Wednesday, February 17, 2021

TIPS to Stay Warm and Safe

 I swear most of the U.S. has found that they were teleported over night to Alaska or the Artic!!!!  LOL  That is sure how it seems.  We got very comfortable having a decent winter season and BOOM, Mother Nature decided to show us a thing or two.  It aint over till it's over.

There are many simple things that we can do to stay warm and safe when it gets so iffy out.  Simple things that just make sense and that we often forget about.

  • Always have ice melt on hand to use for slick walks and steps
  • Carry some cat litter or sand in your vehicle - it sure helps it you get stuck!  Also have a small shovel with you
  • Turn on ceiling fans (in a clockwise motion) to push warm heat down into the room (remember heat rises)
  • Wear layers when doing jobs outside instead of one super heavy item.  Many jobs cause the body to sweat - and on a super cold day this is dangerous (can cause hypothermia).  With layers you can remove excess items
  • Always use lotion on your hands and face.  The get chapped, frosted, and wind burned easily - lotion is essential.  Lotion for your FEET as well - for some reason they dey out so easily in winter
  • Make sure you use lip balm  (or equivalent) on your lips.  They chap and hurt - tender skin.
  • Wear sunglasses when outside in the snow - soooooo important for your eyes!!!!!!!
  • Make or buy door buddies for the bottom of your door if there are any gaps or cold air coming in.  You can make a tubular form with material or a towel and fill with rolled newspapers or magazines or even sand or even pool noodles.  Tie off ends with yarn or rubber bands.  They sure do stop drafts.
  • If you have any gaps along the door jambs - tuck some paper in those areas to prevent air from coming in until you can replace the seal.
  • Make SURE your furnace and dryer vents are free and CLEAR of snow piles.  This could be deadly.  My furnace now vents out the side of the foundation (not chimney) - if blocked it would put carbon monoxide back into the house.  This is so IMPORTANT
  • Wear a hat or cap - heat flows from the top of your head
  • If you drive just short distances and in the city - you are usually close to help - but still keep an extra pair of heavy socks, gloves and a hat in your car.  If yours get wet - you will need to change.  If you live out - keep those things and blankets in the car as well as snacks.  Maybe a flair.  Shovel.  Cat litter or sand.  You can use snow for water.  If you get stuck and are running the car to stay warm while waiting for help - make sure your exhaust is clear of snow!!!!!!  Life saving
  • Open curtains on sunny days to allow suns warmth to help heat your home
  • If you have a cell phone - keep it charged and on you - even if just working outside.  You may need it in an emergency to get help
  • If your water pipes freeze - you can melt snow to drink.  Boil 3 minutes to make sure it is safe.  Also open cabinet doors to allow room heat to enter around pipes.  Think about insulating your pipes if the are in a vulnerable area for freezing.  You can get pipe wrap or even think about using pool noodles cut to fit your pipes
  • They don't recommend using your oven for heat source - but after baking, prop open your oven door and release excess heat into your rooms.
  • Keep your gas tank topped off.  Good idea to use a bottle of HEAT in your tank - to prevent any moisture that may be in there from freezing
  • Think about having a generator!!!!!!!  This will at least enable you to have some electric heaters during a power outage.  
  • I keep all blankets - don't get rid of any.  If I don't need them - they come in handy for animals - even neighbors in need
Best advice is STAY HOME, STAY IN, and stay warm.
I know there is always something that needs done - but for those who prepare for such things, we can stay off the roads and survive with what we have for a short/long while.  
You know the cold and snow won't last long - just  stay safe.  Use what you have.

We have had some historic weather in areas of the country this year - so please be patient and kind, and try to help one another.
Just remember - this too shall pass.

Hey gang, say a little prayer for our reader, Frances in my Corner of the Trailer Park - she was chipping ice yesterday and fell and broke her right wrist.  She has surgery on the 26th.  
Hoping her pain isn't too bad until she can be fixed!  HUGS


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for posting!

