Thursday, June 29, 2023

What's Up?

 Today is going to be a little of this and a little of day.   Nothing special or super important to report at the moment.  We have a chance of storms coming in this morning.  They already in the west and southern part of the state.  We have a chance of rain for each of the next 5 days!  It is going to be hot and humid though.
Right at the moment, it is lovely and a nice breeze coming through.  It doesn't look nearly as bad, smoke wise today.  The winds that are blowing through are clearing it out - thank goodness.
I am going to show a picture of downtown yesterday - this is not my picture - but was taken just a ways up the road from me.  To get to this spot would take me about 15 minutes.

This was yesterday!!!!!  Yep, it was bad here.

What has everyone got planned for the holiday weekend here in the states?  Do you have big plans?  It looks to be a long weekend for many people - maybe a 4 day weekend instead of 3.
I have no plans whatsoever.  I am hoping for a nice quiet weekend, however I know that won't be!!!!  The crazies around here have been doing huge fireworks already.  I do have to say it hasn't been as bad as years past though.
I imagine a nice weekend, porch sitting and doing a little yard work when it isn't too hot!

You finding any good deals in your grocery ads this week?
Our ads really stink.  I was so surprised to see NO hamburger or hotdogs advertised!  Really - it is a cookout weekend.  They had ribs in the ad, but they weren't any kind of deal in my opinion.  Now they have buns in sale - but no hamburger or hotdogs!  LOL
NO watermelon in the ads either!!!!!!!!  That is a staple around here on the 4th.
I sincerely doubt that I will go to the store this week.

Yesterday one of the neighbors came over taking up a collection for the family across the street.  It may not end up being a lot - but it is something.  She has a lot of unexpected expenses right now.  Today is the funeral.  He was just 34 years old!  Just so sad.

For the most part - I have such a good bunch of neighbors.  We all got together the other evening to celebrate the 80th birthday of the man who has so many properties around here.  He was amazed.  It was a great gathering and nice time with the neighbors.  They are such all very spiritual people, and we all seem to have grown closer in the past few weeks.  Kind of nice!

It is getting cloudy at the moment, but it looks like maybe this round will miss us here (according to radar).  Maybe around lunchtime, and then again this evening.  Hoping no severe stuff.

I will be post Sunday as usual.  In case you are busy all weekend, stay safe and have a nice time!
Have a fantastic and blessed day!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I am Frugal - I Can't do Cheap!!!

 Good day to all.  It is a smokey, smokey day here.  It stinks and the air makes my eyes burn.  Yesterday was suppose to be the worst day - nah!!!!  They fibbed!  I was going to cut grass - but I doubt it.  We have a no action warning - so I will wait.  It is the weeds that are growing anyway not so much the grass.

In the past week I managed to click on a couple of episodes of Extreme Cheapskates.  I have seen them before, but my goodness, they still amaze me!!!!!!  I like to be a good steward of my money, but some of these people are just plain NUTS!!!!!  The disgusting things people do to not spend money.  I have to ask myself WHY?  Is it really about saving money - and if so - to what end?  Is it a mental health issue?  What would cause people to do some of the nasty things they do?

I mean some of the most ICK to me were:
Using the same 'cooking' water over and over again.  From pasta to veggies
Using the same toothbrush and floss with other family members
Only allowing people 2 minutes to shower - then turning off the water
Many people taking a bath in the same water (I know in the old days that happened - but now?)
Urinating in a bottle to throw outside instead of flushing!
I could go on an on!!!!!
Many - it isn't even the ick factor.  It is just WHY?  Why would you do laundry in your swimming pool and take a bath in it - then play in it?

Anyway - I do go on!!!  Today just a couple tips on saving a little that isn't ICK!!!  I have probably mentioned them before, but we always have new people checking in - so here goes.

This isn't so much frugal as just a good thing to know.  I have grated and zested and shredded before - but never thought about slicing!!!!!  DUH!  I have always used a mandolin or a knife for slicing.  As with anything that cuts - watch those fingers!

For those that like nacho cheese dip, here is another option.  Many make their own to control ingredients - but there are options out there.  This stuff tastes fantastic!!!!!  It is considered soup - but I have used it with just a 1/4 or 1/3 cup of milk and have made great nacho cheese.  Great with chips or over or in any Mexican dish.  Much cheaper than those jars of cheese dip (even at Aldi).

Remember you can freeze eggs for future use.  I have done this many times.  Great for baking or for frying up.  If you have chicks and they are laying good - save some back.  If you can get a great deal - go for it.  The price is coming way down again in my area - but you never know what the future holds.  We have had those increases in the past and we will have them in the future.

Learn substitutes for your baking needs!

Celery was mentioned the other day.  I always tightly wrap my celery in foil to make it last an extra long time.  It really does work.  I love the suggestion the other day about using the leaves for pesto!  I usually dry those and grind them up for seasoning.

Fresh leaf lettuce (or head) I always keep a paper towel in the container with the lettuce.  I absorbs the water/moisture and keeps the lettuce fresh for weeks!  I have kept leaf lettuce for several weeks doing this.  You could also use a cotton/linen dish towel as well.

