Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frugal happenings 7/19

It is just amazing to me how quickly the weeks  fly by.  This past week has been busy and wet!  Same old story.  It appears that perhaps after tomorrow, maybe we may have some decent weather!

This week we had to have some work done on the Blazer - cheap it was not, but considering we don't have a car payment, didn't have to charge the work done, and the Blazer is basically a great vehicle, I consider it pretty frugal.  It's over and done - so good to go - at least for that issue!

My shin is still hurting - but not swelled any more.  The groundhog is still here.  He seems to like my broccoli plants - ugh!  I have the trap set, just no luck yet.

  • I bought 20 pounds of peaches for .57/lb. this week.  Put up 13 quarts of yumminess for this winter.  That is half the going rate around here.  Will definitely do it again, if I get the opportunity.
  • I bought 6 boneless chuck roasts for 2.99/lb.  Fantastic price here - haven't seen that price in years.
  • Got to line dry a couple loads of laundry this week.
  • Inventoried both the upright freezer and the chest freezer.  Everything is inventoried, organized neatly by product, and it's all written down!  I found many items that I had forgotten about - I will be trying to use those up soon.
  • Saved .30 a gallon on gas this week with my Kroger discount.  Most of my points were from double point days and free survey points.  The gas will last me a month.
  • All meals from home and from scratch.
  • Been picking lots of fresh veggies this week.  Had fresh veggies at every meal.
  • Only had to water the pots 1X this week and used rain water.
What were your frugal savings this week?  Come on kiddos - teach me some new tricks!
Have a great and wonderful week!


  1. Great going on the peaches! And wow one tank of gas until the end of the month.

    My savings this week were to price out five different ways to get to a bridal shower next weekend. Turns out mega bus and then a commuter train come in $20 less than taking the car and all other buses, ride boards, etc more than either of those. Google maps is helpful for planning out trip expenses because I get a good mileage estimate to various destination points.

    Twice a month starting in September, I will transfer dollars from checking to savings. After the first two weeks of regular bills and then just before the monthly payday, I look to see the bank balance, estimate the payments coming up, then transfer what is likely to not be needed. It is a conservative amount, but out of sight is out of mind and then I don't think of ways that money could be spent.

    We are still trying to save our tomatoes from blight tho I fear it will be a lost battle. Last year I picked the tomatoes green before they blighted and made relish, but oh how I missed a tomato and mayo toast sandwich...hope we get some red tomatoes this year.

    Planted some second season kale and tried beans once again, this time doing it like your pot and trellis system Cheryl. Will this defeat our hungry chipmunks?

    Hope you get that whistle pig soon, Cheryl!

  2. Tonight I pulled some young beets, parboiled them, slipped the skins off, sliced them, and then made a salad dressing with some young sliced onions, lemon juice, red pepper infused olive oil, black pepper, brown sugar, and white wine vinegar. The Good Man came in from a weekend at camp, tired from digging up the septic tank lid in the heat and humidity all weekend, sat down, peered at the strange vegetable on top of his lettuce greens, ate it, perked up, ate some more, and after finishing, sat back and smiled. Home grown gardening is a lot of work, and refreshingly good for body and soul, too.

    1. That shower must be a long way from home!
      Hope you can save the tomatoes! So far so good here. Even with all the rain we haven't had any problems.
      How satisfying that your hubs like the salad. Homegrown is so very good.

    2. The shower is 300 miles away, usually a car trip but gas is soooo expensive right taking the Megabus and a local commuter train then getting around with my sisters and their cars is the call for savings for me.

      Blight is a problem in our area for glad you don't get it!