Sunday, November 24, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/24

Good morning.  Hope this finds you all well.
We have had another cornucopia of weather this week.  Normal 50's, rain, wind, cold, freezing, you name it.  They predicted snow yesterday, but that didn't happen.  We had a rainy and windy day and it was cold, but it all ended before the temps dipped into the snow range!

There have been so many birds and squirrels - little buggers sure are hungry! The bird songs have been glorious.  Some time each day, I just stand there and listen - so many pretty songs.

It's been a week for family.  My brother, niece and nephew-in-law all had surgeries within 2 days.  My brother had ear surgery and they rebuilt his ear drum (that is amazing), my niece had surgery on the veins in her leg, and her husband had stints put in.  All are doing well as of today!!!!!  God is good.
Talked with brother and sister about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.
Been working on getting my holiday list all finalized.  Talked to several grown nieces and nephews about their kids.   All the kids are becoming teens - and are getting hard to buy for.  Got some ideas.  So making my list and checking it twice!

My week:
  • I raked and swept leaves 2 more times this week and this morning the yard is full again!  The maple tree is slowing letting go of it's dressings! 
Heavy, heavy frost this morning on the leaves in the garden.  It truly was a pretty sight.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
  • I received a $5/$30 coupon for Aldi
  • Ran to Aldi, Kroger, and Big Lots.  Aldi I used the coupon to get an assortment of different and fun things for the Christmas baskets.
  • At Kroger I got a couple more items that I needed to complete more jar recipes.  I also got myself some mandarins.  3 lbs./2.49.  Tasty little things.  I also found 2 boxes of roasted soy nuts on clearance.  They make such a crunchy, tasty and healthy snack.
  • Big Lots - to look for gift ideas.   OK - I found them!!!!!!!  Filled raspberry candies!  $2.25/bag.  I got 2 bags - because I wasn't sure if they would be what I remembered.  THEY WERE.  I will be getting more.  They also had variety bags of filled hard candies and just the plain Christmas hard candies (no filling) - all for 2.25!
  • I trimmed my hair
  • Made several egg rolls and froze a few for another day
  • Put up one new set of mini blinds (I had on hand - my windows are  all the same size and I always keep a couple new sets just in case)
  • Started soaking and washing other mini blinds.  My goodness those things get dirty!  Dusting them just doesn't do the job in my opinion.  I have a couple more sets to do.
  • I took everything down in the bathroom and finally got to painting.  I have the  primer on and some of the painting done.  I plan to finish the 'paint' part today.  So much to do!!!!
  • I refinished the stand alone wooden cabinet in the bathroom
  • Put up a little ceramic Christmas tree
  • Eating from home, making tea, cooking from scratch, deep cleaning and working on some holiday projects - just all the normal stuff

My meals this past week:
Sauteed zucchini/mushrooms over rice and topped with cheese
Veggie egg rolls (homemade)
Open face cheeseburger, sliced tomatoes and slaw  (still eating garden tomatoes!)
Taco salad
Can of Chunky fajita chicken soup with cheese added and tortilla chips instead of crackers
Ham/cream cheese/olive/tomato roll-up
Beef/veggie stir fry served over Frito's topped with cheese (don't judge me!!!!!!  LOL)

How was your week?  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  All the goodies purchased or are your using what you have?  I may get out a turkey breast to fix the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I love me some turkey leftovers!
It is doubtful that I will do any 'Black Friday' shopping.  Just too many people to contend with.  Not buying a lot of 'things' any how.  My gifts will be goody baskets, gift cards and money.  Better to stay home and save money!
I do plan on going to another craft bazaar the Saturday after Thanksgiving - it's at a local high school.  Basically, because it is something different to do!!
What have you got planned this week?
I plan on finishing my painting and more deep cleaning!

I hope you continue to check in this week.  My days of posting may be different, because of the holiday - but I will be posting.  If you are busy all week and don't get back here - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I pray for your health and safety.  Wishing you all a lovely and productive week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. A few things I have made over the years for teens are movie baskets(candy, microwave popcorn, a bottle of soda and a gift card), car basket if they have a car(air freshener, bucket, soap, wax, car sponge, rags, car charger) and coffee basket( mug, coffee, syrup, travel mug, cookies and coffee gift card). You can leave out the gift cards if you don't want to spend too much. They have all been well received.