I hardly ever dry clothes in the dryer anymore.  I have been hanging things in the basement to dry (instead of outside) .  Not trying to be lazy about line drying, but as I get older it is a lot more work.  I have to carry a basket of heavy wet clothes upstairs - then down steps and around the back to hang.  Then follow suit after dry!  I have decided to be safe instead.  So I hang in the basement.  When wrinkled (I am not an ironer much) after dry or nearly dry - I will throw in the dryer with 4 or 5 ice cubes or a very wet kitchen towel and fluff for a few minutes.  The moisture removes any wrinkles - I use no fabric softener - and I use the dryer for a much shorter time!

Here is a thing I came across the other day.  NOTICE - I have not tried it - but I plan too very soon.  Mix 1 egg and one smashed banana together (can use blender) - throw in a small bit of oatmeal (optional) and a dash of vanilla.  Fry as you would pancakes!!!!!  A super healthy version!!!!!  I think this would be great!  

                                             AND THEN THERE IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grow anything you can.  Fresh is best!  It is calming and good for your mind and body.  And it is just smart!!!

So there you go.  A few FRUGAL ideas - not cheap!!!!!!!!  
Be a frugal queen - not a cheapskate/skinflint!!!!!  LOL

Share your ideas!!!!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Timing - Can Mean Everything

 Good morning to all.  Hope you are all well and good.
Today I just want to talk a moment about timing.  As many here know, a day in time can make a huge difference in our lives - a moment can make a difference.  We just don't think about it until it happens.  So many of us have had loss that changed our lives and our futures, and it just took a moment.
 Life is so unpredictable.  

This weekend was another reminder around here.  We had some very severe storms in the area again this past Sunday.  I fared well, except for a lot of wind.  Just south of me (just a matter of a few miles) tornadoes touched down again.  There were several.  They hit some new areas and some that were hit just a few months ago.  I have family and friends who were in the immediate area, and luckily all were unscathed and only had minimal damage.  In our area, thank goodness, there was no loss of life.  There is so much devastation and many, many homes that are now uninhabitable - and it took just a moment in time!
These people lost their homes and much of their possessions.  IN A MOMENT
It happens in so many places and by so many means.  It truly is scary and hard to imagine.
This is tornado season in our area.  We have tornado season like the south has hurricane season.  I heard yesterday that in our state there has already been over 300 tornados this year alone!
Nature is just amazing!!!! As much as it provides - and it can take away much too.

In another incident this weekend, a lovely family was involved.  I have a young family that lives directly across the street from me.  They came to this country several years ago and have created a lovely life for themselves.  They have remodeled and upgraded their home extensively.  They have a very profitable business that they have created, and they live a really nice and comfortable life.  They have 3 children, all under the age of 6/7.  The youngest (maybe 4) is a boy and he is a daddies boy!  He is with daddy all the time, he dresses like him and hangs out with the 'fellows' when they come by!
These kiddos are just the cutest.  Everyone loves watching them play - they get along so well.
Mom and dad are such hard workers.
I noticed a lot of commotion over there Saturday and Sunday.  There were even a couple officers there on Saturday late morning.  I found out on Monday, that dad/husband was killed in a tragic vehicular accident late Friday night.  My heart just breaks for this young family.
She has been surrounded with family the past couple days.  So many people have been there - she had a tremendous amount of family come from Ohio.  This morning is the first time in days, that no other vehicles are there.
If you are so inclined, please say a little prayer for this family.  Momma and those babies are going to have a lot to bear now.
ONE MOMENT again changed an entire family's life.  It probably changed things for their employees. It has changed the neighborhood.

A MOMENT can change things forever.  I guess this is just to say - let the little crap go!!!!!  I have to do this too (I am so guilty).  It just isn't important.  Being with family and friends and loving and caring for each other is WHAT is important.    That moment can happen at any time.

Be kind.  Be thoughtful.  Love and care.  Give a hug when you can.  Say I love when you can.
TODAY is a gift.
Enjoy it and celebrate it.
Blessings to each of you and your families.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 6/25

 Happy Sunday to all!  Good golly Molly, this month is almost over!!!!!  Crazy stuff.
It is raining this morning!!!!!!  We have had a bit of thunder, but the bad stuff has missed my area so far.  The rain sure is needed!!!  More storms to come later today as well.

The garden is growing.  I have little cucumbers about an inch long, and I saw lots of blooms and a few tiny tomatoes yesterday.  I have finally started getting some little zucchini - up till the last few days it was just blooms (like they always do for a while).  Peppers are growing and have lots of blooms and tiny peppers.  Pretty amazing to me that all this has happened in just a few short weeks!!!!

Yesterday and today are hot days!  Around 90*F.  Humidity has been up as well.  Tomorrow goes back to cooler temps and lower humidity.
I have the living room window next to me open just about 2" and I can smell the rain.  I love that fresh smell!

