Sunday, June 12, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/12

 Happy Sunday to all!  It just seems so weird to be dating things June.  Time flies!
It is a lovely morning - at the moment.  We are supposed to get rain later on today.  My area has had some small rains off and on this - we lucked out and the 'storms' all missed this area.  Not all of the state could say that as there was a tornado touch down this week.
I haven't had to water the in-ground garden yet!  The pots I do water with rainwater collected as they dry out fast.
I have blooms on tomatoes and a few teeny tiny tomatoes on the cherry tomatoes.  3 bitty peppers.  Everything is growing and filling out beautifully!!!!

                                          Not my picture or flowers - but they sure are pretty

Groundhogs are back in the area!!  UGH.  They have tried to get through to my yard in a couple places.  One actually did early on, then I got it all blocked off.  Well, my neighbor is on a mission to catch them as they moved to his yard!  Under his deck.  I am sure glad not to have them in my yard for a change!  Loaned him my traps!

Been watching sparrows feed their young.  I have a feeder on the porch, and momma eats and then flies down to the handrail on ram where her babe is and feeds it!  Oh my goodness, it is so sweet.  The baby looks as big as mom - but she is taking good care of it.

Flies are horrible this year.  When it gets hot and muggy in the afternoon - boy, you have to be careful when opening a door.  They just hover at the doors and try to get in!  I don't like flies!!!!!!!
Lightening bugs are starting too!  It is so comforting to look out after dark and see those pinpoints of light flashing about.

My week:
  • Changed out the filter in the furnace for AC use
  • Did more cutting of wild growth and weeding
  • Mowed and trimmed
  • Weeded the garden and now it needs it again!  Those darned old weeds sure grow fast
  • Received a free magazine in the mail
  • Cleaned out frig
  • Ran to the Kroger to get Fluff's gravy food.  I found discounted Italian bread and bagels on clearance for .99 ea.  Got clearance fresh mushrooms.  OJ was 1.27 half gal. and a watermelon on sale for 3.97
  • Stopped and topped off gas tank - only needed 1/4 tank and I saved .40 per gallon with discount
  • Stopped by the mission thrift store on the way home.  Haven't been in a long while.  I did find 6 books - got 6/$1 (4 cookbooks!).  Free sandwich 'flats' (those flat bun like things)  They were made with cauliflower and herbs - pretty tasty.  I also found 2 - 13x13 canvas collapsible tote boxes for $2 each (brand new)
  • Made a gallon of tea and added fresh lemon balm when brewing - tasty
  • Worked really hard on the 2nd bedroom clutter.  Closet from hanging bar down - emptied.  Office area - cleaned out and up.  Redid a lot of pantry overstock and got it in closet and out of sight!  Used those new canvas totes for storage as well.  It is coming along in there.  I have a huge pile of items to take to thrift store on Tuesday when they re-open,
  • Well, after 3+ long years, I finally started getting rid of G's clothes.  I have had so many bagged and put away - but still here.  That was a hard thing for me - but I finally got it started.  I gave one of the new guys next door - several really nice shirts.  I approached it cautiously and tried not to offend - he was thrilled!!!!!  He has gained weight he said, and just started having to work back in the office a couple months ago.  So they were needed.
  • Cleaned the shelves on the coat closet as well.  Found my fanny pack!!!!!  I have been hunting for that for a while!  (showing my age)
  • Just doing all the basic stuff 
Meals this week:
Cheese, rice, bean, salsa quesadilla
Baked beans, smoked sausage and salad
B. beans over toast topped with cheese, fried okra
Taco salad
Cheeseburger on cauliflower flats and fresh veggies
Mexican chicken (freezer) over rice
Veggie fried rice
SNACKS - fruit, cheese

How was your week?  I hope you are all well and safe.  We sure had some good conversations this week and several new people posting.  I love that.  The more the merrier.  We all learn and share so much.  You guys are great.
Did you get any deals this week?  Gardens growing?  What is happening around the house?

I hope you all have a great week.  I hope you gals that are moving are getting settled some.  I pray for rain for the extremely dry areas.  
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours!

