Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  Happy Thursday and blessings to everyone, every where.
No matter where you live - take a few moments today to say a few words of thanks for all the many blessings that you are given each and every day.

I have had a truly rough year, and I would not have made it through without family and friends.
They have all lifted me up and held my hand through good days and bad.  I am blessed.
I have my darling kitties that always seem to know when I need a special hug or loving moment.  I am blessed.
I have a warm home and food on my table.  I am blessed.
I have my health and I am safe.  I am blessed.
Despite ALL that I lost - I am still blessed.  We all are.

I THANK YOU  all for being here and following along my journey.  Thank you for being my friends and thank you for your prayers and kind words.  I have needed them all.  I am blessed.

Enjoy your family.  Take in every moment.  Hug a little longer.  Spend your day doing what makes you happy.
God bless each and every one of you.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ageing is NOT for Sissies!

Just an observation here!  Ageing is not for sissies at all.
If you are among those of us that have reach some of those monumental birthdays - you know what I speak of.  If you haven't - well be warned.  LOL

Things just don't work they way they used to.  Things hurt.  Things droop and sag.  Things grow where they shouldn't.  The energy level lags.  The vision goes and so does the hearing.  I could go on and on!!!

LEGS - I have had Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for years.  The first time I really noticed it was in my 20's on a long drive from Indiana to Florida.  It is relentless at times and MISERABLE!  If you are bothered by it, you know.  I have found a couple things that have helped immensely.    I take a tablet called Restful Legs at night.  It is a tiny tablet that you take sublingually and it melts within seconds and works pretty darn quick to calm my legs.  It run about $10.50 for a box of 50.  I have purchased at both WM and Kroger.  Some nights one works and other nights I use 2.  Some nights (lately) none!
A cup of cold milk is relaxing for me as well.
No snacks after 6PM! - This has been huge for me.  IF I am especially hungry, I eat a piece of cheese or a slice of lunchmeat.  Protein - NO CARBS!  No sweets, no chocolate, no caffeine.
It really does help.

SLEEP - Oh my elusive friend.  How I miss you some nights.  I am doing better with that as well, since I changed eating habits at night.  My nerves have finally calmed a bit after this Spring and the loss of Glen.  I was not sleeping hardly at all for a while.  PTSD was never gone - I just kept reliving that day over and over in my head - so no sleep.  I still do that some, but not as often.
I feel very lucky if I get 2-3 hours straight, without checking the clock.  I generally can get back to sleep now - but I still wake often.
(Of course, there is late night bathroom trips).  Geesh.

These are my regular items.  B-12 for energy, Multi just because, tart cherry for joints and pain, Aloe Vera is good for healing anything, and my Restful Legs for RLS.  I occasionally take calcium/magnesium as well.  I keep Reishi mushroom capsules, echinacea & goldenseal for any illness I might get.  Vitamin C and zinc in case of colds.
EYES -I have been told cataracts have started in my eyes. Oh boy!  I still see pretty darn good - but that is an event I have to look forward to.  NOT

HOT FLASHES - yep, I am well past menopause, but they don't stop!   Now to define this properly, I used to have hot flashes 24/7.  It was awful.  Now I am actually comfortable to cold during the day.  I can be freezing - and get under all the covers fully dressed, jeans, 2 shirts, and socks - and it takes forever to get warm.  Now AT NIGHT  that is a different story.  I wear a t-shirt and soft shorts to bed, have the heat down to 65* and the ceiling fan on over the bed - and I am still hot.  For years now, every single time I turn over in bed, I break out in a sweat.  No it isn't my heart or blood pressure - I check those regularly - it is that darn peri-menopause!!!!!!

USE IT OR LOSE IT - Well, I am not sure exactly what that saying was referring to originally, but I know it is true about muscles and strength.  I didn't do nearly the work this summer/fall that I usually do, and boy can I tell.  Working in the bathroom the last few days has proven that.  Up and down, bending, reaching, moving things - my goodness I am out of shape.  I really need to do some light exercising over the winter (somebody wash my mouth out pleeeeeez!)  I despise exercise in the traditional sense.  Let me work hard at anything and I am good, but nooooooo sit-ups or bends!

BODY PARTS - gravity is not your friend as you get older!  I am not a huge chested woman by any means - so I can still get by with going bra-less whenever I want.  The 'girls' are lower than 30 years ago - but are still a little perky!  Butts sag.  Of course you need one for that to happen!  Muscle mass is less.  Oh my.

HAIR - the good and bad of it all.  It changes color for sure.  I still color, but not as fully as in the past and lighter.  That way it doesn't look as fake.  I have some gray showing through here and there, but that is better for ME than the totally gray that I know I am.  I am not very accepting of the color thing yet!
I have hardly no hair on my legs any more - you can count them.  Love that as I used to have to shave them every day.
BUT - these little hairs pop up over night on my face!   Aaaaggghhhh!!!!  I mean they seem to go from nothing to long over night.  I pluck and pluck.  There aren't many - but they are there.
I am woman - I don't want facial hair Lord!

My energy levels are less.  I get tired easier.  I can still tote a 50 lb. bag of feed - but slower and not as far, and then my back screams at me!
All I can do is keep going.

