Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's all downhill!!!!!

Wow, here we are in July.  The year is half over now, and it's all downhill from here!
There will be lot's of good things going on in the next many months, but the year will be gone in the blink of an eye.

We still have all our canning and preserving of crops to do.  We have apples and pumpkins to look forward to, as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
I love the fall season.  It is always so pretty and the temps are usually just right!  But until then, I am sure going to enjoy the warmth of summer and all it's bounty too.

I know it's only July but it's time for all frugal boys and girls to start planning their Christmas gifts.
Many of us like to give homemade and home canned yummies.  It's time to make plans for those.  I like making what I call goody bags for family.  Re-usable bags with lots of home canned and specialty items.

Crafts are always on some peoples minds, and they take time.  Best get started now!
One year I made 4 patch work quilts and shams.

Many wonderful finds can be had at yard sales and flea markets.  Gifts for kids are always plentiful, and there are also many fun things to get adults for pennies on the dollar.
Kids do not care how much something costs or where it came from - odds are it won't last that long any way! (Or they will play with the box).
Adults shouldn't care about price or where gifts came from either.  A nice gift is a nice gift.

Think about gardening items.  Many things will be going into clearance soon.  Pots, seeds, planting dirt, new hand garden tools, bird feeders or houses, bird seed, etc.

Many stores have reward cards that earn you points for gas.  Kroger is currently doubling those gas points if you shop on certain days.  They are also having a 4X points for purchasing certain gift cards.  Gift cards also make nice holiday gifts.  Get them and earn extra points - win -win!

The more you plan and buy now, the less stressful your holiday season will be.  Many utilities go up in the winter and take our extra money, so now is the time to buy gifts and put them back for winter.

Let's all vow to have a FRUGAL and STRESS FREE Christmas!
Do have anything in the works yet?


  1. Cheryl!!! LOL don't rush it.
    But seriously, I have made lots of jams so far. Most of the people that I give to expect my home baked goods so I just wait till Dec. before I start that.
    I do have more scarves to crochet and fleece scarves to make for the shelters.

    1. Don't rush it???? This from the gal who almost weekly posts "how many days till Christmas" on FB??? LOL
      You is funny girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I need to get going on the scarves to get them done and out of here so I can buy more fabric!

  3. Me too! I am glad for the heads up because I have to get going also! The garden has occupied me so far, and work got busy again so the knitting....not so much. I might change my plan from many small items like scarves and hand warmers to one large item for each kid, maybe that First Sweater!

    Great Reminder to look for sale items to go into those gift baskets!

    Our raspberries are just coming in so I will make sure to do some small jars for the gift baskets.