It has been another fairly quiet week for me - not a lot going on.
  • Cut lots of weeds and wild trees and vines starting - when it was cooler
  • Picked up a ton of sticks and limbs after a couple very windy days
  • Tons of laundry
  • Paid all things I had
  • Cleaning and gathering things for donation
  • NO mowing this week - it was just too dry in my book.  There are a few weeds popping up (nothing deters them).  I will mow this week and make it all look pretty!
  • I did run out to Kroger for a couple things.  Strawberries were 2 lb. boxes for 2.49, milk 1.29 half, pork loins were 1.99 lb.  I got one which I will probably cut into 3 roasts.  I got kitty treats and 2X points for gas.
  • I used the air fryer and some stale buns for a  cheap meal
  • Using what I have and cooking from home
  • Just doing all the normal stuff
Meals this week:
Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich
Homemade Rice A Roni, beef tips, cukes & onions
Used leftover rice and beef w/other stuff - for burritos
Open face homemade sloppy Joe and wilted lettuce (yum)
Grilled ham & cheese sandwich, hard boiled eggs and fresh veggies
Charcuterie of sorts - piecing day!
'Bun' pizza & peach/strawberry smoothie

Oh this rain is just lovely!!!!!  It is a good rain here.  So needed.
I will be inside most of today and just piddling around.  Between the rain and the heat and humidity I don't plan on doing much outdoors, except feeding my baby!
Yesterday was the first mosquitos I had seen.  UGH!  Nasty buggers!

How was your week?  Is everyone's gardens and pots doing well?  Getting any produce yet?  Gotten any deals?
I sure hope and pray that you are all well and doing good.  I have been saying a lot of prayers lately for so many here.  Take care of yourselves and please check in.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home!!!!!

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.  To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.
Proverbs 21:2-3

Dear Lord, please hear our prayers for peace in this world.  Peace amongst individuals, and peace amongst countries and nations.  We pray for kindness and compassion to replace evil and wickedness.  May all see the error of their ways.  Your will be done.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Being Present and Chillin'

Hope this finds everyone well.  Here we are in the northern hemisphere officially in summer!  That usually seems to be a busy time.  Gardening, harvest, preserving, and also vacations and parties!
ME - I am just chilling!!!!!!!!
The garden is growing and doing great so far.  I have weed barrier around all the plants - so no weeding is needed in the veggies.  I do water, but other than that - right now, I am just letting nature do her work!

It may take me a while to learn lessons - but when I do, I embrace them.  The lesson I have FINALLY learned recently is to just be 'present' and 'enjoy' life.  I have quit running and hurrying.  I have quit trying to always be perfect (no one is).  I have decided to just enjoy these summer months and be quiet and still and watch and listen.  It has taken 68 years to get here.  I think I kind of like it!!!!!!

My life has gotten to a point that it is a close to free as it can be.  I have all the same necessary daily bills we all have - utilities, insurance and taxes.  I spend a little at the grocery.  I have a well-stocked pantry.  I am not a traveler.  
Simple things bring me joy.  My kitty, nature, listening to music and to birds singing, sitting on the porch in a nice breeze sipping some iced tea, chatting with neighbors, growing my garden, taking a nap if desired, and just BEING!!!!!

I do all the normal things we all do.  Take care of my home and yard, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  Not a lot to do since it is just me!!!!  Nothing gets messy or dirty - so there is that.
Sure I have a bunch of things I SHOULD do - decluttering being the biggest.  I will - here and there, when I am in the mood.

This summer I have porch set more than ever in my life (since being a kid).  I am now enjoying the neighborhood again.  Dare I say things are better!!!!!!  I had to take some major steps (that I resisted for a long while) - but it is good. Continuing to pray it stays that way, but at least I have a concerned and active landlord involved now.
All other things in the 'hood' just seem to have followed suit.  There were a lot of ticked off people - who seemed to be trying to tick off the offender in their own way.  Now it is quiet.
Getting to know more neighbors than ever after all these years!

When I say quiet - many would say WHAT?  Don't you hear the traffic, sirens, planes?  Well sure, they are ever present (I live in the city), but I am used to those - and kind of block them out.  I hear the birds and the wind, the ice cream truck music, the kids laughing and playing, the mowers going.
Things are improving around - houses are being worked on, yards being taken care of, projects are being finished - it is nice to see.

We have had a LOT of racoons around this year.  The guy across the street is helping to catch and re-release.  We are doing good on that front.  That will save some gardens!

Loving these super cool mornings.  Windows open and breezes coming in.  Wake-up each morning hearing the birds singing.
Just doing what I want when I want!!!!!!  Yep, life is pretty darn good at the moment. 

You just have to enjoy the little things.  The moments.  The laughter, the chit-chat.  
Your friends and family.  You know who they TRULY are.  I have a friend on the other side of the country - who checks in just to see if I am ok.  Pretty cool.
You guys are all a blessing in my life as well.

We are really blessed in so many ways.  Just take time to slow down and be PRESENT and ENJOY!
SLOW DOWN!  It will be there tomorrow!
Happy summer!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

So the Countdown Begins!

 Happy Wednesday to all.  Happy summer!  The summer solstice is today - it will be the day of the longest daylight hours of the year for the northern hemisphere!  We are on day 172 - week 25 - and half way to Christmas!!!!!!!  Yes indeed!  Don't shoot the messenger - just saying!  LOL
Now that being said, is anyone else thinking about Christmas gifts?

I have started to think about it, because I like gifting homemade items and home canned goods.  So I start contemplating such things during the summer.
I always do the gift baskets - and homemade jelly is a must - as is salsa and the "special" grandma/mom cookies!!!!
The grape arbor is full of bunches of grapes - and hopefully there will be lots of tomatoes this year.  The plants look great and they are full of blooms.

This year I want to add MORE homemade stuff and less specialized store-bought stuff.
In years past I have also added a lot of jar mixes - which are always appreciated by my sister and brother.
The younger generation likes a nice bottle of wine or anything else 'special'.  I made homemade peach moonshine one year - they loved that.  A quart jar was what they received - not a guzzling type of drink, but a sipping drink.

