to be aware of who has the best deals
  • Eat from home and your pantry and freezer MORE!  Shop home before shopping the store.
  • Know how and utilize substitutes.  If you run out of something, figure out something else to use.  Out of chicken - use ham or beef.  Run out of milk - use powdered or canned.  Out of eggs - use applesauce, mayo or something else.  Out of broth - use bouillon and water.  You see how this is works.....
  • Eat simpler meals!!!!!!!  Plain and simple - just eat simple.  Meals don't have to be fancy and many courses.  K.I.S.S. principle!!!!  Keep it simple silly (my word).
  • Use leftovers in a new and fun way.  Family doesn't like leftovers?  Disguise them - get creative!
  • Use your store card for deals.  As much as it ticks me off that you can buy something cheaper for having that card - I do use it.  IF you can sell it to me for a lesser price and still make money - you can sell it to everyone!!!!!!!  Sales should just be sales like they used to be! 
  • Use the digital coupons if you can.  Those do reduce prices a lot.  I never pay more than 1.29 for 8 oz. of cheese - as there are regularly dig. coupons for it.  I never pay over 2.99/lb. for ground beef - as I get it with coupons and sales.  I generally never pay more than 2.50 per gal. of milk.  I get gallons with coupons for 2.29 or halves for .99 - 1.29 per.  You just have to keep watch.  
  • Don't shop every week!!!!!!  Many of us don't need to.  I often miss weeks - have done that for years.  I have plenty here to keep me going.  Now if I have no plans to shop - and there is a great digital deal - I will go get it (ONLY).
  • If you get a great deal on a regularly used item - buy the limit!
  • Shop clearance and markdowns.  I buy LOTS of produce in the .99 markdown bin.  I check the clearance aisle first.  There are markdowns all over the store - not just in one spot.  KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!!!!!!!
  • Don't necessarily be brand loyal
  • If you can grow ANYTHING - do it.  Use your doorstep and pots if necessary.  It all adds up.
  • Have a network of family and friends that let you know of great unexpected deals.  Work together.
  • Cook from home - stay away from fast food and restaurants unless it is a special occasion.  One meal out - can buy a lot of groceries.
As crazy as it sounds, I have people (with families) I know that have actually decreased their budgets over the past couple years (substantially) - as they are learning new ways to shop and cook!  I have worked with them a lot and they are now making better choices.  It sure can be done.
Don't let people convince you it can't.  

I know there are people who say they will not use store cards or the digital coupons because the store is keeping track of what you buy.  You know "big brother".  Well, I hate to tell those folks that everything you do is being kept track of.  Your utilities, your taxes, your bank accounts, your charge cards, everything!!!  Even driving down the road or walking down the sidewalk is monitored.    Do I like it - no - but this is the world today.

Do what you can, pay attention, shop smart, and cook your meals and get creative.
You DON'T HAVE to spend more.  You REALLY don't!!!
Happy shopping!

Got any great tips to share??  Let us hear them.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

I Need This Today - Maybe You do too!

 Happy Wednesday.  Midweek and just feeling all blah.  My mood has been in the crapper lately!!!!  I don't do that often.  I think much of it has to do with seeing so much sadness and destruction in our area.  There has been a lot of damage in so many places.  Many still without power after 5 days with no relief in near sight.  
And here we go AGAIN!  Same story - same line through the state and other states.  Gosh I feel so sorry for so many.
Storms just started here.  It will on and off all day.  The wind gusts are something (just had 50mph). The storms are moving very quickly - 60 - 70 mph.   BUT then we will have several days of lovely calm weather.  PRAISE BE!

We all know the saying "that which does not kill us makes us stronger".   TRUE, but still hard to get through some days.


Sometimes when faith is running low
And I cannot fathom WHY THNGS ARE SO......
I walk alone among the flowers I grow
And learn the "ANSWERS" to ALL I WOULD KNOW!
For among my flowers I have come to see
Life's MIRACLE and its MYSTERY......
And standing in silence and reverie
                                                                Helen Steiner Rice

I do tend to get a revival of spirit when I am out in the yard and amongst nature.  It is just such a wonder to see all things that seemed gone and dead - slowly coming back to life.  The colors and the flowers coming back.  The young and babies of animals peeking out.
Our spirit suffers at times - for various reasons, yet we know that faith can get us through.