    1. Well thank you so much!
      I love having you here. ENJOY

  2. Hi Cheryl. Another tip from someone in the frozen north. Keep one or two empty cans along with candles and waterproof matches or one of those butane lighters in the car. Put a candle in the can and light it. These will give heat inside your car. Jean

    1. Great idea! If stranded - any heat would be appreciated.

  3. Candles give off heat. A grouping of them and a terra cotta plant pot upside down on top is like a small oven... Just make sure it is on something that is not flammable, or that you have some type of potholder underneath to protect your table.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for that tip. I have good and bad about that. Some say it works great others say nay. It sure has to help some, and any heat would be wonderful if yours is out.

  4. Lots of great advice! I was listening to a news report from Texas today on Youtube and they said that Dallas was colder than Moscow! I feel so sorry for all those people without power.
    We had some snow yesterday so walking today was a bit messy and I had to be extra careful as I walk with a cane but I have good boots and the roads and sidewalks had been plowed so i wasn't so bad - and yes, we are used to it. More snow is due over the next couple of days so I am going to spend some time indoors and get some cooking done. It looks as though there should be a break in the weather on Saturday so I'll get out for a walk then.
    I understand people in the south not being ready for the snow or bitter cold but I don't quite understand why so many people seemed to be in line for groceries. Where have they been for the past year! I don't mean to be unkind but it did rather shock me that they seemed to be so very unprepared - especially since this weather had been predicted well ahead of time. It just worries me that so many still don't think that emergency preps need to be done. I hope it warms up soon. Stay safe Cheryl (your critters too).

    1. Weather has been crazy for sure. Glad you are staying safe and please be careful.
      It is snowing here again this morning. UGH Predictions say 40's for mid next week! Sure something to look forward to.

      You would have thought 2020 would have taught lots of lessons - but it doesn't seem to have. I totally understand what you mean. Yes, they had warnings - it really is crazy how so many people think "not me".
      I and you and our group - doesn't have to say "oh no, I need milk, TP, eggs, junk food, etc." We either have it or know an alternative. Being prepared has it's perks!
      Take care.

  5. Good advice about staying home and staying in but the staying warm part is a little hard for the people in TX. Gotta feel for them. Thanks for all the tips though. Winter can be brutal.

    1. I know and it is so sad. No heat in such extreme temps is just brutal - so much can go wrong. I heard 50's and 60's there in a day or so, but needless to say they need to stay warm in between.
      Yes, winter has been brutal this year - and all at once.
      Thanks and be safe.

  6. We came home to 9 inches of snow. But we are safe and warm. I feel bad for the people in Texas. We had no other heat source in this house and that is scary. We could cook outside with propane. Might have to consider a generator.

    1. A generator of some kind is really a must to survive. You may not need it often - but when you do it is wonderful.
      Glad you made it home safely! Stay warm.

  7. People with disposable income can stock up on supplies. People in homes with fireplaces for heat are also lucky. But let's not forget the hourly workers who cannot get to their jobs, who can't afford to stockpile and who live in apartments with no fireplaces or heat source. Live can be hard during weather events.

    1. No heat source is the harshest. It would be difficult to stay warm.
      I understand there are those who can't afford a big stockpile - but I would hope they would spend maybe $5 a week to add a little extra here and there for an emergency. I know things can be hard for people. Hopefully things warm up there and people can get back to normal.
      So many weather events can cause havoc, nature can be awfully nasty at times.

  8. Lots of really good and practical advice! This snow storm has indeed caused all sorts of problems. In a state that is mostly warm and sunny (like Texas), this sort of weather causes issues that the folks are ill-equipped to handle. I asked my daughter if they had food and she said yes. They have a gas stove and gas water heater. Her husband lit the stove (which you can do if the electricity out and the igniter won't work) so she could cook. Apparently lots of folks have burst water pipes. What a nightmare for them! Generators can be useful, that's for sure. So many people don't have the cash to stock up much, if at all. Some people don't believe that anything bad will happen. We never know what will happen so why not be prepared? We not always be able to jump in the car and go to the store whenever we want.

    We were headed through the neighborhood to go to IU West for my mammogram appointment. I said to my husband that I thought we should go the other way to hit Rockville Road. The van slid off into a deep ditch but AAA was able to get it out and even drove the van back to our house. Nice fellows and very professional.

    1. It is really scary for all those southern folks. We all prepare for the worst and hope for the best - but I guess a lot don't. Most think nothing will happen to them.

      Oh how scary on the slide off - glad you are OK and how nice of the AAA guys. Stay safe! Warmer days are just ahead!