Several years ago I had an elderly neighbor who was just a hoot!  A little stocky German lady who always spoke her mind.  One day (in her late 80's) she told - "that stuff about the golden years is a bunch of s#*@ - aint nothing golden about them!"  Her words.   There are days I think she was right.  LOL

In all seriousness, I am doing pretty good.  I hurt and have less energy for sure - but all in all I am doing pretty good.  I take absolutely NO medications.  I take my herbs and vitamins and the occasional Tylenol.  How lucky is that?  I have had 2 operations - one at 4 and one at 8.  Appendix and tonsils respectively.  No broken bones, other than the one little toe that has been broken multiple times!  I have not had anything rebuilt!
I have 'old arthur' for sure.  My neck and joints hurt from that at times - but Tylenol and tart cherry helps.
I can't tell you the last time I was sick.  I haven't had a cold or the flue for years (no I don't take a flue shot).  Knock wood - I guess I shouldn't brag!  I clean the grocery /shopping buggies before every use, just to ward off germs and I try to stay away from sick people.  If I am around them - I come home a take preventative meds!
I can do this OLD AGE thing!

If my health holds out - I would love to live long enough to see the babies in the family grow up and graduate and marry (perhaps).  I hope to be able to live on my own for a long, long time.
I just want to see what is in store for all the young-ins.  YES, it scares the heck out of me, as the world is not always kind (and it has become scary crazy) - but I hope they all grow into wonderful human beings.  I want to pass on whatever wisdom I can and always be the cool Aunty!

OK, I just wanted those of you going through these things to know you aren't alone.  I wanted to make everyone have a little chuckle about the sad state of ageing.
And I wanted to re-enforce my beliefs and yours that we are doing pretty darn good IN SPITE OF!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/24

Good morning.  Hope this finds you all well.
We have had another cornucopia of weather this week.  Normal 50's, rain, wind, cold, freezing, you name it.  They predicted snow yesterday, but that didn't happen.  We had a rainy and windy day and it was cold, but it all ended before the temps dipped into the snow range!

There have been so many birds and squirrels - little buggers sure are hungry! The bird songs have been glorious.  Some time each day, I just stand there and listen - so many pretty songs.

It's been a week for family.  My brother, niece and nephew-in-law all had surgeries within 2 days.  My brother had ear surgery and they rebuilt his ear drum (that is amazing), my niece had surgery on the veins in her leg, and her husband had stints put in.  All are doing well as of today!!!!!  God is good.
Talked with brother and sister about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.
Been working on getting my holiday list all finalized.  Talked to several grown nieces and nephews about their kids.   All the kids are becoming teens - and are getting hard to buy for.  Got some ideas.  So making my list and checking it twice!

My week:
  • I raked and swept leaves 2 more times this week and this morning the yard is full again!  The maple tree is slowing letting go of it's dressings! 
Heavy, heavy frost this morning on the leaves in the garden.  It truly was a pretty sight.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
  • I received a $5/$30 coupon for Aldi
  • Ran to Aldi, Kroger, and Big Lots.  Aldi I used the coupon to get an assortment of different and fun things for the Christmas baskets.
  • At Kroger I got a couple more items that I needed to complete more jar recipes.  I also got myself some mandarins.  3 lbs./2.49.  Tasty little things.  I also found 2 boxes of roasted soy nuts on clearance.  They make such a crunchy, tasty and healthy snack.
  • Big Lots - to look for gift ideas.   OK - I found them!!!!!!!  Filled raspberry candies!  $2.25/bag.  I got 2 bags - because I wasn't sure if they would be what I remembered.  THEY WERE.  I will be getting more.  They also had variety bags of filled hard candies and just the plain Christmas hard candies (no filling) - all for 2.25!
  • I trimmed my hair
  • Made several egg rolls and froze a few for another day
  • Put up one new set of mini blinds (I had on hand - my windows are  all the same size and I always keep a couple new sets just in case)
  • Started soaking and washing other mini blinds.  My goodness those things get dirty!  Dusting them just doesn't do the job in my opinion.  I have a couple more sets to do.
  • I took everything down in the bathroom and finally got to painting.  I have the  primer on and some of the painting done.  I plan to finish the 'paint' part today.  So much to do!!!!
  • I refinished the stand alone wooden cabinet in the bathroom
  • Put up a little ceramic Christmas tree
  • Eating from home, making tea, cooking from scratch, deep cleaning and working on some holiday projects - just all the normal stuff

My meals this past week:
Sauteed zucchini/mushrooms over rice and topped with cheese
Veggie egg rolls (homemade)
Open face cheeseburger, sliced tomatoes and slaw  (still eating garden tomatoes!)
Taco salad
Can of Chunky fajita chicken soup with cheese added and tortilla chips instead of crackers
Ham/cream cheese/olive/tomato roll-up
Beef/veggie stir fry served over Frito's topped with cheese (don't judge me!!!!!!  LOL)

How was your week?  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  All the goodies purchased or are your using what you have?  I may get out a turkey breast to fix the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I love me some turkey leftovers!
It is doubtful that I will do any 'Black Friday' shopping.  Just too many people to contend with.  Not buying a lot of 'things' any how.  My gifts will be goody baskets, gift cards and money.  Better to stay home and save money!
I do plan on going to another craft bazaar the Saturday after Thanksgiving - it's at a local high school.  Basically, because it is something different to do!!
What have you got planned this week?
I plan on finishing my painting and more deep cleaning!