I want to do some new things this year.
I am thinking pecan pie mix in a jar (will give recipe later).  I have lots of pecans to use up!
Pineapple upside down cake jam (recipe later)
Maybe some candied nuts
Some hot chocolate or tea mixes/blends
Divinity - IF I can master it.  My Mom always made this and it is a favorite.  I have only had success once!
I also plan on making homemade Kahlua!  I found a recipe recently that is much easier and quicker than the one I had.  Kahlua and coffee or Kahlua and milk is tasty.  I remember when we camped that Kahlua and coffee was a morning 'special'.  Only way I have ever been able to drink coffee!!!  LOL

Here is the newer and easier recipe:

1/3 C instant coffee
3 1/2 C sugar
2 C water
1 fifth vodka
3 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. vanilla

Combine coffee, sugar and water.  Heat until all is dissolved and then cool.  Add vodka and vanilla.  Pout into a half gallon/gallon glass jar.  Age at least 2 weeks.  The longer it sets the better it tastes.
I think I will get some amber colored pint Mason jars (if I can find them) to gift it.  Maybe some dark colored bottles.

I know many of you knit. crochet and quilt.  I bet many have already added to their gift 'pantries'.  Crafting of all sorts can always be done early and then one is done!  I love watching for special buys and deals.  I need to yard sale more again!!!!  I used to find all kinds of neat things to add to the baskets - brand new things - original things - for the baskets.
I like finding special books.  Either at yard sales or my favorite place to buy brand new books - Ollies!

I have a gr. niece that has asked me to make her a special quilt (not a Christmas gift).  Each of her children have all gotten special blankies over the years and they use them too!  She wants a big quilt utilizing baby clothes from each of her kids!  Hmmm - that may be a head scratcher.  Have any of you made something like that.  Curious how you did it.  Just pieces of items or whole items?
Any way I told her that was a fall and winter project - when it is cold out.  I have time to think.

SOOOOOO have any of you started Christmas stuff?  Bought anything?  Crafted anything?  Got any new ideas to share this year.
Yes, we have time - but remember how quickly these past 6 months have gone by!!!!!!!! 

Happy solstice!

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

I Am Curious!!!

 Happy Tuesday to all.  Hope you are all well and good.
Today's post is going to be short.  Nothing exciting - just a question I have for ALL of you!!!!!

HOW did you find your way to this blog?  Was it through another blog or through a Google search?  I know my first couple of contributors were invited by me.  I had to start from scratch - and I invited people I had known for a long while.  

I think it will be fun to hear the stories and I bet others would be interested too.
All I know is that I consider myself very fortunate to be thriving this long in - and I owe that all to you guys.
This is such a great community and it has gotten me through much.
Thank you for being here and supporting me and each other through thick and thin.

We are for sure RICH in friends and love!!!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 6/18

 Happy Sunday to all.  Wishing a happy Father's Day to all the dads out there as well.
Good golly - we are already more than halfway through this month!  It sure happens quickly!  Time flies.

We have had lovely weather this past week.  Most of the time it was very mild, and we even had very chilly mornings!  We had no humidity!  We got some rain early in the week - that was about it.  
This coming week looks to be in the 80's and maybe some rain tomorrow.  We can sure use it.  The rain that comes from the heavens sure is better for the garden than the stuff coming from the faucet!
I think I only turned the AC on for a couple hours one late afternoon (yesterday) to cool of the house before time for bed.  This weather has sure been good on the electric bill!
The garden is doing nicely.  Growing, and everything is blooming or budding!

My week:
  • I was in the mood for something sweet this week.  I made a bowl of no bake cheesecake filling.  I used cream cheese, low calorie frozen whipped topping and Stevia.  I ate it with fresh fruit.  No crust or sugar!  It sure tasted good.
  • Weeding - it never ends
  • Mowed the front and trimmed the entire yard.  Back not mowed this week.
  • Found a big bag of whiting in the freezer that I needed to use.  I thawed and 'grilled' it all.  Used for a couple meals & snacks
  • Picked lettuce
  • Hard boiled 6 eggs - it has been a long while since I had done that.  Tasty!
  • I did go out this week.  I ran to Kroger and got a few peaches and bananas.  Also bought shampoo that will last for the next year or so.  I actually ran out this week!!!!!
  • Blackie got his flea meds (had on hand)
  • Put together bottles of dish soap and shampoo (using the end of shampoo).  Water, soap and a little vinegar
  • Ran across the road and met a neighbor that is fairly new to the neighborhood and went to her yard sale!  I got myself 3 fancy summer tops, a brand-new leather belt and a cookbook all for $9
  •  Noticed while out this week - that I hadn't even used a 1/4 tank of gas in the past 3 1/2 weeks.  Saving more than way!
  • Did a lot of porch sitting and visiting with neighbors
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do
Meals this past week:
Mac/cheese/broccoli and meatballs
Homemade pizza (very cool day)
Pizza and salad
Fish soft tacos
Fish sandwich on bun (2)!
Grilled zucchini, hard boiled eggs and a tomato salad
Chopped steak w/fried onions and baked beans

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  How are your garden plants doing?
Let us know what is going on in your area.

FRANCES - hoping all is still doing better with your hubby and that you have both gotten some rest.  Please let us know! Praying!!!!