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for His steadfast love endures for ever!
Psalms 107:1

Lord, help us to be appreciative of all things - big and small.  We pray that you bless the farmer's and the home gardeners with wonderful bounties.  Thank you for loving us!  Amen


  1. We must remember to look for the lightening bugs tonight! My big win was a lavender tree marked down to $2. I brought it home and trimmed it up and put it in a clay pot with some fertilizer and it is so pretty. It's the little things!

    1. Oh how nice and what a bargain! Yes mam, it is the little things that make the world go around!

  2. The Father provides for us! And I am amazed every single time!

    We got about 1/2 inch of rain in the last couple of days. Still need to do some watering but we have lots of collected water....

    Found baby portobello mushrooms on a good clearance at Meijer and also some boxed organic greens. Did a wilted greens skillet with some of the mixed greens, mushrooms and red onion as a side dish. We picked the sugar snap peas and a small bed of green onions. Think I will add some of those to the greens with mushrooms for lunch today. Sweet corn was relatively cheap so that will be good it the greens skillet.

    The thrift stores up my way are limited to Goodwill. It's not worth the gas to drive south to check out other shops. I do miss thrifting!

    1. Maybe got 1/2" or so here - more coming today. I have 2 barrels full of rain now - I just got done looking!!!
      Great deals on all the bargains. I love cooking with fresh ingredients - it just tastes so good. I can eat many a meal with just veggies and be happy.
      I don't do GW anymore - they just got too pricey for me. About my only one is Humble Impressions - they help the community. (Not the neatest stores - so full - but they do good works)

  3. Good Morning, Cheryl! We've had the rain here and the heat index is expected to be 108 - 117 in some parts 😳🥵.
    I'm so glad your new neighbor appreciated and can use Glenn's shirts. What a blessing for him. I can imagine how hard it would be to part with your beloved's things :*(
    As I've posted before, my sister's husband passed in October. We stopped there for a couple of weeks on our move back to OK. She gifted my DH (Mike) some of Don's shirts and shoes which he has worn and appreciated. Mike was able to do some honey-dos for her that really helped her out.
    My husband thinks he saw his first lightning bug ever night-before-last. I'm so happy for him - they are such a wonderful memory from my childhood. He's also seen his first Robins and Cardinals and OK's state bird, the Scissor-tail Flycatcher.
    Thanks for the good wishes - we are getting settled in. Maybe 30 boxes to go. I hope for the same for the other lady who's moving.
    Love your prayer and verses :). Stay well~
    Mary in OK

    1. It is tough to get rid of things - but they are doing me no good. Someone should be getting use of them
      Nice that your hubs helped her out, you have no idea what those things mean. Huge hugs to her.
      Oh how neat on seeing all those things for the first time. It is amazing the things we just take for granted. I have never seen the Flycatcher, but so use to all the others.
      It won't be long and you will be all moved and can sit back and enjoy!

  4. Your generosity is the neighbour's benefit. I know how expensive men's shirts can be, and to get a gift like that is a true blessing.

    We've had rain off and on for a couple of days. This morning, I went to check on the containers and discovered we'd had a nice rain overnight. Definitely like that. It can rain overnight every night. :)

    1. All those shirts came from the big and tall shop and they were nice. I was glad someone could use them.
      Over night rains are nice. My barrels are now full after last night. It is raining as I type. Going to be a hot one this week!

  5. MY garden is coming along. I went to the garden supply store for more broccoli. I am hoping to keep it alive until July and put it in the garden after I pull some things out. I have been trying to extend my season for the last 3 years and this is a new step from that. I also reduced the size and have almost everything in raised beds. My knee is just not good enough for all of the weeding. I think I might even have more success.

    I have started going into the local Target 2x a week and checking for deals on cheese and meat. Last week I got 2 16 oz blocks of Monterey Jack cheese for 2.08 each and 2 chubs of ground turkey for .29. Every little bit helps.

    1. That is a smart move to extend the garden. Raised beds are so nice and sure do help with all the bending and squatting!
      Those are some great deals!!!!! WOW what a price on the ground turkey! It sure does add up.

  6. I feel for you on cleaning out Glenn's things. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But it allowed me to move forward.

