Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

I decided to talk about our holiday safety after the incident with the car last week.
We have now entered that time of the year that people do very unacceptable things.  It is sad.

Desperate people - desperate acts?  People just being mean?  People being greedy?  People just breaking all societal rules?  Whatever it is - it's wrong.
We all have worked hard for what we have, and NO ONE has the right to vandalize us or take our things.  NO ONE for NO REASON!!!!!!  If you are desperate - ask for help.  There are people and places that can help.

There are just some basic things that we all need to keep in mind to stay safe during the upcoming holidays.
  • Don't place packages under your tree IF they can be seen from outdoors.  That is tempting fate and inviting intruders (sadly).  Keep all packages out of the line of sight from windows and doors.
  • If you have porch lights or security lights make sure you use them.  Motion detecting lights are great.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • If you have deliveries coming - keep track of delivery information via computer.  Unattended packages  are being taken every where by 'porch bandits'.  Have deliveries made to work or to a trusted neighbor IF you work.  I noticed last week UPS delivered 2X in a couple days to the house across the street and just dropped it on the porch - no knocking or ringing the bell to alert.  That is just wrong!!!!  I was delivered a flat parcel earlier this summer (a check) and the driver just threw it on the porch. I happened to be out and saw him (from back yard) and went out front.  That could have been a nightmare had the insurance check been stolen.  STAY AWARE OF DELIVERIES
  • Place your outgoing mail in boxes at the P.O. - do not place in your mailbox for mailman pick-up if at possible.  Many creeps watch for flags to be up and take mail - hoping to find checks or GC's.  Gather your mail quickly as well (if at all possible).
  • Do NOT 'advertise' on social media that you are going on vacation or are going to be away from home for an extended period.  Bad people watch for that - it is an invitation to them!
  • If you are gone - keep curtains, blinds closed.
  • Be ever vigilant of your surroundings when out shopping - DAY or NIGHT.  Keep your eyes open and stay alert
  • Keep your car locked at all times
  • Do not leave handbag, phone. computers, chargers, anything of value in your car.  Clear out the vehicle before shopping and make sure you have your handbag and phone with you
  • Keep your phone and your keys on your person when shopping!  Not in your handbag.  If by some awful chance someone gets your purse - you still have a means to call for help and you can still get home
  • I really hate taking a handbag with me when shopping during the holidays.  I either keep a very small one with a strap on it under my coat and out of sight or I use an old fashion 'fanny pack'.  I want my things close
  • Leave extra charge cards or extra money - that you won't be using AT HOME
  • Park in well lit areas if shopping at night - and best yet make sure you have a buddy with you
  • Do NOT leave parcels in plain sight in your vehicle.  Place them in your trunk or back end of an SUV and covered.  Don't ADVERTISE that "I have been shopping all day"!
It is a sad state that we have to be worried about such things, but there are evil people out there who would rather steal from you than have to provide by working or spending their own money.
Stay alert this holiday season.
Keep your home and vehicle locked and watch your surrounding at all times.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


  1. It is sad that our society has come to this. Good list of tips for people to keep in mind.
    We have not had a problem YET but our UPS driver just leaves things on the porch without even ringing the bell. We live a good area but you still never know now who could be watching and waiting. There are a lot of desperate people out there along with people who think if they want something it is OK to take it from someone else. It's just sad to me.

    1. Lori - I really don't think the area has much to do with it today. I see things on the news every week about really upscale neighborhoods and normal neighborhoods all having the same problem. It is terribly sad.

      You are right, people have become accustomed to thinking they can take what want and heck with everyone else.

      Hope this saves someone some grief.

  2. I agree with both you and Lori. What a sad world we live in these days. I no longer leave mail in our mailbox for the carrier to pick up regardless of what I'm mailing. Identity theft is rampant and I don't want to give the bad guys any advantage.

    1. Absolutely - that is a whole other problem with identity theft. Times sure have changed and people have become bolder and nastier.