Hoping you all have a safe and healthy week.  Prayers and blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.  Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.  It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.
Proverbs 3:5-8

Dear Lord, Help guide in this coming week.  Place your healing hands upon all who are in need - whether it be physical, mental or spiritual healing.  May we be guided to do good deeds and ways and words each and every day.  Thank You for Your many blessings.  AMEN

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Some Summer Yum

 Happy Thursday everyone!!!  Today I am just going to give a couple summery recipes.  Many don't do meat and many just like the fresh ingredients.  Hopefully these give a couple ideas to all.  I have done one of them, and the other I will sure be trying.  I am sorry no pictures of the food!

No food pics - but who doesn't need to see a baby peacock to make them smile?  Aaaahhhhh.  SMILE

2 unpeeled apples - sliced
1 - 11 oz. can mandarin oranges, drained
1 C - seedless grapes - halved
Zest of 1 lemon
1 C vanilla reduced fat yogurt
1 Tbsp. chopped pecans
Mix all fruit and yogurt together and top with the pecans.  Chill until serving.
Heck, you can add whatever fruit or nuts you have.  Even a flavored yogurt would be fun.  Have fun and ENJOY a healthy dessert or snack!!!!

1 - 10 oz. pack frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1 C shredded carrots
1 C Ricotta cheese (or cottage cheese)
1/2 C grated Parmesan cheese
1 egg, lightly beaten
3 Tbsp. butter - melted
1/4 C all purpose flour
2 C milk
2 Tbsp. tomato paste
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
6 lasagna noodles - cooked
2 C shredded mozzarella cheese

Mix first 5 ingredients together.  Mix together butter and flour in a separate bowl.  Whisk in milk.  Microwave for about 5 minutes until thickened.  Stir in tomato paste and seasonings.  Spread 1/2 C of tomato mixture over the bottom of a 9 x 9 microwavable pan, top with 2 of the noodles - cut to fit pan. Top with a third of the spinach mixture and then 1/3 of mozzarella cheese.  Repeat until all ingredients have been used.  
Cover with wax paper and microwave on High for 10-13 minutes until heated through.  Sprinkle with remaining mozzarella cheese.  Let stand, loosely covered for about 10 minutes.
This is a no heat the oven and no meat version!!!!!!
I think it sounds good and I plan on trying this one.
I suppose you could use the oven - just watch closely so as not to burn.

There you go.  A couple summer treats to try.  It is always nice to have a new recipe in the arsenal of yummies!!!!!!
You have any simple fun and yummy summer dishes?


He who walks in integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will be found out.
Proverbs 10:9

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Inner/Spiritual Healing

 Happy Wednesday my friends!  Today I want to talk for a minute about something that each of us experiences or needs at different times in our life.  We work hard at keeping our bodies healthy and staying safe from dangerous things.  Yet, we often times forget that we also need to work on healing our inner self or our spiritual self.
Not everyone is religious.  Not everyone believes the same.  You have to do you!  But we all have a need for a healthy mental health.  We all need to feel happier, less anxious, and more confident in ourselves and the world.

Often times it is as simple as simplifying our lives.  A simpler life is NOT a step backwards.  I think it is a move forward.
Healing our heart and mind is important.  It can make life so much more enjoyable.  After all we only get one shot at this - right?  We owe it to ourselves to make it happy as can be.

So many are searching today.  They think their happiness lies outside themselves.  A new mate, a different home or job, a magic cure.  People got very comfortable staying home in the past few years - and now they truly don't want to go back out!  They believe home is their safe spot.  Maybe it is, but is also hampers growing in new ways.    We cannot live a in hobbit hole - we have to face reality and grab it by the proverbial "balls" and march forward!!!!!!!

It can be a long road to realization.  It takes time.  But we owe it to ourselves to be happy in some way.  It may not be the "happy" we had before - it may be a new happy.  That is OK!!!!!!  Just because you experience loss or rejection or sadness in the biggest way does NOT mean that you cannot be happy again. YOU CAN and it is OK!!!!!  Noone will think bad of you.  I think we wish happiness on all people.
We grow and expand, and things change, and crap happens.  Bad crap happens - yet here you are reading this!  You are here today!  

                                          This says it all in my opinion.  Wise words indeed!

Does it mean that you won't still have anxious moments?  No.  Does it mean that you won't have anger or fear?  No.  But if you work on giving yourself a break and let peace work into your life, you can handle those things a little better.  Maybe it is just a teeny-tiny bit better tomorrow, and a bit more the next day, and so on.  That is fine - that is good.  It is moving forward - inch by inch.

You owe it to yourself and to your family and your friends.  You also (if grieving) owe it to the memory of your lost one.  They would want you to be happy - they would want you to live life - they would be encouraging you from the sidelines.  I truly believe they are still with us in spirit and that is what helps me each and every day.

So yes, if you need to yell and scream, throw things, cry, sleep, have a fit - DO IT!  THEN get your butt in gear and move and move forward.  You are surrounded by love, more love than you can imagine.  People WANT to help, they really do.
So don't forget to work on the inner you as well as the physical you.  Do whatever you need.
Never think it is a weakness to ask for help, even professional help if necessary.

Take care of you!  You owe it to yourself and to all those here and those who have passed.  Honor the lives of them and honor your life!  After all you are a child of God!  That is pretty special.

Have a blessed day my friends.