    Last week was productive. I got some great deals on meat at one of the local stores. It was enough to replenish my poultry in the freezer -- and on sale, too. I also got limes, too. My deck boxes are producing well and I've already dehydrated two trays each of parsley, basil, and oregano, and one of chives. No need to purchase lettuce as my butter lettuce and swiss chard is going gangbusters. Pots with tomatoes and peppers all have flowers on them, and my pickle cucumber plant is overflowing its pot. Not so much the snap peas, though. It's going to be a hot one this week, so the tea is steeping and will go into the refrig shortly. I'm thinking of light dinners this week, with as much prep done today and tomorrow, before we get into the 90s and high humidity. Stay safe and hydrated!

    1. Thanks. It is tough. I had to be in the right place and I guess that happened. Just went in and started doing it. It is one of those evil necessities that has to be done.
      Glad you got some meat deals - they are hard to find.
      YAY on your garden producing. Sounds like it is doing great.
      As Amy (above) said - it all helps out.
      I plan on cooler and simpler meals this week too. It is going to be mid 90's for a few days. ICK.
      You take care as well.

  7. Thanks for today's post Cheryl. You certainly got a lot of work done this past week. I always enjoy seeing what you made for your meals. I know how hard it is to let clothing go after ... I started out donating and just kept going. One closet still has things DS wants to keep some clothing from his Dad's and I will for now. One sentence that helped was my DH saying near his end was that it is ok to give things away that his Mom had given him. That helped me.

    1. Yes, it has been a tough move to make to let things go. They are serving no purpose here and could benefit someone else. He would like that. I am keeping a few things to use in a baby quilt for a new nephew coming on board and to maybe make myself something.
      I think it will get easier now that I have made a start.
      Meals here are usually pretty simple - but still tasty.

  8. You’ve been busy this week, Cheryl. It was so nice of you to give G’s shirts to the neighbor. I’m glad he was thrilled. It’s been so humid here with all this rain, but it’s summertime so we are used to it. I found some good deals on meat and cheese this week, so I’m happy. I hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks - he seemed pretty excited. I know you are going through a 'clean out' stage as well.
      I am not a fan of humidity - but it is what it is! Got to just go with the flow.
      Have a nice one.

  9. You got some good bargains this week! It is good to clean out G's clothes and bless someone else with them. I'm sure G would want that.

    I 'peopled' way too much this week with Husband's dentist visit and the car's annual checkup and oil change. I'd put only 1875 miles on the car in a year and am trying to do even better this coming year. Gas is over $5/gal here.

    The gardens (veggie & flower) are all planted. I bought 3 nice, mature cherry tomato plants and a dozen marigolds at HD to replace what I'd lost. The other 4 cherry tomato plants (from seed) are doing okay, but with the temps to be in the 90s this week, I have my fingers crossed that they survive. Spinach and probably beets will be a lost cause.

    1. Since the auto dealership was 2/3 of the way to the St. Vinny's thrift store, I went bargain shopping. For $43, I came home with 2 nice knit tops, 2 new "Calvin and Hobbes" books for Husband and a book for me, 2 new glass loaf dishes and a glass 9x13 dish (to replace my cruddy old ones), a 10in T-Fal skillet, 10 new dishcloths, 2 little plastic baskets to organize spices and notepads, a new twin fitted sheet (cotton), a vintage cotton pillowcase and full sheet, and, best of all, 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit!

      After all that peopling last week, I'm hoping for a slow, easy week to come. Aldi on Wed, but nothing else planned.

    2. Debby in Kansas USAJune 12, 2022 at 8:18 PM

      Oh, I love Calvin and Hobbes!! Back during the Gulf War, I got a Marine pen pal through Ann Landers. This was pre-internet. Every Monday I sent him the previous week's C&H from the paper. He said his whole tent looked forward to them and they were in tatters by the time they went all around! The simple things...

    3. Frances it sounds like a busy week. Some weeks I feel that way too - just too much peopleing!!!
      I would imagine your spinach will be done with the heat. Hopefully your beets will be ok. I think all my plants should fair the heat as they are pretty established. You might try and shade those new plants during the mid-day.
      You got some great deals there lady. Good job. I hope you get to have a quieter week!

