Sunday, July 26, 2015

Frugal Happenings 7/26

Hi there boys and girls!  Hope you have all had a great week!
This week we have finally had sunshine and several days straight with no rain!  I got to do some much needed yard work this week.  Of course along the way, I managed to get poison on the lower part of my face and under my chin!  Can we say itchy?????  I have been using my coal tar soap and aloe which is really helping.

Mosquitos have been fierce around here, because of all the moisture we have had.  If you go out around 5PM or after - you get eaten up.  On another note, we have such an abundance and variety of bees and butterflies it's not funny.  I have a lot of perennials that they both love as well as all the veggies, so we are blessed with many helpful and pretty insects this year.

I have been doing all my normal things this week.  Other fugal happenings at our house were:
  • Canned 14 pints of sweet relish
  • Had about 3 days of no AC
  • Picking and eating lots of fresh veggies.  Starting to get beans and lots of tomatoes!!!!
  • Stayed home 5 out of 7 days
  • Line dried more laundry
  • Meals from home
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Was gifted half dozen ears of fresh corn - and sent them cukes and zukes (I love barter)
When making my relish I got to use the food processor part of the Ninja.  I got that as a gift last year for Christmas and hadn't had an opportunity to use the food processor.  WOW - is all I can say.  I chopped enough veggies for 14 pints in probably the time I would have hand chopped one fifth that many.  It was wonderful!  Sure a time saver.  I am anxious to make salsa now!
I will definitely be using it for other things now.

I still haven't captured the ground hog.  I have baited the trap with all his 'favorite' things (according to the internet).  Well, I guess he hasn't read the internet!  He has a cafeteria of goodies in the yard, so he aint worried about no stinking trap!!!!!! 
I even tried the weird things it said.  Like - they hate used cat litter!  REALLY?  How did they figure that out?  Well I scattered 20 lbs. of 'used' under the deck - didn't work.  I got moth balls to put around the plants he's eating - keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  I am really trying to do this without hurting it.

This coming week looks to be filled with various canning projects.
Hope you all have a great week ahead.
Stay cool and stay frugal my friends!


  1. Hey there, Cheryl! It has been a busy week here, too. How is the poison ivy? I just learned that rubbing jewel weed (or touch me not) is terrific for poison ivy and other itches like mosquito bites. Here is a link that might help… . And here I was pulling it out up at our camp thinking it a useless weed that was bothering my daylilies! No more, now I will make a decoction and perhaps even a salve as I too am extremely bothered by itchiness in the summer. My husband got a bug zapper from his folks house cleanout project. That should help some too.
    Your garden will be rich with all those pollinators. There is a silver lining to every natural disaster and you were well prepared for the rains and flooding as always. Enjoy the pretty insects!

    WE have been surviving without AC, I slept in the basement last night. Next time I will bring my CPAP down with me as my snoring woke me five times. The lettuces and salads we have been getting from the garden have been our biggest blessing. The eggplants are beginning to swell and the peppers have finally recovered now that it is hot and the rain has diminished. Line drying is getting my whites even whiter and I actually enjoy the time outside.

    I did succumb to a purchased haircut, but at Wmart salon and it was a terrific cut for very little money. On the back of my WMart receipt (I bought a shirt to travel home in), it had a discount for haircuts so I may take them up on it for a trim in the fall.
    Nice to hear the Ninja did a good job for you! Saving our hands is important the older we get. Still no canning yet for me. Perhaps at the end of August and in September. We will get some cabbage and other cruciferous to can up. I just wish I had zucchini and cukes already! Our plants are growing nicely though so I hope for a late crop. I saw a volunteer growing in the ditch by the bus stop and wondered if being road grown if it would be safe to eat? Anyone have any ideas on this?

    Can I call in Bill Murray for you on the groundhog? LOL!

    1. Ellen - did your AC break down or are you just saving $$?
      The poison ivy is better now. Thanks for asking.

      I remember Bill Murray couldn't ever get the rascal either!!!!! They are smart little boogers. I have been humming that song all week - as I am sure the hog is singing it to me! LOL