Thursday, December 8, 2016

Aldi Holiday Reminder

Many of us are totally blessed to have an Aldi grocery close by.  Their prices seem so good on just about everything.

This time of the year they have so many specialty items.  They are limited in inventory and in the time the stores will carry them.  I think I mentioned this last year, but it is so worth the reminder.
If you have to drive a little distance to get to a store - this time of the year it is well worth the effort.

They have specialty cookies, cakes, and candies.  There are many specialty cheeses and spreads and crackers.  We love the cheesecake samplers that you can only get during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Check out the liquor section if you like a cocktail or two or the holidays.
There are specialty beers and wines, German ciders, and a lovely product that is comparable to Bailey's Irish Crème (only flavored).  These would also make great gifts!!!!!

Yes, many of the items are German in origin or in tradition, but oh my goodness do they have some yummy stuff.  It is worth making a trip and stocking up for later.  I found items throughout the entire store, but our closest store has one side of an entire aisle devoted to specialty products!
Once the special items are gone - they are gone till next year!!!

Can you say YUM?  They also had caramel flavored and mint.  When I saw this, I grabbed it, as it was the last one on the shelf!!!

I advise you take a little trip to the nearest Aldi and just browse through the aisles.  I can almost guarantee you that you won't be sorry.



  1. Hello seems like forever since I have posted here. Enjoy all of the posts, always. I love Aldi. We don't have liquor in ours but they sure do have some great buys. I love their chocolate. And I believe it is from Germany. Just thought I'd drop in. For me, it is the usual frugals.....reusing things as much as possible, couponing with matching with store electronic coupons, making bone broth, vegetable broth from scraps and so on. I miss posting on what I have done. Have a great Friday.

    1. Hi Laurie!!!! Love seeing you post! Have missed you.
      You are always so frugal, and it seems you are always doing something to stretch your dollars.

      I figured all Aldi sold liquor (nothing hard). They all do around here. YES mam they do have wonderful chocolate.

      Please check in more often. Have a wonderful day my friend.