Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Game Day - Weekend Treats From Home

 Howdy all.  Hope this finds you all well.  Today looks to be a good day here - probably the best of the week.  After the weekend, it looks like it will cool a bit here again.  Winter is not over - and it is sure showing itself in some northern areas!!!  YIKES - hope all are safe.

Four more days and it will be Super Bowl Day.  I know a lot of people watch and celebrate - not me anymore.  Not that I ever did - but G enjoyed watching.  Of course, we always had to have certain things on those special days.  I was looking back of old posts when I saw one in 2016 about buying wings for .39/lb. for G.  LOL - wow, wouldn't those prices be lovely again?  Now wings are about the most expensive piece of chicken you can buy.

There are lots of fun treats and goodies that can be made at home with what you have on hand.  They can be special for just those special days, or they can be yummies for any day!
Hope you find an idea you can use.

First don't forget about easy things.  Deviled eggs, veggie trays with whatever you have on hand, cheese and crackers, maybe make some meatballs or cut up some wienies and add BBQ sauce, chili and crackers, baked beans, mac n cheese, burgers (sliders are fun), wings if you have them (or any chicken), etc.  There are tons of easy goodies to make and just stay in that budget and use what you have.

Click on recipe to enlarge for better reading
Super easy and fun.  Just something a little different for a meal.  Most everyone will have ingredients on hand - or you can substitute what you have!
Makes a great meal as well for those busy days!

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Super easy to make and it tastes so good and fresh.  Eat with chips or tortillas or crackers.  You can use canned chopped tomato is no fresh.  No black beans - use kidney or whatever you have.
Refrigerate - so yummy cold!

Click on recipe to enlarge for easier reading
You can cut down the amount of ground beef and sausage if desired.  You could also use ground chicken or turkey.  Use what you have. Add a cup of salsa (or spicy tomatoes) and some cheese - heat and eat!
I love this dip - one of my favorites.  Serve with crackers, chips or tortillas or pita or even toasted bread pieces.
Another thing I have had as a meal with a salad!!!!!!

Click on recipe to enlarge for easy reading
This may take a purchase or two.  I always have faux crab meat in the freezer - I know not everyone does.  I often don't have a round loaf of bread.  I mix up the ingredients and bake it up.  I leave it in the bowl and serve with crackers or toasted bread or French bread chunks.  Whatever I have.
Now it is pretty for presentation in a bread bowl as stated - but you don't have to do that.
I have had this for dinner with a side of fresh veggie or salad!!!

Remember none of these have to be followed word for word - use what you have and improvise.  You may come up with a new family favorite.

Another idea - go and clean out the freezer (especially deep freezer) and see what odds and ends you have hiding in there.  Get them out and get creative with them for your fun game treat/meal.
Keep it inexpensive and have fun!!!!!

Have a great day and be safe.


  1. Some good ideas for those who watch the Super Bowl. Actually good dishes for any gathering.

    The sunshine is most welcome today! The weather will bounce around for a couple months. The Farmer worked on the herb table yesterday and we'll go after some lumber to finish it up. I may hang laundry on the line tomorrow or Friday as the forecast shows warmer temps.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I think they are good for anytime - but nice and easy and inexpensive for a game gathering. Spur of the moment kind of food!
      They may blow away if you hang out tomorrow - supposed to be super windy! Sure is pretty today.

  2. I'm happy to have the TailGateDip, CrabDip, and FriedRiceBowl recipes! They can easily be adjusted for one person main dish meals. I'll have to look into Faux crabmeat. :) Thanks so much.

    1. Cool. Glad you like them and yes, easily made for one. I do like faux crab for 'dishes'. It is usually MUCH cheaper and tastes pretty good.
      You are welcome!

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    1. That sounds good and easy to make. Nice idea.
      Yuck on the snow and ice. I do believe spring is still a good 6 weeks or more away. It will get here when it's time. Stay safe.

  4. Doesn't appeared to be any invites this year to watch the game, but my daughter will join me, and anyone else that decides they'd like to join. We're going to do what you suggest- easy food with what we have on hand, something like dal or crockpot pasta, pop some popcorn, use a cupboard brownie mix, homemade bread, veggies, and dips. I don't need to go to any stores to make a simple game day spread.

    1. Love that you will be spending the day with daughter. Easy and homemade - yum. It is fun to see what you can come up with and what you have on hand. No need to shop. Love your last sentence!!!!

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    1. Prices are up indeed. That was the point of this post to use what you have at home and stay out of the stores!
      Glad you like the recipes.

