Friday, June 26, 2015

Rain, rain

Just a quick note and a couple pictures.  This is the reason I have raised garden beds, and have all my pots raised.
This was after a torrential rain for 2 hours.  Water was running down the street like a river, and we have a lake in the back!!!
Luckily if no more rain tonight - it should be almost gone in the morning.
So there are definitely benefits in having raised beds!

I was standing in ankle deep water to take the pictures.  Yuk - wormy water!!!!!

Good news is that the temps have really cooled, and we get a break from running the AC for a few days.
Have a good evening all.


  1. This is Amazing, Cheryl! Glad you are well prepared and safe. How do you keep/get your basement dry?

    1. Amazingly the basement usually stays dry. When it's raining so hard, we plug the drain, so sewer can't back up.

  2. At least you don't have to water from the hose!

  3. So far for June, we have had 8 1/2 inches of rain!

  4. Wow, I didn't realize you got standing water like that. I don't remember Glen ever saying anything about it.