Sunday, August 13, 2017

Frugal Happenings 8/13

Hello friends!  Happy Sunday.
I truly hope all are well, safe and staying frugal.

We have had some lovely weather this weeks.  Lots of down time for the A/C!  We did get some rain on Friday and it was truly a splendid rain.  My rain barrels were happy to get an addition of water as well.

One of my 'newer' neighbors moved out yesterday.  The single mom with two children left.  I thought she was going to be a good addition to the neighborhood at first, but part of me is a bit happy she left.  The kids were adorable, but she was the most negative person ever.  She let it be widely known that she deserved to live somewhere better and around better people!  Really?  Well, the people in this little burg are hard working people, and good neighbors who watch out for one another.  Come to find out she received a notice of eviction this week for not paying rent for 4 of the last 6 months!  I think that speaks volumes!!!

Hummingbirds have been extremely active in the past week or so.  I hope that isn't a sign that they will be leaving soon!  They sure are fun to watch.

My cucumber plants are actually trying to revive a little.  I got very little off of them and planted new - the new plants are growing and the older ones are greening up and blooming again.  I think the cooler temps have helped a bunch.  That extreme heat and sun we had just burned them up.
The onions I planted a little over a week ago are really growing well.
Going to plant lettuce again today!

My frugal week:
  • Canned 16 jars of mild salsa (last week I made hot)
  • Used the last 3 peaches - cut up and sugared for short cake
  • Received a free Reminisce magazine as a promotional.  They want me back!!!
  • Used Italian bread, hoagies, and pound cake from the freezer (all were free)
  • Used a $10/$40 coupon at Aldi - all items were for long term storage
  • Line dried a ton of laundry
  • Did lots of yard work for free exercise
  • Dehydrated and ground all my tomato skins
  • Meals from home
  • Harvesting lots of veggies in the garden - love me some fresh and basically free food!
  • Did stop by Kroger to look at clearance.  I found 5 - 2 lb. 8 oz. bags of Hershey miniatures (9/2018) for 2.49 each!!!!! They were regular 9.99!   I also got 10 - 5 packs of cat treat sticks for .49 pack (regular 1.07).  My cats love these - although it is NOT a normal every day treat!
I split one stick up amongst the kitties for a treat now and then.
These will be great for Halloween or even the upcoming holidays.  There are 130 pieces per bag!
  • AC off and on this week.  More off than on - and windows open.  Sure have been enjoying the fresh air.
  • Our grapes are starting to ripen - YUM
Meals this week:
Lunchmeat/cheese and tomato sandwiches (a summer favorite) and salad
Sausage/spicy rice/zucchini/cheese skillet dinner
Italian bread pizza
Chicken strips, fried green tomatoes and fried onion slices
Mushroom/salsa beef hoagies and chips
Loaded hotdogs and salad/pickles
Pork chops, red beans & rice and sliced tomatoes

The weather has been so beautiful this week - it seems I have spent many moments just standing outside and taking it all in.  I don't know how many times I stopped and just said "Thank You God", for all the beauty I have enjoyed and the smiles it has brought me. 
I go out some days, and Momma kitty literally comes running up the path to me all wide eyed and happy, wanting petted.  It is just so sweet.
I have had hummingbirds just hover in front of my face.
Butterflies are every where.
The squirrels are a hoot to watch - they play and play.
Cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, gold finches, you name it - flitting all around.
The little bunny hopping all around showing his pretty white tail.
These precious moments make me smile!


May you all be blessed with health and happiness in the coming week.  PLEASE take a few moments to appreciate the "little" things in life.  Stand still and soak it in. 
God bless.


  1. Cheryl, I love these kinds of weeks, it just seems that all's right in God's kingdom. It isn't always that way, and we need to stop and smell the roses, and Thank Him when it does occur.

    1. Yes mam you are so correct. Life goes by quickly and it has a way of humbling us.
      Life is always good - but some days are better than others!

  2. Wow, nonpayment of rent does speak volumes about your neighbor who was evicted! She needs to work on herself and fixing her finances.

    What a great deal on the Hershey's miniatures! I'm jealous. :)

    Your dinners sound great. I love fried green tomatoes, they are so good.

    We had a good week here although it was raining a lot, which made it humid. I will definitely be looking forward to cooler weather when it comes. Lucky you to have a litte now. :)

    1. Belinda - it just goes to show that those who shout "I am superior" are sometimes the worst offenders!

      I adore fried green tomatoes - that is just a flavor that I don't get tired of.
      Yeah, I couldn't believe the price on the candy. I would have bought it for someone else - if I hadn't wanted it. So cheap!

      I hope you get a little cooler (and not so humid) weather. It sure has been nice. We will get some much warmer days this week - but the last few days have been about perfection!

  3. Looks like a great week. I hope you get some good neighbors soon.

    1. Thanks. I hope for good neighbors too - but none is ok too. It's quiet that way.
      The kids on the other side of us are great.

  4. I feel for the poor woman. She was negative mostly from her stress. What would that be like? I can't imagine. Great buy on the chocolate. I would probably eat it all before Halloween.

    1. That may have been the situation, but arrogance and superiority are never pretty. She was definitely a big spender of money - so created a lot of her own problems.

      I have put the chocolate away so that I won't eat it!!!

  5. Get post as always!
    I've been getting lots of zucchini and sharing it mostly.
    I made Cowboy Candy yesterday, candied jalapenos. Suppose to wait for 2 weeks before you eat them I'm interested, in how they came out.
    Lucky on the chocolate!

    1. Laurie - seems when you start getting zucchini it doesn't end! I have a bunch in freezer for bread - dehydrated, relish, etc. I even added to the hot salsa I made.

      Cowboy candy sounds so good. I have never had it. It sure sounds yummy.
      I think it would be hard to wait!!!

  6. I love the part of your post about enjoying the beauty God gives us for free. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Vickie. God surrounds us = we just need to enjoy it all.
      have a good one.

  7. Such wonderful purchases. Sorry to hear your neighbor's troubles, even if she did bring them on herself, hoping for better neighbors for you, Cheryl.

    I cleaned out the wax and green beans. Made roasted beans with garlic salt and pepper and a little olive oil, very tender, cut into 1-2 inch pieces. Also used up some old baking potatoes in potato pancakes with shredded carrot and parsley, also tasty.

    Cooler weather sure is nice for cooking and baking, made some sticky buns for the weekend that daughter and son in law enjoyed too.

    1. Do y'all think it isn't too late to replant the beans? Our last frost in mid-October. Would be nice to get another bush bean crop.

    2. Your beans and potato pancakes sound heavenly. I agree so many things we can add to our menus when the weather cools.
      Mmmmm - sticky buns!

      That gives you 60 days - so hopefully you could get a second crop. Maybe even try peas.
      You could cover them is you need to prolong it a little.