Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This and that

Hey there everyone.  Hope your week is going well.  Mine has been quite a trip so far.  I promise I won't have many posts that say "this is what I did today" - as I don't find those too exciting to read and I am sure you don't either.

I was out driving this weekend and noticed the thermostat in Blazer was pegged HOT!  Crap.  I pulled over and called G.  He said we could get a tow truck - then I remembered AAA.  What a savings.  I am so glad I was in town where there people and buildings close by, instead of on the highway.  Got the Blazer home.
Called repair shop Monday - they came and got it.  Thank goodness I quit driving when I did, no damage to motor which would be hugely costly.  Still not cheap in my opinion, but better than a motor or buying another vehicle.  This has been a great vehicle, so I can't really complain.

Rain, rain and more rain Sunday through early Tuesday morning.  Back yard flooded again, as did all the neighbors.  Finally walkable today.  We had ferocious winds too.  Didn't help the tomato plants any.  Couldn't do anything till today for them.
Luckily nothing broke, they just bent over.  Got out today and staked many of the cages, and tied up what I could.  The cages are so heavy at this point, that many were leaning (ground is so soft).  Got everything grounded and hopefully good to go for a while.
Those plants are heavy with green tomatoes.  My oh my there are bunches of them.  I have a feeling the bulk will go ripe at the same time.  (not complaining)
I am slowly getting  one or two at a time right now.

The cukes are going crazy,  Those little devils hide in plain sight!!!!  I see just 3 or 4, then from a different angle see more and so on and so on.  Today I thought I had about 4 to pick and ended up finding 15!  Me thinks it's time to can again.

Today while I was out staking tomatoes up, I noticed the vines of the volunteer plants were getting wild.  Decided to use some branches that had fallen to prop them up.  I was pushing a Y shaped branch in ground (pretty easy), when it snapped and I went tumbling forward!  I hit my shin on the blocks on the stone bed about 3" below my knee.  It hurt, but just grazed the skin - so I thought.
Went on working and a while later I thought it must be bleeding as my jeans felt like they were sticking to it.  NOPE - it had swelled about soft ball size!  I looked like I had 2 knees!   It is doing better by icing it down.

Monday I walked out the back walk, and thought I saw the fattest squirrel  ever.  Hmmm - NOPE again.  It was a danged groundhog!  He hung around all day.  I sure don't want one of those around, they do damage and eat gardens!   Got the live trap out and baited it, and I guess he knew better than to hang around - he appears to be gone.  I hope he was just passing through!!!  That has happened once before.
I think I have MAGIC live traps.  LOL.  Every time I set them, whatever it was that I was trying to catch - disappears!  Works for me.

So that's been my week so far.  I sat here and reread this and had to laugh, as it all sounds rather comical now.  Hey, if you can't laugh at what life throws at you, it would sure be boring.
The journey we take daily is what makes life memorable.

Hope you are having a good week.  Stop, enjoy, and laugh!


  1. Hey Cheryl, So glad you didn't break anything in your fall!
    What exactly was wrong with your vehicle? Did you need a new thermostat?

    We have a lot of green tomatoes on also. The cuke plant is growing by leaps and bounds. Still having hot temps out here, they keep saying some rain but it doesn't materialize.
    Today it's only suppose to get to 78 so I might be able to get out in the yard and actually get something done. I need to get some weeds pulled.

    1. Laurie - I was very lucky. I went face first towards the plant stake - so glad I didn't hit it or impale myself.

      We needed a new t-stat, fan clutch and got the radiator totally flushed. Picked it up today. Runs like a champ!!! It wasn't cheap, but I am thankful I had the money to pay for it.

      We have had lovely temps the past couple days, but that is about to change. Hot front coming in over night and temps are to be in 90's and very humid.
      Hope you get bunches from your garden!!!!!!

  2. Cheryl, how is your shin today? We have a car repair coming too, exhaust system. I am glad you weren't left stranded with the Blazer.

    I have my first red tomato, a three incher.

  3. I had a wretched day at work yesterday. In some ways, your sense of humor in light of all that went wrong is very encouraging.

  4. Hi Laurie, come get all the rain you want from us in central PA too. I hope you were able to get outside, it does feel good when the weather cools off enough to make being outside enjoyable.

  5. Ellen, I'm sorry your day at work wasn't better, I guess that makes us appreciate more our good days.
    DH ate our first tomato the other day, it was pretty small but there are a couple of them getting ripe. I hope that the tomatoes on the vines get bigger before they are ready to come off. Cheryl, I will surely use your tip on drying the tomato skins!

    I know I shouldn't be complaining about the heat. But I sure do miss my NW weather.