Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What is Poor?

I was recently watching a You Tube video about what poor is.  Homestead Tessie and her husband were disagreeing on the meaning.  She says poor is a state of mind - he says it is a reality.
What do you think?

I think it is a bit of both.  I like to think there is more to "poor" than money.  I have health, family, friends, a home, pets, clean water, food, nature to enjoy, blue skies to see, freedom (for now), I have a sense of peace and comfort.  I have ENOUGH.

I can also understand the reality of it.   If you are homeless, cold, or do not have food to fill yours or your families bellies - that is awful.  If you have to decide between eating or buying medications, that is awful.  There are many things that that shouldn't be in todays society.  But, they are a reality here and in other countries.  What we waste, would be heavenly blessings to people in third world countries.
There are many things that can happen in life to take away our finances and security.
Misfortune can take away security - but so can NOT having any kind of plan EVER!

I remember having NO extra money growing up.  Daddy worked 2 jobs much of our childhood, and Momma worked part time to make extra money.  They grew our food and preserved it.  Our clothes were made by hand.  Momma also took in laundry and sewing for other people.  Dad bartered with people, he hunted and fished.  We did whatever was necessary to survive.  We lived in the oldest house in the neighborhood.  I remember those things, but I remember the wonderful family get togethers, the special holidays, the pretty birthday cakes Mom made, and all the special times more than I remember being poor!

Many people live in poverty  today.  There are many who never rise above it, and there are others who are determined to rise above AND DO!  It can be done.
You can be monetarily poor and still be rich in spirit!!!!!!!

I remember when I worked in the building/home industry and hearing about the homes our workers went to.  They were in the elite neighborhoods and huge big new homes.  Even after living there for a few years, many were still void of furniture.  They had that ADDRESS that they thought made them look good.  They rented furniture for events.  That to me is a form of poor.  It has nothing to do with money - but that they would  value themselves by only material things.  Pitiful, sad, and poor of values.

I live in a very small home.  It is not a high end neighborhood at all.  It is very close to bad areas.  Stuff happens.  I don't have a model dream kitchen.  I don't have multiple bedrooms with baths to accompany them.  I don't have the newest and finest things (I am happy if you do).  BUT it is MINE!!!!!  It is cozy and comfortable and I love it.   I could live happily with even less.
I know there are people in this world that would think I am totally rich.  There are others that would think I live in the ghetto.  It is all a matter of perspective.  
You will always be rich to someone and you will always be poor to someone else.  

I am often criticized by some family, because I spend a chunk of change on all the animals both kitties and nature.  They say I should be saving that money.  FOR WHAT?  I understand we need to survive, but we also need to do what makes us happy.  Things could tank tomorrow and we can lose everything.  I can have all the money in the world, and I am still going to die and I am still only going to get a 6' deep piece of real estate in the end.  
I am not going to live beyond my means at all - but I do want to be happy and use what I have.  I can't take it with me!!!!!!

If money were a guarantee to happiness, then all those idiots in Hollywood would be over the moon happy all the time.  Life would be perfect.  We all know IT ISN'T!!!!!!!

I hope that we each are thankful for what we have - no matter what the situation is.  I think a positive attitude is appreciation for what we DO have.  We may not have total control over our socio-economic  place on earth, but we have complete control over our attitude.

I think "what is poor?" is a loaded and maybe complicated question to many.  I am curious as to what others think.

As for me - I am rich in the Lord and the treasures promised in heaven.
If I have that - I am good.


  1. your posting was a great start to my day!!

    1. Thank you Bettina. I appreciate you letting me know.
      Be blessed

  2. Great post Cheryl! It is funny how everyone looks at this differently based on what they value. We are frugal, we have a 1200 sq foot home. All of my family doesn't understand why we chose to have "such a small home". It is perfect for us. I value a comfortable home, food on the table and my husband and I's health. We have a stocked pantry and freezer with months worth of all we need. We try to prepare for the worst but honestly we can't prepare for everything. When I was confirmed at the age of 13 we had to pick a bible verse that would be our mantra through life. I chose...Be strong and of good courage, be not frightened nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I couldn't have picked a better verse. This verse has always gotten me through whatever trials we ran into. I think you were spot on when you said a lot of it is your mindset.

    1. Yes, it is different for everyone. I totally understand - why don't you get a bigger place. It was plenty for 2 and now more than plenty for me.

      You picked an absolutely perfect verse - that is one we should all follow all the days of our lives.

      Our mindset can get us through a lot. My faith and my belief in a BETTER day and place has gotten me through the past few months for sure. It wouldn't have happened with God.

      Blessings to you

  3. I think poor is a state of mind. I think broke is a condition. Mexico sure does open your eyes to poor. We are rich in this country is so many ways. I also get a lot of crap from my family on how I spend money, or how I don't. I have been without enough to pay my bills most of my lief and I will admit this was a lot of my own doing. But I had to learn to scrimp and save and do without many of the luxuries my sisters had. I also don't have any really expensive bad habits which helps. My sister says I have PTSD on spending money.

    1. Other countries can surely open our eyes to all we have - even if we are at the bottom.
      I agree, broke is a condition - and we often times create it ourselves. Been there and done that!
      You have done so well and have set a huge goal and you are almost there. You should be proud! Pooh on the naysayers!

      It is ok if you have PTSD about money - I think we all have it a bit about something.
      March forward and onward!!!!!!

