Sunday, June 21, 2015

Frugal Happenings

First let me say an 'official' happy summer to you all.  It sure has felt like summer and not spring here in the Midwest all month - almost tropical feeling.  We have heat, humidity and rain almost every day!

Happy father's day to all the dads out there. 

Have you all been FRUGAL in the past week?  I hope that everyone will let us know your frugal ways.  Each of us can always learn new and useful things.
So much of my week, was just doing all my usual things - making our own drinks, cooking from scratch, all meals from home, etc.
I guess my bigger frugal happenings were;

Staying home much of the week.
Freezing eggs for the future. Blending the egg shells in water and feeding the garden plants with it.  Picking and eating lots of lettuce and onions from the garden. 
Picking some raspberries.
Cutting G's and my hair at home.  Coloring my hair with supplies on hand.
Using some older apples in the crisper and rhubarb from the garden to make a crisp.  YUM

Went to a grad party where they had a dinner buffet, so had a free dinner - and they sent Uncle G home a plate as well.  So no cooking or clean-up one evening.  YAY!
Haven't had to water the garden at all because of the rain and have 110 gallons of rain water for the future.
Used up all our leftovers.

So what have you done in the past week?


  1. Good morning!
    Some of my frugal things this past week were to pick blueberries from my own bushes so far I've only gotten a cup but in the next few days I should be getting much more as our temps are climbing and the berries out there should be ready to pick. Drinking filtered water from our frig and not buying bottled water.

    Went to a family gathering and used food from my pantry. Had lots of leftovers as there was so much food. Leftovers going with hubby today as he travels to his Sisters to help with wiring their new house. They will have a free dinner too.

    Picked up 4 DVD's from the library to watch. Canceled my Netflix

  2. I also canned 12 pints of raspberry jam

  3. Busy weekends ladies! I so envy you your berry bushes LaurieS! Our raspberries are just green buds right now.

    My neighbor and I staked up the tomato plants another foot. This gardener uses a staking technique called a Florida Weave, poles at each end with counter tension like a badminton net, then weave string from pole around one side of plant on to other side of next plant and repeat, when you get to the other end pole, twine around pole three times to secure then come back and weave the string on the other side of each plant. We also collected spinach, mint, rhubarb, and then lettuce from my garden. We spent about an hour at my sink washing the vegetables and bundling them in kitchen towels to share with other neighbors and sisters.

    Later I made a rhubarb cream pie with meringue topping. The crust was the best I ever made and the link to the recipe is: . My husband does NOT like rhubarb but he loved this pie! I learned how to make a flaky crust and how to stabilize a meringue topping.

    The Good Man (my husband) dried and packaged the oregano, and now I have some mint and lemon balm in the dehydrator. I set the clothes rack next to it to capture the heat, along with a stand fan, to dry the clothes in all this humid weather we've been having. Five inches plus rain in since June 1st!

  4. Ellen, do you plant your lemon balm in the ground or in pots? Mine is in a pot but I would like it to grow bigger.

    You guys are getting our rain back there cause it usually humid a heck here about now and looks like a jungle in our back yard.
    We are getting a warm front coming up from Arizona towards the end of the week..90's plus.

    Retired Man got a new toy last week, . It looks so nice I told him we should have done it a long time ago.

    1. Our lemon balm is in the ground and taking over the rosebush, it spreads like mint!

      Stay cool Laurie!

      That's a toy I would like to have! Have you heard about the new she-sheds? Sheds for women, some are crafting havens, some for relaxing drinks with girlfriends, some half potting, but all are oh so feminine! cottage-y looking.

    2. Our lemon balm is in the ground as well - and boy does it spread!!!
      Cool toy Laurie!
      Oh, I want a she shed!!!!!!!

    3. That crisp sure does look good...especially if it's warm with vanilla ice cream on top. :)

  5. I don't know what picture comes up on the link but we got the one listed Garden Barn; under Sheds in the products drop down.

  6. Yes, I've seen those sheds and they aren't big enough for me, LOL