  6. I don't watch the Super Bowl, there's curling to be watched instead! :) I have watched the Bowl before, but only when I'm on a cruise ship. It is fun to watch the crowd get into it.
    This year I didn't even watch our football championship (in November) as I'd gone to a streaming service and it wasn't offered. Our team wasn't in it anyway.

    1. You do love your curling!! I only ever watched for the commercials - LOL. They used to have really fun commercials - not so much the past few years.
      I will watch my normal and eat my normal come Sunday!

  7. Thanks for the reminder. We always watch the game and I try to make it a fun event. Hubs loves the junk food trough feed because it's only once a year. He's one of those annoying creatures that can consume 3 times his body weight in junk food without gaining an ounce. 😤. I like the idea of the little weenies in the crockpot. Easy and warm. I always do carrots and celery, though he will ignore them. He loves that Rotel Velveeta dip with tortilla chips so maybe that....
    And something sweet and totable so he can take the rest to work on Monday. Brownies are always good. Maybe with mint frosting.

    Again, thanks for the reminder. I completely forgot!

    1. You are welcome. I like the weenies in BBQ, I usually make those every Christmas. Easy and they are always loved.
      I love the rotel dip too. Brownies sound yum!

  8. I love putting out a spread that fills the table but is not a budget breaker. Anyone can put out a table full of food and have charged it all at the store. It's more fun and creative to stick to the budget.

    I saw a frozen deep dish pizza at a store I rarely go to this morning shaped like a heart for $16.99!! I've seen thin crust ones sold in the past. I've never understood spending so much extra dollars because it's shaped like a heart. It seems like you're getting less pizza too! ha! Just cut out a heart from a regular frozen pizza or make one yourself!

    1. I like making it myself as well - all it takes is a little imagination. I like a challenge!
      I have made a heart pizza before. Just shaped the dough differently. Why that would justify the extra cost is crazy.
      You could form or cut one to be a football for Sunday. Use all the extra for lunch the next day.!

  9. Poor Harvey starts his special diet before his colonoscopy that day. Perhaps I can make him a version of Deviled Eggs as a treat to eat while watching the game.

    Staying home and working on projects and decluttering, the weather is so horrid.

    God bless.

  10. JACKIE - for some reason I couldn't respond directly on your comment. I hope he doesn't have to diet too much for too long. I hope you can make him something special for his game day.
    I have heard it is pretty nasty up that way. Dang it - it warms, then it pulls you back in. Stay in and stay safe!!!!

  11. Thank you for the recipes, I will enjoy making those. I love deviled eggs too. We don't do superbowl anymore...It's gotten too pc and woke. Two anthems??? ..not to mention the halftimes have become not exactly family friendly. At least that is our personal opinion, but I know you aren't pushing the super bowl just a nice snack night. We still like to have snacks too on this evening and do our own movie night. : )

    Thanks again for the recipes, I appreciate you sharing them!

    Mother is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and yes, it's a little soon but in her case I think it's for the best, she is almost suffering there emotionally at the rehab. She is healing well from the operation and I think (so does caseworker) that she will thrive cognitively at my daughters for now, just down the street. They usually keep them in rehab for 20 days. Hip operations in the hospitals are released four days later after surgery to the rehab if an ER type of thing, and the same day release after surgery if scheduled! Can you believe that? Oh dear me! ...It's crazy.

    I appreciate you and other friends here very, very much! Mother was doing better cognitively today, a little loopy but not hysterical, very happy about being released. A few things to be of concern but we'll have to take one thing at a time (I tell myself) matters of prayer for sure. I so appreciate everyone's prayers and concerns. God be with us all, may He go before us in our situations. *I* need it that is for sure, He has been faithful to me. ~Amelia

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    2. You are welcome for the recipes. I agree with you on the Super Bowl - just not my viewing choice either.

      Wow, that just seems soon to be out of 'rehab'. Your daughter is sweet to take her in and drastically change her life as well. I sure hope it all works for the best. I pray this put mom in a happier mood and wish her quick healing. You all hang in there - God is in control!

    3. Thank you so much, Elise and Cheryl. What would we do without the Lord? Right? : )

      It really does seem soon, I have to wonder why they are doing that. Yes, our daughter and son in law are angels, it's nice because they have a front bedroom that will work perfectly, They put a recliner they weren't using, her twin bed from one of her guest rooms and a television set of her own with dressers that weren't being used, our daughter found some pretty white curtains from Ollie's (discount store) for windows and a vintage pink bedspread from Ross. I think this should cheer my mom up and I'll be right here down the street too. Thanks again, dear Friends, y'all are a blessing!