Sunday, August 23, 2015

Frugal happenings 8/23

Howdy friends.  Hope you all have had a wonderful week.
Much of mine has been the usual stuff.  That is fine with me, as I'd rather be accused of living a boring life, than one filled with all the drama that I see some folks have!

This weeks frugals were;
  • AC off at least half of the week.  Should be off most of next week as well.  Getting some lovely fall temps here.
  • Still picking (veggies) and grinning!!  Garden is really starting to slow down.
  • Froze 5 quarts of beans, made 5 quarts of kraut, 6 quarts of grape juice, 6 quarts of garden/cabbage soup and 4 pints (for gifts), and 6 pints of salsa
  • Bought NO groceries at all this week.
  • Most meals at home, and did a few different things.  Baked potato night, breakfast for dinner, freezer leftovers (turkey & broth) made into turkey and noodles, catch all casserole.  Did order Chinese last night (first time in 2 months) and it will be dinner again tonight.  G had a real craving for it.
  • Line dried laundry 2 days
  • Watered when needed from the rain barrels.
  • Dried more herbs from the yard
I guess trapping and releasing the groundhog was frugal too - as my beans and zucchini and really doing good again, and starting to grow more. 
Not frugal, but I did save (at least for the time being) 3 birds this week.  They couldn't fly and I was afraid the cats would get them (could be why they couldn't fly!) or the dogs next door would get them.  I caught and moved them many doors down, where no one has pets for several houses.  Maybe they will heal and fly again - I hope so.  They didn't look damaged, and could get about a foot in the air.  Just call me the "animal whisperer"!  LOL
I do love me some nature!

What have you all been up too?  Please share your tips and ideas and ways.
Have a great one!
May the Lord bless you all in this coming week.


  1. Hi! I guess you could call de-cluttering frugal! I had a backpack given to me by my Dear Daughter that she only used once, so I got to thinking if I had some school supplies here I could fill it up and pass it on. So I did that yesterday. I didn't have a school list or anything but put in pencils, pens, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, colored pencils, 3 spiral notebooks and 2 composition books, a calculator and some erasers. Some things I had gotten for free and some things I bought for very little. And I got some things out of my house!
    Still going through my sewing room and getting things ready for fall/winter sewing. My next thing is to look for a basket or box that is sturdy and big enough for my used clothing pile I'm creating.
    We have been eating tomatoes from the garden what a blessing not to have to buy them. My lemon balm is doing wonderful as is my basil, need to gut some more for drying.
    I downloaded a Free virus protection from AVG.
    We went to a party and Hubby won a fifth of spiced rum, it was a Pirate themed party. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! Will add that to my Christmas stash since we aren't much for spirits.
    Ate leftovers for dinner a couple of times and lots of tomato sandwiches.

    1. I think de-cluttering is frugal. Clear house, clear mind, and knowing just what we have. It surely benefits others when we de-clutter. Did you give to a school or one of the grands?
      Loving the fresh tomatoes too. Nothing like them.

      WOOHOO on the rum!!! Good gift or good old "snow snake" medicine! G used to call certain liquor "snow snake" medicine, as when he used to go out and chop wood - he would drink it and NEVER did see a snow snake! LOL

      I really need to work on my craft area for this fall and some much needed 'to do' projects.

    2. I also did manage a further de-cluttering of the home office. All the rock club stuff is now upstairs by the spare bedroom computer (and off my office floor).

      The office is downstairs and again hooked up to the second screen, makes paying bills and recording them in our excel file all the easier.

      I still need to do what LaurieS did and go through the pens, pencils, and markers and toss the ones that are dried out and non-functional. I could use them as plant stakes in the garden next year, with used canning lids as labels (wire the two together).

  2. On the backpack, I gave it to the neighborhood baby sitter cause she probably has a girl child that may not have a bp or school supplies.
    Ha, we used to call it "snake bite medicine".

  3. I love the names you have given the spirits! Perhaps that is why The Good Man never really gets mosquito bitten at night. He has a tequila and mixer drink each evening after the yard work. I should try it (!).