Thursday, May 6, 2021

Let's Play a Game

 I want to play a game with everyone.  It is called WHAT IF?  LOL.  Now I realize that this isn't feasible in many areas or towns as there are still 'lockdowns' that people are following.  That is why tis is JUST a game.  Let's have a little fun!!!!!!!

Here we go:
You get a phone call early on a Wednesday morning that on Saturday 20-25 people will be at your home for a get together of sorts and will need to be fed.  Here comes the twist!!
You can ONLY use what you have in the pantry or freezers.  NO MONEY or SUPPLIES can be purchased!

Could you do this?  What would you be feeding everyone?

I could fix about anything really - would have to do some creative thawing out  - but could do a lot.
I have a turkey and a ham in freezer.
There is ground beef out the wazoo, chicken, pork loins & chops, brisket and beef.
I have all kinds of veggies that could be used as sides or incorporated into soups  or casseroles.
I could make cookies, brownies, pudding, Jello, cakes or pies.
I could make tea, Kool-Aid and coffee and have water in that thing called a faucet!!!!
I would start making ice as soon as I got the call.
I have lots of cheese and crackers of different varieties and summer sausage which would work as small bites.  Cream cheese and various jellies on hand as well for appetizer on crackers.

I could probably make bread - but doubt I would.  I would make lots of biscuits and cornbread.

So here are a few ideas:
Chili or veggie soup or gumbo or any soups
Casseroles using rice or pasta and tomato sauce or cream of soups - with veggies and/or meat
Noodles and whatever meat you have
Soup beans or beans and rice with sausage or ham
Biscuits and sausage gravy
Bean salads - potato salad - macaroni salad
Veggies as sides
Tacos - tostadas - nachos
Mac n cheese

I probably don't have enough plates and glasses - but do have plastic cups and paper plates on hand for such things.

Golly there are so many things that could be put together with what is hanging out in the pantry and freezer.  What would you fix?
What other ideas do you have?  Remember it doesn't have to be complicated - just feed a bunch!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.  I think it will be fun to see what we could all do with what we have on hand.  At least it gets our creative juices flowing and we can come up with some new dinner ideas for ourselves!!!!

Let's play and have fun dreaming and planning!


  1. I shall bake 4 loaves of WW french bread.

    I shall defrost 12 bricks of my garden ratatouille and toss in the gallon bag of cooked It sausage/ground beef.

    I shall break up the 3# of spaghetti noodles and cook them and then toss with the ratatouille.

    I have a brick of Romano cheese to fresh grate over the top.

    I'll bake oatmeal raisin cookies.

    I'll thaw 2 quarts of grated zucchini and make 4 loaves of zucchini bread.

    I just bought 2 bottles of my preferred vodka yesterday so everyone gets 1 cocktail and/or water.

    1. I'll be there - what time? LOL

      Sounds wonderful and a cocktail as well.
      I forgot about listing that. I could probably offer a few margaritas and maybe some Irish Cream in hot chocolate or coffee!
      This should be fun!

  2. We have our own beef so:
    Chicken fried steak
    Mashed potatoes & gravy
    Green salad (sometimes low on lettuce)
    English Pea Salad
    Cole Slaw
    3 Bean Salad
    Pintos (😂) in the crock pot
    Green bean Casserole
    Loaf Bread
    Sweet Tea
    Unsweetened Tea
    Blue Bell Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup or Root Beer Float
    Pecan Pie
    Not too fancy but it’s what we all love!

    1. Sounds wonderful. You have me at pecan pie!!!!!
      Chicken fried steak sounds so good.

  3. As with you, just about anything.
    I would fix a pork roast and a ham
    mashed potatoes and gravy
    scalloped potatoes
    Zucchini/Corn casserole
    Carrot/pineapple/jello salad
    Shrimp salad
    Molasses cookies with vanilla ice cream
    Beer, wine, tea and/or water

    1. Shrimp salad - yum!!! The cookies and ice cream sound wonderful too. I miss molasses cookies - Mom used to make a lot.

  4. How fun! I love a challenge like this!

    I would get out two crockpots and start my Chicken Tortilla Soup times three. The recipe starts with frozen chicken breasts so no thawing. I would also dig the big rice cooker out of the back of the cabinet for a huge pot of rice.