I hope you continue to check in this week.  My days of posting may be different, because of the holiday - but I will be posting.  If you are busy all week and don't get back here - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I pray for your health and safety.  Wishing you all a lovely and productive week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gifts of Kindness and Love

I just want to leave a little something for everyone to think about.
There are many folks who have tiny families and then there are people who have NO family.  I think when it comes to the holidays, we all look forward to giving (even when money is tight).
Giving just makes you feel good.  Giving with a loving and kind heart really makes you feel good.  Giving, not because you feel you have to, but because it is kind - is the best.

We all know a person or family that is in dire straights.  Sometimes, certain gifts of helping can make the recipient feel bad.  We never want to hurt someone's feelings or make them feel self conscious about their situation.
Here is an idea that can help.  Buy a gift card (that you can afford) and mail it to the individual.  When mailing - make the mailing address and the return address BOTH the same (the recipients).  That way they will get it either way. (MAKE SURE IT IS THE RIGHT ADDRESS)
You can send them a useful gift and still be anonymous.
Places that sell groceries - would be a great idea.  Or even a place like WM, Meijer, Target that sells everything.  Gas cards would also be handy.

Stop by your local nursing home and ask if there are 2 or 3 people that NEVER have visitors.  Consider visiting them on the holiday or around the holiday to just sit and chat.  Listen to their stories (we can learn a lot) and share pictures of young-ins and just talk about anything.  Perhaps take a small gift of warm socks or slippers, maybe a fleece throw, a large print book, a magazine with lots of neat pictures or even goodies (check with home on diet restrictions).

Pay it forward.  Maybe make a donation to or buy gifts for shelters.  Socks, gloves, hats, fleece throws, health & beauty supplies - are always appreciated.  There are men's shelters, women's and family shelters.  I always think about how sad it is for kids in shelters - why they get left out at Christmas.  I can't imagine what goes through their minds.
Make kits for the homeless - gallon zip-lock bag with toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, wash cloth, wipes, snacks, etc.  I used to make up dozens of these and pass them out at the local soap kitchen.  They were always appreciated.  Most items were bought at the Dollar Tree (you can get multi-packs of many things for $1)

Think about donating food, litter, old towels, newspapers, etc. for animal shelters.  Maybe sit and visit with some of the animals.  That is good for you and for them!

If you are alone - how about working at the local dinner for homeless or those that are alone.  Many communities have dinners and so do many churches.  They can all use extra help.  Sit and talk with some of the folks - they may enjoy your friendship for the day.

Many community schools have children who are behind or can't pay for their hot meals each day.  Offer to pay for meals for those most in need.  

Donate food and other supplies to the local food pantries.  Your donation may change someone's life - at least for a week or two.

Just a few ideas to help someone that may need a kind word or deed to make their day, week, month or maybe year.  We never know what it is like in someone else's shoes.
So take a moment to imagine what others are experiencing, and do a little bit to help.
It doesn't take a lot - and you may feel better as well.

Let's all do a little and change the world a lot.  BE KIND
Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

I decided to talk about our holiday safety after the incident with the car last week.
We have now entered that time of the year that people do very unacceptable things.  It is sad.

Desperate people - desperate acts?  People just being mean?  People being greedy?  People just breaking all societal rules?  Whatever it is - it's wrong.
We all have worked hard for what we have, and NO ONE has the right to vandalize us or take our things.  NO ONE for NO REASON!!!!!!  If you are desperate - ask for help.  There are people and places that can help.

There are just some basic things that we all need to keep in mind to stay safe during the upcoming holidays.
  • Don't place packages under your tree IF they can be seen from outdoors.  That is tempting fate and inviting intruders (sadly).  Keep all packages out of the line of sight from windows and doors.
  • If you have porch lights or security lights make sure you use them.  Motion detecting lights are great.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • If you have deliveries coming - keep track of delivery information via computer.  Unattended packages  are being taken every where by 'porch bandits'.  Have deliveries made to work or to a trusted neighbor IF you work.  I noticed last week UPS delivered 2X in a couple days to the house across the street and just dropped it on the porch - no knocking or ringing the bell to alert.  That is just wrong!!!!  I was delivered a flat parcel earlier this summer (a check) and the driver just threw it on the porch. I happened to be out and saw him (from back yard) and went out front.  That could have been a nightmare had the insurance check been stolen.  STAY AWARE OF DELIVERIES
  • Place your outgoing mail in boxes at the P.O. - do not place in your mailbox for mailman pick-up if at possible.  Many creeps watch for flags to be up and take mail - hoping to find checks or GC's.  Gather your mail quickly as well (if at all possible).
  • Do NOT 'advertise' on social media that you are going on vacation or are going to be away from home for an extended period.  Bad people watch for that - it is an invitation to them!
  • If you are gone - keep curtains, blinds closed.
  • Be ever vigilant of your surroundings when out shopping - DAY or NIGHT.  Keep your eyes open and stay alert
  • Keep your car locked at all times
  • Do not leave handbag, phone. computers, chargers, anything of value in your car.  Clear out the vehicle before shopping and make sure you have your handbag and phone with you
  • Keep your phone and your keys on your person when shopping!  Not in your handbag.  If by some awful chance someone gets your purse - you still have a means to call for help and you can still get home
  • I really hate taking a handbag with me when shopping during the holidays.  I either keep a very small one with a strap on it under my coat and out of sight or I use an old fashion 'fanny pack'.  I want my things close
  • Leave extra charge cards or extra money - that you won't be using AT HOME
  • Park in well lit areas if shopping at night - and best yet make sure you have a buddy with you
  • Do NOT leave parcels in plain sight in your vehicle.  Place them in your trunk or back end of an SUV and covered.  Don't ADVERTISE that "I have been shopping all day"!
It is a sad state that we have to be worried about such things, but there are evil people out there who would rather steal from you than have to provide by working or spending their own money.
Stay alert this holiday season.
Keep your home and vehicle locked and watch your surrounding at all times.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/17