Today's blessing:

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Pantry of Abundance NOT Fear

 Happy Tuesday all!  
Today let's talk a bit about pantries.  I hope these subjects don't get boring to you all.  I just get these random thoughts in my head and feel like talking.

I keep hearing all the fear stories being put out there.  Fear is not a good way to live in my opinion.  Preparedness and confidence is better!

There are the stories of extreme inflation, scarcity of product, weather dread, trucking issues, panic shopping, all kinds of shock and awe stories.  You have heard them too.  
Yes, Prices have gone up.  Yes, there have been some inventory issues - it usually all works out in time.  Sure gas has gone up.  But that doesn't mean you still can't have a wonderful pantry (in all areas) and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

DO NOT be a slave to consumerism!  This allows you freedom on so many levels!  How you ask, can that be done.  Simple - just slowly stock and keep an abundant pantry.

This is simple abundance to me!   Good old basic yummy veggies - meat or no meat - wouldn't matter.  Nothing like fresh and wonderful garden veggies.

I now spend less on groceries than I did 3 years ago!  Yes, you read that right.  I now only REstock and buy the occasional fresh food.  I do not have to do a big grocery shop every week.  I just add back in what I might be running low on.  I often times can go a few weeks without shopping.
It does save money to have your own 'grocery store' at home.  Nothing better and it sure is blessing.

I have purchased from sales, clearance and markdowns over time.  Rarely do I pay full price.  Slowly and steadily I have managed to accumulate an abundant pantry!

I can feel confident, that is it all dropped off tomorrow, I would be just fine for a long, long time!  May not always be a balanced meal or my favorites - but I would be fine and not go hungry.  I can help others as well, whenever I need to.  Such a comforting feeling.

Make sure you have some basic and good recipe books!  They sure can help you out in a pinch.  The older cookbooks have many of the recipes our moms and grandmas made during rougher times in history.  Keep simple and basic INGREDIENTS on hand and you can make most anything.

This helps you stay home, cook the basics, save gasoline and wear and tear on the vehicle, and gives you more time for other things.
Life doesn't have to complicated.  It doesn't have to cause you to go broke.  It just needs to satisfy and please you.
Slow and steady wins the race!!!!!!!!

Stock what you like and use and use what you stock!
Hope this helps someone!!!!!

A blessing for today:

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart.
Psalm 73:26

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/11

 Happy Sunday to everyone.  Hope this is finding safe and well.
It is starting to rain here!!!!!  YAY!!!  Boy do we need it.  Right now it is just light showers, but may get heavier as the day goes on.  We have had a pretty decent weather week.  It wasn't too hot and the humidity was very low! 
This coming week looks to be pretty decent as well.  We do have a few shower chances, but not holding my breath after today!
I love the smell of rain!
The clematis has started blooming!  I wasn't sure it made it over the winter - but it did!

This last week there was a haze over the area a lot.  It was seen mainly early and later in the evening - looked like fog - but was from the Canadian wildfires.  Late in the evening you could smell it as well.  That is just amazing to me that it came so far.  
The lightening bugs have just started to show up - not a lot - but I am now seeing some.
All the various flowers are starting to bloom.  Roses, tiger lilies, D'oro lilies, clematis, mallow plants - I love it!
The garden is really growing, and I am getting flowers and buds!!!!  All after just close to 3 weeks!  I can imagine how the rain will bless them!

I have had a very low keyed week!  Nothing much exciting.
  • Told you, I called and got excused from jury duty!  YAY
  • Mowed and trimmed the entire yard
  • Pulled weeds here and there
  • Picked a few lettuce leaves to use
  • NO A/C except for maybe 3 or 4 hours all week.  Windows open
  • NO shopping - didn't even leave the property
  • Using what I have here and cooking at home
  • Washed my car and cleaned all the windows - here at home
  • Laundry and used dehumidifier water in it
  • Just cleaning, washing windows and doing all the normal stuff
  • Have done a lot of porch sitting.  Sitting with my kitty, reading, and talking with neighbors.  Have had several come and sit a while this week.
  • I am reading:  A Life Beyond Amazing, By: Dr. David Jeremiah and reading some cookbooks I have on hand
Meals this past week:
Bologna, lettuce, tomato and potato chip sandwich
Pasta/veggie salad
Tuna patty and pasta salad
Taco salad
Open face chili cheese dogs and side salad
Fried potatoes topped with leftover cut up hotdog & chili sauce and cheese
Mixed greens with ham added (from freezer) - fruit

How has your week been?  Love hearing what all are up to.  Are your gardens/pots doing good?  I sure hope the smoke hasn't affected any gardens.  Any great deals this week?  Nothing looked worth going out for here.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.  Prayers for you all.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.
Matthew 6:34
Yes, please God.  AMEN

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Fun Food and Ideas

 Howdy all!!!  We have had some conversation this week about eating better and improving our health problems.  Each of us does something different and that is just so neat that there are so many ideas out there to help in some way.  I have a couple of things to post today that just fit the bill and maybe an idea that can help with baking.  I know we have some cooks out there, that have been doing this for ages.  Many are new at things.

I saw this idea on a FB group that I belong to and thought it was a pretty good idea.
Sure would satisfy that sweet tooth with NO white sugar.  I have a few jars of sweet potatoes that my brother canned, and I think I will give this a try soon.
Great idea for those eating mainly vegetarian!

Call me crazy but I always use a little of both!  I like height and fluffy looking!