    So my menu-
    Chicken Tortilla Soup over rice to make Chicken Tortilla Bowls
    Sour cream
    Shredded cheese
    Black olives
    Tortilla chips
    hot sauce for those who like it spicy

    a big pan of cornbread cut in squares served with butter

    Iced tea and lemonade

    Two big pans of Ghirardelli walnut brownies (I have six mixes on the shelf that were 75 cents each at the discount grocery)
    Coffee for those who want it

    1. Oh yum here as well. You have kept it somewhat simple - yet so especially yummy. I absolutely love that soup - it is so comforting to the tummy.

      You gals are all good!

  5. Considering I had friends over for Cinco de Mayo yesterday, I've got Mexican food on my mind. I've got plenty of chicken breasts and thighs in the freezer that could be thawed and marinated. I'd slice them after cooking and would serve it with sauteed peppers (lots in my crisper; need to chop and freeze before they turn; thanks for the reminder) and onions. I've still got 4-6 jars of homemade salsa in the pantry. Could add some fresh chopped tomatoes, or use stewed in a pinch. The chicken could be served over the rice, nacho chips, or on tortillas -- a couple of different partial packages in the refrig and an unopened package of small "street taco" (3-4") size. There's always cheese in my refrig, so it could be grated and used as topping. I could also make up a huge batch of 3- or 4-bean salad to serve as a side. I keep various flavors of seltzer on hand, there's always a pitcher of cold-brew iced tea, and lots of coffee to be had. There's also partial cases of Corona and Miller Lite left over from St. Patrick's Day ... don't know if it will still fizz or not (not to mention the partial bottle of pre-made margaritas on the counter). I do keep a stash of cake and cookie ingredients on hand, so dessert would not be a problem -- pineapple upside down cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies ... No one would starve here!

    1. Sounds delish to say the least. Oh trust me, the beer will have fizz. I have some in the frig that is over 2 years old and used some in beer bread and it had plenty of fizz and still tasted like it should!
      I love this - so many people have such fun ideas and like you said - no one would starve.
      I love all these ideas.

  6. I've got what you have on hand ...mostly😉.
    I think I would fix:
    My huge bone-in ham that we bought at Easter
    Sweet Potato Casserole
    Green Beans
    Deviled Eggs
    Drop Biscuits with homemade strawberry jam
    Fruited Jello
    A couple of cobblers..Red Raspberry and another either Blackberry or Cherry...fruit I froze from our own along with Cool ice cream on hand...must buy soon😉
    Iced Tea and Coffee

    1. Sounds like a lovely sit down dinner for a holiday for sure. Yum. It reminds me of Sundays at Moms back in the day - she always did a nice spread like that.

  7. Hi Cheryl and fellow commenters, I really needed to read this today and get my brain in gear to do a meal prep menu plan with what I have in the freezer and on the shelves. I would make pulled pork in the crockpot, brioche rolls (if you want a sandwich) or rice in the rice cooker, corn pudding, spinach salad, sweet tea, pecan pie. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas. Stay well! Barb in PA

    1. I knew this would give us all some great ideas. People on here are so creative.
      I love pulled pork and corn pudding. Haven't had a good corn pudding in a long time.
      Thanks for that idea.

  8. Oh my! My stock is really down right now. I don't know WHAT I'd do. It would no doubt be some kind of soup and bread, but I'm not sure what. Probably a chicken stew.
    who is now really thinking about this!

    1. Soup is wonderful. It is so comforting and feeds a lot of people. See, I got you thinking!!!!!
      I just think this is a fun way of getting us to be a little more creative with our food.

  9. Replies
    1. LOL - come on over!!!!! I want to go to everyone's houses. They have all listed such yummy food!

  10. Hmmm
    .Bake a big tray of chicken thighs
    .Make a couple of cottage pies (ground beef)
    .A cold pasta dish with broccoli, tomatoes & chickpeas in pesto sauce
    .A veggie tray with ranch & onion dips
    .Make both a rice and a cous cous salad
    .Bowl of baked beans (canned from pantry)
    .I have an assortment of crackers & crisp breads and a variety of cheeses
    .I'd bake cookies & tea loaves for desserts.
    .I have cold drinks and a liquor cart plus tea & coffee

    1. Sounds downright tasty! It would all go together quite nicely.
      I forgot about baked beans - I have those too.
      I love all this variety everyone is showing.
      So many great ideas for meals!!!!