Happy Sunday to one and all.
It is a pretty Sunday morning here.  Cold but sunny.  What a weather week we had.  Last Sunday I had the doors open and a couple windows as well (got to 62*).  Aired out the house while I was out raking.  Within 24 hours temps dropped and it was snowing like crazy after raining!  Luckily we only got about 2 - 2 1/2 inches.  It is gone now.
It got the coldest that this entire year has seen.  We got down into single digits a couple nights and days stayed in the 20's.  We are now back to days in the 40's - much better!

Tuesday was a messy day.  My Blazer sets outdoors 24/7, so I worked at getting it all uncovered and unthawed, as I had to be somewhere on Wednesday.  Got it all thawed, so I decided to leave it unlocked, figuring it wouldn't refreeze over night.  I NEVER LEAVE MY VEHICLE UNLOCKED.
Well, go out Wed. morning (coldest of the year) and my car door was open!!  My car had been ransacked.  Stuff just strewn all around.  Only thing missing was a very old pair of prescription sunglasses (won't help anyone) and my Aldi quarters!  I had 3 quarters in the console - I later found one of them in the drive.  Now mind you, my car is in the upper part of drive directly between my house and the neighbor's and we both had on security lights that lit up the area.
Crazy!  I guess many people left cars unlocked that night (because of weather) and someone must have assumed that would be the case.  Several cars on our block were hit.
So sad that people are that lowly, that they would walk up in yards and steal, especially on the coldest night of the year.  That is pretty darn bold.  I hope those quarters were well spent!
Won't happen here again.  I learned a lesson.
Just a reminder to all - NEVER leave anything of value in your vehicle!

My week:
  • Raked leaves that were down and put on garden
  • Made up several small basic pizzas and froze for easy future meals
  • Aired house out on Sunday
  • Put out extra bedding in the greenhouse and small dog house for the cats. (They have been staying cozy!)
  • Re-filled all the feed bins with items on hand during a warmer day
  • Made up batches of beef and chicken Rice A Roni jar recipes and several jars of mixed beans for gifts
  • Doing all the normal things - making tea, eating from home, laundry in cold, cleaning and de-cluttering here and there
  • I went to lunch/brunch with my dear friend Jen on Wednesday.  I have known her for OVER 50 years.  Like she said this week - who knew that 2 little girls and their violins would have made this bond that has lasted so long!  Bless her heart - she bought my lunch!  Fun day
  • I went to a craft show on Saturday, basically because my niece had a booth.  Got to see my niece (5 mos.).  I did purchase a few items at the show for stocking stuffers.
I got all 7 of these primitive  ornaments for a total of $10!  Notice the pretty little bag under them - I will re-use that as well.

Meals this week:
Small taco type pizza
Smoked sausage sandwich and baked beans (from freezer), chips
Beef/bacon patty melt
Out with friend - pancakes and bacon
My homemade easy gumbo - 2X
Taco-cheese-salsa pasta
Taco (meat)-cheese-salsa pasta

EASY GUMBO - box of Aldi dirty rice mix & required water, chicken broth, can/jar of diced tomatoes, 1/4 C extra rice, can of chicken breast, and about a cup of cut okra from freezer - about 2 cans water (extra from that used as directed w/mix), seasonings to taste.  TASTY!  (made a lot)  I ate twice and froze some.

Even with the cold and snowy weather this week, it was nice.  Love getting caught up with friends and seeing family.  I despise winter - but I must say that the cold is energizing at times.  
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the responses to the "memory lane" post.  It was so fun reading all the memories.  I smiled a lot this week while reading those.  Thank you all.

How was your week?  Did you get any holiday bargains?  There sure are some good deals being advertised for Thanksgiving.  Now is the time of year to stock-up on those goodies at their cheapest price.
Prayers you all stay safe and healthy in this coming week.  Stay warm - for those here in the U.S. and stay cool in the southern hemisphere!!!!

