Friday, November 25, 2022

Now the Countdown Begins!!!

 Happy Friday and happy day after!!!!!!!!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  I know many still haven't had their get together and will be doing so in the next couple of days.  ENJOY

I spent yesterday with one branch of my family.  Lots of food, lots of family and lots of SNUGGLES!! Yes, there was lots of snuggles with those 'littles'.  Remi is just a chatterbox.  Everyone was so worried when she was 'late' in talking.  I told them she would talk when she had something to say!  Welp, that is now the case!  She is just a little active and chatty doll baby!  In spite of all her medical problems - she is just incredibly active and funny.  Adi - is still pretty bashful and she felt bad a lot of yesterday.  She slept for a long time - then when she woke we chatted and played dolls!  Layla - she wasn't sure about everyone - very bashful.  She has gotten so big!  But she had fun with Remi.  Miles - well what can I say - just a smiley, wide eyed cuddle bug!!!!!!!  Aden is now older (8) and he just wants to hang out with the big guys!!
My great niece and niece both mentioned Glen at different times and we told stories and laughed and cried a little.  So, he was there too! 💕💔

Today many will be out shopping!  NOT me.  I am staying away from all the crazies out there (no offense).  I have a turkey bird in the oven and I brought home a lot of sides from my nieces.  She had sooooooo much food.  Her family will be eating good for a few days and lots of people took home food as well.
Many spend this weekend decorating for Christmas.
THAT is where the countdown starts!!!!!  ONE MONTH from today is Christmas.  YIKES!  It will be here in a minute and then it will be New Year's!

It sure is hard to believe that Christmas will be here that soon.  I need to get busy!
I am going to start putting together my gift bags this weekend, just to see what I have on hand and what I need to do and get.
I still need to get stuff for the littles - but not this weekend.  I will wait for the mad dash to be over and maybe go out next week.  I have 2 eye appointments next week, so I will be out and about any way.
Tomorrow is small business Saturday!  IF you need to go out and shop - please try to remember the smaller places and the small guy.  They NEED your money - not the big corporations.

I hope you all had a great day yesterday.  What is on the agenda for you on this Black Friday and weekend after?

So thankful for all my friends here!!!!!!

EDIT!!!!!!!  IF you have cable TV - check your listings.  Many cable companies are offering FREE premium channels ALL weekend long.  Good way to DVR some movies for a cold winter day of watching.  I have Direct TV and channels 500 - 573 is all the FREE stuff.  Check out your provider!


  1. You had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family! I still pray for Adi and Remi. Glad to hear how they are doing.

    We are going to Costco to pick up dog medicine and greens for the chickens. Shouldn't be a problem. I pay for the meds at the pharmacy and they have several self-checkouts. After that home James!

    1. I did have a great day. Those prayers are much appreciated, and I believe much to do with why the girls are doing as well as they are. Thank you.
      Home James! - LOL. Good place to be today!!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the family and especially the littles. :)
    I hadn't intended to do any Black Friday shopping but my daughter mentioned something this morning that will be the perfect Christmas gift for her. I'll do it from the comfort of my easy chair and I have gift cards to use up too so it won't be a big expense.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Gift cards and sitting in a chair is the best way I can think to shop today! Glad you got a good idea of what to get.
      I had a wonderful day, thanks.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I spend the holiday with my daugher and son-in-law and two members of his family. Just the 5 of us, low key, and filled with good conversation. For me, this week will be spent on cleaning out two walk-in closets and clearing out all furniture from my bedroom, and moving everything except large furniture in the lower level bonus room / office area. Carpets will be cleaned in the lower level on Monday; carpet installers will be here on Tuesday to complete the carpet install in my bedroom. Then, it's time to move everything back to where it belongs. I'll begin Christmas decorating, but it will be piecemeal this week, since I'll be staging and moving things one by one from the garage, not bringing everything into the lower level at once. It's going to be a different way, for sure!

    1. Piecemeal is the way I always do things. I bring up something and then maybe something else later. Just take my time.
      That sounds like a lot of work - but with a great end result! New carpet will be great. So will the carpet cleaning. All fresh and new - just makes things nice.
      Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving as well. It is nice to just sit and talk sometimes.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful little sign about Black Friday!! How true.