      (I like the idea of chickpeas in pasta salad- I have never done that - will give it a try!!)

  11. turkey in Italian dressing
    potato salad
    deviled eggs
    green beans
    bowl of baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon (no sugar)
    cabbage and carrots cooked together
    pasta salad with grape tomatoes
    Jello with fruit cocktail, bananas, and apples
    angel food cake with strawberries I froze last year

    1. Wow, your company will surely be fed well. That all sounds very good.
      Turkey in Italian dressing sounds good and so does angel food cake!

  12. I have lots of food but not enough of one kind for everyone so there would be a little of this and a little of that. I do have tons of tortillas and tons of cheese so I guess I could make quesadillas. And then I have lots of spanish rice packets so I could make that. I always have cornbread so I'd make that. As for meat? Well let's hope all my company are vegetarians. LOL As for dessert, not a problem we have more sweets in this house than should be allowed so they'd have their share of pies, cookies and candy. We have three cases of water and blackberry Bubly so that's what they'd drink. So how does that sound for my unexpected company?

    1. Very tasty. They whole idea was to get creative with what we have and you did. Quesadillas and Spanish rice are perfect together as is the cornbread. Yum.
      There doesn't have to be meat at a meal - we can have very tasty meals without. I have had a few meals this week without meat - my choice!
      Good job!

  13. ...and now I am hungry!! You gals put on quite the large spread! I like the idea of variety, not all just one main entrée.

    1. Cool isn't it??!!!! Variety IS the spice of life.
      I could easily do chili or spaghetti or casseroles - but I am like you - I do love the variety idea.

  14. What a fascinating premise! Yeah, what could one pull from supplies at hand to feed that many people? All the ladies have good ideas. The simplest plan would be to have a theme, if the food available would allow that. I'll have to really think on this, how to feed these imaginary folks! ha! We would probably have to eat in the yard, as our house is small. You have really challenged us this time!

    My youngest daughter is experiencing some serious eye problems and I would like to ask for your prayers.

    Enjoy your weekend, even tho more rain is predicted for Sunday.

    1. I think we all need a challenge every now and then! LOL
      You'd be amazed at how many people you can squeeze in a small house - ask me how I know!! LOL
      Prayers for your daughter. I hope all works out well and quickly. May the Lord lay His healing hands upon her.

      Pretty this morning at least!

  15. OK. Picture opening the lid on the freezer or the door of the pantry/cold room and taking stock of what there is. The first thing that comes to mind is a jambalaya with chicken, sausage and the shrimp that's been there since Christmas. There's rice, onions & home preserved tomatoes in the pantry, peppers in the fridge. This could be done in a big roaster & slow cooker. Dessert? Rhubarb, saskatoon, raspberry (from the freezer) crisp. Doesn't really go with jambalaya but in the words of my grandpa - done or raw it will fill the craw! There's plenty of alcohol for a pre-dinner drink plus water, powdered ice tea, frozen lemonade. Could even make a dump cake with the preserved peaches in the pantry. There's some ice cream and cool whip in the freezer. There wouldn't be enough dishware or cutlery but there are some paper plates/cups and plastic forks/spoons that would get us by. I've learned over the years that if there's less variety, cook bigger quantities of fewer things and vice versa - smaller quantities of more variety. This is fun.

    1. Hold on - I'll be there soon. Oh my, I haven't had jambalaya in ages. That sounds so good. I love it. Hmmm, now my mind is working.
      It all sounds good - and I love the saying!!!!!!
      We ate what was on the table or did without - no arguing back in my day. Momma took the time to fix it - Daddy said you ate it!
      Big pots of yummilicous food sounds wonderful.
      I am loving this this game!

  16. Like you, I have a fully stocked pantry to fix many different things. The easiest would be a mexican buffet, since I always make large batches of fajita chicken to freeze, when I stock up on meat. I'll have fajitas, cheese quesadillas, burritos, nachos (or just tortilla chips & salsa), homemade beans, southwest corn, homemade pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapenos. I just don't have avos for guacamole. Can you tell we love mexican food?