Blessings from my humble little home to yours!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I have recently read some posts and stories about the past, and of course it always gets me to thinking.  I miss the old days - I really do.  I know many things are so much easier today, but there are many things missing from the old days.
We had a complete sense of safety.  Kids played outside and roamed the neighborhood and no one was really worried.  Granted, everyone's parents kept an eye open for everyone else's kids - but there was such freedom to roam and play.  We never locked our doors.  We never worried about someone bothering our property.  There was just a total feeling of safety.
We all looked out for each other and if someone was in need - there was always someone there to help.

I remember so much about being a 50's/60's child.  It was a time of new items hitting the market.  It was a time of limited TV.  It was a time when family was everything.  It was a time of innocence.  It was some of the best memories of my life!

I remember on Friday night (every Friday) Mom made hamburgers and homemade French Fries.  If for some reason we didn't have potatoes - we had baked beans.  I always looked forward to that night.
We had BIG Sunday dinners at noon, every Sunday.  Odds were that it was never just Mom and Dad and me.  There was always family - brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles, cousins - who ever showed up.  Somehow there was always enough! (Truth be - Mom just did without so everyone could eat).

There were always homemade cookies in the cookie jar.  My favorites were big iced sugar cookies or oatmeal cookies.  Mom always made her own pies and cakes.  My favorites were pineapple upside down cake and cherry pie.  She made donuts, eclairs (oh my), and potato chips!
Favorites for meals were meatloaf and mashed potatoes, beef Manhattan's (still a favorite).  Momma made the absolute best 'meat pie' on the planet!!!!!  I have tried many times and they sure don't taste like hers did. (mine are good - but not like hers).

I can remember  how maybe once a year we got a canned ham!  I thought that was fantastic.  It was a big deal.  Remember how you had to roll the key around the outer edge to open?
Spam was also one of those things I looked forward to, because it was different.  It didn't come in our house often, as Mom only bought what was absolutely needed - but if Daddy had any say about it, we got a can of Spam once in a while.  He liked it with breakfast.  Did you know that Spam was originally called 'Spiced Ham' in the late 30's?  The name was shortened to Spam.  Funny, I still enjoy this every now and then.
Every big family get together or holiday had some sort of Jello salad on the menu.  I remember grandma always made a green Jello with shredded carrots and cottage cheese.  YUK.  I always dreaded that!  Jello was just coming to light in the market - and it was a great and inexpensive way to stretch food.  It became very popular and it seems there was NO LIMIT to the horrors of how to serve it!!  I must admit I really do like Jello today and I do make a creamy fruit and nut Jello salad around the holidays.  A family favorite.  But so many of those salads looked and sounded so gross! (to me).
I always wanted Mom to buy TV dinners - they just sounded exciting to my child brain!  I knew some of my friends had them at their houses.  I always got a big NO.  I didn't have anything like a TV dinner until I was grown.  I look back now and realize that our food we ate was sooooo much better - but as a kid they sounded exciting.  I always wanted Lipton dry chicken noodle soup as well.  I would beg at the grocery store for Mom to get a package of this.  Once in a great while she would cave and I would get some.  How exotic I thought that was!

I remember TV was very limited and black and white.  I think the first TV came in our home when I was very, very little.  I remember Saturday morning cartoons - the GOOD ones, and there was Captain Kangaroo every morning.  We always had to watch Lawrence Welk and Daddy had to watch wrestling every weekend.  Sometimes we got to eat in the living room when he really wanted to watch wrestling.  I thought that was so much fun - it was like a picnic!
Ed Sullivan was a favorite (I remember seeing the Beatles first appearance), and Mom loved Queen for a Day and the 50/50 Club.
Movie favorites were White Christmas and the Wizard of Oz.  What special nights those were. Oh, there was also Frosty The Snowman with Burl Ives every year.  Loved those old time shows.   I almost forgot the Wonderful World of Disney.  Remember the commercial around Christmas with Santa 'sledding' down the hill on a Schick razor?  LOL

Holidays were fun and much simpler.  Homemade cookies and candies galore.  Mom made her spiced fruit rolls for many gifts.  Lots of the items we got were homemade clothes.  Everything single thing was wrapped - so it looked like a lot, even if it wasn't.  Of course Santa always left a doll or teddy bear sitting out under the tree!
What a year that was - I got a tricycle and a baby too.  Look at all those presents - it always looked like tons, because every book, color book, and item of clothing was wrapped.  Yep, that's little me!!!

Daddy always got a carton of cigarettes from my aunt & uncle - the special holiday carton!  LOL.  We always knew that was going to be his gift.  He always got handkerchiefs or underwear from me!  Surprise - not!  My aunt always brought me some kind of fruit/nut roll dipped in chocolate.  I always knew it was coming - and I hated them (what a crazy kid).  No problem Daddy volunteered to eat them.
I loved getting ribbon candy (I liked the thick kind) and little filled hard raspberry candies.  Those are still a favorite - if I can find them I buy them.

