Sunday, June 28, 2015

Frugal Happenings 6/28

WOW, I can't believe another week has passed by.  This month is almost over, meaning the year will officially be half over.  Time sure has been flying.
Momma used to tell me, the older you get, the quicker the years go.  I thought she was crazy.  SORRY MOMMA!!!!  She sure was right.

My frugal happenings this week;
*  Got all my tomatoes tied up, along with the volunteer plants which are really growing.
*  Picked basil,  jalapenos, lettuce, onions, a few berries, and a couple cukes, 2 big bell peppers and 10  zucchini!!!!
*  Had a couple nice days to do laundry and line dry!!  Used the dehumidifier water in the laundry.
*  "Bought" a 14 day supply of Prilosec (10.79) for FREE!  Had a coupon for free in the mail.
*  Mended 3 pairs of jeans
*  Downloaded 14 FREE cookbooks on my tablet.  Over 4,000 pages of recipes for all occasions.
*  All meals made from scratch.  No take out at all this week.
*  Using as much produce from the garden as possible for meals.
*  Reading some new blogs for canning ideas.
*  Today is day 3 of no AC!!  Woohoo!  Such a nice electrical break.  Love the fresh air.

I am officially in my "Bubba" (Gump) frame of mind now.  Instead of shrimp - my food of choice is zucchini.  Fried zucchini, baked zucchini, zucchini jam, zucchini name it!
Zucchini seems to take on the flavor of whatever you put it in - so I use it many times a week when in season.

What exciting (or not) things did you do this week to save a little and stay on track?
Have a great week ahead.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I too twined up the tomatoes, my goodness, they grew two feet taller this week! I saved some cardboard tubing and made 3 inch collars for some new green bean seeds. My neighbor is home and shared eight Giant radishes with me, they are two inches in diameter and not cracked, so I need to find out what seed she used.

  2. I was also able to get some green beans in the ground and will do some squash and maybe cukes tonight. We have a mulch pile that is rich with humus so will be a good place to grow them.

  3. Hey Cheryl, I was curious....have you made anything yet from the recipes/cookbooks you downloaded? I finally sliced up the radishes and pickled them...will try them tonight with a chopped fresh kale salad.

    1. Not yet Ellen. Many are holiday cookbooks - cookies and candy! YUM I have been very busy this past week - but things are slowing a little, so maybe I will get to read some of them in the next few days.
      I will share any fun recipes I find. I bet the radishes are good!

  4. Our garden is coming alone nicely. But won't be harvesting anything for a while yet.
    At the local farm that I buy produce in bulk, the apricots and the peaches are coming on so I'm going to be making those jams to add to my collection.
    My basil and Thyme are really liking our hot weather and doing very well.

  5. Chocolate zucchini bread would be good. :)

  6. Chocolate zucchini bread would be good. :)

    1. I absolutely agree with you on the chocolate zucchini bread! YUM!