Summer and warmer weather is here and a cold treat is always nice.  Doesn't have to be loaded with sugar to be tasty.  Here is a fun idea!!  This would be a fun idea to do with the littles!!!!!  Put them to work - shake, shake, shake!!!!!
Love the idea that it has so little sugar.  Heck I would probably use my Stevia.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - what healthy options.  Rice of any sort or any grain you might like -- topped with fresh fruit or with veggies and maybe eggs.  Doesn't have to have meat or sugar.  You could add some sort of dressing or a dollop of yogurt.  These are a couple healthy looking bowls - use what you have on hand and have fun with it.
It is also getting to be major salad time!  All the garden goodies will make some wonderful salads during the summer.

So many ideas to have yummies without all the calories and sugar.  We can all get a bit creative and try new things.  They may be keepers - then maybe they won't.  It sure is worth trying and it's fun.
Enjoy eating better with what you have at home!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

It Does so Much....

Happy mid-week to all.   Today I will mention some of the many things that we can do with a single product.  DAWN dish soap.  I think this is kind of an American thing and may not be a thing overseas.    This is a very popular dish soap here, as it is gentle and does many things.

Of course it does a great job on cleaning our dishes and pots and pans.  I even add a bit of water and a bit of vinegar to my solution.  I don't need it full strength to work great, and the vinegar just gives a bit of added shine to glassware.
  • It is great as an emergency hair cleanup.  The kids in something terribly messy, or hubs hair gets greasy working on vehicles.  Whatever the need it helps remove GUNK!
  • Add just a little (couple tsp.) to homemade weed killer.  It helps the week killer adhere to the plants
  • Works wonders on cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Use once about every 4 weeks as a hair product remover.  It helps get rid of any buildup
  • Mix a couple teaspoons of Dawn to a spray bottle of water - shake - and spray just about any type of insect - and BOOM they are dead.  I works great on ants and box elder bugs around here
  • Give your pets a flea bath - works great
  • Add a drop to a quart of water and use as a window cleaner
  • Helps find leaks in things.  The air mattress, kids pool, tires, etc.  Smear it on and watch for bubbles.
  • Fixes a squeaky hinge
  • Works great to clean kids pools
  • If you get in poison ivy - come in and wash with cool water and Dawn.  The Dawn helps to cut the oily residue left by the plant on your body, which is what causes the rash
  • Great for cleaning grill racks.  Place racks in a black trash bag with 1/2 C Dawn and a gallon water.  Let it sit at least 10 hours or overnight - and easy-peasy cleaning
  • In a dire pinch, add just a tiny squirt to your laundry if you run out of detergent
  • I use a sink full of soapy water with a little baking soda added to clean store produce.  Washes off all the wax they use to shine up things!  Rinse well
  • I have even used to wash my hair.  Hey when you are in a pinch - there is a way!
You have any good uses for Dawn?  Love learning new ideas and tricks - to use one product many, many ways.  It sure does save a bundle of cleaning supplies, and it is gentle on the environment and body.
Look forward to your ideas.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tuesday Talk and Observations

 Happy Tuesday to all.  It is a gorgeous morning here in my piece of Indiana.  It looks to be a fabulous week.  Just a couple chances of rain - here's hoping it hits my area.  It looks to be spotty.  I pray for the farmers - I am sure they need rain for their crops.

I have roses blooming so pretty.  Many other flowers are starting to bloom as well. I have clover blooming all over and the scent in the air is just heavenly!!!!!  I have been porch setting some and enjoying talking with all the 'good' neighbors.  I helped one out - they are currently without work and very limited food stamps.  He was asking if I knew where there any food pantries around close.  I gave him the names and times for three.  I asked if he needed food now - because I would help him out and he said no, he was good for now.  He said he would be visiting the pantries and was very grateful.
We as neighbors have planned a small get together later in the month for a guy who owns several lovely properties on my block.  He takes such good care of them, and he is a wonderful older caring man.  We are going to have a small neighborly surprise birthday celebration for him.

Well guys, I called the jury selection place, answered their questions (all computerized) - simple things like - over 18?, citizen of county?, speak, write and understand English?, any disabilities?.........
And they said I was NOT qualified!!!!!!!!  Huh.  I didn't say anything trying to get out of it - maybe they have social on hand and can see age, I don't know.  If that is the case - I wonder why they waste money sending the notices to start with.  OH WELL - NO jury duty for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to say a thank you to Frances!!  When she first started talking about changing her diet - I paid attention.  I have since pretty much eliminated sugary things from my diet.  An occasional bite at a party, but really nothing here at home.  I am eating lots of fruit and natural juice and fresh veggies or cheese when wanting sweets/snacks.  I have now lost about 5 lbs. and I just happened to realize this weekend a HUGE change for me.  
I have not been experiencing Restless Leg (RLS) at all in the past few weeks!!!!!!  NONE!  I was taking OTC supplements every single night before, and sometimes that didn't help.
I am thrilled.  This is truly the first time in decades I have not experienced RLS on a regular basis.  A result I never anticipated at all!!!!!!!