Saturday morning was always grocery day.  I used to get so excited to go.  It was just the most fascinating, brightly lit, exciting place to me.  So many things to look at.  Things I had never heard of or seen.  Remember there were no malls yet - so grocery stores were a big deal!  Daddy would always wait in the car and Mom and I would walk the store.  She had a very set dollar amount to spend (I remember like $15) and always managed to spend it wisely.  We got basics - because all the good stuff was made at home!
I believe we shopped Standard Grocery most often.  Once in a while A & P, then Kroger came in the area and we went there.  Mom  always collected green stamps from Standard and yellow stamps from A & P.  Daddy often got yellow stamps from some gas station as well.  Many a gift was 'purchased' with those stamps.
                                                Remember these?  What a treat that was!

We never got soda pop at our house very often.  We always got a 6 pack of little bottles of Coke at Christmas - because Daddy insisted that Santa got tired of milk!!!!
Once each summer I got to go with Dad down to the hardware store and pick out a whole case of assorted pop.  It came in the old wooden crates and the had every Nehi flavor my little mind could imagine.  Daddy would stand and talk with the owner (Daddy LOVED to talk) and I would decide on pop in the back room.  I had orders to get a few grape - as that was Dad's favorite.  This case of pop would last the entire summer and was only enjoyed on those super hot days.  What a treat!

My goodness I could go on forever.  I hope I didn't bore you with my reminiscing.  Some days I just get so nostalgic.  I truly miss those days.  Thank God for memories - because memories can sure make you smile and sometimes leak a few tears as well.
I know not everyone had good childhoods and I am so sorry for those who didn't.  Maybe for a few minutes you can read about mine and smile a little.

I have so many memories and stories.  Maybe I will tell some more stories another day.
I hope I took you back to quieter and more simple times and made you smile just a little.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Computer Problems

Just a quick note - my regular computer has frozen up for some reason.  UGH
I am working to remedy that.  For this quick post I am using my old computer.  Be patient with me please.
I hope to get it all figured out and will be back to regular posts quickly.

Have a good day

UPDATE:  FIXED (I hope) - be back later today!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/10

Good morning everyone.  Hope this finds you well and safe.
Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood - but that will soon end!  It is supposed to get really cold again this week with highs in just the 30's and nights in the teens!!!  YIKES
We are supposed to get and inch or two of snow Monday into Tuesday as well.
Friday was the coldest day since March.  Saturday warmed up a bit and today will be good.  I plan to do some raking today before the snow flies and the super cold hits.

I had a BIG opossum come to my yard to pass on to opossum heaven this week.  That thing was so big.  It was totally stretched out and it's body (only body - not tail) was about 2' long.  I am sure it weighed between 20 and 25 lbs.  I saw it out there during the day Friday and it was not able to use it's back legs - must have gotten hit.  Poor thing.  I noticed it went and curled up in the dog house - then by morning it had moved to just under the shed.  I saw it's position and waited a couple hours to make sure it hadn't moved - then I knew it was dead.
It seems like things come here to die.  I don't know if they feel safe here, or know that they have fed here, or perhaps God just knows I am sympathetic to all creatures.  I have had so many animals come here and pass.  It makes me sad, no matter what the critter is.  I always say a little prayer over them.

My week:
  • Took advantage of one slightly warmer day to empty and clean the rain barrels.  Got them in storage and saved some jugs of water for houseplants.  That's a big job for one person!
  • Changed out many batteries around the house (I always do at the time change)
  • Cleaned out the remainder of the front flower bed
  • Voted, stopped at Post Office and filled tank with gas to minimize errands
  • Filled all the feed bins and got things ready for the cold
  • I checked out all the fluids in the Blazer, making sure it is in good condition for cold weather.  I added a bottle of Heat to the gas tank as well
  • Made a couple orange - banana milk shakes this week (using up items that needed using)
  • Drained a can of chick peas and dehydrated and salted for a snack.  They were very good and crunchy and healthy.  I will do that again for sure.  Something different.
  • I made a batch of squirrel treats (little cookies) with items I won't be using for myself.  They are enjoying them!!!!
  • I went to my first Bazaar of the winter.  Something different to do.  This one always has an area called the "attic" with used items for sale as well. I got 3 older style bath towels for .25 each.  In the craft area I got 2 FREE t-shirts.  This sale is at a church school and they wanted to promote.  I also bought a hand made winter headband to keep my ears warm.
                                                                   Pretty for .25 each!
                                                      T-shirts with a great message - FREE
                                                My cute headband - hand made for $6
  • I stopped by Kroger on the way home from Bazaar, to get a weekend coupon deal.  I got 2 - 7 lb. turkey breasts for $13.50.  They were a weekend special marked .52 cheaper per pound than the sale price of 1.49/lb.  I got them for .97/lb..  Those will be more than enough to please me with turkey this winter for myself.
  • My neighbor and I did the house generator maintenance.  All checked out and I feel comfortable that it is in good order.
  • I set up a 'work station' in the basement for getting the gifts together and organized for Christmas
  • Making tea, drinking sparling juice/water from Soda Stream, eating meals at home, doing all the normal stuff.
  • Still trying to work on de-cluttering
Meals this past week:
Smoked sausage, cabbage and potato chunks - fried together
Small homemade pizza
Chili Mac (chili from freezer) topped with cheese
Loaded baked potato
Cheesy tuna mac and salad
Green beans (from freezer), leftover tuna mac and slaw
Sausage/egg sammies (on hamburger buns)

So there you have it - my simple week of chores/activities.  How was your week?  Did you get anything added to the pantry or gifts bought or made?
I look forward to hearing from you all.