  4. Being frugal doesn't mean being cheap. I watch my pennies carefully but I still contribute to charitable organizations. If one of your charitable contributions includes feeding the wildlife and you gain enjoyment from it, don't let your family tell you otherwise!

    I live frugally to ensure financial stability but also to ensure that when I spend my money, it is spent intentionally.

    1. I love your last sentence. EXACTLY!!!!!!
      I do the same. I watch my pennies here and there, and that allows me to do what makes me happy in other places.

      I guess I should have said it is only a couple people who think I nuts - but I don't put much stock in their opinions anymore. My money - my life. I don't ask anyone for anything or expect anything - so it shouldn't bother others!

      Thank you for your words!

  5. Love your last sentence...you are rich in the Lord and the treasures promised in heaven...
    We are daughters of the King!

    I don't think Mom and Dad had a lot of money, but I had everything I needed and most of what I wanted. I had a happy childhood with the best parents. Lots of good memories.
    We had enough, so how can that be poor?

    Do what makes you happy. You don't have to answer to anyone. If your critters and kitties bring you joy, they are worth it.
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I am proud to say I am a daughter of the King. I have many friends here that are as well! That makes me happy.

      Same here. I know NOW that we didn't have money. I didn't know that then. I had a great upbringing and had a great childhood. My parents really couldn't have made me any happier.
      True! My kitties and critters bring me happiness and joy each day and they give me purpose. That may sound trite - but that helps me get up each and every morning. They are what I have in this house to love on now.

      Blessings my friend!

  6. Love this post and so agree! I love to look at real estate listings online. I’m surprised by all the fine homes with cheap Furniture that looks like it was put together from a box. We call this being house poor.

    1. Thank you. I would rather be lacking in money and things - and have the joys of family and friendship.
      I feel so sad for the people who spend their whole lives trying to impress others.

  7. I find Maslow's pyramid of needs useful in defining poverty ( https://www.theschooloflife.com/thebookoflife/the-importance-of-maslows-pyramid-of-needs/)

    That is to say, if those basic needs of a human being, whether material or psychological or spiritual are not met, then there is poverty. It's a real thing.

    But if those are met, then you are rich, no matter how basic the level of your material possessions. So the answer to poverty isn't in accumulating more and more material goods, but once the basic material needs are taken care of, in attending to our psychological and spiritual needs.

    After all, the material has an expiration date. Dust eventually returns to dust. But the connections we make create ripples that go on forever, and the soul is eternal.

    So, as the Maslow pyramid puts it, we have to attend to the material - air, water, food, shelter, clothing and rest - first, because that's the foundation of the pyramid and without it we can't build upwards. But you don't build a strong edifice by continuing to work on the foundations forever, which is what people who devote themselves to accumulation of material stuff are trying to do. You build upwards, so you add security and safety, and once that is attended to, the next layer of intimacy, friendship, connections. Then self esteem and feeling of accomplishment. And finally self actualisation, striving to be the best we can be. The spiritual stuff. And the higher a need is up the pyramid, the higher its importance and the need to devote your time to it - but you can't reach these higher layers until you built strong lower layers first. Miss out a layer, and the pyramid falls - but spend too much energy on the lower ones, and you have no edifice. Both equal poverty. Build it right, maintain it right, give the top layers the majority of your energies, and you are rich beyond conpare Even if you live in a tiny house in a shabby neighbourhood and only own one pair of shoes :-)

    1. I agree. Simply put, if you are happy with what you have in life, regardless to how little - makes you rich. It is not a monetary thing in my eyes. There are many with all the money and things you can imagine and their lives are miserable. I see them as poor.
      We make our richness, by how we appreciate and love that, that is around us.

  8. I agree with all of that Cheryl. As a child, I was emotionally poor, devoid of love, often beaten and felt afraid, but was given shelter and food and eventually just got on with things.I was determined to do things differently with my son and I did. He helped me grow into the woman I am today.

    1. I am so sorry you went through that as a youngster. I know many have and that is dreadful.
      I am glad you MADE THE DECISION to change life up and did it. I am sure you have a very grateful son.
      God bless.

  9. Poor is a state of mind. Poverty is reality. They really are two different things. This is my favorite quote on poverty- "Poverty is paying your phone bill from the money you got from selling you're phone."

    My husband builds those elite homes. You are right about lack of furniture. He will go back a year later to add an addition and there is still no furniture. I always comment to my DH every year during the holidays that the rich homes are not decorated for the holidays. You don't see the pretty lights or those little things that show the love of holidays. Go to a poorer neighborhood there are lights, decorations and all sorts of personality.

    Don't let your family criticize you for spoiling your animal babies and animal friends. Your family is in the wrong. Sure you can save that money but for what? To be unhappy, not to have hummingbirds come up and say hi to you every day or squirrels begging you for treats. I rather have that in a million years than a substantial savings. Savings might equate happiness to some but happiness to me is love. Lots and lots of love. I noticed when family criticize about money they are worried about what they are going to get from you, like are they going to get an inheritance or are you going to spend it on animals? :)

    1. It really is amazing how important "an address" is to many people. I just don't get it.
      I WILL spend my money in a way that makes ME happy for sure. I love nature and my fur babies so much and they give me joy. I feel closer to them than I do many people!!!!!

      Glen was always the same way. He loved watching the animals and nature. He used to brag that we spent more on them than we did for our food! LOL. I will continue to love them all as long as I possibly can.

  10. Great post and I could not agree more!

  11. Loved this post of yours! You just never know what life will bring.