May your day and week be safe.  May you all stay healthy.  Keep your faith and know you are always loved.  
Prayers for safety for all.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Being Storm Prepared

 Happy Tuesday to all.  Today is just a bit about being storm ready.  We are not even into spring storm range yet, and here they are.    Weather events have really been active this year.  So many rainstorms and snow out West.  Blizzards still happening up North.  Fire and wind in other areas.  Extreme storms south, Ohio valley, and East.  Then later in the year comes hurricane season.  Goodness, it seems like activity will become a yearlong event.  

Can you ever be ready??  You can prepare and have a plan.  But when events happen like last week - there isn't a lot that you can do but PAY ATTENTION!!!!  It has now come to light, that my state alone had 17 tornado touch-down on Friday night (when it was bedtime).  These ranged from EF0 - EF3.  I can't imagine why anyone went to bed - with all the alerts - but I am sure some did.  Nighttime storms are super scary as you cannot see what is coming!
More storms are coming this week - many to the same areas hit on Friday.

Thank goodness for the men and women that go out of their way to help.  The linemen, fire fighters, EMT's, Rescue squads, Police, and all the volunteers that open their homes, wallets and businesses to help.

I haven't been as worried as the other night, in ages.  Being late at night was scary.
I had my cell phone charged, my emergency radio downstairs, as well as some other important items - just in case.
It is important to get a weather radio of some sort.  I have this one for years, and this was the first time I got it out!!!  It runs on regular batteries and it also has a hand crank.  It has a regular radio, weather alerts & notices (that irritating but needed squawking noise), it has a flashlight, and flashing red alert lights if needed.  It could save you and it could help someone find you!!!!!!!

You may want to have important documents stored in a safe place in the lower level of your home or in a safe, that is water proof.  Medication, your charged phone, your pets, maybe a whistle (alerts of your presence).
This all sounds common sense but many are not prepared at all.  In 2002 we had a very huge tornado system come my side of town.  My old neighborhood got hit bad.  My brother had a lot of damage.  It was amazing the things that were found!  Documents were in his yard from miles and miles away!!!!!!
Stuff travels.
Today there are many people using the internet and FB to help connect people with their things and even pets.  I keep seeing lots of posts (my niece is sharing from a hard hot area) - animals rescued - some with people, others taken to shelters - pictures and photo albums found, and what are obviously antiques and heirlooms.  That is so cool.  IF there is nothing else someone can do to help - this is important!!!!!  Help people reconnect with their loved pets and items.  You might make sure your animals are chipped!

One house completely destroyed and the one next to it just damaged.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.
The kids that lived next door to me, bought a house last year.  This is their neighborhood!  Their house only had a little damage (thank goodness) - but these are their neighbors and their neighborhood!!!!
This area is about 20-25 minutes due south of me.  Just so sad.

It happens in moments!!!!!!!!!!!  
It happens with only moments notice - if that!
It is indiscriminate to who or what it hits!

The whole country has been hit with something scary this year.  These storms last week went form the mid-section of the country to the east coast (NJ).

I know many of you live in these areas, so please do whatever you can to prepare.  Be alert and listen to the authorities (weather).  They are tracking this stuff, and I do believe them when it comes to things like this.

There was a little elderly lady on the news last night that lost everything.  God bless her, her attitude was the best.  She said she "spent $1,500 last week to have her trees trimmed"!!  Said "I guess God didn't think it was done right".  She was grateful for having her life and her memories.  
Yep, if we have our life, that of our families and our memories we will be OK.  Stuff can be replaced.  It is heartbreaking and devastating, but nature is a force that we cannot stand up to!  It most generally wins.

