Sunday, November 10, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/10

Good morning everyone.  Hope this finds you well and safe.
Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood - but that will soon end!  It is supposed to get really cold again this week with highs in just the 30's and nights in the teens!!!  YIKES
We are supposed to get and inch or two of snow Monday into Tuesday as well.
Friday was the coldest day since March.  Saturday warmed up a bit and today will be good.  I plan to do some raking today before the snow flies and the super cold hits.

I had a BIG opossum come to my yard to pass on to opossum heaven this week.  That thing was so big.  It was totally stretched out and it's body (only body - not tail) was about 2' long.  I am sure it weighed between 20 and 25 lbs.  I saw it out there during the day Friday and it was not able to use it's back legs - must have gotten hit.  Poor thing.  I noticed it went and curled up in the dog house - then by morning it had moved to just under the shed.  I saw it's position and waited a couple hours to make sure it hadn't moved - then I knew it was dead.
It seems like things come here to die.  I don't know if they feel safe here, or know that they have fed here, or perhaps God just knows I am sympathetic to all creatures.  I have had so many animals come here and pass.  It makes me sad, no matter what the critter is.  I always say a little prayer over them.

My week:
  • Took advantage of one slightly warmer day to empty and clean the rain barrels.  Got them in storage and saved some jugs of water for houseplants.  That's a big job for one person!
  • Changed out many batteries around the house (I always do at the time change)
  • Cleaned out the remainder of the front flower bed
  • Voted, stopped at Post Office and filled tank with gas to minimize errands
  • Filled all the feed bins and got things ready for the cold
  • I checked out all the fluids in the Blazer, making sure it is in good condition for cold weather.  I added a bottle of Heat to the gas tank as well
  • Made a couple orange - banana milk shakes this week (using up items that needed using)
  • Drained a can of chick peas and dehydrated and salted for a snack.  They were very good and crunchy and healthy.  I will do that again for sure.  Something different.
  • I made a batch of squirrel treats (little cookies) with items I won't be using for myself.  They are enjoying them!!!!
  • I went to my first Bazaar of the winter.  Something different to do.  This one always has an area called the "attic" with used items for sale as well. I got 3 older style bath towels for .25 each.  In the craft area I got 2 FREE t-shirts.  This sale is at a church school and they wanted to promote.  I also bought a hand made winter headband to keep my ears warm.
                                                                   Pretty for .25 each!
                                                      T-shirts with a great message - FREE
                                                My cute headband - hand made for $6
  • I stopped by Kroger on the way home from Bazaar, to get a weekend coupon deal.  I got 2 - 7 lb. turkey breasts for $13.50.  They were a weekend special marked .52 cheaper per pound than the sale price of 1.49/lb.  I got them for .97/lb..  Those will be more than enough to please me with turkey this winter for myself.
  • My neighbor and I did the house generator maintenance.  All checked out and I feel comfortable that it is in good order.
  • I set up a 'work station' in the basement for getting the gifts together and organized for Christmas
  • Making tea, drinking sparling juice/water from Soda Stream, eating meals at home, doing all the normal stuff.
  • Still trying to work on de-cluttering
Meals this past week:
Smoked sausage, cabbage and potato chunks - fried together
Small homemade pizza
Chili Mac (chili from freezer) topped with cheese
Loaded baked potato
Cheesy tuna mac and salad
Green beans (from freezer), leftover tuna mac and slaw
Sausage/egg sammies (on hamburger buns)

So there you have it - my simple week of chores/activities.  How was your week?  Did you get anything added to the pantry or gifts bought or made?
I look forward to hearing from you all.

May you all stay safe and healthy in the coming week.  Stay frugal and please be KIND!
Blessings from my little humble home to yours.
God bless.


  1. I want to set up a Christmas station this year too. Hopefully it be less stressful that way. Sorry about your big ole possum!

    1. I think the station will help keep me organized. I THINK!!!!
      Poor old thing - it sure was a big one.

  2. Poor possum.

    Glad you had a good week. The turkey pricing was great!

    1. Yeah, poor thing, it had to suffer some.
      Great price for just turkey breast. Whole turkeys will probably be cheaper - but I don't need that much.

  3. Our week has been good. We ate most of our meals at homefor dinner, except for the carry put pizza on Monday. For us, this is quite an accomplishment.

    1. Good for you. Eating at home is a huge money saver. Baby steps!!!! Good job.

  4. Love those towels. And I really need to try dehydrating chickpeas, thanks for the idea.

    Same thing happens to me with animals coming to breathe their last in our garden. Mind you, a couple of times I got them to the local wildlife rescue and they actually saved them :-)
    I had a fox a few weeks back, dog bite that turned septic. Only a cub, too. Nothing the rescue could to for him sadly so they took him away to be euthanized. Wish he came sooner, but of course, he wouldn't have lingered with people about for as long as he could move :-(

    1. The chickpeas were really tasty. I just decided to try it and YUM.
      Oh, I just hate seeing anything suffer. It is so sad. Poor little fox.
      I guess we are the animal whisperers!