  3. You are correct Cheryl, it is everywhere. What I meant by 'good area' is small town that watches out for everyone. We had an office chair delivered from amazon that was sitting on our porch and we had a text from a neighbor telling us it was there. lol It took me a long time to get used to living in such a small community but it is good to know people are watching out for you.

    1. That is fantastic that you all watch out for each other. My closest neighbors and I do the same - but one day someone isn't going to see and BOOM.
      I think I would like a small town!

  4. I stopped getting one of my meds, the $4979.00 a month med becasue they were mailing it and throwing it on the porch. I pay a 20.00 co-pay now to pick it up at the pharmacy, it is worth the money to me.

    Funny story that happened to my friend years ago at Christmas.

    She and her sister were going out to holiday shop. They were in a pickup truck and they hit a cat on a country road on the way into town. Rather than leave the animal they put it in a plastic bag from a prominent store in town and put it in the back of the pickup. They did the shopping and when they came out saw a woman pull the bag from the back of the truck. They followed her. She never looked in the bag just headed for the store with the bag hoping to return the item and receive the money back. They followed her and just as she approached the store she opened the bag and screamed and fell backward hitting her head on the hard floor. Of course security was called and an ambulance, she was carted off and the bag with the dead cat was placed on top of her as she was strapped to the gurney. Can you imagine? What happened to the next people who found the poor cat?

    1. First I am reeling that meds can cost that stinking much!!!! Oh my goodness. I am so very thankful I take nothing but vitamins. WOW
      Secondly - poor kitty - BUT I am busting a gut laughing. Oh what a sight that had to have been. Then strapping it to her on the gurney!!! LOL
      That is called payback BIG TIME. She got more than what she deserved!

      Again, poor kitty.

  5. I am always surprised by the US mail system of having unlocked post boxes. Here we have letter boxes in our front door or lockable boxes outside. Outgoing mail is put into a letterbox which is only accessible to the postman. I have often wondered about theft especially with identity fraud common.

    1. Jean, yes most of our homes have mail put in an unlocked box right at the house and often at the curb. We can put things out for the postman to pick-up, but it is just safer to take them to the post office as no one but them can access that box.
      I guess some homes may still have a mail slot in the door of the house - but I imagine not many do (in U.S.)
      It really isn't that safe of a system today, considering all the fraud that happens.

  6. If you are an Amazon Prime member they now have pickup service at a physical store for your items. My area has 22 pickup locations. All in safe stores. I know Prime costs but safety is the most valuable thing in the world. Knowing I can pickup items, especially high ticket items, at a store with law enforcement is really worth the membership. One of my stores an off duty officer will help you to the car with your expensive purchase.

    My mailman throws packages on the doorstep without ringing the doorbell. He is also thrown my mail in the mud because he was too lazy to put in a box. Watched him do that to every house on our block. I have reported him but it really doesn't do anything.

    1. That is a neat service. I know on our local Free/market trade places - many meet at the local police stations to trade goods. The stations have all added extra spots just for that and they are monitored.
      That is horrible that the mailman would do that. Shameful that the PO would do nothing about it! I am lucky and have had the same mailman the entire time I have lived here. He knows me and is very mindful of making sure I get anything that may not fit in the box that comes through the PO.

  7. Thanks for the tips!
    Our next door neighbor's garage was broken into several months ago. Sad world we live in, and it seems to be getting crazier.

  8. This is all good advice Cheryl. Last year I made my Grandies a large quilted Advent Calendar. This was posted off to them in plenty of time. Somewhere between here and their home, the parcel went missing. I still feel really angry that someone would take a parcel that is destined as a Christmas gift. Karma has a way of coming around and smacking the nasty people between the eyes.

    1. Thanks. Isn't that sad. Something you worked hard on and something for a child. I will never understand people who do mean things.
      Yep, Karma will bite them in the -----!