    1. Those are great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Gives me some new ideas for sure.

  2. I love your ideas for baskets. I made a couple this week for my friends and they were just everything baskets I think. Cookies, towels, cups, soft socks, and hot cocoa. I had a two pack of the soft socks so I just pulled it apart and used one pair for each basket.
    Have a great day!

    1. Great idea. Sounds like a nice warm night inside basket! They will love them!
      Have a good one.

  3. Wow, That's cool you were able to find the candy. We have a Big Lots here, I'll have to check it out! I'm working on baskets for my siblings too.

    1. I couldn't believe it! Just walking through the Christmas aisle and looked up and there it was. Must have been meant to be. Let me know if you can't get it at yours - I'll make sure you get some!
      I bet your siblings will love them - all homemade goodies I bet!

  4. I'm glad your family is doing well after their surgeries this week.

    Wow, what a great coupon for Aldi, those are hard to come by here.

    We once lived in a house with a fenced in back yard and we took the mini blinds out there and hung them over the fence and went to town on them with hot soapy water and the hose. It was a good way to do a dirty job.

    Your menu sounds delicious. I made Tacos for dinner today as my Dad is still in town and requested them.

    I hope you have a great week, Cheryl. :)

    1. I was surprised to see the coupon on the front of the paper one day.
      I would take mine outside if it was summer. I have done that before too. Works great. never even gave it a thought this summer, so I figured now that I know just how dirty they are - it was time!

      Glad you got a visit with your dad.
      Have a good one.

  5. Look at all your productiveness. I'm envious. Working FT definitely gets in the way of getting much more than the necessities done. Saturdays have been filled with other things and Sunday is always church stuff or RnR (much needed.)
    I am making baskets for the ddils. A Thirty-one bag, a fluffy fleece throw, a StarBucks giftcard &/or Mug with Tea or Coffee and cozy socks. They each requested a kitchen "helper" (Instant Pot & Food Processor) so their other gift will be this basket. I told Farmer he was responsible for our grown sons this year. I have no ideas and I pick & buy for all the grands. Just need to finalize ordering for those. I will get my mom a box of books from Hamilton Books and I think I'll make her a cozy basket like the girls and a photo books of all our family photos. Finally will be the "Thank You" gifts for the postman, UPS man, Hair stylist, Pastor & family, SS teacher & family and our farm landlords.
    Farmer & I won't get each other a gift this year. We just get what we want/need when we need it so that takes out that stress. (We both think the other is hard to buy for. LOL)
    Thanksgiving: I believe all the groceries are purchased. The local kids are bringing a veggie tray & a cheesecake. I'll be making a turkey breast & spiral ham; mashed tators & gravy; stuffing, green bean casserole; fruit salad, rolls and pumpkin pie. We will need to eat after the babies' naps so late afternoon meal for us. I only have 1 item(x3) to get on Black Friday. I keep watching the websites for pre-BF sales. It's an electronic, so I'm not sure if it's better to wait until Cyber Monday.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all the readers.

    1. The cozy baskets sound heavenly. Something nice for a cold winter's evening! Those all sound very thoughtful.
      My mailman always gets something - I will probably get a GC for him. We have had the same guy for 34 years!
      Glen & I quit giving each other gifts years ago. We had always gotten what we wanted when we wanted it and didn't seem to make much sense to spend money on things not needed. Just being together was enough. I will sure miss him this year.

      Your menu sounds delish and very traditional. That is a lot of what I have always fixed as well.
      Have a lovely visit with your family and many blessings to you all!

  6. Cheryl, I admire how you plan your menu even though it's only for one. I just can't get inspired when hubby doesn't desire to eat so it's just me. Hoping I'll do better after the holidays.

    1. It is hard to do. I didn't eat much besides sandwiches for a while. I just eat whatever sounds good.
      I pray for your husband, and hope he is doing well.