  5. Poor opossum. Your so nice Cheryl and they probably talk about that between themselves. I should get out there and rake. We are having a calm before the storm too. Have a great day.

    1. LOL - well they may! They seem to know where to go to find food!
      I got a lot of raking done - more later.
      Have a good one.

  6. We have been getting the garden wrapped up. All that is left now is the kale. I brought my herbs in. We all have been working on the leaves. They keep coming. We put away all of the outside furniture. I hate when that happens. We are supposed to get snow Tuesday. We are ready even though it is way too early this year. I started wrapping presents for Christmas. They are all piled in my youngest daughter's room. I will need to move them when she comes home for Thanksgiving. But for now it is nice to be able to spread out.

    1. It is always sad to admit the summer is gone.
      Wrapping gifts? Boy you are ahead of me. I don't even have that many yet.
      Have a good week.

  7. Can you do a piece on your rain barrels? I've been looking into them recently. Could you also share the "squirrel cookies"?

    Thank you!

    1. I think I have shard both in the past. I will look back and see what I have on rain barrels and maybe repost.

      Squirrel cookies - whatever I have that I am not using. Mix together old oats or cereal, a little flour/cornmeal, egg, syrup, applesauce or honey, older nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds - whatever you have. Mix and make it cookie dough consistency. Drop by teaspoon and bake at 350 for about 14/15 minutes or so. I take a few out each time and break in half. They love the oats, fruit, nuts.

      Let me know if you have other questions!!!

  8. You have been so productive, you make me embarrassed ! Trying to get all my boxes unpacked and stuff put away. Need to reread The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and help me get rid of stuff that doesn't bring joy. I think of you often. XO Sugar

    1. I think you have had a lot to deal with. Slow and steady. I hope your hubby is doing well.
      Take care and keep in touch.

  9. Sorry about the possum. You have a good heart.
    The towels are so pretty, and the shirts are perfect for you. The headband is so pretty too.
    I bought one of the Kroger turkey breast too, but I need to get a turkey for Thanksgiving since we may have 9 people here for dinner.
    Hope you have a good week. Stay safe and warm.

    1. I just love all God's creatures.
      Thanks I think I got some good things!
      I hope you find a great turkey price.
      Thanks, I will try to stay warm. Have a good week.

  10. Good for you being proactive & getting ready for winter. Farmer is done with harvest (TYGod). He & DS2 made electric fence around the bean stubble for the Spring Herd. We will be bringing them home in a few weeks. They made staging pen for the Fall herd down at the loading barn on Saturday with the idea of getting them used to going into the barn for feeding and then bringing them home in a few weeks. Well, those cows decided they were ready to come home and all went right into the loading area. So the guys loaded them up and brought them home. Hurrah! One less worry. Those cows are suppose to calve soon but we are not sure the bull "got" them. It's good to have them home to keep a closer watch.
    This afternoon the cold front came through and it has dropped 20 degrees from around noon. We fed the barn cats well and winterized the patio. Dumped the Fall decorating pumpkins in the compost pile. We put away the plastic raised bed, the hoses and the patio chairs. He'll cover the grill this week and get the heaters in the watering tanks.
    We didn't have too big of a grocery list this week. I'm starting to think about Thanksgiving but need to see if the kids will be here or at her family. I have several chickens & I think a turkey breast in the freezer. We're not huge poultry eaters so I may make a beef roast too.
    Our grocery had 25% off the bulk bins, so I stocked up on R/S mixed nuts for Chex Mix making. I give that for gifts. I also got baking nuts (walnuts & pecans) and chocolate stars for cookies. I still need flour but should have everything else for baking needs. I will need potatoes but those are staples so will need to get them on a consistent basis anyway.
    I'll be looking at our local thrift store for plastic or metal holiday containers for those Chex Mix gifts. I have 9 co-workers plus the bosses. It's not a big gift but do we really need anything from each other? No! I just do it for the cheer.
    And I've started (do some all year) gift buying. We have birthdays every month except August. We have 2 in Nov., 2 in Dec. 2 in Jan. plus an anniversary, 1 in Feb. and so on. This year the big kids (8yr and older) have gotten $ or gift cards. The Littles (2 and under) get actual gifts. Next year everyone over the age of 5, will get a Grammie-made pillow case and a gift card.
    I'm watching sales very closely and hope to be done with Christmas and the Nov./Dec./Jan bdays before Thanksgiving.
    I'm hoping to get done early and NOT be a Grinch this year. :)

    1. Ok, I am tired now just reading your week. My goodness - you have been quite busy. Being on a farm is a lot of work. I hope you get lots of new calves!!!
      I like the idea of Chex-Mix. It is so good. Thrift stores always have lots of tins around here - they make cute gifts.
      Good going on be proactive on Christmas!
      It is lovely to say you don't need much - because you have a good stock of items. Love it!
      Have a good week!

