Saturday, September 12, 2015

Medicine Cabinet Stock

Winter will soon be upon us, as desperately as we wish not!  It is a great idea to be stocked up on OTC essentials, in case of sudden sickness or illness during extreme weather conditions.  There are some basics that we should all have on hand ALL THE TIME!

  • Ibuprofen - it's a great anti-inflammatory for aches and pains
  • Acetaminophen - super fever reducer and pain reliever
  • Cold medicines - it's best to keep ones that are combos that work for many symptoms
  • Anti-histamines - great for allergies, respiratory issues, and itching
  • Medicines for intestinal cramping and diarrhea and heartburn
  • Basic throat lozenges
  • Neosporin - a great anti-biotic cream
This is a good place to start.  It is also important to always have band-aids, gauze and wound pads.  Also have a couple Ace bandages on hand for sprains.  Remember we will all be shoveling snow soon, and treading on ice.  Stuff happens  - be prepared.

** I also like to keep honey on hand, which is extremely good for a sore throat.  Honey is basically the perfect food and is just chocked full of vitamins and healing properties.

** I also keep Vitamin C, Echinacea and Goldenseal on hand.  All are extremely important in helping the body heal and they are natural.

**My other staple is Aloe Vera juice & capsules for taking internally.  It has great healing properties.  I also always have Aloe Vera gel (pure) on hand for wounds and skin abrasions.  I take Aloe capsules every day.

It is better to be prepared for an emergency than not.  There is nothing worse that getting sick in the dead of winter and having to go out to get some medicine.
Stock up now and be prepared for any emergency.  These items and some hot soup should get you through a bad cold or a mild case of the flu.



  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I also wanted to add to this great list my personal favorite: Arnica ointment for those sore muscles and tendons after shoveling all that -s-n-o-w- (!)

  2. Nice post. I need to pick up some Aloe Vera. And a gallon of Honey.
    I always wonder when we are stocking up on OTC Meds, what about the expiration date? What if you don't use them up very fast? Do they lose their potency?

    1. Laurie I recently heard a doctor speak on that. He said it is really essential that heart and lung meds are current as they are life saving.

      He spoke of OTC meds and said expiration date is not as critical. even antibiotics. They will be useful even after the date by at least a year, and after that you may just have to take more often.
      This is what the doctor said - not me!
      That is good to know, if things went south and we HAD to use only what we have.

      Keep all OTC is a cool, dark dry place.