  7. So glad your family is doing ok after surgery, but 3 surgeries in 2 days is rough.
    Glad you were able to find your raspberry candies. Enjoy! My dad used to love those hard christmas candies and chocolate covered cherries.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are able to spend time with family. I know the holidays are hard. Sending hugs and prayers.

    1. It sure was something, having so many surgeries so close.
      I think I will be spending time with my brother's family this Thanksgiving. Yes, I would just be content staying home by myself, but I know that probably isn't healthy!
      Thank you sweet lady. Enjoy your day.

  8. I am glad your families surgeries went well. I wish them a full and speedy recovery. I had my ear drum rebuilt. My heart goes out to your brother.

    Teens love gift cards, trinkets. You don't have to be fancy. My favorite teen gifts were costume jewelry and stickers. Still to this day that is still my favorite gifts, lol. I am in my 40's. :)

    You had such a productive week. Thanksgiving is quiet for my DH & I. We are getting a pizza from Casey's. Nothing fancy. It would be a waste for us to make all the traditional food because of pickiness, allergies, etc..

    We might walk around WalMart after dinner for the fun of it. Our WalMart has a party neighborhood Black Friday. I live on the outskirts of town so all the heavy Black Friday shoppers are hitting stores in town. Our WalMart is shopped by everyone that lives in the area. Our WalMart has lots of desserts they give out. Everyone walks around and catches up. We just spend the Holidays with each other. It's a lot of fun. I don't have plans to buy anything. Just want to say hi to everyone.

    I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes, the kids will get GC's, money and treat baskets they can keep in their rooms (for themselves or to share with friends).
      I might make a turkey breast Friday or Saturday - I love leftover turkey!

      That sounds like fun at the WM. Around here, it is just people fighting like crazy for the best deal. I used to go, but it isn't worth it any more.
      Have a great T-Day pizza! ENJOY

  9. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully the snow stays away.

    1. Thanks you so much. No snow here in the forecast!!!!! YAY
      Hopeful you gone none either.
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  10. You really painted a room? I am so jealous. I need to paint this whole darn house and I am frozen with fear. Yikes!

    1. Yes I did. I have originally painted this whole house - but nothing and I mean nothing has been repainted in over 20 years. Can we say it's due???

      This was the bathroom - so small and only half walls to be painted, the rest is paper. I figure start with the smallest room and work my way up. It all needs done.

      It is really easy - once the walls are clear.

  11. Any tips for washing the mini blinds? I usually just replace them, which is so wasteful. Not sure I've ever washed them.

    We are going to sister's for Thanksgiving (same town) and I am supposed to bring the original green bean casserole and cran/orange relish! Pretty easy...Publix makes the relish for me :)

    I have never seen an Aldi coupon. Good for you!

    I am sure these holidays are hard for you, missing Glen. Hugs from afar...

    Hubby and I exchange 2 gifts since the grandchildren don't "get it" if we have no presents to open. Our adult kids usually get us gift cards. I have bought my own gifts and wrapped them. (made hubby sign the card! haha.) Same with the stockings---they would be crushed if ours were I fill them too.

    1. That is funny on the gifts and stockings. Too cute!
      On the blinds I have done them outside before when nice - but I left them the length of the window and just added a little bleach and Dawn to my bathtub and hot water. I then laid then doubled over a couple times in the water and soaked. I used a very sift scrub brush and just went over them a few times.

      I stood there and held them until most of the water was done dripping and then put them back up.
      It wasn't hard just cumbersome. But they are pretty and clean now.

      Thank you so much for the hugs! Have a fun tim on T day

  12. Hi Cheryl, I don’t have plans to shop on Black Friday.
    A local farm store has the shoes I like 1/2 price on Thanksgiving afternoon. As much as I’d like a bargain, I don’t see myself shopping that day either.
    I agree that window blinds get so dusty.
    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving ❤️

    1. Just too many people out there. I hate that stores are open on Thanksgiving. Gee, I remember when the sidewalks rolled-up on Sundays. That was nice.
      Have a good one too!