  5. I love your saying on Black Friday. So true.
    We have the grands, aka the chikadees, with us today as their parents work. No shopping for us. And we like it this way!
    I DO try to keep our holiday season simple. In my working days I was over a holiday lighting event. About $40k worth of lighting and decorations. You train yourself to see which lights are out. You walk the lines looking for breaks and outages. Wind storms are a nightmare. That experience left me with the distinct impression that the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with decorations. I bring out my nativity set and a few other very special handmade things. And it's enough.
    Your day with family sounds wonderful. I'm glad you have family close.
    Central AZ

    1. Ellie have a wonderful day with the chickadees!!!! I am sure you will!
      It is true - it isn't all the other stuff, that people kill themselves doing. There is a wonderful meaning for the season and that is what should be remembered and celebrated.
      My decorations will be simple.
      I do have a pretty great family!

  6. What a lovely Thanksgiving you had. Cuddles are just perfect.

    God bless.

  7. Great meme! We just grabbed a bite of Chinese food to eat, so much food, we bring home leftovers then we stopped by Half Price books. I bought a needed calendar with wonderful b/w dog photos and hubs got two Lyle Lovett cds for ebay prices. We laughed our heads off on the way home listening to one of the songs about an ugly girl. LOL It sounds mean but the way Lyle Lovett writes...It's hilarious. He has that one song on one of our cds called "Church" and it is so funny too!

    It sounds like you have a very nice family, aren't the littles swell? Speaking of...I found pajamas at Carters site for 6 dollars and free shipping (no minimum!). 100 percent cotton too. Got four pair for all four of my grandlittles, babies and toddlers. (I'm sure they have larger childrens too) I got a size way larger so they can wear them next year too and even pose together if they want. I got green trees on white for boys and girls. Yahoo!
    The guy at Half Price asked if we were going shopping or have been and we just smiled hugely and said ...No, we're not doing much of any kind of shopping today, just stopping by here for what we needed. : D He smiled back knowingly.

    Have a sweet evening! I appreciate your blog. Hugs!

    1. I smile when I hear Chinese food around the holidays - it makes me think of the Christmas Story movie!!!!!!
      Your picture - well - did you know that, that movie was on for 24 hours yesterday? A classic for sure - it was Glen's favorite movie. His brother (who is in a nursing home) even texted me yesterday to let me know it was on!

      Great deal on PJ's. I bet they will love them. Nice that they are all the same - those make for the cutest holiday pictures!
      I stayed home all day on Friday - just rested after a somewhat busy week.

    2. Cheryl, I just want to encourage you and tell you I am so thankful for your blog here, I am grateful that you are genuine and not just trying to make money off of our heartfelt comments. You are rare and that is a Blessing. I will keep this positive but let's just say I'm disappointed in people who only want comments and we'll just leave it at that rather it be blogs or videos. Thanks for all of your kind replies and just being that genuine person like a good neighbor. : )

  8. Shopping. ICK! We were Blessed with Football Friday. WIN! Final regular season game. Next Saturday? Conference Championship game.

    Cheers to sanity these final 36 days of 2022. :-)

    1. It seems we have a lot of sport fans here. That does NOT include me! LOL I have never gotten into sports of any kind.
      Hope your team wins!
      Yes. cheers to sanity - not just us - but the world as a whole.

    2. We love our Alma Mater and going to our football games :-) Championship game will be a fan challenge-temp around 20F. Brrrr

    3. Brrrrr - that is loyal! Good luck to them

  9. I'm hoping HBO MAX will offer a freebie viewing, because I want to see the new Christmas Story movie this year. :-)

    1. I never thought of that movie! I know there is free premium this weekend with most cable companies - not sure about that movie! Here's hoping!

  10. It's Shop Local Saturday, but I've no need for that, just as I had no need for Black Friday. Gifts have been bought and out-of-state gifts shipped. I'll still have gifts from the kitchen from here.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cheryl! Still praying for those precious little girls. How fun to get those cuddles! Sounds like everyone had a nice holiday. We did, too. Our oldest was here; he stayed with his brother, but they both came over Thursday and Friday. He'll head back home today and is coming back in time for my after Christmas b'day.

    I'm not sure how much decorating we'll do this year for the holidays. Probably just a small tree. There's our pup, of course, but also on Thanksgiving night, BIL called. Hubs other siblings were there. He said my MIL is at the very end now. She's very weak and he had to tell us what she said... "I love you. See you at home." So...

    Have a GOOD weekend, everyone! --Elise

    1. I didn't go out today either - thought about it - but no. I wish I was done. You have done great.
      Glad you got to be with your boys. That is the bestest thankful gift!
      Oh, so sorry to hear about your MIL. Sounds like she is more than ready and knows! Yes, you will see her again someday at HOME! I have been praying her passing will be peaceful and easy for her. Hugs to all.

      Thank you for your continued prayers. They do help. Those little gals wouldn't be as far along as they are without all the prayers. Doctors have even said that - they have been mystified by progress!