May you all stay safe and healthy in the coming week.  Stay frugal and please be KIND!
Blessings from my little humble home to yours.
God bless.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Festive Frugal Fun

It is 47 days until Christmas!!!!  Aaaaccckkkkk!  No I am not even close to being ready.  I just have not had the oomph needed this year to get busy with it.  It will come together, but I am not in the spirit.

We all have those groups of people that we need to get 'something' for.  I like the idea of keeping it light and fun.  No need to spend a lot of money and no need to be all serious and worried about the gift.  HAVE SOME FUN!
Maybe it is office gifts, maybe it is teacher gifts, mailman, bus driver, any kids group, book club, that group that gets together for cocktails, OR just a fun family exchange.  Many families don't really want/need to spend money on people who have everything - so do something simple and fun.

This is cute.  They are using Tootsie Pops as the reindeer noses.  You could use smaller or different types of lollipops and make snowmen, topper for a Christmas tree,   The center of a star or bell.  Use a little imaginations and have fun!
Scrabble ornaments.  Too cute.  Get a Scrabble game at the thrift store (it doesn't have to be complete) and use up those letters.  Hot glue together and add a cute little ribbon or twine on top for a hanger.
Toilet paper tubes can be turned into cute little Santa's or snowmen.  Fill with smaller pieces of wrapped candy, mini candy canes,  or mints
Old Christmas/holiday cards cut and used as jar toppers.  You can fill jars with hard wrapped candy or M&M's or Skittles or mini candy canes, etc.
A little cardboard and pieces of fabric and ribbon make a cut little 'book'.  Fill with snowman 'poop' Tic Tac packs.  Make up your own saying and use different flavors.

I love these.  Click on picture to enlarge to read.   These are fun and will be cute decorations in the bathroom until paper is needed!!!!!!!

Just a few fun and frugal ideas for the person who has everything!!!!  Each of the items here in these suggestions can be USED as well!  I love gag gifts!

Never forget about homemade cookies and candies as well.  Those cost a bit more, but make lovely gifts.  Just have fun and make someone laugh or smile this year.  No need to always be serious!


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What is Poor?

I was recently watching a You Tube video about what poor is.  Homestead Tessie and her husband were disagreeing on the meaning.  She says poor is a state of mind - he says it is a reality.
What do you think?

I think it is a bit of both.  I like to think there is more to "poor" than money.  I have health, family, friends, a home, pets, clean water, food, nature to enjoy, blue skies to see, freedom (for now), I have a sense of peace and comfort.  I have ENOUGH.

I can also understand the reality of it.   If you are homeless, cold, or do not have food to fill yours or your families bellies - that is awful.  If you have to decide between eating or buying medications, that is awful.  There are many things that that shouldn't be in todays society.  But, they are a reality here and in other countries.  What we waste, would be heavenly blessings to people in third world countries.
There are many things that can happen in life to take away our finances and security.
Misfortune can take away security - but so can NOT having any kind of plan EVER!

I remember having NO extra money growing up.  Daddy worked 2 jobs much of our childhood, and Momma worked part time to make extra money.  They grew our food and preserved it.  Our clothes were made by hand.  Momma also took in laundry and sewing for other people.  Dad bartered with people, he hunted and fished.  We did whatever was necessary to survive.  We lived in the oldest house in the neighborhood.  I remember those things, but I remember the wonderful family get togethers, the special holidays, the pretty birthday cakes Mom made, and all the special times more than I remember being poor!

Many people live in poverty  today.  There are many who never rise above it, and there are others who are determined to rise above AND DO!  It can be done.
You can be monetarily poor and still be rich in spirit!!!!!!!

I remember when I worked in the building/home industry and hearing about the homes our workers went to.  They were in the elite neighborhoods and huge big new homes.  Even after living there for a few years, many were still void of furniture.  They had that ADDRESS that they thought made them look good.  They rented furniture for events.  That to me is a form of poor.  It has nothing to do with money - but that they would  value themselves by only material things.  Pitiful, sad, and poor of values.

I live in a very small home.  It is not a high end neighborhood at all.  It is very close to bad areas.  Stuff happens.  I don't have a model dream kitchen.  I don't have multiple bedrooms with baths to accompany them.  I don't have the newest and finest things (I am happy if you do).  BUT it is MINE!!!!!  It is cozy and comfortable and I love it.   I could live happily with even less.
I know there are people in this world that would think I am totally rich.  There are others that would think I live in the ghetto.  It is all a matter of perspective.  
You will always be rich to someone and you will always be poor to someone else.  

