Monday, August 24, 2015

WHAT IF............

Today I am addressing a "what if" scenario.  I don't mean to sound political or anything.   I just want everyone to think about something for a while.  Think about it seriously.

We have all heard about the banks closing in Greece and the chaos it caused.  We have all heard about the financial situation in Puerto Rico.  We have all heard about the devalued money in China (hmmm, that sounds familiar).  The list goes on and on.
We all like to think that these things do not affect us here in the good old U.S.A..  Well guess what?  They do.

What would you do, if the banks closed here for a week, a month, 2 months.....???
Folks it has happened before, so don't think it can't again.  Seriously, would you be able to survive?

Do you have plenty of food, health supplies, cleaning aids, pet food, etc. on hand to last for significant amount of time.   Do you have cash on hand at home?  Do you keep 5/10 gallons or so of extra gasoline on hand (just in case)?
Remember - you may not be able to get money for a while!  If you aren't prepared at home, you may do without.  If banks are closed, stores and gas stations may have a hard time getting new orders (no bank no credit, no bank no deposits, etc.)  At least with cash on hand - you could barter with others, or patronize those few places that may be open.

It is scary to think about, but folks it's something that each and every American needs think long and hard about.
I have been listening to financial experts, politicians, religious leaders, and many just pretty darn intelligent lay people, and almost all are predicting some HUGE financial problems for this country as soon as September.  That's to say bigger problems than we have right now!

I am not saying to panic.  I am saying you just need to be prepared for anything at anytime. 
A side note to prepping - don't tell people to what extent you have prepared.  Desperate people do desperate things.
Take care and make a PLAN!


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I can't get Butch on board yet. I talked to him about storing water but he thought I was nuts. I also talked to him about gas and the generator and just little things, like the trailer and the propane etc. Have you got toilet paper/Kleenex stocked up? That is something I need to get going on.
    When I was cleaning the other day I found lots of candles and put them in a couple of boxes so they are all together.
    I do hope that the dire predictions don't come true but that is my Pollyanna side coming out.

    1. I don't know how people can't stop and think about it.
      I am not so worried at the moment about power outages and such - but the financial security of our country. It has gotten worse over time, and I truly think it will get even worse before it gets better.

      I am well stocked on TP. Kleenex is not something I buy. I have some boxes I have gotten free, but don't usually buy them. We use TP or hankies (that I make).

      Funny you mentioned candles. The other day I opened a drawer under the bed that I haven't been in, in ages - and it's full of candles!

      Last year we got a whole house generator, so as long as the gas company can pump gas, we are good on power.

      This stock market thing is making me very uneasy!

    2. I have begun a Red Book (what to do and what info to have) to grab and go. I have many of the cousin cell phone numbers and addresses now, but yet do not have a plan to contact everyone if cyberspace goes out.

    3. This topic also concerns me. It is the loss of banking and electronic accounting and the internet that is of most concern. How would I pay the bills? How would I contact my children without email and the cell phones (which inevitably get overloaded circuits in times of emergencies).

      And water, yes, having a back-up barrel would be better than not! Here I am back on the water barrel thing again, and am still having trouble convincing The Good Man that this is something we NEED to do, not optional.

      We’ve got a good pantry stock, but not a grab and go bag if we needed to evacuate.

      Thank you for the reminder to store some gasoline. I see from a quick internet search that there is a product called STA-BIL which preserves gasoline for a year.

      Cash on hand is not something we ordinarily do. Need to think about that one!

      What about home protection? We also need to think about that!

    4. Ellen - Those things are quite scary, but at the moment I am most concerned about stock market/bank collapse or closing. Without being able to get money - there would be virtually nothing you could do. Most businesses would not be open either - so food and H &B, and meds, gas, etc. are essential to have on hand.
      CASH at home would be necessary to barter with and to purchase things with if anything is open.

      I also worry about Marshall law (which I think is possible soon). We would be monitored greatly, and I prefer to have some ducks in a row, that the govt. wouldn't know about. Just call me nervous Nelly!!!

      Now if there were an EMP attack, well everything stops. Don't think you would have to worry about paying your bills, as the entire country would be down. Vehicles wouldn't even be able to run. That would probably kill a big portion of the country.

      I do not have a bug out bag either. Truthfully I don't think I would leave. I would just hold my ground, and if necessary die to defend what's mine.

      We do have personal protection in many sizes - if you catch my drift.

      It is very scary to think, that maybe there would be no communication some day - but I think if the world comes to that point, most will die. That is a scenario that I try to avoid thinking about.

    5. Yes, and after reading Divergent series, I am even more convinced we need to be prepared. Even though it is young adult fiction, many fears are illustrated and some thought does need to made toward what we can do to be self sufficient and protective.

    6. Well, I have a new word to add to our vocabulary...TEOTWAWKI...The End of the World as We Know It (!) . Hope it doesn't become too much of a reality though.