  11. Cheryl I look forward to each post you write, learning and working on and making changes that fit in to where I am now. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. That is a lovely compliment. Thanks for starting my week with a smile!

  12. Hi Cheryl
    I am a longtime reader of your blog but I have never left a comment. I just wanted to say that your little possum news was very touching and I appreciate the love you have for animals. I really enjoy possums too- they are so gentle and helpful.
    I think we live close geographically (I am in Northeast Ohio) because you are usually having the same weather conditions I am experiencing. Your cheerfulness and industry always inspire me, just thought it was time to let you know that you have a fan here!

    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words. I do love all animals. I used to think possums were ick - then we had a baby one get left behind by it's Momma. I made sure it had food and water and it stayed here it's whole life. Seeing a baby one and watching it grow - sure changed my mind. It was so stinking cute!!!! They are really good animals. I have even had them sleep in the greenhouse with the cats!! LOL
      My outdoor kitties grew up around all the other animals and they aren't afraid of anything except dogs.

      I am central Indiana - so I usually get the weather first then it heads to Ohio!
      Thank you again. Have a great day!

  13. You are always so busy and put me to shame. I think doing those rain barrels by yourself was too much. You should get a neighbor to help you. What if you hurt your back? I would have to come and take care of you. I would like that.:)

    1. Oh listen to you - the queen of busy!!!! You run circles around us all.
      I do the rain barrels myself every year - but I get slower each year as well. That thing called age has a way of creeping up on you!
      The worst part is getting the water out - they aren't too heavy then - just cumbersome.

  14. You have such a beautiful heart my friend. I did think the animals know that they are safe and loved at your home.

    I have been worried about the cold front coming your way and how you and the outdoor kitties are going to fare. We already had ours earlier in October. Now we are just having our normal Fall weather minus the beautiful colors that the deep freeze took out. Please stay warm and try ot to go out on the roads. I have heard on the news today that some of them are extremely dangerous.

    1. Thank you. I hope all animals know they are welcome.
      It has started to drop in temperature and the snow came. Maybe 2" by later this evening. Lows in the teens for the next couple nights.
      Kitties have a heating mat - with lots of cozy covers on top and there is a heater as well in the greenhouse. Heated water bowls for all the animals. Birds sure do like those!!! They are pretty protected and KNOW they need to stay in!!! I will be plenty warm. No plans to go any where until Wed.

      Thanks for your concern!

  15. I love reading your blog. Just everyday ordinary things. No complaining just getting on with everything. I admire you. Ann

    1. Thanks you. I am just a simple girl who like simple things.
      I complain once in a while, but for the most part I have realized that is does absolutely NO good!
      Thank you for your kind words.

  16. You're going to have so many stars in your crown, Cheryl; such a sweet spirit. I love all animals, too, and any are welcome to eat whatever they find here. I don't throw any food in garbage, but toss at the edge of the back yard, because some critter or other will eat most anything. Good deals at the bazaar, especially the towels. I prefer those older, smaller and thinner towels. The huge, thick ones they sell now are too heavy and hard to launder.

    Carol in NC

    1. Thanks. All animals welcome here as well - except snakes (I wouldn't like that)!
      Thanks. The towels laundered up nicely.

  17. I am so sad about your opossum. Furbabies come to my home to pass too. It is so sad isn't it? It is a comfort to know they find our homes a place of safety and comfort in their final hours. I love opossums so much. Living in the Ozarks we have so many and I admit I spoil them rotten.

    I adore your towels. I would have hugged those and squealed if I found them. I love that vintage style.

    If you need any help with your computer don't be afraid to ask.

    1. I think most animals feel safe here. There is always something showing up!
      I like anything vintage. I really was excited about the towels - as I needed some new ones.

  18. Bless you for caring for all the animals. I always joke that if I believed in reincarnation, I'd come back as an animal at our house! We do love the animals.
    *We had nice weather before the bitter cold set in so I took advantage of it and got the big freezer defrosted. We used up some older stuff and now it’s ready for hunting season and the holiday sales.
    *After doing some decluttering, I listed some items for sale on Facebook and ebay. A few items have sold. This extra money is earmarked for Christmas gifts.
    *Purchased some household items online that were cheaper than local and also used the Ibotta app to get cash back.
    *We’ve been using the wood stove daily and have tried to keep the electric heater use to a minimum. Also have been shutting down power strips, etc. to keep the electric bill as low as possible.
    *Used the library for several free resources this week.
    *More on my blog here:

    1. Sounds like you have had a really good week. Way to save.
      LOL - maybe I was an animal in another life and just know how they feel!!!!
      Hope you get the freezer full with hunting season and good deals.

      I will be checking out your blog.

      Have a good one!