I am often criticized by some family, because I spend a chunk of change on all the animals both kitties and nature.  They say I should be saving that money.  FOR WHAT?  I understand we need to survive, but we also need to do what makes us happy.  Things could tank tomorrow and we can lose everything.  I can have all the money in the world, and I am still going to die and I am still only going to get a 6' deep piece of real estate in the end.  
I am not going to live beyond my means at all - but I do want to be happy and use what I have.  I can't take it with me!!!!!!

If money were a guarantee to happiness, then all those idiots in Hollywood would be over the moon happy all the time.  Life would be perfect.  We all know IT ISN'T!!!!!!!

I hope that we each are thankful for what we have - no matter what the situation is.  I think a positive attitude is appreciation for what we DO have.  We may not have total control over our socio-economic  place on earth, but we have complete control over our attitude.

I think "what is poor?" is a loaded and maybe complicated question to many.  I am curious as to what others think.

As for me - I am rich in the Lord and the treasures promised in heaven.
If I have that - I am good.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/3

Good morning everyone.
I hope you all remembered the stupid time change!!!!  Yes, that is how I feel.  They need to just leave it alone.  They say "oh, you get an extra hour of sleep".  Obviously they have never owned any kind of animal.  They don't care what the clock says - they want to eat at 'eating time'!!!

We have had quite a weather week.  Cold, sun, wind, rain, snow - you name it.  Halloween was miserable all day and all night.  That was our first snow of the season.  It didn't last, but it was nasty.  We have had our first hard freeze as well (woke to that Nov. 1).
Friday the leaves were falling from the tulip poplar tree like rain drops or snowflakes.  Constant dropping all day!  It was kind of pretty.  The maple tree hasn't lost much yet.  That cold snap did make the colors change drastically on the trees that were still green.

My week:
  • I FINALLY got all the stuff at the bank taken care of - 3rd time was a charm.  One more thing off the to-do list
  • I made a run to the feed store - and got stocked up pretty darn good.  I discovered a good use for the non-working chest freezer in the garage.  It is a great mouse proof storage area for bags of seed!
  • I received a lovely bouquet of fall colored flowers last Sunday from my brother and SIL for my birthday.  So sweet.  They are just as pretty today as they were last Sunday.
  • I ran into Lowes the day I went to the bank and returned all the extras that were purchased for 'in case' while doing the plumbing in bathroom.  Received a credit of $46.
  • Laundered all the bedding and added a thinner 'grandma' made quilt under the comforter.  I keep the house pretty chilly at night (I get so hot at night) and the quilt is almost too much.  I don't want to be HOT at night.  The quilt is actually thinner than any blanket I have, so I will leave it on.
  • Got all the water bowls set up with electric to keep them from freezing for all the animals.
  • Added extra blankies to kitty beds (in greenhouse) and set up heating mat (they love it)
  • I got taken out 2 more times for meals.  Wednesday friends from over 40+ years took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Thursday relatives took me to Taco Bell (my choice).
  • Pulled out the plants in the actual garden plot and removed cages.  Now it is ready for added leaves as I gather them.
  • I did run to Kroger on Friday - they had 3X gas points on meat, fresh produce, floral, and seafood.  I got some salad fixings, 3 bags of 1/2 off candy (thought for holiday - but it won't make it that long!).  Found 18 oz. jar candles B1G1 (5.99/2) .  They smell heavenly.  I may go get more for that price before sale ends.  I got 2 boxes of 10 each - hot chocolate mix on clearance for .79 each.  Those will work in my cups being filled for gifts.  My DEAL was 12 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken breasts for about $11!!!!!!!  It was a markdown and will last me all winter.  WOOHOO!  What a deal. (about .91/lb.)
  • I am still eating tomatoes I grew.  I will probably have enough to last for a couple/three weeks yet.
My menu this past week:
Homemade tacos
Egg rolls (homemade)
Potato soup (from freezer) and grilled ham/cheese sandwich
Lasagna (taken out)
Nachos Supreme (taken out)
Bacon/Swiss burger and small salad
Turkey cakes and small salad

TURKEY CAKES:  I used a box of cornbread style Stove Top stuffing mix, 1 C HOT water, 3 eggs, and  2 C shredded turkey (I found in freezer).  Add water to stuffing mix to dampen - let it set 5 minutes.  Add beaten eggs and meat (you could use less meat).  Mix well and fry about 5 minutes on each side.  I used my non-stick griddle to avoid grease.
OH MY GOODNESS, they were yummy.  The recipe on the package called for 12 oz. crab meat (I will do that another time).  It said it makes 6 cakes - I got 8.
This would be a fantastic idea for leftovers at Thanksgiving (just add eggs). You could also use diced ham instead of crab or turkey.
Meat, bread, eggs and veggies in salad - pretty well rounded dinner.  I have plenty left too! (going to freeze them)

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  Are you getting all stocked up for the winter and holidays?  Hopefully baking and poultry & ham deals will be starting soon.  Take advantage while you can.
I sure envy those in the southern hemisphere on the mornings where the temps are in the 20's here.  Good grief, I am over it already, and I have a whole winter to go!!!!  LOL
It would be nice if the temperature just kind of mellowed and didn't get so nasty.  Oh well, such is life in Indiana.

I pray for you and your families that you may stay safe and healthy.  I hope you have many good deals and blessings this week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.