Sunday, September 13, 2015

Frugal Happenings 9/13

Happy Sunday everyone.  It amazes me how quickly we get from Sunday to Sunday!  The time seems to be flying.
We woke this morning to very cool temps (47*).  Yesterday had highs in the 60's and today might get to 70 (but sunny), then we start getting back to normal this next week.  You folks out East get ready, as you will be getting a couple cool days this week.
I am actually loving the weather.  It has made for great sleeping, and no heat and no AC.  This is my favorite type of weather.

I know many had a short work week and a long weekend, so I hope your week was good.  Now that we are 'officially - unofficially' into fall, it's time to start getting all our fall projects done.
What have you been doing this week?

  • I am still picking a few fresh veggies - tomatoes (a few), peppers (lots), fall crop lettuce, and a few beans.
  • Did a lot of small projects and small maintenance items this week
  • Started my fall house cleaning
  • Did some yard work, gearing up for end of season - much more to do
  • Remade my fall door wreath from items I found in my craft tote.  It looks so pretty
  • Got some great deals this week between sales and clearance at both Kroger and Fresh Thyme.
  • Used an old box of baking soda from the fridge with peroxide (in a paste) for cleaning.  Replaced the frig box with some that was past date from the shelf.
I was cleaning in the basement and actually came across 4 big totes in storage, that I had no idea what was in them.  You ever do that?  Well, any way, I found several quart blue Mason jars, several nice size Coco-Cola tins (I used to collect), and several gallon glass jars that I had forgotten about!
Now I am trying to figure out ways to utilize many of them for nice storage.  I have already utilized a couple, and coming up with many ideas to make the pantry look pretty!  This is kind of a fun project.

My great deals at the stores this week included mainly items for stocking up my pantry.
  • Tuna - 2/$1 (24)
  • Eckrich smoked sausage - 1.49/pkg. (5)
  • Campbell's chunky soup - .99/can (5)
  • Speed stick deodorant - .49/ea. (4)
  • 4lb. bags of Pinto beans - 1.59/ea. (2 - all they had)
  • 5 lb. bag of potatoes - .99
  • Gala apples - .47/lb. (8 lbs.)
I make a lot of homemade soup during the fall and winter, but it's always nice to have some canned on hand.  The beans will last for a long time - geez they are dated 2018 - but will last longer is properly kept.
The apples are for eating.  Gala's aren't the best for pies or cobblers, but I may get more to make some crockpot apple butter with.  The price can't be beat, that's for sure (except if I could get for Free!)

Did you get any items for your winter stock-up this week?  What did you do to save a little money this week?  Give us your ideas, as we are all hungry to learn new things.

Guess that's about it for me.  I am off to the kitchen to start a nice pot of stuffed pepper soup - YUM.

May God be with you and bless you and yours in this coming week.


  1. Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl! We hit the goldmine on Friday. I took a day off work and headed over to Belleville to see if there were any pears and peaches left. I was able to get Redskin peaches for $20 a bushel (!). They are ready tonight for canning and freezing. Also picked up some hard pears, but after simmering in chunks and mint candies, now have eight pints and two quarts of them. Also picked up a gallon of honey. It must have been a big gallon because four quart jars were filled and I still have a pint left that is slowly draining out of the upside down jug. Because honey crystallizes, I put it in wide mouth jars (and not left in the narrow mouth jug).

    Other prizes were a trip to Sharp Shopper for $150 stock up (saved $75). And a trip to Weis for loss leaders, $140 (saved $75). Cheese I found for $2.50 a pound on order, so that comes next month when the truck arrives.

    I was smart and checked the expiration on some tortilla shells, September 2015 (!) so only got two packages of those.

    1. Wow girl you did great!!!!! I would be bragging too. What a deal on the peaches. They and the pears will be so good this winter.

      I have been stocking up on cheese for $3/lb. and thought that was good. Hard cheese will last for ages in the frig. and it can be frozen too.
      **I have learned you able to can it as well. I will give that a try one of these days, and let everyone know how it works.

      Those tortilla shells can be frozen. I do that all the time and have several packages in the freezer now.

      I love apple season. Our orchard up the road is pretty expensive, so I wait till they are about to close down for the season each Jan. They sell 1, get 1 any size bag or by bushel.

      You go girl!!!!!!!

  2. Apples are coming on strong now, our trees are loaded so it will be applesauce making next week.

  3. I will be taking extra blankets and sheets up to camp. For some reason there were only two blankets up there when we went this weekend. We also smoked a turkey breast after brining it, and so delicious, we'll do it again. We used hickory wood from camp.

    One of the bunk beds has torn fabric underneath on the box spring. So I will mend it with an old sheet and a staple gun so the dust from the box spring won't shower the person in the bottom bunk, ha ha!