  10. It has been a lovely week overall, even though I had the blahs halfway through. You managed some lovely bargains this week, good for you.

    God bless.

    1. I am sorry you had the blahs. I get them too. I think we all have those days. Hope this week is better. Blessings to you!

  11. My friend whose husband died was clearing out his things a week later. She said, "He won't ever be putting his shoes in those socks." And said the same about shoes, shirts, everything. So, she is okay will all of it being gone. She was devoted to him when he was dying. So, she cared deeply and did all she could when he was alive. I'm okay with her actions, not that what I think matters. Just, no judgment.

    1. I guess everyone handles loss differently. Some take much longer to let go of material things. Makes no real sense - just how it is.

  12. Debby in Kansas USAJune 12, 2022 at 8:28 PM

    Hello all from the hot and humid plains!! Air you can wear!

    Cheryl, it's nice that you did such a nice thing for your neighbor and was so appreciated! Everyone is so different when it comes to parting with the clothes after a loved one dies. My mom was a giver so I knew nothing would make her happier than giving her clothes to someone in need. That made it so easy for me. My MIL shocked me when she cleared out my FILs closet even before the funeral! Practical to the end! They were married 63 years. And another relative still has her husband's clothes nearly 20 yrs. later. Like all grief I guess we are all on a different schedule. Like Parsimony said, no judgement, just observations enough to know better!

    1. Indeed. We are all different and handle things differently. Practicality says let it go - heart says NO. All in the 'right' time for those left on this earth.

    2. “Air you can wear” - 😂 so true, Debby! Mary in OK

  13. Debby in Kansas USAJune 12, 2022 at 8:43 PM

    I'm sorry this is in pieces, but I learned my lesson after last week!
    Busy week! Got lots of stuff crossed off my list. Hurrah!
    * Made and sent 2 graduation cards to grand nieces
    * Found a pint of ricotta cheese in the back of fridge so I broke my rule and used the oven on a cool rainy morning. Made Baked ziti and added a pan of brownies to use all the oven space. Hubs did NOT complain haha!
    * Lots of rain all week and open windows so that was a nice cheap treat!
    * Had a trivia night at church that was so much fun! Loved pulling cobwebs out of the corners of my brain!!!
    And I proudly got the answer to Name 2 of 3 African countries with only 4 letters. I was the only one, just to brag a little.
    Did not do so hot in the Movie category!
    * Put some crocheted flags around our maple tree trunks in honor of Yarn Bombing Day yesterday! They'll stay there all summer.


    1. You can wear the heat here as well this morning. Going to get much worse. Extreme heat and storms are the parts of summer I don't like.
      I bet the ziti was great. I wouldn't complain either!
      Trivia sounds fun - some days it is nice to do those kind of things - gets the fog out of the brain!
      Stay cool!

  14. I went through my husband's things a couple of months after he passed. He had a larger wardrobe than I ever had. His weight went up and down for five years during his cancer battle. I picked out my favorite thngs just to able to touch them and look at them. Most of all of it went to family and friends. A few things went to charity.

    I am sure my son will be laughing when I pass. I have my own store, new things with the tags still on them. I also have a shoe stash and handbags purchased the same way I buy nice things when I find them 75 to 80 percent off. If a special event comes up I can just to my "store" for a new outfit.

    For everyday stuff, I get a lot secondhand but I must say those prices have gone up and can do just as well buying on clearance.

    1. I wish I had family that could have used his things. Most not as large and one that is much larger. He was a big man. Tall and heavier. I have a couple t-shirts I sleep in that were his (they look like dresses on me). I kept a denim shirt to throw on when I need a hug!
      I keep trying to get rid of much of my stuff. I dress up seldom, so mainly jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts. So much is out of style as well.
      Getting stuff on a clearance deal or thrift is how to do it!

  15. There's a grocery here that sells packs of deli meat " ends" for $2.39/lb and deli cheese "ends" for $2.69/lb. I was able to get 3 packages each of around a pound per package. They used to all be $1.99/lb. But I can't complain. If hubs bought a deli sandwich out it would be $10!

