Sunday, February 4, 2018

Frugal Happenings 2/4

Happy February.
We have had taste or two of spring this week, then we came back to reality.  It is now back to normal temps and we woke to a spitting of snow/rain this morning.  Temp was at 33*, so it couldn't really decide what it wanted to do.  This week should be normal for February temperatures in the 30's.

Despite the crazy lore of the Groundhog's predictions - spring will get here when spring gets here!  I'd feel safe in saying we have 6 - 8 weeks of up and down winter days yet ahead of us.  It won't be long!

It's been quiet again around our little home.  I left the property one day only this week.  I just feel safer staying home with all the flu that is going around.  You never know who has sneezed on, coughed on, and who knows what on things!  I am anal about taking wipes with me, to wipe down my shopping cart.  We touch things at the store (consider every package and can) that can hold germs and forget about eating out.  I do not trust restaurants and their employees at all to be as sanitary as they need to be during this epidemic.
People are passing away daily - and many times it isn't just the elderly and young that they keep saying are at risk.  It is all ages ranges.  There have about 150 die in our state so far.
Better safe than sorry - that's my motto!

Enjoying watching the squirrels and birdies.  We have a heated bird bath (just enough to prevent freezing) and the birds love it!  I don't see them use that bird bath often in warmer weather (turned off then), but on the coldest days they swarm to it and take baths and drink!!  It is so funny.  You 'd think they wouldn't want to get wet when it is so cold - but they bathe, flutter their wings and fly away.  It is probably their only source of non-frozen water around.  Cute and smart!

My Frugal Week:
  • Clean, clean and more clean and de-clutter
  • Cooled tea outdoors before placing in frig.
  • Washed several baggies this week
  • Cooked up a lot of older apples and pears (not ones bought in Jan.) with butter, sugar and cinnamon.  Mmmmm
  • Made a batch of sugar cookies from dough I had in freezer.  Did some with M & M's, some with Kisses and some with a sugar glaze.
  • G did our taxes this week.  Both State and Fed. we owe a total of less than $200.  YAY - the least we have owed in ages.  Will send them in later.
  • Been drinking lots of lemon water this week.  A new favorite thing for me.  So clean and refreshing tasting
  • G has been utilizing Netflix A LOT lately!
  • My outing - ran to Kroger Friday.  Even when I need nothing, it gets me out and I can always get cat litter.  I try to keep over a months worth on hand at all times.  Needed NO weekly groceries.
  • I did find 2 big boxes of frosted flakes on clearance for 1.39 a box!  Not a usual buy, but heck they could work as a sweet snack too. 
  • I also found a big box of Free & Clear  fabric softener sheets.  They were 200 for 4.29.  I don't use often - but there is always a need once in a while in the winter.  Years ago I found 40 count boxes at Dol. Tree for $1 and stocked up (now on last box).  I couldn't find free & clear many places.  Well I think my  200 count box was a much better deal!  It will last me several years!

Meals this past week:
Cheesy potato soup (2X)
Quiche/frittata with lots of veggies
Un-stuffed pepper skillet
Leftover pepper skillet, steak burgers and side salad
Smoked sausage, Kraut (home canned) and mashed potatoes
Chili/cheese topped home fries

Ice cream with warm cooked apples/pears a couple times (so good).  Cookies

How was your week?  Any good deals or pantry prepping?

This coming week, I really intend to get downstairs and mend and sew a little.  Well, I intend that every week - LOL.  I am going to make a greater effort this week.

I hope you are all staying healthy.  May God bless you and comfort you in this coming week.
God bless from our home to yours.


  1. We are working on about 4 inches of snow this morning. About time to go out and clean it up. I didn't even watch the ground hog. Like you said Spring will be here when it decides! You did get some great deals at Kroger. My husband came in the living room a couple of weeks ago and his pajama pants were up to his knees in static. I started putting the dryer sheets (cut in half) in the dryer then! Have a great week!

    1. Oh no on the snow! Glad it really missed us this time.
      I always cut the sheets in halves or thirds too. Just don't a full one each time. I use them a couple times too.
      That is funny about his pajama bottoms - yeah I guess it was time!
      Have a good one!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week. I stopped using softners one a year ago. I have them, just don't use them. If there seems to be static very occasionally, I cut a sheet in quarters and put just a fourth of one in the dryer for touch up. I'm liking my sheets and clothes a lot better without any additives.

    1. That is why I love having the right weather to hang laundry outside. I just love the feel and the smell.
      I cut my softeners in half or thirds and use them more than once.
      I hang my clothes to dry even in the basement. Now I do use the drier in winter to toss out wrinkles, and to do sheets and bedspreads (big stuff).
      Hope you have a great week!

    2. Its sounds like you had a good week. The cookies look yummy. My work hours are slow right now so I have been decluttering and listing lots of things on EBay. My son closed at work and they are allowed to bring home leftovers. He brought home 7 loaves of bread, cookies, bagels and pasties. I won't have to bake all week. I pulled out chili from the freezer so all I had to make was rice for the Super Bowl.

    3. Marybeth what a wonderful perk of your son's job! That is great for you and the family - nothing like FREE.
      You have to just love easy meals like that. A little planning ahead, can make another day quit pleasant.
      Have a good one.

  3. I too am trying to stay out of placed that could have the virus. Too scary with my illness. I think the shop is slow because of this bug. Your cookies look good. I love how you use up your pears and apples, I would too.

    1. Yes it is very scary right now. I would think many are staying in because of the flu. We haven't hit peak time yet.

      I love cooked apples, as does my hubs. I figured just throw the pears in too. They sure were good, especially when warm!
      Stay well!

  4. Your cookies look so yummy. My family likes a little something sweet after a meal, so guess I should bake something this week. ;) Glad that you don't have to pay too much in taxes. We haven't done ours yet, but I am hoping for the best. We haven't had much snow, but we did have an ice storm yesterday, and we lost electricty for about 12 hours. Made me realize that I need to be better prepared. I can cook outside using the grills or camping stove and camping oven or even dutch oven, but who wants to be outside cooking in an ice storm. I need to find a backup plan for my backup plan. ;)
    Hope you have a great week. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Thanks. We don't often fix sweets, but sometimes it just sounds yummy. G will NEVER turn down sweets.

      Oh no on the ice storm and power outage. It is scary, and yes we all need a back-up plan. A few years ago (due to G's health & breathing problems) we sacrificed a chunk of change and got a whole house generator. It turns on within 1 minutes of power outage and is run by natural gas. It was costly - but you can't put a price on life. It will run everything for us.

      Stay safe and warm.

  5. So glad you have a whole house generator! I know that gives you peace of mind in case of emergency, esp with health problems. You are so right, you can't put a price on life.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we just had to bite the bullet and get it. G is far more important than $$. Feeling of security - priceless!