Do what you can to protect yourself and your family.   Pay attention.
I know many do not feel there is anything that can be done to help - but there is a lot of small things that help in BIG ways.

SHARE those FB posts about pets or objects if you see them.
People are in huge need of trash bags, gloves, gas for chainsaws, flip-flops for community shower areas, toiletries, baby supplies, baggies (to put things found in).  REMEMBER - not only homes are destroyed, but stores, gas stations, businesses of all sorts.
If you can - donate to a reputable organization that is helping the communities.
Give a helping hand if you can.
Hand out cold water or snacks.
DO something.

IF this ever happens in your area, these are just a few ideas to remember.  
I pray for the safety of all our readers.  I still haven't seen some of the regular's post.  May you all be safe.

God bless you all.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/2

 Happy Sunday!  Happy April!  Happy Palm Sunday!

I sure hope this finds each and everyone of my friends here safe and healthy.  What a nasty couple of days the mid-section of this country had!
I am good here.  It sure was a scary time on Friday!  7 tornadoes touched down JUST in my state on Friday night, not counting all the surrounding states.  So much devastation and death.  All over the sate in every direction.  It was so very scary since it happened at night and late.  I stayed up well after it finally ended.
My "kids" live right by the area in southern IN that got hot directly - they are all fine.  I have family just south of Little Rock and they are fine.  Friends who live in Whiteland - they had a lot of damage - but still have their homes and lives.  It is all sooooooo sad.
I bet my nephew who has a roofing business, will be crazy busy for ages.  I know yesterday they were all over, just tarping places.
PRAYERS you and yours are ALL safe.

They say April showers bring May flowers - well, hopefully just flowers and no more damage.  We have more storms and rain predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday!
March went out like a lion - a crazy totally ticked off lion!!!!!!!!!!

My week:
  • I have started going through all my canning supplies and organizing everything - what a mess!
  • Started making material inventory from old clothes
  • Going through bins, boxes and bags of paper, cards and gift bags - trying to get all sorted
  • I mowed the front yard! 
  • I ran out to get gas and use the points for discount before they expired.  Gas is up here - so discount sure helped.  I also filled the gas can for the summer (for mower)
  • I got the Blazer washed while out (FREE) with a coupon
  • I got bank statement and saw I received my Fed. tax refund exactly one week after filing taxes!!  I am amazed.  Nice surprise
  • I did go to get Blackie's allergy meds - and they were out.  Got it in on the truck but said it would take days before they got to it!!!!!  REALLY??  It isn't that big of a store.  Sooooooo I did something I never do!!!!!  I ordered on-line from Chewy!!!!  ME, MOI, MYSLEF, I!!!!!!     I ordered at 5PM on Wednesday and received the order at 2PM the next day - from AZ and FREE delivery!  Take that pet store!  These are Homeopathic (all natural) drops that help with his goopy eye & nose problem.  OH, and the drops were $7 a bottle cheaper than the pet store!!!!!!  I am good for a while now!
  • Did another pick-up of sticks and trash from outdoors
  • I actually got out my weather radio on Friday - have had this thing for years and never used.  That is how scary it was.
  • Cooking from home and using what I have
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do
  • Got to air the house a little

Meals this past week:
Fish, oven fries, slaw
Asparagus, mac n cheese and tuna patty
Mac n cheese, chicken strips and salad
Big salad
Meat and veggie wrap
Mexican pizza
Cream of potato/asparagus soup

                                                       Mexican pizza - homemade

How was your week?  Did you or your families happen to be in the weather areas?  Did you get any deals this week?  Let us know.  
PLEASE check-in, so we all know that you are OK.  Prayers for everyone.  I feel so blessed to have missed the damage.

May you all be safe and healthy.  May your families and homes be safe.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

I have come as light into the world, that who-ever believes in me may not remain in darkness.
John 12: 46

Dear Lord, we pray for all those families involved in the storms this week.  Please be with them in this time of need and raise their hearts and hopes.  May we all be a bit of sunshine to them and may we all be able to help in some way.  Please keep everyone in Your loving and protected arms.  AMEN