    My husband likes deli sandwiches on the weekend and this is quite the savings as most deli meat is $8.99 and deli cheese $6.99 or more per pound. There was a lot of roast beef this time which hubs will like. Sometimes the meat or the cheese will be in big pieces and I drag out my deli slicer. But sometimes it's already sliced. This time there was plenty of mozzarella I packed up for pizza. I divide the meat and cheese into individual servings and then freeze. On the weekends I just thaw out what I need for a single sandwich.

    I saved some of the swiss slices for a cheese plate to put out when family came over today. It was a nice snack for them that really cost only pennies.

    For a dessert I made them chocolate cupcakes from a clearance box of Betty Crocker cupcake mix I got for 69 cents. It included frosting and sprinkles! Lol. I used mayo in place of oil & eggs. So 3 T of mayo which is cheaper than oil and eggs. They all loved them.

    1. How nice that is. I wish stores around here did that. That is a huge savings. Not just on 'buying' a deli sandwich , but also on buying the deli stuff to make one! So many uses. Gosh you can make sandwiches, use for pizza or anything. Nice on the snacking tray. It sounds like a nice day with family!
      Smart shopping!

    2. Debby in Kansas USAJune 13, 2022 at 9:17 AM

      I've asked around about the ends and everyone always tells me they're the same price and give me a strange look lol.

      Our market puts together some precut deli combos for ease. I keep wanting to try the Italian sub mix because it looks like it'll make a delicious sub!

  16. Sorry I'm a little "late" for the Sunday Wrap Up. Decluttering seems to never end sometimes, doesn't it? Moving sort of forces the task.

    GOOD news (amazing, actually) is that 7!!! fellows showed up at the storage unit on Saturday to help Hubs and son with the loading, hauling and getting it all into our house. With so many generously volunteering their help, it was done in just a couple of hours. I made sure they had water and a big batch of Smore's bars. They're LDS, so wouldn't accept any monetary payment.

    There is some bad news: not a single moving box was labeled in any way. No markings. No number tags. Tall wardrobe boxes were used for everything from clothes on hangars (just tossed inside, not on a bar), to fans, lamps, pillows and kitchenware. Some things were irreparably broken. Hub's favorite chair from our 1st apartment that logged thousands of miles of moves over 37 years is (literally) in pieces. We'll be at it awhile, but please never hire Executive Van Lines!!!

    As life so often is, it's a mixed bag of blessings and challenges. May you have only blessings this week! --Elise

    1. First, how wonderful for all the help. God answers prayers.
      Secondly, that is awful about the messed up items and the chair. I would have movers MOVE me, but I would never let them pack my stuff. No one cherishes your things like you. I know extended family who is in the moving business, and I just know from what they say - they would not pack me.
      Hind-sight is 20-20.
      You will get it figured out. Take pictures and keep track and make a claim!!!!!!!
      Have a good week.

    2. Debby in Kansas USAJune 14, 2022 at 9:17 AM

      Oh, Elise! That's terrible! We packed everything but the kitchen on our own. We didn't even have a chipped teacup. The dude in charge even came in early and asked us which pieces of furniture or boxes were extra precious and those were tagged and wrapped special. We went with Allied, I believe. It was an office out of North Hollywood, CA.
      We packed everything else because we knew 2 years before we moved that we were escaping California so we started really early. An online military wife taught me her best tricks and I used every one of them! Bless her heart because it was a piece of cake. The movers even commented on its brilliance, which I told them I couldn't take any credit for except following directions!!

      I hope you can save some stuff. That's just heart breaking. I'm so sorry that happened!

    3. Thank you, Cheryl and Debby. I grew up moving from Army base to Army base until I was 13, then helped my mom pack multiple times as she tried to pick a state where she wanted to be. Military families know how to pack for sure! LOL!

      Out of all our (married) moves, this is only the 3rd time we've had movers pack us. Age and time constraints led to the decision. Hindsight is 20/20. The low initial estimate of cost should have been a HUGE red flag.

      That said, I've been focusing on our blessings to tamp down frustration or the blues. There have been many blessings throughout this journey, including YOU. --Elise