Friday, July 24, 2015

Faux Pineapple

There was interest in this recipe, so I will share for all to have.

4 quarts (16 cups) peeled, grated or cut zucchini
1 1/2 C. ReaLemon juice
1 can (46 oz.) unsweetened pineapple juice
3 C. sugar

Remove peeling and seeds from the zucchini and grate if you want to make "crushed" pineapple, or cut into wedges if you want "chunk" pineapple.
Mix all ingredients together and simmer for 20 minutes.  Stir frequently.
Pour hot mixture into sterilized, hot jars, leaving 1/2" head space.
Process 30 minutes in a boiling water bath.
Use as a substitute for pineapple in cooking.

I have made chunk faux pineapple before.  I liked it in pie and in cooking projects.  Didn't like it 'raw' as well.  I think I will be making "crushed" pineapple this year with some of the OOPS big zucchini!  It will be great this winter for making sweet breads and muffins.



  1. Cheryl, the recipe sounds good!
    We haven't done much harvesting of anything around here. I just have a lot of green tomatoes out there.
    I don't usually get anything until August our growing season is so far behind you. But DH told me we have too many roma tomato plants. That's what he gets for letting me get the plants!

    1. Oh goodness. You cant have TOO many!!!!! That just means lots of sauce and salsa at my house!!!!
      I was going to make faux pineapple today, but had company stop by - so I guess tomorrow!

  2. My thoughts too. He likes the big round tomatoes, early girls. I use the Romas for salsa.

    1. Thanks for publishing the recipe Cheryl!
      And most certainly, one can never have too many tomatoes!