Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Frugal Ways (or cheap)

You all know that last week (and this week) I have been working on repairing my old jeans.  I still plan on making the handbag from material samples, and making capris from slacks.

The past couple weeks I have been saving items that can be re-used in other ways.  I think I am re-cycling and being frugal, others may say I am just cheap!
What say you?

Saved all my peels and cores from apples that I cooked up.  They are now in the freezer - until I get some more - then I will make apple jelly!

I JUST realized that peanut butter and mayo jar lids fit regular mouth mason jars perfectly!  I always have saved my parmesan lids - but figured out these other ones work too!  I can't believe how long I have missed that!

I have been saving desiccant packs from our supplement and herb bottles.  I keep them in a dark supplement bottle to keep them dry.  I use them in my jars of dehydrated goods.  So far I haven't had to buy any!

The taller bottles are from flavorings that I have used for the Soda Stream.  I think they will work great for M&M or Skittle bottles for the kids Christmas baskets this year.  I can put a cute label on them to pretty up.
The orange juice container (concentrate) is plastic with a snap on lid.  What do you think?  I guess I could use in the garage for odds and ends and add a label.  I just figured it would be good for something!

I got these on clearance, and figured the empty containers could be used.  I think one will contain my strait pins for sewing.  I can then carry them upstairs if I need them without spilling.  I am thinking maybe one would be good for carrying aspirin, Tylenol, allergy tabs, etc.  in a smaller handbag (for dress).  They have a nice closure top.

I guess some people would think I am crazy - but I figure you would understand!  I hate seeing things go in the landfill and if I can re-cycle  into something new and useable - that just makes sense (cents) to me!

Have you salvaged anything for up-cycling in the past few weeks?
I love getting new ideas!


  1. Great ideas! I hate seeing things go to waste also. :)

  2. I used my peels for jelly the same day I made pie. So, I probably would have saved them. I have used a mayo lid on a canning jar. It wasn’t on purpose but we can pretend it was! I still use it but haven’t saved any since. Probably because the lid is blue instead of white. Which doesn’t make sense because I plan on painting all the white ones black anyway! I have tried the peanut butter lids but I buy peanut butter with the tin lids. They have that insert that holds food particles and often molds. I am trying to be better but have quite a way to go.

    1. Debbie - I figure those lids will be great for dry storage instead of using bands and lids. I have never seen peanut butter with a metal lid around here. Most always plastic. I can understand not using those with the liners. Can you take that liner out? Just a thought.

      All little efforts are working in a positive direction! Keep on re-cycling!

  3. I will have to try the peanut and mayo covers for the canning jars as I like to use plastic lids in the refrigerator instead of metal. I bought some white ones for that but could use more! I have just recently reusing the desiccant packs in my dehydrated things. The apple peels I don't know about unless they were organic. Nancy

    1. Nancy, I hope the hint helps you save money! No more buying lids.
      I buy apples direct from our local orchard which is organic - so no problems. But I would think a good vinegar cleaning would help if not.

      Heck, if we all had any idea what chemicals are in the ready made things we buy, we never eat again!
      Have a good day.

  4. We reuse lots of things to keep them out of the land fill. here are a few:
    -My apple cores go to making apple cider vinegar. I haven't bought it in years. I pour it in the old bottle when its ready so no one even notices.
    -I'm reusing old chocolate boxes for Valentines Day gifts.
    -My mom and sisters save me their jars from things like sauce and jam. I make most of our own so I don't get that many.
    -I save all potato peels, carrot tops, string bean ends and cook them in the dogs food.
    -Currently using a glass BBQ sauce bottle that my son got as a gift as my Greek Salad dressing.
    -My FIL makes red wine vinegar and puts it in old wine bottles.
    -We used old wine bottles for centerpieces with a single red rose at my daughter's Sweet 16. Her theme was Italy.

    1. Wonderful! What a fantastic job and some really great ideas.
      I like old jars and bottles too - they are good for so many things.
      Great idea on veggie scraps for the dogs. I have a small strainer in my sink and the stuff that doesn't go in compost, goes in that and goes outside for possums or whomever wants it!

      LOVE the idea for the table decorations for the party.
      Thank you so much for sharing. I love learning new re-cycles!

  5. Cheryl, I use the mint containers to hold my ear plugs for laptop and radio/phone. I have several labels with USB plug ins that I have saved recipes/photos etc. until I upload and print. Handy little things.