The above meme says a lot to me.  I have recently decided I need to pray differently.  There has been a lingering problem in the neighborhood, and I pray so hard about it.  I then realized, maybe I need to do it differently.  I have been saying "please stop...", "please end...", please help..."  "why...".
My attitude is a big part of my problem.  Sure, I don't like what has been happening and it saddens me.
But, I can't change anyone, except ME!  I have to stop letting others steal my joy and happiness.  I have to know and believe God is in control.
I have to stop doubting and have undying faith!!!!!!!
I will love this person as they are a child of God - I don't like what they do, but I will love them and pray for their soul.

I am taking back my joy and my peace.  No one is going to be allowed to do this to me.  I am in charge of me and my attitude.  I give this problem to God, as I have had no success in changing this person - why would I think I could???  Only God can touch those in need of spiritual help in a way for change.  I can pray, and I can say THANK YOU for every single little blessing I receive each and every day!!!  
Take some time in each prayer to give thanks.  We all love a grateful heart!

What is on your mind today?
I hope you each have a wonderfully blessed and peaceful day.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 6/4

 Hello to the first weekend in June!  Hope this finds each of you well and happy.  Amazingly we are into June - almost halfway done with the year!
Hope you are all about done getting your gardens in.  Mine is really growing - amazingly so when only in less than 2 weeks.  They cukes I planted last week as 3 times the size they were when I planted them.
It is a beautiful sunny and breezy morning here.  Quite nice and cool, considering the heat we have been having.  Looks like maybe it might cool a bit this coming week.  Still dry!
I got a jury duty summons in the mail yesterday!  Oh boy - NOT!  I guess the only good thing, is that the court is no longer downtown.  It is actually 5 minutes from my home, since they built the new court.  Hoping my number doesn't come up - but if it does, at least no driving in crazy downtown!!!!

My week:
  • Cut my hair - at first I cringed and thought it was too short (because it had gotten so long).  But now I love it.
  • Finally used the George Foreman I bought myself around Christmas - used it 3X this week instead of the oven or frying on the stove
  • Made another gallon of tea
  • Pulled tons of weeds early each day.  Dry or not they seem to thrive!!!!
  • AC only in very late afternoon - only to cool for the evening and sleeping
  • Cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeders
  • Paid all the bills I had - including vehicle registration
  • Used up some of the sliced and frozen zucchini from the freezer - since new will be coming soon!
  • Cut lemon balm and mint to dry
  • I ran out on Friday to get myself a couple cucumbers, got a .99 bag of tomatoes as well. That was about it  
  • Whiles out I actually stopped at 3 yard sales!!!!  First in almost 2 years.  Spent a total of $2.  I got 2 inspirational books and one of those 3-tiered hanging racks for fresh fruit or veggies.
  • Just doing all the basic stuff

Meals this past week:
Grilled small steak and a salad
Loaded brats on bun and fruit
Grilled breaded pork burger and salad - Grilled made it like a fritter!!!!!! So good.
Beans and rice, toasted bagel and salad
Fried zucchini and salad
Veggie topped cheeseburger
Sauteed Brussel sprouts and ham slice

How has your week been?  Did you get any deals?  Get things planted?  Stay cool?
Love hearing from you all.
Thanks for all the nice words this week about the blog.  So happy I decided to do this years ago, it is just hard for me to believe that it is still thriving.  What a great group we have.

I hope your week ahead is healthy, safe, and happy.
Blessing from me and my humble little home to you and yours!

fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the reassurance, as I have needed it so, this week.  Help me and others as we struggle with trying to understand the why at times.  I cannot comprehend why bad happens and why people are so evil, but I know it must all be part of the plan.  Help us and guide us to understand and trust in the 'in Your time'.  Calm our hearts and minds.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

How Did That Happen so Fast?

 Thursday - JUNE 1st!!!!!!!  My goodness, how in the world has 5 months gone by so quickly?  Amazing.  Seems just like the other day we had frigid cold temps, snow and just plain miserable weather!  Now here we are all warm or hot, dry and in the middle of the year!  Time flies!!!!!

Will take a moment to wish all those with a birthday this month a very happy anniversary of your birth!  Another year to enjoy.

This month is the anniversary of my starting this little blog in 2015.  I started with my first post on June 11th.  It is amazing how this is still going after 8 years!  I started it as a diversion for myself and a few friends I had met online.  Look what has happened!  I have made so many wonderful friends here - and I do mean friends.  You have met each other.  I find that so neat that we can all have such bonds with one another when we have only met online. 
There are so many caring and wonderful people here.  We worry about each other, we pray for each other, and we truly care and love one another.  We have been with each other through the best and the worst of times and have made a difference to each other.  That is a pretty terrific thing.

What have you all got planned for June?  I have no specific plans - except to just keep the garden going and hopefully attend a few farm markets until my produce starts.  I am so craving FRESH produce.  Sure I buy stuff at the grocery that is called 'fresh' - but it aint the same!!!!!!!!

We have sure started the month hot!  Going to stay that way for a while and it is pretty darn dry right now.  Doesn't look like rain for a good many more days either.  Will do what needs to be done.  I have been collecting the water from the faucet, as I let it heat up for dishes or bath.  That will help with watering.
Yesterday I did get the very last thing planted!  I had 4 cuke plants started from seed, that got put into pots yesterday.  I am officially done with garden planting.

I pray you all have a very healthy and safe month.  Those who are having any surgeries, treatments, or health concerns - prayers for healing.  I hope your gardens take off and do well.
Stay cool and cozy and enjoy this new month to the fullest.

Have a blessed month my friends.
Thank you so much for being here!!!!!!