Monday, August 17, 2015

Mr. Hog

Now this is how I expect to see a good groundhog!!!!!  I did it!  I caught that dang thing this AM.  In case you need to know, non-mature tender corn on the cob with shucks and all.  He just couldn't resist!
He now resides in a nice big woods behind the cemetery!
I sure hope we don't see any more.  I am pretty sure it was just the one.

He really is kind of cute!

On a different note - here's a picture of one days picking from one bush on those sweet yummy cherry toms!
Dang I love these things.  I can't walk by without grabbing several.


  1. Yay, Cheryl! What a cutie though. Did'ja name him/her yet? How about in Good Bye Good Riddance Ground Hog!

    I, too, filled my apron last night with a week's worth of cherry tomato munching. They are sooo good for snacking on!

    1. G called it Woody! Me, well I had a few names - none I'll print here. LOL
      Yes, if it wasn't eating so much of my garden, I wouldn't haven't cared. The cats didn't seem scared of it, and it played with the squirrels.
      Darn thing is cute - isn't it?

      It probably weighed about 15 lbs. so it was healthy. I hope it's happy in it's new home. At least I know I didn't do any harm to one of God's creatures. (and I was tempted, and had the opportunity, just couldn't).