    Baking and desserts are my specialty, so it will be whatever their hearts desire. I always have ingredients for sweet treats. There's lots to drink too (water, soda, juice).

    1. My favorite is Mexican as well - as can be seen each week by my dinners! Your dinner sounds delish.
      I tell you what, once I hit all of your various houses for dinner - I will be as big as a barn!!!!!

  17. The first thought that came into my head when I saw the title to your post was the old movie "War Games." I even said your title in the computer tone of the movie "Shall we play a game." Close anyway.
    For me the easiest thing would be spaghetti. I have an 8 quart crockpot and a 6 quart crockpot. Lots of tomato sauce. Might be a bit skimpy on the meat, but the veggies would more than make up for it. I have plenty of pasta. Then French bread.. I can easily make 4 loaves, cut them in half lengthwise, and make garlic bread. Brownies for desert. I just made a new batch of brownie mix.
    I also have a ham in the freezer, along with frozen broccoli, corn and cauliflower. Also just made up a batch of cornbread mix, so that would go well with the ham. Dessert might be gingerbread - as I just made up a bunch of snack cake mixes too.
    I could also go with soup. I have meat in the freezer for making posole, along with broth, hominy, and the other ingredients needed. A little light on fresh cilantro, but I do have sour cream, cheese and avocados for toppings. Cornbread would be good with this too.
    I just found a sale on King Arthur unbleached flour for 99¢ for 5 pounds, so all my homemade mixes have been replenished.

    1. First, let me say good job on all those mixes! Thank is fantastic. What a deal on flour.

      You gals are reminding me of all kinds of things I love and haven't made in for ages. Posole' is a favorite of mine too. I love hominy and that soup always hits the spot. Funny as a kid you couldn't pay me to eat hominy. I love it fried with onion and peppers too.

      Spaghetti sounds good and it is very economical. If you can add veggies - who cares if there is a lot of meat!

      I swear I think I have gained weight just reading all these answers!

  18. so I thought about this and I actually have a turkey thawing out. That could last a couple of days. As for sides -there are canned green beans and mustard greens left. I think the more sides the longer the meat would last. Bread would be a great filler and I was able to buy two crescent roll tubes yesterday for .71 a piece.

    A big pot of chili would be great too. I just bought some Vidalia onions as mine from the garden last year are finally gone.

    Dessert will be a cake from a cake mix and a can of frosting that I always have stocked in my pantry.

    Have a great day Cheryl!

    1. Yum it all sounds good. Yep, any bread item takes up room and it is versatile as well. Can make sandwiches or use as bread and butter.
      Chili sure sounds good on this cool day!
      Have a good one.

  19. These are some great ideas for feasts from everybody! I like how you got us all thinking ;). I'd be dictating who will bring what - LOL! But, seriously, I think we could swing it.

    1. Mary I think you are correct - we could all swing it. We could go fancy or we could go simple - it doesn't matter. I thought it would be fun and give us all some ideas.

  20. I could throw together a Lasange, chilli and homemade nachos, a Autumn salad, (I live in NZ and it's Autumn here), rice and homemade bread, probably a carrot cake and lemon drizzle cake for dessert. I have some beer and wine, and more importantly 3 bottles of Baileys Irish cream, don't get the wrong idea here, I win them at pub quiz's.

    1. Yum - that all sounds wonderful - all things that I love.
      Heck I have three bottles of Baileys Irish Cream and I didn't win them!!!! LOL
      I have 3 different flavors - regular, raspberry and mint - I find them in the winter months and just keep adding them!!!!
      You will find NO judgement on my part!!

  21. 20-25 is a lot but I just fed 8 for 6 days so I could just 3x what I made.
    You didn't say winter or summer meals so I'll do both

    Summer: Hamburgers & hot dogs. I'll have to make buns or we go bunless. Baked beans, pasta salad, chips, Amish fruit salad. Dessert: Apple slab pie &/or Zucchini Cake

    Winter: Chili, cornbread. Carrots & celery and crackers on the side. Fruit salad. Same desserts

    Drinks: Iced Tea, Water, there is some pop & gatorade in the basement, seltzers, wine and there is the hard stuff if someone wants. We rarely drink it and it's more for emergency medical use.